All I Want for Christmas Is a Cowboy

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There is nothing better than a delicious Christmas romance novel, so I was really excited when this novel came across my suggestions on netgalley. The setting was absolutely gorgeous and it made me want to immediately run out west and enjoy the snow and cold weather this Christmas. The characters were fun and entertaining and the storyline was catchy and had me flipping the pages late into the night. There were definitely cheesy parts, but what else would you expect with a Christmas love story? This novel was entertaining and put me in the Christmas spirit. If you're a fan of Cheesy Christmas romance novels or Hallmark movies, give this one a shot! Thank you to netgalley for sending this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating 3/5
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Cowboy. Check.
Sweet, sassy heroine. Check.
Winter storm and warm fires. Check.
A heart-warming Christmas story that'll make you wish it were Christmas year round? Double check!

Loved this book. Jessica Clare can do no wrong when it comes to romance. A must read for anyone looking for a sweet story to lose themselves in.
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Cute funny and sexy.
Some parts dragged. 
It's ok. Just felt a little slow at times.
Not sure why but it's maybe the mood I'm in.
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All of the tropes I enjoy! In one book! I am a SUCKER for amnesia stories and this was just such a delightfully fun take on that trope. I loved Eli and Cassandra's relationship, and this was just a delight all around.
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ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY is a standalone Christmas-themed contemporary romance by Jessica Clare. This book checks so many boxes for me: feel-good holiday romance, sweet cowboy hero, and compelling amnesia trope. At the opening of this story, Cassandra Horn is looking to run away from her life. Cass is a personal assistant for a demanding and extremely shallow model. While Cass can deal with her boss's frequent demands, she finds it hard to dodge unwanted sexual advances from her boss's movie star boyfriend. As she heads out of town in a blizzard, a car crash and amnesia lead her to the man of her dreams and the life she wants.

Jessica Clare tells this story from alternating perspectives to give the reader a better understanding of the main characters. Rancher Eli Pickett doesn't have family or a special lady waiting for him to spend Christmas with, so he's left on his own to take care of the animals on the ranch. On top of his normal responsibilities, finding Cass and taking care of her as she recovers becomes another responsibility. The longer he knows Cass, the more attracted to her he becomes and the more joy comes into his life. Even though she doesn't remember much about herself or her life, Cass impresses Eli with her desire to help out around the ranch. Both characters have an equal mix of respect, attraction, and affection that grows with each day. Unlike the sleazy guy she was running away from in her everyday life, Eli takes things slow with Cass because he doesn't want to take advantage of her as she heals. The romance that evolves in ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY is sweet and sexy all at the same time. Jessica Clare creates a wonderfully charming and cozy atmosphere as Eli and Cass are all alone, working together, decorating for Christmas, and doing simple domestic activities.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY is a terrifically romantic holiday confection and a perfect treat for romance fans. When the bubble inevitably pops on their domestic bliss, Eli proves himself to be a one of a kind hero who is 100 percent supportive of the woman he loves. This has been one of my favorite Jessica Clare stories and I look forward to reading her next book.
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I haven’t read Jessica Clare in years but when I read the premise for this book I knew I had to pick it up.  We have a New York city girl, personal assistant to a model, who is trying to escape the city (and her boss’s celebrity boyfriend) and spend the holiday at her parents mountain home while they are away in Europe.  That plan quickly changes when she’s involved in an accident that leaves her with temporary amnesia and she’s rescued and cared for by a sexy cowboy.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY is a sweet, small town holiday romance with an easy going feel and lots of cute animals.  I always enjoy snowbound stories in the winter this is a good example of that.

There’s nothing extremely remarkable about the plot of characters in this one, I don’t think they necessarily stand out.  But the story does fulfill my expectations for a cute holiday romance, especially if you are looking for one extra wintery with lots of snow AND a good guy as the hero.
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This has everything a winter tale could want: A woman running from an icky situation in the big city and going to the country for safe haven. Then instead of making her journey easy... a winter snow storm normal for Wyoming happens and she crashes her car. A cowboy who lives and works the ranch nearby discovers her and takes her from the car to his cabin. 

