The Lost Coast

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3.5/4 stars

This felt like a mix of The Raven Boy and Sawkill Girls with the feeling and tone of Anna-Marie McLemore books.

I greatly enjoyed this for the dynamic between all the Grays and for the romance between Danny and the love interest, but I unfortunately wasn't completely in love with this the way I was hoping to be.

The way the Grays all interact with each other is just so soft!! They all love each other so much and I couldn't get enough of this group of friends. The way Danny thinks about Ruch, the love interest, is equally as soft and brings me just as much joy as reading about all the Grays.

What I didn't love about this book is that after Danny finds the boy with the redwood branch through his heart it felt like nothing really happened until towards the end. I don't mind a slower book but I really need the characters to shine then. And while I absolutely loved reading about the Grays as a group, I didn't feel like the characters, besides Danny, were completely fleshed out. While the writing was beautiful it just created a barrier for me and feeling like I truly knew these characters outside of a few facts about each of them.

A smaller complaint is a line that says allo is at the end of a spectrum with asexual at the other end, and while that is true, allo is also at the other end of the aromantic specturm. The way this information was presented in the book just makes it seem like allo is a term that is only used in regards to asexuality without acknowledging that it is also relevant to aromanticism.

With all of that being said I did enjoy this book and would probably reread it if I was in the mood for a slower, atmospheric book. This is perfect for rainy days by the window with a blanket and a cup of tea.
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This book was beautiful. The writing was so atmospheric and she set the world so clearly that you could feel yourself immersed in the story. This book was so queer and lovely. The friend group was very strong, the magic system was great. My only complaint in this book was that the plot kind of got lost in the prose and the setting of the book.
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The premise and themes of this book appeal to me, but the pacing and plot unfortunately made this a tough one to get through. I pushed myself to the end and am glad I did, but I was left with wanting to have read about these girls' new realities the end left them instead of how they got there.
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I loved the poetic writing and the magical atmosphere. I fell in love with the characters and the story.
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I love queer, witchy, atmospheric books and this was that plus intense friendship and mystery and call me a fish because I'm hooked. The writing and story were paced really well and the chapters not only were short, but changed perspectives and timelines (something I also love a whole hecking ton in book) which just made it even easier to read. Suspense was built right alongside love and man, Capette did such a good job having me fall in love with the Grays right along with Danny.
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I couldn't get into this book unfortunately. I think it was the writing style. DNF'd at 43% The constant shifting of the point of view really made this book more confusing when coupled with the poetic language.
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I have talked about this book in my 'to be read' as well as wrap up videos on my youtube channel about books. I have also done a single video review of it under Witchy Reads category.
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This book was a lyrical and lovely read for me.    Capetta's writing made almost wish I could experience synesthesia because the words and phrases and images were just that beautiful and sense-inducing.   I'm a sucker for a book about witches and covens and spells and while a queer coven was new for me,  it only seemed to add layers to this story.   I will be putting this book in my high school library and will remember how well crafted it was for some time to come.   Just beautifully written.
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As a thank, you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced readers copy I shall give an honest review of The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta. In this debut novel, the author introduces her readers to a coven of queer Witches in a small town in northern California. The setting features an atmospheric environment adding as the seventh member in a coven of six witches.  Capetta’s storytelling was linear, straightforward and descriptive. These qualities were appreciated in slower paced areas of the novel and lent it a pleasure to read. The novel follows a teenage girl named Danny who unexpectedly is drawn to Tempest, California. The reason she is there is not yet known to Danny or the group of young women she befriends but is worth following.  I found Danny to be a likable character and one whose experience I was invested in. Overall I found the mix of suspense and drama appropriate with the subject matter and was reminded of 90’s television shows or movies with contemporary witches. An area that made this story stand out was its use of LGBTQ terms and openness of its characters. The use of Witches or Witchcraft in earlier novels, television shows, or movies was to portray outcasts and empower them. In this story, Capetta fuses their identities into portraying these girls as fierce women in charge of their narrative ex. sexuality, gender, etc. I appreciated this aspect of the novel and recommend it to those who are feminists at heart. Overall I would recommend this novel and give it 3.5 stars out of 5. On GoodReads, I shall give this an extra star for its atmospheric setting and overall witchy vibes.
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me talking about my ideal book: so like, it’s the raven cycle, but it’s SAPPHIC, and also about community and love as a radical force
this book: exists and is published
me, not able to process how blessed my life is: holy shit

4 1/2 stars. The Lost Coast follows Danny, a girl who moves to a small California town and joins a group of witches searching for their lost member, Imogen, after her new friend Sebastian dies. Amongst the Grays, as they call themselves, there are four remaining: 
→June, Filipina lesbian with chronic pain and knife magic. I loved this character and wanted more from her. 
→Leila, ace-spec and non-binary and coded as aro though the word is not used, which is weird). Her friendship with June was so excellent and I wanted 100% more. Tree magic. 
→Hawthorn, black and bisexual and raised by a chaotic mother named Ora. At once quiet and a force.
→Rush, queer and fat, ex-girlfriend to Imogen. Has sound-taste synesthesia and uses music to make magic. My favorite character.

This is a book that depends, primarily, on a feeling of wrongness, a feeling of some imperceptible something having broken in the world. Amy Rose Capetta’s writing is absolutely magical as usual, immediately getting the audience immersed in the atmospheric world of the novel. 

I was joking about the raven cycle but sapphic thing, but let’s be real — that is kind of what is so great about this. The Lost Coast is interesting in that it uses a similar aesthetic and mood to that series, but at once feels totally distinct. The Pacific coast vibe is very different from nowhere, Virginia, for one; in what is probably a coincidence, several character elements feel almost like a direct response to that series in a way I really liked. Yet most importantly are the themes. 

