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When I started reading this book, I didn’t realize it was in a series. I enjoyed this suspenseful story and now I want to go read the rest of the series from the beginning. I have always enjoyed Dean Koontz books. He never disappoints. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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After the revelations and cliffhanger from The Whispering Room, I was ready for The Forbidden Door.  I had so many questions and concerns and anxiety over different characters!  Well, let me just say that...this series, Jane Hawk, the story, the characters keeps getting better.

Fast paced and full of intricate details that share full bodied stories of all the characters, I cannot stop thinking about Jane, her friends, the enemies or the innocent citizens who got in the way.  Karma made an appearance in this book and I was pumping my arm up and screaming with glee on some of it!  The ways that some of the individuals looked at their revolution and actions was mind-boggling, but so perfect to set the framework for how this could occur.  I thought the introduction of the Whispering Room was terrifying in the last book, but oh no, DK took that level to a whole new height when something goes wrong.

The suspense and emotion had me captivated the entire time.  Along with the gripping nature of what the group is trying to do by altering the brains of so many, Jane and her group shows the heart and beauty in humanity.  Luther, Bernie, Cornell and Travis are pure perfection.  Their stories and loyalty are beautiful to see at any time, but especially in this storyline. My heart feels for so many people, yet I am still laughing at many of the conversations and events that take place.  Texas is a brilliant place for many of these actions to take place and I can't make up my mind on which side action is my favorite.  Let's just say the neighborly way and karma were felt in Texas:) The way these characters are so vibrant makes it hard to determine because they all hold strong with their role in the story.

Thank you NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine and Bantam for the chance to read this book and share my opinions!
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Dean Koontz’ Jane Hawk series keeps getting better and better. It also continues to be terrifying. I love a good horror story, and Koontz delivers in with this series, but not like you’re expecting. This series is chilling in the idea this could happen today and we wouldn’t have a clue.

In The Forbidden Door, Jane is faced with the most terrifying challenge yet. The TechnoArcadians are closing in on what’s left of her family and have her son cornered. Not only that, but they’re getting closer and closer to catching Jane herself. Her almost magical power of knowing when and where to be is being stretched thin. And like any apex predator, her maternal need to protect is riding her hard. Yet she still manages to control both herself and her resources to her advantage.

But the TechnoArcadians are starting to unravel all on their own. It’s a enough to make one wonder if it has something to do with the type personality that is drawn to the organization or is it more? I’ve wondered more than once while enjoying the chase in this installment if the TechnoArcadians mighty be testing more than one form of control.

I love the progression of this series. We started in the Silent Corner, then found the Whispering Room. Jane discovered what was hiding at the bottom of the Crooked Staircase. Now it’s time to find out what’s behind the Forbidden Door.
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My Rating: 4.5 Stars

If you have been reading this series to-date, especially The 3rd book, The Crooked Staircase, be reminded that Jane Hawk was racing to keep her five-year old son Travis out of danger. The Techno Arcadians, a powerful group of extremists with connections to the highest level, have been a major threat to Jane, who is a former FBI agent, but is now the nation’s most wanted fugitive. The group is closer than ever would have been believed possible when the very life of Travis is threatened.  

A bit more about the Techno Arcadians. This group has a far reach, with the end goal of controlling humanity. Their methods are nothing less than terrifying. If you’ve been following this series, then you will see that is patently obvious that they’ve come close to perfecting the brain implants they are doing via injections. This is utterly eerie as they are out for complete control. The victims can and will do horrifying things. It is due to such horrendous actions that have Jane both on the run of her life, all the while striving to save Travis.

It has been months since I read the third book in the series, The Crooked Staircase, but the overwhelming loss of life that has already occurred, as well as the most recent with Travis’s protectors, is utterly fresh in my mind. As in the three previous stories, the danger is ever-present and the action is nonstop. Page after page of nefarious characters and terror are never ending.  

