This Is You, This Is Me

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This Is You, This Is Me was a great short read. I enjoyed reading this book. Silvia is a young asiping and successful model. Marshall is a member in a blooming rock band, When they meet each other it is love at first sight. Silvias grandfather leaves her an inheritance and everyone in her immediate family is arguing and fighting for the right to what they believe is their share of the inheritance. Silvia has a close relationship with her manager Damien. One night Silvia makes a desicion that will change the rest of her life. Silvia and Marshall have a daughter named Coletta who becomes severely sick, and both have different views on how to go about treatment for their daughter. As they takk about all their emotions, thoughts, and struggles they went through, one question remains..... will their marriage last?

I liked this book. I liked the different views from reading the thoughts of Silvia from one chapter and the thoughts of Marshall in the next. I liked how even though both talked about struggles in their marriage, it seemed they were still battling strugglee within themselves. Getting over past hurt, and regrets. I sid feel this book dragged a little, but overall a good fast read.
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I tried to finish this book but the story line doesn't seem to line up with what the bookwas supposed to be about. I give this book one star.
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The best part about this book is it's format. You get to read different perspectives of both parties and follow them in their journey as they talk through their issues.
I loved bits of Marshall's memories and there's the feeling of love between the couple but not trust. I liked that they were willing to talk things through, it was quite refreshing to read about such optimism. Thank you NetGalley for the eARC.
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I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Silvia and Marshall meet with a therapist for a vomit session when Marshall finds out their daughter isn’t his.

This book was so hard to get through. I didn’t like the writing style where it was stream of consciousness and then all of a sudden there was dialogue interspersed. It just didn’t flow at all to me.

I found Silvia to be annoyingly emotional in all of the wrong places. 

This book just didn't do it for me.
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