Confessions: The Complete Duet

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This was a really fun box set it was a great read and had me laughing out loud at times I had read the first book previously and just loved reading it again with the second book. If you have not tried these give them a go you won't be disappointed they are well written and you will be absolutely hooked right until the end.
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A fantastic duet boxset this was with brilliant characters and storyline and I definitely look forward to reading more from you from the author thank you for my arc
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This story is about Skylar, who is a college graduated and works as a columnist in the newspaper, writing a sex column... the irony here is that she is a virgin and is a complete failure as an adult I really question her half of the time because, how does she function on an everyday basis, how does she takes the subway and walk to work and do anything at all with all that anxiety, she freaked out and started avoiding a guy from her building after two less than 60 seconds interactions with him just because she had something in her teeth... seriously!? She went on a date and she treated the guy as if he was the only male left in the world and this was the beginning of forever, is this for real!? I really hated her, I have anxiety problems and let me tell you... this is far from real.  

I really wanted to give this book a higher rating but the more I think about it, the least I think I liked it. Don't get me wrong, the plot is really good but I couldn't pass Skylar personality, she was annoying as hell. The only reason I finished these books was because of Ollie, he was an amazing character, so charming, cute and his vulnerability was beyond endearing, he was a consistent character through both books. Now... let's talk about Bridget, shall we? She was really good in the first book, I really liked her personality and made me want a friend like her... then the second book came around and... oh boy... that was awful, she was awful, it's not about the dating thing... it's about the lying thing. They have been friends almost all of their lives, I understand Skylar fears about her relationship (I don't condone it), I mean they are her rock through and through, and she is afraid to lose them if something goes wrong, I get that... but Bridget? She is full of nothing, what she did is unforgivable, again is not about the dating is an about the secrecy of all. I was seriously pissed about everything, I feel that their BFF relationship is superficial at best, you simply don't do that to your friends, your real best friends, rant over. 

The ending was cute, just fine but I don't know, maybe this wasn't my cup of tea, maybe I'm too old for NA, but this is a definite no to me. My suggestion, read the first book, if you like it, read the next one if you don't but you really want to know what happens next, write me and I will let you know what you're missing.
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Good story, Funny and sexy. Great for a light reading. This duet will make you laugh a lot. Ollie and Blaine siblings fight are great.
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Love this series. I’ve read it previously and find undo myself laughing out loud and the hero and heroine. Worth the read for sure!
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A fun, quirky, charming and sweet read. I've been throwing the word charming around a lot in reviews lately, but does it ever fit this duet. Skye is the insecure, anxious and quick to worry person most of us can easily relate to, especially with her adventures in the land of clumsy. 

While the first book was a good read - it wasn't a surprise what was happening. The second book is the standout of the pair for me. We get so much more of Ollie and his thinking...his feelings for her really ring true. Which is handy when you consider how he went along with the keeping quiet about them idea. It was all kinds of just sighs of adorable with the last few chapters. Skye and Ollie ftw!
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This box set contains both full-length novels in Confessions:
- Book One: Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist!
- Book Two: Confessions of an Undercover Girlfriend!
Confessions: The Complete Duet by Kay Marie is my first read by this author. I liked the story but it did take me a little while to warm up to Skylar but Oliver was a quick draw. Fun, humour and romance a combination that works well, I look forward to seeing what else this author has written
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Skylar has been in love with her best friend Bridget's brother Oliver for years, but something happened and she avoid him as best she could. Then he moves into her and Bridget's apartment.

The description of the book compared it to Bridget Jones's Diary, and I can definitely see shades of that here. Instead of writing in a diary, though, Skylar is writing a relationship and sex column that is supposed to be following her own experiences, except she doesn't have any.

The plot was fairly well paced and the story was interesting.  I liked that both books in the duet were included because I was looking forward to reading the second one right after I finished the first. If you enjoy romantic comedies I think you'll like these books too!
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