The Forbidden Door is presented to us in six thrilling parts, each getting more captivating as the story intensifies. There was one particular trigger referred to more than once in this series “Uncle Ira is not Ira”. Sound familiar? Remember the novel and film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Yes, that. Creepy.

While this chilling story carries you through, there was often heartbreak. It is at this point that I will generally mention two characters who had my heart in a bind, but I am working really hard at not allowing any spoilers into this review. 

While this book may seem long at 480 pages, don’t let that deter you. The chapters are short enough to entice you into continuing to turn pages. So, if you are a Dean Koontz fan, and have been enjoying this stunning series so far, then definitely pick this title up! I can't wait to see what happens with Jane next!

Many thanks to Random House LLC and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Dean Koontz has created such an amazing character in Jane Hawk.  Jane is an unstoppable force which is why she is such an amazing rogue.  The FBI couldn't contain or control her and now she is on a mission.  Readers will be on the edge of their seat and waiting for the next installment in this series
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The Forbidden Door is another action packed thriller from Dean Koontz! His main plot and subplots offer his readers many unexpected twists as Mr. Koontz keeps us in seat-squirming suspense! His wry sense of humor helps alleviate some of the tension in the unfolding drama. While using unusual similes and metaphors in his descriptions, Mr. Koontz provides the reader with vivid and sometimes comical pictures of scenery, characters, and events. This novel has left me eagerly anticipating the next Jane Hawk adventure!
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I am not going to go on a crazy fangirl but I love me some Dean Koontz. I have fangirled in earlier reviews and in hindsight, it made me look like a nerd. So, yes I love Dean Koontz. And yes, I have read almost every single book that he has written. That includes what he was written under his pseudonym and excludes any books written from 2007-2017.  I have enjoyed reading the Jane Hawk series. So when I saw that The Forbidden Door was up for review, I jumped on it. And did a happy dance when I got accepted.

The Forbidden Door is the 4th book in the Jane Hawk series. Jane is trying to get to her son after learning that her friends died protecting him. Her son is safe with an autistic genius. A genius who is nervous about being in charge of a child but determined to protect him as much as he can. While she is traveling to get her son, the Arcadians are searching for her in-laws. They want to adjust Nick’s parents and use them to find out where Jane’s son is. They think that if they have the son, then they will be able to bring Jane to her knees. But, that is not the case. Nick’s parents have become ghosts and force the Arcadians to search for them. The Arcadians also have another huge issue, besides Jane trying to take them down. Recently adjusted people are being driven insane. They are committing heinous crimes. Can Jane reach her son before the Arcadians? Can the Arcadians contain the epidemic of adjusted people going insane? Will the Arcadians find Nick’s parents?


What I liked about The Forbidden Door:

I loved Jane. She was as fresh and as complex as she was in the first 3 books. I like that the author chose to highlight her maternal instinct. I also liked how he balanced it with her need to find justice for Nick’s and all the other adjusted people’s deaths. Her interactions with Luther, Bernie, Travis, and Cornell were awesome. Plus, I liked seeing a heroine that wasn’t afraid to use shady connections to help her.

I was so happy to see Luther make an appearance in the book. I had missed him in book 3. I was wondering what happened to Rebecca, Jolie, and Twyla (and yes, I am still tickled that I see my name in a book!!). My wondering about them wasn’t answered. I was glad to see that Jolie was safe. It was Rebecca and Twyla that was my concern. I wanted to know where they were. I am hoping that my questions are answered in book 5.

I loved that Cornell was in this book. I liked that the author went more into his background and his autistic tendencies. I liked, that in spite of his limitations, that he was able to hide Travis for as long as he did. His terror at taking care of Travis made me sad for him. He was afraid that he was going to fail him. He was a gentle giant.

Travis was a remarkable kid. It didn’t seem like all the upheavals that went on in his life affected him. The only sign I saw was when he called Jane “Mommy” instead of “Mom“. I am wondering if his character will be in book 5 and what will happen to him.

