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I suppose that not everyone reads the synopsis to determine what the books is about because many have missed the fact that this book is based entirely on Biblical principles and geared towards those of a Christian faith. So to be clear up front, everything written in the book is written from that perspective. With that being said, it is also a very conservative perspective on lies that girls believe and should be used as a guide not a law. I have two daughters and found the information useful, maybe not completely perfect but at least a guide as the title suggests.  It also gives them places for them to journal their thoughts, which I thought to be useful. There is a book that is a companion called A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe for mothers to read and discuss with their daughters. If you are looking for a conservative, Christian book for young girls (ages 9-11) in regards to lies they may believe, then this book would be a good start.
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Dannah Gresh has done a masterful job of adapting Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth's book, Lies Women Believe for a middle school audience.  Not only is the content sufficiently adapted for girls, but the graphics and illustrations are perfectly designed for a younger audience.  The book is interactive, combining Biblical content with sections where the reader can respond and write in the book--a fact that greatly enhances comprehension and retention of the content.

The book itself is gorgeous!! The pages are thick and glossy--truly a delight for the eye which ties in with the glitz and glamour of the apple on the cover.  Centuries after Eve listened to Satan's lies in the garden, women and girls are still falling for the lies of the enemy. Gresh helps girls arm themselves with truth so they can live in freedom.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! You will also want to order the companion guide for Moms to help their daughters navigate the book. What a wonderful way to not only help girls pursue the truth, but strengthen their relationship with their mother at the same time. In drawing mothers and daughters together, hopefully girls will seek out their mom when they face future temptations to believe things contrary to Scripture.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Lies Girls Believe & the Truth That Sets Them Free from NetGalley. No other compensation was received.
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This is a fantastic study/ guide for preteen girls. It incorporates lessons on being your own person,  sticking to your moral code. Anne not following the crowd down wrong paths. It is fantastic for a mother/daughter study/devotion, for a group of girls to do together,  or even for a girl to do alone.  I highly recommend it!
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I'm not a Mom of girls. I read this book because I wanted to recommend it to my church library. And after reading it, I have recommended it to my church library, the city library, on social media, etc... Dannah book is an excellent way to help girls through this turmoil time in their lives. She understands and hands out great advice through plenty of questions, puzzles, games, scriptures quotes, etc...  for young ladies to steer clear of the lies being thrown at them. Mom's this is a great book for leading in to those discussions, with your daughter.
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The book "Lies Girls Believe and The Truth That Sets Them Free" by Dannah Gresh is aimed at girls between the ages of nine and twelve, although I think it would also be good for young teenage girls too. It’s definitely a book I wish was available when my daughter was younger.  

Whilst your daughter reads this book, you would find it helpful to read the companion book “A Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe”.  

This book looks at lies about God and lies about myself such as I’m not good enough, and God doesn’t love me all the time. It also covers lies about sin, my family and other relationships, being a girl and about the future. It gives help on recognising the lies and replacing them with God’s truth.  

What I like about this book is that it is interactive. It’s not just a book to be read but a book for your daughter to work through and write her thoughts in.  

In the book, your daughter will meet a fictional character, Zooey. Zooey shares what is happening in her life and the problems she is facing. (Things which our own daughters may quite possibly be facing or will face too – such as issues with social media). There is then space in the book for your daughter to write down what she would say to help Zooey. At the end of each chapter is space for your daughter to write down some answers to questions to help her speak truth to herself.  

I like how the book is structured, the content is great and it is scripturally sound.  

This book could help open up communication between a daughter and her Mum. Once your daughter has gone through the chapter by herself, the aim is that Mum and daughter will get together to discuss what they have read and learned. As her Mum, you are available if your daughter is finding any of it difficult to understand or work through.  

As much as I believe this is a valuable resource for your daughter, I would just say that if your daughter is at the lower age of the group this book is aimed at or if she struggles with reading you may need to read it with her and help her through it. If so, I would still recommend you read the companion book for Mums first before you go through her book with her.  

