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This wasn't what I was was a bit too basic and short. It was an interesting read but there wasn't anything new to be learned.

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I am a vegan but it was interesting to read t and learned some good things from it. It is a cosy read, not so scientific though.

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I did not realize that this was a booklet and not a book when I requested it. Otherwise I would have gotten to it sooner than I did.
It is an interesting collection of titbits from a person who has a good understanding of what she ingests. It seems to be part of the habits that her parents have instilled in her.
There are some tips that were interesting. Overall a quick but different read.

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nice little book with basic information for anyone that wants to get a basic knowledge on good foods.

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The author provided short memories of her youth along with easy to follow recipes in this unique cookbook. I am not someone who enjoys cooking, but found this book filled with many recipes that are easy to follow. I cannot wait to try them!

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This book is not a textbook but contains short stories and examples of the author’s child hood memories on how she grew to like healthy food without struggles. Asselin also shares suggestions and simple recipes. This is a booklet, easy read and intended to be inspirational, not an answer book.

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“Taste Buds: The Magic and Fun of Sensible Food” by Nicolette Francey Asselin, M.D., offers easy and effective techniques for creating healthy "Taste Buds," for children and families. The author, a physician, writer and avid advocate for prevention, bases her approach on her own experience of growing up in Switzerland, where sensible, sound and uncomplicated eating habits were the norm.

Dr. Asselin offers stories from her own childhood and simple recipes and tactics to induce a more relaxed approach to cooking and eating, producing more fun and enjoyment. 4/5

Pub Date 15 Sep 2018   

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This booklet feels like a good rough draft of a book I would be interested in buying. It touches upon a variety of interesting topics, from acquired taste to probiotics, but just as soon as a topic is approached, it is dropped without much left to hold on to. As it is right now, I feel like I read a vague magazine article at the doctor's office.

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With all the fast food, microwaveables and sugar-laden fare easily available in malls and grocery stores, kids these days might be missing out on both the nutrients and flavors that healthy food brings. Earlier generations benefited from home-cooked meals and the time devoted by homemakers to acquiring fresh ingredients but today’s busy lifestyle sees families turning more towards food that is more convenient than truly nutritious.

In Taste Buds: The Magic and Fun of Sensible Food, author Nicolette Francey Asselin shares food-based wisdom gathered from her childhood memories and her medical practice. This booklet is the fourth installment in a series of health books released by Among her notable pieces of advice are:

Avoid using dessert as a reward. This implies that the meal already laid on the table is not the best.

Keep meals simple. Time- and effort-intensive dishes for weekday meals are neither practical nor sustainable given today’s busy lifestyle.

Involve the kids. Getting them to participate in meal preparation – such as chopping vegetables or fetching tools or ingredients – will help them develop an appreciation for the effort that goes into getting a good meal on the table.

Asselin also included a few simple recipes of healthy dishes that she grew up with such as roasted vegetables, ratatouille, a basic vinaigrette for salads and muesli, among others, as well as instructions on how to pickle or ferment foodstuffs at home.

This is a short book and I think she could have expounded more on some sections such as how to balance meat, poultry, seafood and produce in the weekly menu or how to enjoy healthy food outside the home through quick and easy meal preparation strategies.

That said, this book can provide an adequate impetus to start cooking and eating healthier.

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I didn't realize that "bare answer" meant somewhat non-existent in content. The description didn't express that it was a "booklet" not a "book", so I had been expecting it to be more.

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