The storm continues, no cell phone use etc and both are stuck there for weeks. Simple and perfect for romance, right... Except, our gal has hit her head and cannot remember who she is and why she came out to Wyoming in the first place. Our cowboy is taken by this woman... feeling feelings he hadn't in quite some time...

Both try to learn about each other as best they can... but it gets complicated. How do you romance a woman who has no idea who she is...
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Xmas and could I resist this one? 

Cass is escaping to her parent's winter cabin in Wyoming before the blizzard hits. She needs to escape Manhattan and her boss' boyfriend who will not stop harassing her for sex (ugh - call the police on that jerk). The snowstorm hits before she can make it and she crashes her car. Eli, our hunk of a cowboy, comes to the rescue. There is no way he can take her anywhere but the house on the ranch he works at. She awakes with barely any memories. Things happen and they fall in love. A Christmas miracle for sure. 

This was very, very sweet. Not a lot drama. Even the drama that does pop up is easily solved once Cass can get all her memories back. Poor thing. She needs to file a complaint against that ahole Ken. >_> That is for sure sexual harassment. Not okay one bit. 

It wasn't love at first sight and that made me happy. They grew to be friends and then more and it fit well. I adored Eli but he had a rough, lonely past and he needed time. And Cass has no barely any memories...sooo...

Cass was okay...she was a little annoying. She got better when she wasn't bored and got some more memories back. Empty-headed chits are usually that was to be expected.

The ending was good and made sense especially with the uncertainty. I surprised myself for not being annoyed by Eli being so forgiving. It is a weird situation and so I would find my callous heart forgiving Cass too. It had to be done.

Overall, this was very sweet and a quick read. If you are looking for a good cowboy book with xmas as the back-drop, I recommend this. I'll give this 4 stars.
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I don't always say this, but in the case of All I want for Christmas is a Cowboy, the title speaks for itself. Cass, personal assistant to a super model is running away for Christmas from her boss's handsy boyfriend when she crashed her car and loses her memory. Luckily for her (and us) Eli, a local rancher finds her and saves her from the impending snow storm. They're snowed in together for several weeks while she recovers physically, but her heart will never be the same because Eli is shy, strong, and hers. The only problem is that she has no idea if she has a boyfriend or husband she can't remember. A fun read on a cold winter day.
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I have been a fan of Jessica Clare for years and have loved everything she has ever written- this is no exception. I absolutely loved this book. I'm not usually one for the whole Christmas romance thing- I usually avoid them like the plague but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Clare can do no wrong in my eyes!!!!
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Doesn’t everyone want a cowboy for Christmas? All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy by Jessica Clare was a sweet, sexy trapped in a cabin romance with a neat little twist. Grab your hot cocoa or peppermint mocha and enjoy this tale filled with Christmas magic.

From ranch life to trimming the tree All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy, delivered a fun, predictable holiday romance that had all the elements to make you smiling this holiday season. A full review will post at Caffeinated Reviewer on November 28th.
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3.75 stars--ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY by Jessica Clare is a stand alone, contemporary, adult Christmas romance story line focusing on Wyoming rancher Eli Pickett, and PA Cassandra Horn.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Eli and Cass) ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY follows the building relationship between Wyoming rancher Eli Pickett, and PA Cassandra Horn. A few days before Christmas Wyoming rancher Eli Pickett, during a raging snowstorm, stumbles upon a single car accident, and the lone occupant of the car is an unconscious woman. With no help in sight, Eli brings the stranger back to the house, and it will soon become obvious that their attraction to one another is immediate and swift. But Cass Horn doesn’t remember what happened, or who she is, including the reasons she went to Wyoming, or her previous life. What ensues is the building relationship between Cass and Eli as the winter storm rages outside, and the potential fall-out as some of Cass’s memories return leaving our heroine with an incomplete look into her previous life.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS has a little bit of everything including light humor, instant attraction, forced co-habitation, and temporary amnesia. Eli Pickett is a bit of a loner and ‘volunteered’ to remain at the ranch over the Christmas holidays –someone had to feed the chickens, keep track of the herd, and wait on the impending birth of a litter of puppies. Cassandra Horn was desperate to get out of New York but in doing so found herself caught in the middle of a snowstorm with no memories of the who, how or why, memories that will slowly return leaving our heroine conflicted and more confused.