As with all books, the secondary characters are key to keeping the book flowing. The author did a great job at introducing various characters and keeping them constant for the entire time they are in the book. He also brought in secondary characters that were in the other books. Techno Arcadians and good guys.

There were 3 major plotlines in The Forbidden Door. What I enjoyed was that the author was able to bring them all together at the end of the book. I also liked that none of them were resolved. None. It made me very excited about book 5!!

The first plotline is the one involving Jane and her trek to get Travis. She revisited some familiar people. She also made some new allies. Ferrante was a remarkable one. His obsession with blood skeeved me out. What he asked Jane to do got me even more skeeved.

The second plotline involved the Arcadians and their search for Nick’s parents. I loved it because I had no clue where they went. That ending chapter, when all was revealed, was interesting. I am hoping that this plotline is revisited. I want to know what happens to Egon.

The third plotline involved the Arcadians and the people that they adjusted going insane. This plotline was introduced late in the book. I am curious to see what is going to happen with that. Will all the adjusted people start going insane? Or just the ones recently infected?

What I disliked about The Forbidden Door:

There were a few things that I didn’t like about The Forbidden Door.

I did not like the Arcadians. The single-mindedness that they showed to their cause. They kept using the brain-altering drug even though they knew that it was driving people insane. They turned almost a whole town to track Travis down. And how did that turn out? Not so great for their cause. I also didn’t like how Laurie was treated by Janis. And man, Janis’s psychotic break. It was awful.

I did think that the storyline with the Arcadians hunting down Nick’s parents was a bit drawn out. While I understand why it went on for so long, I started to get bored by it.

The end of The Forbidden Door was great. None of the storylines were ended. Instead, they were all left up in the air. Normally, I would be complaining about this. But because there is going to be a book 5, I know that the storylines will be ended in that book. So, it is fine with me.

I gave The Forbidden Door a 4-star rating. I liked the plotlines and the characters. The only thing that I didn’t like about The Forbidden Door were the Arcadians. I also thought that storyline about them hunting down Nick’s parents dragged on for longer than it needed to.

I would give The Forbidden Door an Adult rating. There is no sex. But there are scenes that discuss child sexual abuse and one man contemplating raping a child. There is violence. There is a disturbing scene where a man is attacked and his chin is almost bitten off. There is language. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread The Forbidden Door. I would also recommend this book to family and friends. I would include a warning about possible triggers (see above).

I would like to thank Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine, Bantam, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review The Forbidden Door.

All opinions stated in this review of The Forbidden Door are mine.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**
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Basically, you either love Dean Koontz, or you're wrong. Every time I read his work I'm completely mesmerized - sucked into the story and living every moment like the proverbial fly on his layered and peeling wallpaper.
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This second book in  the Jane Hawk Series  is as riveting as the first, many twists and turns  aloing with an amazing powerful story.  Enjoyed the read very much and look forward to the next  in the series.
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I have read a multitude of Dean Koontz books in my thirty-one years of living. Unfortunately, I have not yet read the first three books in the Jane Hawk series. With that being said, I was given the opportunity to read “ The Forbidden Door” and I had to take it because I love his work. 
     I was pleasantly surprised, and relieved, to learn that this could be read as a standalone because you do get some background information and such. It picks right up after the events of book 3, “The Crooked Staircase” 
   This book was intense  and suspenseful. It definitely left me wanting more. I will be sure to go back and read the previous three books in the series so that I can be prepared for the next book that’s coming in 2019! 

**I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**
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While I love Dean Koontz I had a little trouble getting into this book. I gave it a chance, and though, not my favorite, it turned out pretty well. The characters are well written and the series is good.
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This is my first Dean Koontz novel, so I was not aware that this is part of a series about Jane Hawke, a brilliant and highly skilled FBI operative who, against all odds, defeats the bad guys and saves the day. Think action movie with a kick-ass heroine. Even though the story doesn’t begin with this book, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. However, the end is a cliffhanger that entices you to read the next one, so if you want to know what ultimately happens, you will have to read at least one more. I’d like to read the series from start to finish to see the full picture. 

