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Stuck in Manistique

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I enjoyed this story much more than I thought I would. Quirky characters in a very small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Mark inherits a big house when his Aunt passes away and unbeknownst to him it's a bed and breakfast. He has no intentions of taking on guests and just wants to sell it but he ends up hosting several guests when he feels like he can't just turn them away. The guests ended up being pretty interesting and there were many funny and touching situations. I found myself really wanting to know more about Mark and his guests. There were a few little twists thrown in which made it even more enjoyable.
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Thank you to Netgalley for a review copy of this book. I listened to the audio version.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this story. I read a lot of thriller/suspense so this story was a welcome break. I will be looking for more from this author.

The way the author blended the characters' lives together in a way that made coincidences seem destined was wonderful. The story shows how even small changes in a decision can have ripple effects far into the future. You never know if that random person you meet one day could turn out to be the answer to your future.

I highly recommend Stuck in Manistique. And now, of course, I want to visit the quaint town of Manistique. Bonus.
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Bring someone that grew up on the border of Michigan and Ohio, I was drawn to this book by the title alone. This is a nice, easy story with characters that you connect with and empathize with. I really enjoyed this book and will be recommending to those that want a nice story without alot of drama and slice of a person's life. The main character inherits a bed and breakfast in a remote town on the UP of Michigan. He venture away from Chicago with the intent to settle his aunt's affairs and return. Over the short time he is in Manistique, he makes many friends and reflects on his life till then. It isn't a cliche romance book but a snapshot of day-to-day with humor, joy, mystery, empathy and kindness. It reminds me of the smaller towns where i grew up and was an enjoyable read.
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*I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

I was interested in this book because I grew up in Michigan, so to find a book that is “placed” there was exciting! 

It was a good book, I enjoyed it.
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Unfortunately, I got a new kindle device and no longer have the download to this novel.  I will not be reviewing this title.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed are my own. The book started off slow but picked up a bit. Overall okay.
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3.5 stars

This book felt very slow paced to me, so at times it had a hard time keeping my attention, especially at the beginning. But I kept going, and I have to admit it did grow on me a bit. The book seems to concentrate a lot on people's relationships with each other rather than portraying much action.

The story is written from a 3rd person viewpoint, alternating between the 2 main characters, Mark and Emily. The 2 are brought together at the inn that Mark has just inherited from his deceased aunt. Over the course of the story, which spans about 4 or 5 days, we meet a cast of a large variety of characters, both locals (who all seem to know each other in this small town) and travelers (who all seem to end up at the inn as a result of unlikely circumstances). The book leaves you with a sense that all these people are brought together as if by fate or divine intervention. Some of the circumstances felt a bit too coincidental or absurd to actually be believable. 

I found that this was a book that could bring on a variety of emotions. There are many parts that feel sad, both in events that happen during the story and backstories that people are reflecting on/reading about. But then there were parts that had me literally laughing out loud. 

Many of the characters throughout the story had flaws, which gave them more of a realistic feel. There's a lot of reflecting on mistakes and regrets from the past. I was glad to see characters work through some of their issues and grow by the end of the story. 

Overall, I think this just didn't turn out to be my kind of book. I prefer a faster pace with more action happening. I tended to see a lot of the "reveals" well in advance. I didn't feel particularly attached to the characters, and some of Mark's actions felt a bit off to me. I didn't necessarily dislike the book, but I also don't see it as something I would read again.
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I was provided a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As a Michigan resident for the past seven or so years, I am always open for books set in my new home state. This one fits that bill nicely. I really like how it started out, though things got a bit chaotic in the middle. Clearly the author was paying a homage to Fawlty Towers, the classic British sitcom mentioned several times in the book. If you can overlook how overly eventful the lives are for those characters in the few days of their lives we see (at times it borders on too implausible) you might find it pleasantly enjoyable.
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This was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it. thanks for letting me have an advance copy. I'm new to this author.
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This is the story of Mark and Emily, two strangers who meet in unusual circumstances and quickly bond over their odd situation. A cast of oddball characters round out a story that really isn't all that mysterious (honestly, most of the "twists" can be seen coming a mile away) but does have a certain charm.