The relationship between Eli and Cass is one of immediate attraction but Eli takes his time under the circumstances. Cassandra’s injuries necessitate a slow building romance but our heroine is the first to make her intentions known. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY is a sweet and easy read. The premise is entertaining and engaging; the characters are sassy and flirty; the romance is spirited and tender.  There are some questionable situations and events but such is the nature of a fictional story line.

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A Christmas blizzard in Wyoming

Cass Horn is on her way to her parent's cabin the mountains of Wyoming, leaving New York City and an unwanted suitor behind, for the holidays. But she gets caught in a blizzard, crashes into a tree and is luckily found by cowboy Eli Pickett, who stayed at the company ranch over the holidays to make sure the cattle and other stock are fed.

Lonely Eli had a harsh upbringing and having optimistic Cass around is quite a change for him during the holidays.

This was a heartwarming Christmas story about two lonely people that just might make each other whole.

I love Wyoming, snow, Christmas, and cowboys so this romance was a win all the way around for me.

I received this book from Berkley Publishing through Net Galley in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review.
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Cassandra Horn is one lucky lady. Well, maybe "lucky" isn't quite the right word to use. It certainly wasn't a lucky event to smash her rental car into a tree on the way up a snowy Wyoming mountain in a blizzard. But it was lucky that she wasn't hurt too badly and her wrecked car was spotted and she was rescued by a tall, sexy cowboy. Then again it wasn't lucky to have no memory of who she is or of the recent past. Maybe the being rescued by the tall, sexy cowboy aced everything so lucky ends up being the best description of things for Cass. Not only is Eli Pickett tall and sexy he is thoughtful and caring too. As for Eli, he might not be thinking of his rescue of Cass as a lucky thing for himself at first, but as time goes on and the snow continues stranding him with Cass on the Price Ranch it sure seems to be one of the best times of his life. The attraction between the two is not to be denied and if Eli could have his way the snow need never stop so he and Cass would stay wrapped up in their own little bubble. But the snow does end and the real world rears its ugly head. What will happen now? I know because I've read this story. I'd recommend other readers pick up this book and join me in a very entertaining read.

Jessica Clare tells a sweet, poignant yet sexy Christmas romance tale in All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy. The storyline spins the tale gradually of the heroine Cass and hero Eli finding themselves and falling for each other as they get to know each other better. This seems to be a natural progression into a special relationship which I greatly enjoy. The couple actually gets to know each other, even with Cass' memory loss. I love the development of these characters. Cass is strong, brave and honest. Eli is caring, patient and honorable. The Christmas prep and celebration is festive and fun to share with Cass and Eli. This is a very entertaing Christmas Romance
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3.5 stars - This was an ok read, the story line seemed rushed, and without a lot of development, both with the characters and the story.  .
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Sweet, funny and so romantic holiday story. A die hard Cowboy, Eli, whose life is the ranch he runs discovers a young woman, Cass, in a crashed car on the top of a mountain in a blizzard. She is unconscious, covered with bruises so he brings her back to the ranch. It’s  a week before Christmas, the roads are impassable, and all the staff is gone. It’s just him, the animals and now this beautiful young woman. When she finally wakes, she has no idea who she is, why she was in the car and where she came from. she quickly learns she can’t cook, among other things, but is trying to soften the big surly grinch who really doesn’t like Christmas. She really gets under his skin and the story warms up considerably. 
A great holiday read!
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This was the first book I have read by author Jessica Clare, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I will admit that sometimes when an author uses amnesia as a plot device it can be cheesy.  However, with this novel, it worked.  In this instance, amnesia led Cass to finally discover who she really was and not the woman she was trying to be in the city.  All in all, this was a heartwarming holiday romance. Maybe that was due to the gruff, loner cowboy finally finding love and family or simply the way Eli and Cass found a home with each other, whatever the reason, I enjoyed it and will look for more from this author.
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Rated 4.5 - ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY by Jessica Clare is a sweet, endearing romance with a sexy edge to it. Jessica Clare is a new-to-me author whose style I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m not normally attracted to sexy books with man chests on the covers, so even though I knew her volume of books were in that style, I couldn’t resist this modern-day ranching story. I’m so glad the cover kept calling to me and I ignored my normal preferences.

