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This is a fun series by Ms Fenichel. It has some mild erotic scenes if you are not into that. However, the story line and the characters are very intriguing. Characters are included from the first book in the series as well. Basically, the heroine works for a Women's Society that receives assignments to help others with relationship problems. In this case, Millicent Edgebrook must find Duke Preston Middleton a bride. Things become complicated when Preston decides Millicent is the bride he wants. Thanks to Kensington Books for allowing me to read this novel through Netgalley.
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Millicent has an interesting talent - that of finding matches for her friends.  But she has been hurt by a man before and is hesitant to give her heart.  When she is tasked with finding a husband for the Duke, Preston, she feels she can help.  But what starts as a good deed becomes more complicated when she starts to fall in love with him herself.  
There's definitely romance and good writing here for most readers of the genre to enjoy.
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This was an engaging read that was hard to put down.  These are characters that you just have to get to know.
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This story is a great romantic comedy with Millicent Edgebrook trying so very hard to find a suitable match for the Duke of Middleton. He goes along with her suggestions and even hosts a house party in the country but so much goes wrong at the party that he has to convince Millicent to not give up on him. He has to try especially hard to convince her that she is the right match for him!

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC; all opinions are my own.
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A very charming and delightful story.  Matchmaking stories are always good fun and this was no exception.
I am loving this series so far. looking forward to more.
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I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is book 2 in the Everton Domestic Society series. I must say I really don’t think that the title matches the book at all. However, the story was pretty well done but I think I am finding I don’t love the stories where people are match making with other people then fall in love with the person helping. For some reason it just is starting to drive me crazy. The story was okay just not over the moon.
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Preston Knowles is a wealthy, handsome duke – so why would two young ladies turn down his marriage proposal?  While the Duke of Middleton didn’t love either of the two prospective duchesses, his pride definitely suffered, and he’d be content to stay away from courting, if not for his mother.  Determined to see her son wed, the widowed duchess contacts the Everton Domestic Society, and requests the services of a matchmaker, much to Preston’s dismay.

Millicent Edgebrook has been under the care of her kindly, but absent minded uncle, whose head is firmly ensconced in his experiments.  Now twenty five years old, Millicent feels that she’ll never marry, and she longs to have her independence.  She has had much success in introducing couples who have ended up marrying, so she decides to apply to the Everton Domestic Society, where she is hired, with the Duke of Middleton as her first client.

Preston’s reluctance fades as he quickly becomes intrigued by “his” Everton Lady.  He wonders why such a beautiful and charming lady has never married.  In order for Millicent to be successful in her task, she spends much time with Preston, some of it out at society functions, and some alone, discussing candidates.  Soon a friendship develops between them, and Millie tells Preston of her dreams to travel and help people, as well as her deep, dark secret.  It does not take long for Preston to realize that he’s found the woman he wants for his wife, but he’s careful to take things slowly, as marriage is something that is definitely not on Millie’s agenda.

Preston is such a delightful and lovable man.  His acceptance of Millie’s past, and his protectiveness toward her is wonderful to see.  He’s truly a gentleman in the best sense of the word, but he’s also a determined man in love.  I love Millicent’s courage in striking out on her own, and her desire to pursue a path that will help people.  I felt that she was far too hard on herself for an incident from her past in which she was clearly taken advantage of by an unscrupulous rogue.  

A LADY’S ESCAPE is a warm and satisfying romance that heats up when Millie and Preston finally share their passion.  Even then, Millie is adamant about not being a part of Preston’s future, but this duke is just as determined that he will do whatever it takes to allow his love to pursue her dreams while becoming his wife.  I recommend this well written story for those who enjoy an honorable, sexy hero who’s not afraid to follow a different path to achieve his heart’s desire.
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Millicent Edgebrook has had plenty of experience of societal backlash from the ton. Orphaned as a teenager and sent to live with her endearing yet notoriously eccentric scientist uncle, her reputation was not off to an easy start. An indecent incident with a boy during this trying time had her feel as if she were ruined forever-all as a teenager! Therefore, she decides to make something positive out of her life and become an Everton Lady.

Ladies of the Everton Domestic Society dedicate their lives to accomplish certain tasks requested by their clients. Accompanied by a chaperone, they are to be professional at all times and get the task done efficiently. They certainly are not to be distracted. They certainly are not to be flirtatious. And they most certainly are not to fall in love with their client. But who can truly stand in the way of true love?

I enjoyed this book and it was very easy to become immersed in this environment. I enjoyed the symbolism of chess as the power play between king and queen, yet also used as a symbol of Millicent and Preston as being treated as equal players. Furthermore, I enjoyed the dog and the kitten that were rescued and became family pets. They were my favorite characters in the book as they were not only adorable characters but also another way that Preston and Millicent bonded.

This is the second book in the Everton Domestic Society, however, it can be read as a standalone. This book also references characters from the Forever Brides series but can be read even if the reader has not read those series as the author provides a brief background on each of those characters. On the other hand, I had read the Forever Brides series and was very happy to see those characters added into this series as it was like catching up with old friends!

