Nine Perfect Strangers

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Nov 2018

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I expected to like this book since I've enjoyed others by the same author, but Nine Perfect Strangers has actually been the best so far!  9 individuals (including a family of 3 and a married couple) sign up for a 10 day retreat for their own reasons - ranging from weight loss to coping with stress and anxiety to marital discord.  They do not find what they expected, yet their time spent (almost captive!) in the remote retreat completely changes their lives in completely unexpected ways.  Highly recommended; excellent writing, pacing, and characterization!
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I was not able to read this book because of the poor quality of the e-galley. There often no spaces between many of the words. (Long sentences were the words just ran into one another.) Too hard to read an entire book like this. Very disappointing!
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I was in the mood for something fun, and Nine Perfect Strangers did not disappoint! Will ten days at a health spa transform your life? Nine people each sign up for a stay at Tranquillum House - a health spa located in a very remote part of Australia, and give up their alcohol, sugar, electronic devices and more to try and transform their lives. We have Frances Welty, a former best-selling romance author, who has now hit the skids after a scathing review and a broken romance - will she actually give up her soft cushy life and change? How about Ben and Jessica? an uber rich young couple that are now experiencing a crumbling marriage. Also staying are Carmel, a wife whose husband has dumped her for a new trophy wife, Tony, a former Australian football superstar, Lars - a gay lawyer who is struggling with his partner's need to have a child, and family that has been traumatized by the death of a child. 

Tranquillum House is run by Masha - a stunningly beautiful Russian who has experienced a "near death" transformation, and Yao, her devoted assistant. When Masha delves into some highly unregulated and drastic means to transform her current patrons, the book gets really interesting. I almost felt it went over the top, but all ends well. At first I was a little annoyed by Frances, but in the end, she really redeems herself. This would make a great vacation read, and book club choice. Lots to discuss with Masha's tactics for improvement. Thank you to Netgalley and Flat Iron books for an advanced reader copy.
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