Also, no matter how good a book is, if your daughter does not enjoy reading then she will not read this book. If that’s the case, I would still recommend you take a look at the companion book for Mums as you may find it helpful to know and better understand some of the battles she may be facing with the lies she believes. It also gives advice/suggestions on how you can use God’s word to plant truth in your daughter’s mind and heart.
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So this may be unusual, but my tween daughter wanted to write the review for this book.  Since it was written for her age, I think her feedback is the most important anyways. She was quickly immersed into the book and finished it in a few days.  Thank you for investing in this tween age group to point them to Jesus! 

If I could give this book 1 million stars I would. It made me feel as if I am not alone and that God is always with me. I definitely recommend this to girls that are believing lies.

Thank you to Netgalley for our ARC.
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We may not be able to control the things that happen to us, but the things that happen to us don't have to control us. God gives you TRUTH. 

Lies come in many forms, we hear the lies from ourselves and others. This book is geared toward tweens and how a lie becomes to fester and the consequences of those lies take hold of our lives and the ones we love. The format of this text is conversational with a made up tween Zoey that can be like any other tween. A young girl that desires to be accepted and is maneuvering her way around relationships and the culture and the will of God. Each chapter begins with a lie and what Zoey is believing. Her relationships with her friends and her parents. Each lie than is lead to a truth. The lie is spelled out in that we can miss what a lie is. For example. One lie is My sin isn't that big of deal. It goes on to say how we let this lie consume our life and how we act on that lie. It then ends with a scripture and a journal entry that makes you think about that lie. i.e. Write down any sins in your life that you don't think are a big deal. After your written confession, a note from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and a truth nugget that will help your tween to fight off the lie

Just like in the Garden of Eden, sin starts with a lie. This is not only for your teen, but for you as well.

How we cooperate with deception. We listen to the lies, we dwell on the lie, we believe the lie and we act on the lie.

There were many helpful hints but I appreciated the importance of relationships. One being that of a daughter and mother. One helpful hint was that it can be difficult for our daughters to share with their mothers the sin they are wrestling with, the suggestion was to start a journal that you both write in. The daughter with her struggle and later the mom responds in journal form as well. This open the gate for conversation. Sometimes the hardest part is just starting. This way it gives each person time to think and ponder and respond thoughtfully and not reacting emotionally. 

I highly recommend this to be read by both mother and daughter and if possible in a bible study session. It helps to see others struggle with the same issues.

A Special Thank you to Moody Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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There are some lies that are disguised as truth, just like the cover of this book, something appetizing, bright, with a lot of sweetness, sparks of colors and adornments that make them look delicious and appetizing ... we bite them, we believe them.

Having been captured myself, during my childhood-adolescence-youth, by several of the lies that Nancy Leigh DeMoss talks about in her book "Lies That Women Believe and the Truth That Makes You Free", I thought, for many years, in the need for intentional instruction to girls, on various topics (especially some that are taboo or so controversial at present), to give them a broader perspective of the lies that are "socially accepted and widespread" but so hollow, to which they are continually exposed in the media and which bring so much emptiness and pain to so many lives.

Above all, when I became the mother of a girl (8 years 5 months ago) the desire to have a book specifically for girls grew, with issues important for their formation. Thinking first of my girl, I started writing one to take several topics that I wanted to discuss with her. Then I thought that since I was going to do it, I could even use it to reach more girls, daughters of friends or acquaintances or others with these truths.

In the absence of such a book, simple, beautiful, practical and useful for girls, I thought of the phrase that they say: "if there is no book like you need, write it". I started to dream and write ideas about that book. I even contacted some illustrators to. My husband encourages me and comments ideas. I told some sisters and friends. Then, in the inter, several divinely orchestrated things happened that made me "pause" the plan and obviously the book did not come out, as I wanted, in 2017. Obviously it would not be a book with this title, nor with these themes, but the The intention was very similar: to bless, edify and mentor girls.