What I enjoyed most about this book were the unique and well-defined characters. The storyline was a little wild and crazy, but I feel as though I know and care about many of these multi-faceted, intriguing people. I was impressed with the author’s skill at creating and describing locations as well. 

Recommended for those wanting high intensity action.

Note: I received an advance copy of the ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Loved this book. Got my attention immediately and kept it all through the book. Jane was a very believable heroine fighting for her life, her son, and justice against unsurmountable odds. 
Characters were fleshed out nicely, details kept to only what was relevant (I hate pages and pages of details that don't matter) but Koontz never disappoints. He knows what to give the reader and make them want more. Have been a huge Koontz fan for over 20 years. Keep them coming
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The fourth book in the Jane Hawk series seems a little different in its focus: we learn more about the individual members of the teams who carry out the directives of the 'visionaries' conducting the secret Techno Arcadian revolution. 

One such person is Egon Gottfrey who believes that 'the Techno Arcadians will change the world. They will pacify contentious humanity, end poverty, create Utopia through technology.' He and his team have been instructed to go to Texas and take Ancel and Clare Hawk, Jane's in-laws, into custody and inoculate them with the nanotechnology that will take over their minds. Hopefully then they will reveal where Jane and her son Travis can be found. 

Are these 'warriors' in the revolution evil, psychotic or just misguided? Gottfrey has embraced 'radical philosophical nihilism' since his college days--he thinks it's the only thing that makes sense of this otherwise chaotic world. His belief is that 'there is no objective basis for truth, that nothing can be proved either by science or math, or by religion. All is illusion.' He believes all that really exists is his Mind and the script provided by an Unknown Playwright to test him.

When the Hawks cannot be found on their ranch, the frustrated crew of eight goes after the Longrin family, neighbors and friends of the Hawks. There, a psychotic team member named Janis Dern zeroes in on the Longrin's sassy twelve-year-old daughter Laurie who reminds Janis too much of her own abusive sisters. Will she get her revenge?

Meanwhile, Jane herself is pursued by a mad, cold-blooded killer named Ivan Petro who is hoping success in this personal hunt will get him promoted to a leadership role in the Arcadians. 

The search for Jane's son Travis is concentrated on the town of Borrego Springs in the Anza-Borrego Desert and is lead by the team of Carter Jergen, a snobbish Boston Brahmin, and Radley Dubose, a huge hillbilly who is much smarter than his partner believes. They inoculate a group of 50 residents to help in the search for the boy but something goes terribly wrong and they enter 'the forbidden door.'

This book is quite exciting but be forewarned that there is some extremely gruesome violence depicted in the last half of the book. Koontz moves the plot on quite a bit and, at last, we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel for our heroes. The next book in the series is entitled The Night Window. Can't wait!

I received an arc of this latest installment in the Jane Hawk series from the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review. Many thanks!
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This was an enjoyable follow-up to the third book.  While I do not care much for the nano brain implant aspect of the plot, Mr. Koontz used it quite well in this book to create chaos and horror through the effect of the "whispering room." Some characters from earlier books were re-introduced and well utilized to advance Jane's efforts to save her son, Travis. I liked the interaction between Travis and Cornell.  Be forewarned that Koontz spends a lot of time in this book focusing on nihilism, which some readers may dislike.  The only real downside to the book is how Koontz deals with two of the main Techno Arcadian hunters, which was disappointing, bordering on idiotic.
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Zombie Apocalypse

	If you have been following this series, you are aware the bad guys have developed a nanotechnology that affects the human brain.  With Crichton and Cook-like medical twists, our technothriller continues to explore both controlled and controllers as our protagonist, Jane Hawk, battles their evil and strives to protect her son.  I came into this at Book 3, and Book 4 follows closely on its heels plot-wise.  If you are starting here you will find sufficient background supplied to make you au courant (Dubose isn't the only one to know a bit of French) and the instant action concludes within (i.e., standalone book) but the overall story arc is ongoing.  Ongoing TV series or set of blockbuster films?  This action could go either way, with the details far better captured by the smaller screen but the chase scenes benefiting from big budget.  Our Lone Iconic would have to speak his thoughts aloud, though.

