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Game Misconduct

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Wonder why there is a more-than-contentious relationship between NHL players and the league, and a fraught relationship between the players and their own union? Read this, its insane!
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I was in professional sports many years ago and know the drill.
It is as shocking to read the rules of this tough world as it is as shocking to see how well written it is by Mr. Kalman-Lamb.
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A fascinating and original peek behind the scenes at the impact of injuries on professional sportsmen.

The author has conducted a number of anonymised interviews with professional ice hockey players about the impact on the career caused by injury and how they feel they are treated by their team when injured.

Are they cosseted, pampered or cared for or seen as disposable assets who are run into the ground until they have nothing more left to give?

What do you think?

The answer is obvious. The more valuable the player the more care is lavished upon him whereas journeymen feel the constant pressure to perform and earn that last contract and continued employment.

He also speaks to fans about their view of players and the lives they lead and some of the ice hockey players in turn provide a fascinating insight into how they regard the attention, both welcome and unwelcome of their sometimes not so adoring public.

I recently wrote a biography of a journeyman footballer from the 1970's and I totally identified with some of the comments expressed in this book which provides wonderful insight into the fears and concerns of many professional sportsmen who fully understand how tenuous their position really is.
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