I write and I tell you all this to encourage you and make you notice something: God is always attentive to our needs. He provides even BEFORE we need something. We do not always have to carry out every idea idea or look for how to supply every need we have, He does it before you know you need it! Many times that strong idea you have, or that need you see out there, is there so that you pray for it or encourage the right people to do it, you have to use the ideas and enthusiasm to pray that the right people will carry it out. You can pray and act to make it happen.

It is great to see a book being born, and when there are two, even more! Time ago, my daughter participated in the surveys with girls that appear in the content, and she is very excited to have it. Some of her answers made me think of many more girls who need this material. That's why I'm so happy that these books are already available.
Sharing about this book is very joyful for me, because finally! there is a book for girls that Nancy DeMoss Wolgemouth with all her experience and wisdom and Dannah Gresh, who works with girls and young women wrote it, yes, they heard us! Both of them, for many years, have also seen this need in the girls and made equipment to prepare it and be a blessing to this generation.

I received these preview copies last year to proof read and review and I am excited to tell you that they are available! you can buy them already in presale! Its official launch is on February 5, 2019, (both the book for girls, and the Guide for moms). You can order it from NOW!

I am excited about the provision of this material because it arrives just in time to my life, when I can study it and then share it with my daughter! (The book is recommended for girls between 9 and 12 years old). Fortunately I did not have to wait to be old, live a lot, have experience and wisdom on all of these issues and especially have time to write (haha) yes my daughter is now ready to enjoy and learn from the! best, we did not have to wait until my granddaughters! hehe If you do not speak English, I'm sure very soon we will also have your translation into Spanish, so be patient!.

The book is designed to be interactive, the girls not only read about the lies, but they can react to what is presented to them, meditate while doing the activities and use the space they have to write their notes in the book. That is why I recommend much more to buy the printed version of the book and not so much the digital kindle version.

Expect a beautiful book, and also full of eternal truths. I liked so much watching the cartoons of Nancy and Dannah, (they are lovely and gracefully identical!, you may see a preview of them, but wait for the awesome finished product in February 5th! The great designer Julia Ryan did the cute interior design & Ilustrations) There is also a girl Zoe, with whom the little ones can identify themselves by looking at the situations and problems they have to face in a simple and understandable way.

I did not feel the book as deep as others in the saga, but it is precisely because it is for girls and this, instead of being seen as an inconvenience, shows me that it will be accessible to many girls who may not be used to reading and can take the book as a guide or an icebreaker so that the mothers, grandmothers or aunts who take care of the formation of girls can use as a guide to talk about these issues.

If you are familiar with the other books in the series (Lies That Young Women Believe and Lies Women Believe) the process of deepening with them, according to their needs and age, will be easier for you.

The book encourages a healthy identity in the little ones, as well as relationships with family and friends (it also prepares them not to become girls obsessed with themselves or with boys). It is a book designed for girls to read it and fill it out, and the Guide for moms, makes it easier, even if a woman does not have much experience in dealing with these issues (especially the current ones, such as the management of technology, or modern pressures), it will be easy to get involved and guide it through these truths. I think it can also be done by an aunt, grandmother or woman involved in the life of a girl, if she does not have a mother. 

When walking together for the content of this book, I consider that it will be more memorable and intentional than if they read it alone, in my opinion. It is an excellent idea that guides like this one are generated for moms who do not have as much creativity or ideas on how to teach little ones about important issues.

I also want to add something, because I have already seen it and although it hurts, it does not surprise me: It is to be expected even more critical to this type of books, as everything that is not fashionable or is "socially popular", since it defines, for example, in a scientific way, because of its genetics to boys and girls as well, with its gender. Others also exaggerate the issue of healthy limits, since they think that even small children should experience irresponsibly with all kinds of experiences. That's what adults are for, to guide and take care of diseases and dangers that they do not yet know, that's what paternity is about, teaching and guiding, they will make their decisions when they grow up. The concepts and advice are countercultural, yes, but I encourage you to always examine everything, to investigate deeply and retain the good, apply it and enjoy it.

I have noted with sadness that currently there are people who are dedicated to denigrating and attacking anyone who thinks differently and wants scientific evidence, their "arguments" if they can be called like that, they are fallacious and only backed by an "I". I can do whatever I want to do "and it is true, they should only consider the consequences of living a life without thinking about the consequences of decisions, both for them and for their children. 