	Clearly I am enjoying this drama and look forward to the next volume but fear offering spoilers, trusting the hints I've already shared serve merely as titivation and titillation.
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This fourth installment of the Jane Hawk saga really didn't do much for me.  To me, it dragged on and was a chore to get through 75% of it.  I still love the character of Jane Hawk and her compatriots, but the extraneous characters doing not much of anything for a majority of this book really soured me.  I feel like this installment could've been shortened to a novella and still end up being just fine.  With that being said, the last 25% I found more interesting and engrossed in.  I am definitely in this for the long haul and look forward to Book #5 to see how the story wraps up, but this one just didn't do it for me.  

Full Disclosure: I received an ARC Kindle copy of The Forbidden Door through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Another fantastic thriller by Dean Koontz. This is book 4 in a series of a saga about Jane Hawk. She is one badass chick who set out on a mission to clear her husband's good name and ended up on an operation to bring down  an unknown group of elites that are attempting mind control on citizens. Everyone she knows and loves is in danger. Jane is trying to destroy their organization while they're trying to take her out. This book had me on the edge with its intense moments and sometimes horrifying scenes. This is the Koontz writing that I love. 
The only negative: At 4 books in, this story should be coming to a close.
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Dean Koontz amps up everything in this fourth installment of the Jane Hawk series. If readers thought they'd seen the depravity of man before, they are in for a shock. As the rogue FBI agent continues to relentlessly seek the Techno Arcadians who took away her husband and shattered her life, they are preparing to strike back. Their first step is a smear campaign, labeling her the "beautiful monster" and twisting every truth into deadly lies. The second step is to strike Jane's heart through her 5-year-old son, if they can find him. Koontz's creativity and ability to anticipate every question and every twist keep readers on the edge of their seats as they cheer for Jane, her son, and those fighting the good fight in her corner and develop a deeper disgust for those whose idea of utopia is to rule over and denigrate others. Dean Koontz has created a heroine for the technology age and she is Jane Hawk. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a pre-publication sneak peek.
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The Forbidden Door  
Jane Hawk #4

 A creative and frightening  story of a evil conspiracy using nanotechnology and one woman’s fight to save her son. 


She was one of the FBI’s top agents until she became the nations most-wanted fugitive. Now Jane Hawk may be all that stands between a free nation and its enslavement by the Techno Arcadians and their terrifying mine-control nanotechnology. Jane has struck major blows against this powerful secret society in the past, but now they are going to make her come back to them. They are going after her five-year-old son, Travis, to use him as bait. The Techno Arcadians have brain-altered an entire neighborhood and programmed them to find Travis.  Jane must battle her way back across the country to reach her son who she thought was safely hidden away.  But something went wrong with the neighbors who were injected with the nanotechnology, and now they are each going violently insane. With the madness spreading, Jane must use all of few resources available to her to reach her son.  

Jane Hawks is a fabulously strong female character, and she comes alive on the pages of The Forbidden Door.  I wanted even more of her , as she out-thinks and out-fights those trying to capture her.  This story focuses on the hunt by the army of Arcadians and adjusted neighbors who are trying to find Travis and lure Jane into their trap.  Each chapter is told from alternating perspectives and if I wasn’t paying close attention I’d loose track of which of the many bad guys were taking the lead. The story is creative and frightening and DEAN KOONTZ’s writing is both haunting and action-packed. One of my favorite parts of the book is the relationship that the sweet and brave 5-year-old Travis develops with a brilliant but panicked autistic recluse.  

Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Publisher 	Bantam Books
Published 	September 11, 2018
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