Cassandra “Cass” Horn’s career as a model’s assistant would be the dream job for many. She spends her day catering to her employer, surrounded by famous people in New York City. But Cassandra’s personal life leaves a lot to be desired. Especially when the model’s boyfriend starts hitting on Cass to the point of harassment.

Hoping to escape this man’s persistence while the model is out of town, Cass plans to spend Christmas alone at her family’s cabin in a remote section of Wyoming. But, she doesn’t plan for the weather that wrecks her plans and her memories.

When Eli Pickett volunteers to run the ranch by himself during the holidays, he expects to be alone with his dogs, working hard in the peace and quiet. While chasing down a runaway cow, he stumbles upon a car smashed into a tree, almost buried by the snow. The unconscious woman inside is about to shake up this sweet cowboy’s world and give him a Christmas to remember.

This is a cute story. I finished it in two days because it was not easy to put down. I loved the stuck-in-a-cabin-in-a-blizzard theme, especially since this takes place on a working cattle ranch. The cowboy is adorable and so are his pack of dogs. Cass didn’t stand a chance. This worked even better since Cass has amnesia from her car accident. It puts two people together that wouldn’t meet on a day-to-day basis in their normal world.

The only flaws I found in this book were some repetitive thoughts in the beginning chapters. I’m not normally a fan of stories that revolve around Hollywood in any way, but this one was the perfect blend. It has that Hollywood flair because it’s part of the heroine’s career, but it proves that this new side of her personality is so much more fulfilling.

The love story is very sweet and endearing. I loved the dogs and how Cass gets involved at the ranch. It seems to be a juxtaposition combining this sweet love story with such hot love scenes, but the characters are what make it seamless.

The Christmas scenes are cozy and exactly what you’d imagine in a remote area. But they’re not the focus of this book. It will give you a warm, cozy feeling, but the emphasis shines on this couple who fall deeply in love. I loved Cass and Eli together. They were cute and realistic.

Easily a standalone story without reading any other books by Jessica Clare, but I’m sure once you’ve gobbled this book up, you’ll have to go back for more. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY is exactly what contemporary western romance readers are craving. If you dream of living on a ranch in Wyoming, then this book will make that dream spiral out of control. I can envision single women everywhere hightailing it there after reading this book. Take some warm clothes!

Review by Dorine, courtesy of
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Man saves woman, and woman saves him right back.

Eli rescues Cass after a nasty car accident. Cass rescues Eli from his loneliness. Even with concussion-induced amnesia, bruised ribs, and various injuries, she can't help but fall for the chivalrous, hunky, yet brooding cowboy. For his part, Eli is doing all he can to take care of Cass and help her heal, even if it means ignoring his attraction to her and trying to keep his hands to himself. Cass has a kind soul and endless optimism, just what Eli has been missing all his life. Protective, dependable, and caring, Eli is everything Cass has dreamed of. Throw in a few cute pups and some Christmas spirit, and you've got an adorably sweet love story. Jessica Clare has gained a new fan -- I can't wait to read more of her work!
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Eli is the only one left on the ranch to take care of the animals when everyone else leaves to visit their families for the holidays. That's fine with him because he doesn't like Christmas. Cass is so glad to be able to get out of New York and is looking forward to a great snowy Christmas in the country. When Cass is injured in a car accident and loses her memory Eli finds her and they begin a sweet relationship. Fun holiday romance.
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