Deadly Rising

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Jeri Westerson gives the second Booke of the Hidden series with Deadly Rising. Kylie Strange opened the Book of the Hidden in the first episode; she now continues with Erasmus Dark, the Booke's demon who protects her, to coral dangerous monsters of the night who escape from the booke.  like the kelpie who lures maidens to their death.  Aided by Wiccan helpers, she must kill the monsters and close the Booke.  Meanwhile, a biker gang is trying to steal the book and higher demons stir things up.  Great paranormal read.
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As with every other book of Jeri Westerson's I've read, Deadly Rising is just flat out fun. It picks up right where the first one, Booke of the Hidden, left off, which I appreciate. I never really liked when I feel like I have to play catch up very much. In this one, Kylie digs into her family history and leans things she didn't expect. Oh, and she accidentally releases two horrible creatures into Moody Bog, so she and her Wiccan friends have to fix that, with the help of the very handsome demon Erasmus. Just super fun and well worth reading.
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A must read! Couldn't put down this one, getting back to the adventures of Kylie and her friends. Can't wait for the next adventure!
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This was a really good paranormal it is the next in the series. I wish I had read the other book first. I enjoyed the banter and the sarcasm all in all its a great read.
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DEADLY RISING, the second book in the Booke of the Hidden series continues right where the previous book left off. This was a great continuation of the story with some added interesting world building and twists in regards to Kylie heritage. The plot continues to be pretty ridiculous but in a good way! I love the magical mayhem Kylie and her friends/coven cause as they try to defeat the latest creature the Booke releases.

There's some character development that had me wondering about just where the author was going especially in regards to Kylie's super annoying ex who gets wrapped up in the supernatural hijinks. After finishing the first book, I thought he was good and gone thankfully. But he actually comes to some good use despite his lack of taking a hint from Kylie and contributes decently to the plot. What I was most intrigued by was the revelations of Kylie's heritage and how it relates to the Booke as well as some shocking Erasmus news. Both of these revelations do seem to be a big turning point in the danger for Kylie, her friends, and the world at large (not that they weren't in danger to begin with...).

DEADLY RISING is a fun urban fantasy story with a slowly increasing mystery that has me interested in seeing just where it's going to go next. And I'm interested in seeing what fun creature comes out of the Booke next.
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After discovering an ancient magical Booke bricked up within the walls of her tea shop, Kylie Strange becomes what is known as the Chosen Host. Meaning, when said book decides to spit out evil creatures to wreak havoc on the small town of Moody Bog, Maine, Kylie is responsible for tracking them down and sending them back to wherever it was they originally came from.

After just banishing a succubus with the help of the brooding and handsome Erasmus Dark–a demon tied to the Booke—Kylie is ready for a little respite and to focus her attention on her newly opened shop. Unfortunately, when people start going missing Kylie knows that another creature has probably been let loose again. As Halloween is quickly approaching and with the Booke acting more erratic than usual, Kylie is faced with the issue of having to contend with two unknown creatures this time around.

Deadly Rising very clearly picks up right where the first book left off. Having not read the first book, I had absolutely no problems jumping right into Kylie’s story. Jeri Westerson has done probably the best job in making the story very accessible to new readers without any info dumps, while successfully moving the story forward for those who have read the first book.

I think this is because Deadly Rising has such a familiar feeling about it. From the small town, to the mystery surrounding the Booke and Kylie’s own family, to the love triangle between Kylie, the town sheriff, and the demon who watches over the Booke. These elements were comfortable and, dare I say welcoming. I almost felt like I was going back to early Sookie Stackhouse or Mercy Thompson.

The downside to this was the fact that there were so many elements to contend with within this story. Besides the creatures of the Booke, there’s the Booke itself and the full extent of Erasmus’s tie to the Booke. Plus, there’s a motorcycle gang coven who is up to nefarious purposes, and the fact that not everyone in the small-town is privy to its magical secrets. Not everything is figured out by the end, what’s left over will obviously transition readers to book three, and it’s all promising. There were quite a few elements that seemed a bit too coincidental for my tastes, such as the issue with the creatures released by the book. It was just a bit too overshadowed by everything else.

Overall, though, I liked the complex characters and the small-town setting of Deadly Rising. With the way things ended, it doesn’t look like Kylie’s going to be getting any rest for quite some time.
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I read this second book before I read the first. I loved it so much that I bought the first book before I had even finished this one. Kylie lives in Moody Bog, Maine where she owns a tea and herb shop. She has the Booke that is  passed down to the women of her family. There are things that must be done to keep the Booke happy and only Kylie can do that. There s a very sexy demon attached to this book, Erasmus. He and Kylie are very attracted to each other, but he has a secret that could hurt her. Then there's Ed, the handsome sheriff and Jeff, the ex boyfriend. She will have to make a choice if she lives long enough. Evading the creatures that are after her with the help of her Coven is becoming a full time job, but she does have Erasmus and some cool weapons.  The sheriff's brother and his group are a whole other story, Why can't they be like other motorcycle gangs? How can she she get rid of the book and live a normal life?  I loved the characters and the storyline. One of the best fantasy/ paranormal  books I have read this year. I recommend that you read the first one in the series before this one. It will be easier to follow the events and to know how it all started.
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I really enjoyed this book. This is the 2nd book in the series and I haven’t read the first. The way it is written, I was able to follow the story and not feel lost. 

It is an urban fantasy about The Booke of the Hidden and its Chosen Host. This book is kinda like a pandora’s box; releasing evil beings into the world. It is the job of The Chosen Host to hunt down and destroy what the book releases. 

If you love magic, a bit of mayhem and finding of ones family roots; i would suggest giving this series a go.
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Deadly Rising is the second book in the urban fantasy series, A Booke of the Hidden. It starts pretty much where the first book left off. Kylie was able to trap succubus back in the Booke with the help of the sexy demon, Erasmus, and her Wiccans. But now another creature or two escaped the Booke and are terrorizing Moody Bog's inhabitants. The bad coven, Ordo, is also after Kylie and the Booke. On top of all these complications, Kylie is torn between broody Erasmus and the town's sheriff, Ed. Just as the first book, Deadly Rising has a lot of action, adventure, interesting world building and a good dash of romance. There are few very interesting developments and revelations in this book that raised the stakes for Kylie and her team, and made me more impatient for the next installment.
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