Sacred Questions

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Jan 2019

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I had good expectations of this book, but was disappointed.  This is intended to be read 1 Scripture listed for each day for 1 year.  Each day's reading is a Scripture which is printed in the book.  The author asks you to read it and then answer the question she gives.  Then she asks you to read the same Scripture again, and answer the next question.  Then you do this a 3rd time.  The author also gives you a short prayer to end each day with.  
I found this tedious.
Since some of the Scripture readings did not interest me, I suggest you pick the topics in the book that interest you, and read the Scriptures listed for that topic.  There is an index you can use at the back of the book to do this.

This book is intended to be read with complete quiet and no interruptions.  This is a contemplative devotional, intended for Scripture reading, prayer and silence.  I was not able to do this on a daily basis.
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This book by Kellye Fabian is a refreshing change in the word of devotionals. We get to read Kellye’s story and reflections, but what this book does that so few do is direct you straight to Scripture to delve deeper and ask your questions. As the Kellye writes in her introduction : “ As I reflect back, I can see that God has used this practice of asking questions to show me who He is, allow me to see myself more clearly, break patterns of sin, grow in forgiveness and love, and join His work in the world.”.  This is exactly what I was looking for, that soul searching conversation with God to help me grow, learn and change.  Through the year the devotions are broken down into fifteen different sections which focus on topics to help you find your way back to God in a new and different experience.
Even though I am not finished the book, the journey so far has been so thought provoking and it has challenged me in so many different ways to face things not only from my past but also my present. I feel lighter and closer to God. I am really looking forward to continuing my journey of faith for the following year. Thank you so much to Tyndale House for an advanced copy of this book for my open and honest review.
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