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This book is very fun. You follow children that are trying to find a treasure, without any solid proof that it exists; and all the adventures and difficulties that come with that.
It kept me on the edge of my seat since I wanted these children to make it, and to find what they were looking for. And in the end, the experience has changed them all. 
Really enjoyed it!
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Wonderful fun read for all those young at heart who like a pirate story, think of Pirates of the Caribbean.
You will be laughing and cheering them on all the way.
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I had so much fun reading this book, it was just one giant adventure. I also loved the characters, the friendships, and relationships. If you want a light, adventurous read, I highly recommend this book.
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Bartholomew “ Black Bart” Roberts. Calico Jack. Henry Morgan. You think those are the fearsomest pirates ever to sail the seven seas? That’s because you haven’t yet had the great misfortune to stumble upon captain Lackbeard and his crew of mismatched misfits. And who cares that he’s only eleven years old! That’s what our hero is after until real adventure finds him.
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The youngest brother has dreamed of being a pirate since he was small.  His mother told him he had the heart of one.  But she died before he was very old and he and his older brother are in an orphanage.  The bad news?  They are being moved, separated, and being sent quite a distance from each other.  He refuses to do it.  He's going to become a pirate.

Common Deer Press and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).   It will be published December 3rd.

This story is a bit silly and a bit far-out but it's very entertaining.  They begin by raiding a pirate exhibit and sneaking out a map and an ancient artifact.  Then they have to escape the home they are in.  When they do, the other orphans hitch along for the adventure.  The older brother doesn't know that but the younger brother doesn't give them away.  Next, they steal a boat...

The first thing that happens is that they run into some pirates that want the boat they stole.  They escape them and head for the island with the treasure.

They end up on the island with not only the other pirates but the military man who wants the older brother and the crazy old man who lived next door to them at home.  It makes for an exciting encounter that could go any which way!

It was busy, made me laugh in places, and it was great fun to read.  Your middle graders should love this one.
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Carter Humbolt is eleven years old and a die-hard pirates fan--the folklore, sword, and yo ho ho kind of pirates. He walks the walk and talks the talk. Now he just needs the treasure. He talks his older brother Brad into being a reluctant buccaneer and off they go to heist an artifact from a local museum. Unfortunately, he and his cohorts are caught, but he and his brother do not have parents to take them home and deliver appropriate discipline. They are returned to the orphanage where it is determined that they will be split up. 

But then new orphanage escapees Carter and his crew steal a ketch and set out for Eleuthera. (Yes, it's a real island in the Bahamas.) Carter found a map, you see. The kids confront real pirates and "heave to" during a storm but manage to reach the island and are soon in search of treasure. (In the meantime, I began to roll this flick through my mind, and could picture Cruella de Vil in the part of the orphanage school mistress.)

The sailing adventures and island misadventures keep you engaged. The characters are varied and add a believable texture to the well-plotted story. The antagonists are badder than bad, bent on returning the orphans back into "the system," 

"We rich?" "No, just dirty."

This little story keeps you absorbed right to conclusion--it's short. My only problem was with the edit misses which I assume will be cleaned by the time this little ditty releases. Park your disbelief and remember those years in which you could crawl into your head and be the hero and find the treasure of your dreams.  Recommended for anyone who would enjoy a fantasy trip to hunt for hidden treasure--and read it to your children. I was given this download by the publisher and NetGalley and greatly appreciated the opportunity to read and review. 3.5/5
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Imagine you are a 12 year old boy who was born in the wrong time? That was Carter Humbolt, he lived in a run down orphanage with his brother, Brad and Darla, Louis, Marcus and Yvette. 
Carter dreamed of being a pirate, he spoke like a pirate, read pirate books, and he wore a hoodie with a skull and crossbones on it.
Carter led his brother Brad and Darla in to a pirate museum at night and he stole a book and a map. 
Because of this crime, Brad and Carter were going to be separated - Carter to a foster home out west, and Brad to Valley Forge Military Academy.
But this plan never happens - Carter, Brad, the orphanage director’s daughter, Darla, and the other orphans, run away, steal a boat - and sail to where the map takes them!
You will have to read the book for yourselves to see what happens to the orphans on their adventure!
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