It's not really a romance or even a cozy mystery, more of a screwball comedy of errors with a splash of mistaken identity. More cute than funny the story would be perfect for a Hallmark movie. It's got that kind of lighthearted, meet cute, brought together by fate sort of quality.

It was a fun read, a little long, sometimes repetitive, but overall just a pleasant way to pass the time. 

Suitable for most readers, Stuck in Manistique falls easily within a PG rating. 

***I received a free digital copy of this title from NetGalley.
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Unable to review this as the file with the ebook was "corrupted" or something similar and could not get a useable format on my kindle. I contacted Amazon regarding this and that ultimately was their response.  I apologize for not typing this "non-review" earlier.
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I enjoyed reading this book.  The story is lovable, has many quirky characters, fun dialogue, surprising twists, and a pleasant, sleepy town on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.   Happy Reading!

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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My father in law got very sick and my focus was too shattered to try and read. I will likely try again some day when my attention is stronger
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This was a pretty easy-to-read book. It started out with the perspective coming from Mark, the main character. He goes to Manistique (a place he’s never been) because he gets word that his aunt has died and when he gets there, he learns she has left him her inn. He didn’t have the best relationship with her, so he immediately feels guilty about staying and wants to meet with the lawyer to get things going to sell. Then all of a sudden, people start showing up, with previous bookings, unaware that Vivian has passed. He jumps into action and accommodates them, but doesn’t want to own a bed and breakfast.

Emily is someone who wouldn’t have even crossed paths with Mark unless she hit a deer, on her way to meet her doctor boyfriend on Mackinac Island. She tries to get out of seeing Dr. Bulcher, as she realizes that the relationship isn’t progressing as it should, and then ends up at the bed and breakfast. She hits it off with Mark, and after some exploring in the basement, she finds a book for Doctors without Borders, and begins reading.

Throughout the book, there are few characters. Most are townspeople trying to assist those who have come to Manistique and are stranded. Then, there are the ones staying at Mark’s bed and breakfast. He wants to get rid of the place and responsibility, but realizes that there might be a connection between him and Emily.

One thing I will have to admit, was that I was very appreciative of how he treated Emily throughout the book. He could’ve taken advantage of her, or been inappropriate at times, but he always held her in high regard, even when she would push his buttons, or when she would leave the inn because he was impossible to be around. I thought that was a highlight of the book. I enjoyed their personality conflicts, and how they grew to understand each other as they learned things about each other.

I think this is a great vacation read, for learning about small town characters, our internal struggles with grief and loss, admitting when we need help, and growing in relationship with others.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Celestial Eyes Press and Netgalley.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 ( “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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I really wanted to like this book. My husband was born and raised in the U.P. of Michigan and I've heard of many of the towns mentioned in here, but the book was sadly lacking. Basically, I did not care for this book. This is the author's debut novel and it shows. I doubt, I'll read any future books he writes.
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These two characters will undauntedly get to you as their stories unravel when they can’t keep them straight. This story will take you down roads that you may not want to go down with the twist and turns around each corner. Be prepared to go on a ride with this one.
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This ended up being a fun read that had some humorous moments at times.  There were quirky characters that kept your attention and you are drawn into the book immediately.  This would be a great summer read that is light and entertaining.  Lots of twists and turns and you will find yourself laughing out loud.  The historical background is a plus and will have the reader planning a visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Thank you to NetGalley and Celestial Eyes Press for my advanced review copy.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta is a novel revolving around the death of the owner of a bed and breakfast and the nephew who inherits this establishment.   Beneath the surface there are several subplots dealing with friendship, medical professionals, careers, and life challenges.     As the story progresses the reader becomes invested in the characters’ lives and their relationships.  I would love to see a sequel of this novel.  This novel is a fast and interesting read! I would like to thank Dennis Cuesta, Celestial Eye Press and netgalley for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I just read this book on my beach trip to Charleston and it was the PERFECT beach read!! Light and airy, entertaining, and so easy to get engulfed in!! The characters were darling, the setting was charming, and the dialogue between characters was so natural! Love love loved this read!!
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A man inherits an old house from his aunt and adventure ensues. A cute, funny book that shows how one event can change a life. This would be a great beach read for those that like delving into family and enjoy character driven novels.
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