Young Enough

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**I received this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review**

My Thoughts
This second book in her The Age Between Us duology/thing made me a fan!  I’ll be honest, I was kinda worried that I wasn’t going to like this one since the first part (Old Enough) left a bad taste in my mouth.  I am so glad, though, that I was stubborn enough to want to see this story through.  Charmaine Pauls really brought her A game with this!

The relationship between Jane and Brian has, obviously, already been established and we know they they are head over heels in lust with each other.  But this book brings out the romance!  I really felt the connection between the two beyond the kinky sex.  Though there were times where I wanted to shake Brian and say “what the hell is wrong with you?!” I felt that he matured so much through this.  I feel like he learned to let go of some of his bossy possessiveness and let Jane be Jane.  And, let’s be honest, I’m really glad he did because some of the things he was doing was making my teeth clench in disgust.  Dominance is okay, but there were times he went too far.  But again that was in his character and he had to grow up.

As for the plot itself, yes there was just so much going on, but it felt more like everything that was happening was happening for a reason.  I was actually moved to tears, and moments of gagging (as in gagging in horror) at what poor Jane was going through.  She was a hell of a woman to be able to endure all of what she had to endure and still come out strong. 

Would I Recommend?
There is strong sex scenes in this, but if you are looking for a hell of a ride with some kink, this is the book for you!  Definitely recommend!
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So many good books this week! But it’s not just about new books, because I’m also adding in recommendations for books you might have missed. Because I completely missed Young Enough, which came out last year, but just landed on my radar screen recently thanks to NetGalley, which provided a free copy for in exchange for an honest review. The sequel to Old Enough (which you need to read first), the duet is a super-sexy, dark romance with taboo elements. I loved the story and the characters. Most of all, I loved Charmaine Pauls’ voice and the wonderfully complex and full story that she delivered. Check it out–I think you’ll love it!
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I am volunteering to leave a review of this ARC book from Net Galley.  Really!  Just wow conclusion on The Age Between Us duet!  I've read quite a few dark romances, and this one sits at the top with several others.  I am in awe at what these writers can do with words.  This genre must be extremely difficult to write, as it is an intense emotional read!  I am so thankful for writers like Ms. Pauls.  The intense feelings, at times to tears, offer a cathartic release!  Don't get me wrong, I love lots of other genres, but the dark romance genre takes a huge commitment to let yourself go, escape your day to day, and immerse yourself in the darkness, hoping for the light!  A wonderfully intense novel!
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Unfortunately, I did not finish this book. After starting, I realized that I did not read the first book and I did not want to continue reading until I read the first book. Thank you for the ARC. I will give a full review after I complete both books.
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Heartbreaking, romantic, and hopeful.


I’ve said it before, people have heard it before, and I will say it again until the entire world hears it too. Age is just a number. It’s already hard enough to find true love but we also have to stay within the line society has created on who we should spend the rest of our lives with? If it feels right, go for it. Only you can decide what makes you happy.

The plot is amazing, family matters, work matters, daughters, siblings, mothers, everyone matters but the most important factor is love. From the very beginning it was never going to be an easy ride for our ship. The world is against them, but they do have each other. The break-up was what I was looking forward to in this book because it was bound to happen and to my surprise it wasn’t how I expected it would be. The reason was not what I thought it would be and that scene was hard to read. It was painful and just heartbreaking.

When it starts with a lie, you’re going to wonder when it became real and which parts of it was true.


Brian Michaels

Brian is every bit a man as men twice his age. He did have to grow up early to take care of his family but that’s also one of the reasons why Jane is so attracted to him. When in a misunderstanding, he faces it head on like a man should and finds a way to talk and explain his side of the story. He doesn’t run away, he doesn’t let Jane assume the worst of him

Jane Logan

An independent woman and a loving mother. Very different from the girls Brian goes to school with. Sure, she may be a little old school and hard headed sometimes but she’s like any other woman especially when she’s in love. Crashing a party just to see him one last time and making rash decisions in the heat of their lust for each other.


Charmaine Pauls has done it again. Every person that matters in the lives of our two lovers have been given the chance to speak up their mind and showed us where they stand in this uncanny relationship between Brian and Jane. It’s such a beautiful world Pauls has created. Sometimes we need to set aside our differences, forget what society thinks and understand how a person feels. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to their story.


Charmaine Pauls is utterly amazing with romance between two people from different worlds and with different views of the world. She seems to enjoy duologies and I am only too eager to read them. Comparing this story to her Lone Shark Duet, I can confidently say that her message is clear. Age is just a number, love can be found in the most unlikely of places from unlikely people, and love will always find its way back.

I have yet to meet a couple with this kind of relationship where the woman is older than the man, and I very much would love to know their love story.
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Thanks to the author for providing ARCs. 4.3 stars for this book, love the excitement from the book while reading, can't wait to read book 2.
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This book was ver intriguing. I loved all the sensual detail.  The raw emotion I could gather from the writing was amazing. Age is only a number right?  Well read this book to find out you won’t be disappointed.
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The conclusion to the first book in the series. This story takes place right after the first book. The events of the story flow together and answer your questions from the first book. Loved the story between Jane and Brian. He was her soul mate and would ensure her life would always be by her side. Overcoming each obstacle in their relationship will bring them closer together or drive them far apart. Loved this series!
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Young Enough by Charmaine Pauls is part two in the Age Between Us series. This book is a direct continuation of Old Enough, so part one must be read first. In Young Enough, Jane and Brian continue to fight for their relationship. As time passes, Jane and Brian's obligations pull them away from one another.

