Deadmarsh Fey

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This is a very long and drawn out book.  Much too wordy and definitely no need for it. You don't need to throw in a bunch of adjectives to create an atmosphere. The story should have been enough to back that up but unfortunately, it wasn't. Very disappointing.
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4.5 stars.

Wow. Ok. This was.....WOW. I took my time with this because I will admit that as an ebook copy, with it being over 600 pages, that kinda overwhelmed me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE thick chunky books. But NOT thick chunky ebooks. (There is a difference.) Only physical ones. But the story and the cover, OMG THAT COVER, made me push through that negative feeling because I really wanted to read this still. And I am SO glad that I did. It's brought back my love for gothic horror and Melika Dannese Lux definitely knows how to tell a story. This had everything I love and I wanted to take my time and not rush it and just absorb it all. So I did. I hope I can track down an actual physical copy to buy so I can re read this.
Highly recommend!
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I think this book has some good idea in it.  But for me this book was very long and it didn't grab me like I wanted.  I love the cover and that grabbed me and I wanted so much for this book to be as good or better than the cover.  I can say, for me it wasn't better.  It was a slow book, which made me not want to keep reading it.  I enjoyed the writing and how different the book was from others I've read but I am still not sure I will read book 2.  I guess time will tell. *This book was given to me for free at my request from NetGalley and I provided this voluntary review.*
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I was immediately attracted by the blanket and we see a boy with a ghost behind him and in the distance a woman in a glass prison.

We learn from the beginning that the name Deadmarsh is scary except to Roger who fears nothing and no one.  When he returned to DeadMarsh he found that everything had to be changed: the grounds were no longer maintained, the servants were no longer there, the cat had grown up but as no cat had ever been. He's going to learn a lot about supernatural creatures.

A book read several times because I found it a little long but I immediately hooked on the story so captivating and full of suspense and twists and turns as well as the characters.

Looking forward to reading on.
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This was a really good book. Not sure that it was necessarily scary though. The book was extremely long and sometimes a bit confusing with all of the characters and species of the characters. The plot was good and I love all of the twists and turns.
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Deadmarsh's a book that by the end I was cheering on the good guys. The second half of the book is what drew me in finally. It had me wanting to hurry and turn the pages and read faster and faster. This book brings a whole new meaning to family ties that bind. 

The first third of the book almost had me shutting it and not ever opening again. However, I kept on and glad I did. The story finally got more interesting in the last two-thirds of the book. Of course, every book starts off a little weak having to explain characters and setting the scene. The story finally got up the pace and excelled greatly.

Deadmarsh Fey is about a family that is cursed but finding if they work together anything is possible. The Deadmarsh Fey crawl all around the stories edges. You think you know what the Fey is, but in Deadmarsh they may be a completely different thing!!!

I am so looking forward to reading the second book of this series.

This ebook was given to me for review but Netgalley.
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Roger can't wait to get to Deadmarsh. There he will see his cousins. They always have so much fun together. When he gets there, he see things have changed. Travers is wearing an overly fancy dress and a strange moonstone necklace. She seems frightened and not the fun loving girl she usually is. When his other cousin finally arrives from school, he is cold and distant. He also has a strange companion with him, Master Coffyn. He seems to think he is the master of Deadmarsh. Roger finally discovers that if he doesn't save his cousin before his birthday, the family will be destroyed. 
This was an interesting and imaginative story. It keeps your attention and entertains you. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to any fantasy readers out there.
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