I hope that we can continue to be respectful and loving with all people, and that we understand that every countercultural message will be ridiculed more and more by the same people who demand respect and tolerance. Let's show the love of Christ in our opinions and answers. We can also teach our girls, not muddy what we do not like, but to be logical, reasonable women, who address others with respect and treat everyone with dignity, even those who have different ideas from us. We should not be ashamed or silent about biblical principles or verifiable information, principles and values ​​with which we want to raise our children. The world is a temporary place where everyone can and should live with respect and love.
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reviewed for Hope by the Book online (January 26, 2019):
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This was an awesome book! I will totally be buying it eventually for my little sisters. I loved how Dannah used so many stories that girls who read the book can relate to, and how the book just has so much truth. The Kindle formatting was super weird and hard to read so I ended up skimming some parts, but I still think it was cute and a really good book for tween girls to read.
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An interactive christian journal to help believers find their way. It's very colorful and engaging and relates to their readers. However if you are not highly religious this book is not for you. Well done book for the age range it's marketed towards. Lots of good truth in these pages. Made more fun for tween girls with a lot of journaling  chances.
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As a Children's Pastor and a mother of three daughters, I am a fan of everything Dannah Gresh writes.  This book was actually given to my tween daughter, and we used it to provoke lots of conversations.  Dannah writes in a way that is easy for younger girls to understand, and I can see using this as a resource for other girls I work with.
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Dannah Gresh, author of Secret Keeper Girl and Lies Young Women Believe, takes her message to  girls ages 9 to 12, addressing the lies that start young.  The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  And what's his primary weapon? Lies... using our mindsets... beliefs.  In today's society, these lies come younger and younger.  And while we can't keep our girls from the world, we can prepare them for it.  

Fun, engaging, and easy to read, Lies Girls Believe follows Zoey, a typical preteen girl trying to make good decisions in her every day life.  Along the way, the reader is asked to weigh in on Zoey's choices on a range of topics, each connected to 20 truths important for today's girls.  Girls will see the consequences of Zoey's actions, as well as have a chance to reflect on how they would react in a similar situation.  Filled with questions, graphics, games, highlighted quotes, etc, Lies Girls Believe is an enjoyable read  and well-written to the preteen audience.  This book would be well-read with A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe.  Stay tuned for that review coming soon.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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I...oh, I just don't know who to be more offended for after reading this book. The cover looked cute. The description made it interesting. I can handle the religious aspect, it is marketed as a Christian book after all. I can even over look the close mindedness of one of the "truths" but what I, as a female and a parent, overlook is the blatant disregard for what females can actually achieve. According to the author, God will provide all you ever need including money. Really? I mean really? Three of the "truths" boil down to telling young ladies to be subservient to everyone. Really? Seriously, I was ready to throw my laptop out the window at that point, but I read on. Girls are meant to multitask and boys are meant to be problem solvers. Excuse me, but WTF! Then came the author telling young ladies that WANTing to be something was bad. You should listen to what God MEANT for you to be. Some are meant to have two careers, but some are meant to only be mommies, and some are meant to only have a career. Excuse again, but WTF! 

I am completely dumbfounded by the "truths" in this book and the disservice it brings. Telling young ladies to NEVER complain about their period? Really? I pray that a young lady who reads this book never heeds this advice. There is no reason to suffer in silence because it's what "God wants." 

I has been so long since I have read a book that made me want to rip it apart.
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Lies Girls Believe
And the Truth that Sets Them Free
by Dannah Gresh
Moody Publishers
Children's Nonfiction ,  Christian
Pub Date 05 Feb 2019

I am reviewing a a copy of Lies Girls Believe Through Moody Publishers and Netgalley:

This book reminds young girls that though they may not be able to change the world they can change the way they prepare for it.

Girls today faith things that girls in my generation didn’t from bullying on social media to other forms of social media.  This book can help the girls you love walk in freedom.