The younger man, older woman taboo is handled nicely in the Age Between Us series. Brian is what Jane needs to feel whole after a series of losses. Jane shows Brian his current way of living will not work out as he planned. They help one another grow, make each other better.

Relating to Jane proved to be difficult, but in the end, I understand the actions she took. Her priorities are not wrong. Brian makes some bad decisions, but his intentions are always pure. In the end, he does the best he can.

After reading the first novel, I was absorbed in their story. It was not hard to wish the best for Jane and Brian. Given the suffering they experienced, it was a long time coming when it finally happened. Charmaine Pauls does her tortured heroes well, with emphasis on tortured. I highly recommend this dark romance. I received this book from NetGalley for my honest opinion. I encourage all readers to reach their own conclusions.
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The second book in the Age Between Us duet is way more than just some hot, steamy story. The story of Brian and Jane continues but not without seriously deep emotional and physical pain, seething anger (at least on my part), truly deep love, not only  between the two main characters but between the people Jane surrounds herself with. For the most part. I found myself feeling deep hatred for some characters and deep compassion for others and in the end...Deep love for Jane herself...when she finally finds  herself...whether it will be with or without Brian remains to be seen but Charmaine Pauls had the ability to suck me in so quickly into this story and not only because it truly is as steamy as heck, but because she wasn't afraid to put the characters in peril, or to put them in their place as they should be. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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Amazing story follow up from the first one, really enjoyed following all the characters and where they ended up and all the events that happened in this book!! Amazing story!!
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I am having a hard time rating this book. 

On one hand I would've loved Jane with a lot more fight in her. On the other hand she was who she was and neither of us can step over our own shadow now, can we? She would've deserved more than apologies from everyone in her life who hurt and used her. Hers was a complex personality with a tad too much consideration for others. She always thought about everyone else but herself and even those closest to her turned this to use to their own benefits. It was hard to read and feel her loneliness and sorrow at times but at the end I think everything that had happened helped her to become an emancipated version of herself. She was and remained the better person in every conflict with her inner strenght and hard-as-steel backbone.

I liked Brian in the first book and this time too. Contrary to Jane he didn't need a complete personality do-over.
Despite his young age he was a solid dependable man but burdened with problems that seemed unsurmountable at times. Jane had her inner conflicts so it only seemed fair Brian had very serious outer problems to fight and conquer. He too was successful in his battles - but not without great sacrifices.

Both of them got battle scars in the process - both of the physical and psychical variety.
I don't know if it was the writing or whatever else about their love scenes but those were sizzling hot and all consuming.

All in all I liked this second book of the duet. The writing was entertaining again. There were a lot of secrets and twists and those made the story and the characters more complex. 
Even though I would've wanted a bit more feisty heroine I understand she had to walk her own path to find happiness.
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Can we say beyond hot! Yup you will enjoy this steamy hot book. Just when you think you have it figured out you are wrong. This book is everything you have been missing.
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Wow...what an intense ride! I loved the ending of this book.  This book - series has it all betrayal, heartbreak and so much drama you'll want to scream. There were times when I wanted to step in and stop the trolls from disrupting Jane's world.  Yes, it's that good. I loved it!  And the ending..#HEA
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Young Enough is book 2 of The Age Between Us by Charmaine Pauls. It really kept me guessing, which I love.  It had hot sex scenes, which I also love. I think the author is a talented writer and that the e-book price is reasonable. My only complaint is how absolutely disposable Jane is as a character.  She had people in her life, true, but they treated her as someone who could be tossed aside.  Even her daughter!! Absolutely everything goes terribly wrong for Jane. I know this is a writing technique (make your character miserable, it makes readers keep reading) but I think the author took it too far.
I received a e-ARC. Thanks NetGalley.
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This is second book in the Jane and Brian story. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster to learn about this couple. Will they survive the turmoil of their lives? Will it suffocate them and draw them further apart? You should pick up this story to find out! If you love hot, sexy stories, this one is for you!  I loved reading their story and look forward to reading more from this author!
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This is the second book and needs to be read after the first one. I read and enjoyed book one so I was looking forward to this one and damn it was even better than the first one. Brian and Jane just can't seem to catch a break and this book sees their relationship being tested time and time again. You don't want to miss this series it is a super taboo romance
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This one got real dark, at one point I was disheartened but not to fear the happy ending we all look for in our romance novels is here. I did however have one burning question- why did Brian not have Cowan tell Jane what was going on? She could have been kept safe and know that Brian was not the ads she thought he was.
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Thanks to Netgalley, Charmaine Pauls and the publisher that the reader can read another book for The Age Between Us-series. The book was amazing just like the first one and characters were nice. I loved this book, because there was a plot which seems interesting and theme was nice. It doesn't takes many hours to read, which was quite huge thing, when time was so short. Maybe I will read this book again and try find different things for the book, and also watch that if there is another views in the story. Nice book with good characters and interesting plot, what else there you will need with a good book.
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Twists and turn! This is a good romance suspense thriller, well written and hot . The taboo relationship between brain and jane gets complicated.
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