I think as queer people — and also as marginalized people in general — we are often very alone. Being queer is an experience, in a lot of ways, of being the outsider; you grow up seeing everyone around you be one way and feel, fundamentally, like an outsider. This is something I’ve written about recently but it’s something this book explicitly tackles. 

It’s about community as something radical, about love between people – and specifically between queer people, specifically women and nonbinary queer people – as something that can save and heal. In this book, magic functions best in a group built on mutual trust; the love between the five (six) witches is what saves and heals. 

I think the only reason this is a 4½ and not a five is because I honestly… wanted more? I think this book would have worked really nicely as a series — there are actually seven separate characters to explore here, and we only got four arcs. That’s an absolutely fine number for a single book; it’s just that I closed the book wanting to get that much deeper both into the existing characters and into new characters. Petition for a sequel that deals with June and Lelia’s friendship and also the ending dynamic.
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Unfortunately this one wasn't for me.  The story didn't grab me and I ended up giving up after a few chapters.  I found my mind wondering and confused.  I had high hopes for this one based on the synopsis, but unfortunately it didn't  deliver for me.
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I was intrigued by the premise of THE LOST COAST by Amy Rose Capetta and was happy to read it. Sadly, after about 20% in, the story started to fall flat for me. I'm unable to provide a full review since I did not finish.
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This was such a lovely, lyrical and emotional read. Unfortunately I had to stop reading it about halfway through, as I had a digital advanced copy and the formatting was slightly off - it was so frustrating! I have ordered that hardcover however and am very excited to dive in properly once it arrives. I loved Capetta's novel Echo After Echo, and what I read of The Lost Coast gave me a similar feeling, except instead of joining a spooky theatre company and taking part in a cursed play, I now want to run away to the redwood forests!
I will be sure to write a full-length review once I finish, but for now I see so much promise in this story and I doubt I'll be disappointed.
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This was an interesting read! I enjoyed the witchy vibes and how queer this was and how the overall setting in the woods. I found the story a little hard to follow because of how whimsical it was and the mystery element, but it was a really fast paced read that I couldn't put down! I would recommend this if you're looking for spooky vibes and for books similar to Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno!
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I gave this book a 3.5 stars.
To start with what I did like...
I did like the diversity. There was a lot of sexual as well as racial diversity. Such as lesbian, ace, Filipino, etc. 
I also liked the aesthetic of this book. The descriptions captured the foggy, mystical, Northern California vibes perfectly. 
Moving over to what I didn’t love...
I found that the changes in points of views through out the book made it somewhat hard to follow and understand; especially in the beginning. Since each POV was so short is felt a bit all over the place. 
The story line just wasn’t exciting to me. I found myself disinterested until the end but by then it felt too late. 
Overall I felt this book had high potential but didn’t quite reach it or live up to my hopes for it unfortunately.
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I found this book to be an enchanting tale of finding yourself by finding your people. It was written with beautiful words and a stunningly truth at the heart of it. 
    What I loved best about this book was its words. I truly felt that the author has a gift. The setting and emotions really came alive. There are few books that could convey a sense of wonder the way this book did. I found myself wholly enamored by the descriptions everywhere. It did an amazing job of illustrating the story and decorating the plot. There are many lovely quotes to be found in this book. 
     Of course, the LGBT representation was also fantastic. It was probably my main motivator to read this book in addition to the fact that I share a name with the character of this book. I found that quite amusing as well. I found the book to feel really warm and behave really smart. If that makes any sense. It just felt like the book made smart choices. 
     However, the one downside to this book was that I couldn't lose myself in it like I wanted. I wanted the book to capture my attention. I wanted to be more invested in everything than I actually was. I never felt like I knew exactly what was happening with the plot and I just felt really lost (no pun intended).  The best way I could describe it that this book didn't have a spark that I was looking for. Someone or something I could put my heart into. I was really hoping for more than what I got with this book. It's still written beautifully and worth a read, but isn't all I hoped it to be.
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Loved this book! I thought the characters were fascinating and the plot kept me guessing throughout. I especially loved the point the girls made about being so open in their physical affection for each other being for the girls who weren’t able to do so in the past.
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I was sold at the concept of queer witches! But there were so many other things I loved about this book. The writing was beautiful, the characters were amazing and I loved the whimsy of the concept and the story.  The atmosphere is incredible and so vivid.
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I think there is an audience for this title, I am not it. 

I really love the cover.

However, the story lacks rhyme or reason. I just needed a more concrete, tangible plot and characters.
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This book was everything I wanted! I so enjoyed reading it. I requested this very shortly after reading Once & Future because I loved the Capetta/McCarthy storytelling duo. I surmised I must love them individually, as well. Well, I wasn’t wrong!! This story was dark and compelling, while simultaneously exploring various themes of sexuality, family relationships, friendship, and finding your space in the world. I appreciated the representation of various sexualities and the focus on female friendships rather than romance. We may need people in our lives to help us through the hard times, but it doesn't always need to be a romantic tie.

The storyline really drew me in and then the execution felt perfect to me.  It kept me guessing and I never felt as if I knew what was coming next! I found no fault in The Lost Coast and will likely be reading it again in the very near future. I loved Amy Rose Capetta’s lyrical writing style as it made the whole thing flow and sound so beautiful. She really added weight to the scenes. The spookiness of the forest was my favourite and the kind of shiftiness of various situations throughout.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery or highly descriptive stories.
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