Dannah Gresh helps your daughter, niece or granddaughter or young girl in your life engage in twenty of the most important truths In this fun, easy to read book.

This book covers everything from lies about yourself and lies about your frwinds about boys  .

I give Lies Women Believe five out of five star!

Happy Reading!
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I was hoping this could be a positive book for my daughter but it is preachy and intended for those who are fully 100% devoted to Christianity. It is condescending to those of different faith and forces outdated thought. Which is very unfortunate because there is a handful of helpful advice sprinkled throughout the chapters.
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Having read the book this was inspired by, Lies Women Believe, I was a little apprehensive, but curious about this book. There were some things in the original that really resonated with me, but there were also some things that I took big issue with. I'm happy to say that I didn't have any of the same issues with this book. 

I can imagine that it would be hard to write a book for young women as an adult. Sometimes this book feels unnatural in the way it is written, trying too hard to "fit in" with the reader, and I worry a little the young women might not take it seriously, but I think the content is good and a book that lots of tweens and young women could benefit from.
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I've an eight year old daughter, and this is a book that I plan on buying for her next year. It relates powerful information at her level. It is what I was looking for in a guide book/devotional for her and her friends. I recommend buying & giving these to friends and family to encourage the girls in your life.
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This is a book appropriate for primarily "tween" girls. It is based in conservative Christian theology and focuses on teaching girls how to avoid the various pitfalls that come with being a tween/teen in this day and age. It does seemed to be aimed at a lower age group (9-11) as opposed to the over 13 crowd. While I don't agree with all the lessons in this book, I do believe it would be a good starting off place for many conversations between parents and children.
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I’m honestly at the point where I don’t know why I bother with books like this anymore. I guess a part of me wants to be able to give these people the benefit of the doubt, to say that even though I know their inability to look at the world intelligently as they continue to put opinion and belief over provable and testable factual evidenc—which frankly shows their lack critical thinking skills—maybe their belief is not damaging. I want to be able to judge them less and to develop a reasonable understanding so that I can, at the very least, see the good they might be capable of doing.

But books like this one seriously hinder my ability to do that.

I picked this book up because it appeared to be something that would discuss important topics and injustices in our society today only to find that it was basically just a collection of manipulation tactics to shame young women into Christian belief systems and control how they view the world. This book doesn’t aim to support the intellectual pursuits of women, it doesn’t aim to provide them with skills to critically think about their world and make decisions on their own. Instead, it pushes them to very predetermined beliefs and provides underhanded connivance to dominate other people all the while purporting this ludicrous idea that it is helpful and caring.

In calling out these “lies,” Lies Girls Believe asserts its own agenda, proceeding to actually lie to its young and impressionable readers on a number of topics. In a disgusting turn of events, this book subtly attacks the LGBTQ community by arguing that there are only two “very different” genders. And this, unfortunately, is precisely how hate is spread, by teaching innocent children that others are “sinning” for being who they are. And I cannot abide by this nonsense.

The book regularly pushes rather damaging beliefs about how a woman can feel about boys, using cutesy language about how girls should not be too “boy crazy” in an underhanded way of shaming women for wanting to be involved with someone of the opposite sex in any way that does not follow the very explicit and controlling “nothing before marriage” and how women are “made to make babies.” While the book does, fortunately, say that not everyone is “meant to be” a mother, it definitely does seem to imply that such a choice is not a good one.

The fact that this book was written honestly depresses me so much. I feel awful for every young girl who reads it and falls for the nonsense it supports. And I just feel like the more I try to educate myself on the Christian religion, the more disugsted I am by it. Lies Girls Believe is a book of manipulation, control, and shaming. It pushes opinion as fact, which is basically just a giant lie in and of itself. And at the end, I find that’s rather ironic considering the entire basis that the book is supposedly following. It’s very brainwash-y and I cringed the entire time I was reading it. At the end of the day I found it nothing short of deeply disturbing.

Hopefully it wont reach too many impressionable people who have yet to develop the critical thinking skills and intelligence to see it for what it truly is.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 
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