I would recommend this book for adult readers who enjoy regency romances, romances that defy society standards, and romances that develop after adversity. I would also recommend this book for dog, cat, and chess lovers. However, I would not recommend this book for those who may be offended or triggered by fire, parental death, manipulation, and explicitly sexual scenarios.

Please note: an electronic ARC of this book was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review-thanks!
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A Lady’s Escape by A.S. Fenichel
I love the plot line of A Lady’s Escape by A.S. Fenichel.  A woman wants more for her life, but being practical she knows she will have to work for her dreams.  The other thing she knows is that she, Millicent Edgebrook knows she can matchmake people, so she sets out to accomplish that at the Everton Domestic Society.  A perfect chance to move out of her uncle’s house and begin to have her own life.  Her first job to find a bride for Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton.  How hard can it be - he is a duke, handsome and rich?

Preston  has been jilted twice by two eminently perfect women.  His mother is determined that he should marry and so Millicent comes into the picture.  Using lists, gossip and her wide range of acquaintances, Millicent begins to make headway toward her goal. The problem - because of course, there is a problem - is they fall for each other.

A Lady’s Escape by A.S. Fenichel is the second book in the Everton Domestic Society.  The books have lead women who are strong and determined, men who will help their ladies not stand in their way and lots of love and hope...and some laughter. A Lady’s Escape by A.S. Fenichel is a good read.
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Though not the first book in this series, this lovely story stands alone.  But like me, you will definitely want to go back and read what was missed previously.  I found this to be a very sweet romance.  However, do not confuse sweet with boring.  The romance between Millicent and Preston began as a business arrangement, moved to friendship, erupted in passion and blossomed into love.

Millicent (not "Millie" to Preston) was an Everton Lady, hired by Preston's mother to help him find a bride after two rejections.  Millicent was great in setting up her potential suitors for matches...for her friends, not herself.  She vows to stay single.  Preston is adverse to being set up, but Millicent is determined to be successful in her task.  She is successful; she just didn't realize that Preston decided that she was meant to be his.  This story is filled with yearning, excitement and friendship turning into love.  There is no way you can read this book and NOT feel satisfied and happy.

I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley.  I received no compensation for my review.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
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A delightfully lovely historical romance that is well written. The characters are enchanting and likable. While the plot isn’t original by any means, the characters make it worth every moment. The author has clear talent bringing her story with relative ease. There is not much more to say, this novel has everything to make it enjoyable even if it isn’t revolutionary.
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Millicent Edgebrook has resigned herself to being a spinster.  She had a disastrous first season and has discovered an ability for matchmaking - by matching would-be suitors with her friends.  All she wants is her independence from her kind but eccentric uncle.  Millie seeks employment with the Everton Domestic Society.  Her first assignment is to find a bride for Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton.  

Preston was rebuffed by two perfectly respectable ladies.  He has decided that he would prefer to remain single except his mother insists that he gets married and provide an heir.  Preston finds he is fantasizing over the Everton Lady.  Millie has a scandal in her past and the Everton Society forbids relationships between clients and employees.  Will love be able to trump the rules?

What a wonderful book!  I loved the characters.  Millie was a perfect heroine and Preston was a great hero.  I enjoyed Millie getting the HEA she deserved with Preston.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you!
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I have read a number of books in this series and A Lady's Escape did not disappoint me. When Millicent is introduced to the Duke of Middleton, she discovers that her vow to remain unmarried becomes more and more difficult to uphold. Preston, on the other hand, is intrigued by the woman who has been tasked with finding him a wife, and before long he finds that the ladies she introduces him to are not nearly as interesting as Millie herself. The romance in the story builds slowly but is undeniable. As Millie tries ever so hard to stick to the Everton Ladies Handbook, her resolve crumbles with every touch and glance from Preston. The reader is carried along in this well-written Regency romance and although there is some adventure, the story is of the development of the relationship between the Everton Lady, Millicent Edgebrook and His Grace the Duke of Middleton. This novel is part of a series and characters from previous books in the series appear in this one too, however it is nevertheless a standalone and comes to a happy conclusion. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and this is my honest and voluntary review.
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Great characters, story, loved everything about it! I have been reading more contemporary romances lately and this one made me realize how much I enjoy and miss the historical ones also. You will not be disappointed with this book...can't wait for the next one in this series.
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The Everton Domestic Society provides assistance to discerning employers seeking unusual solutions. The Everton Ladies are carefully selected for their abilities to solve the most tangled of problems. Finding a young, handsome, wealthy duke a wife? Honestly, it should be a simple assignment for skilled matchmaker Millicent Edgebrook. Having given up on ever finding a match for herself, Millie is sure she can help Preston, Duke of Middleton.

Of course, things don’t go to plan. Preston’s a discerning gentleman who finds himself curious as to why a beautiful, intelligent lady like Millicent thinks herself unmarriageable. And while the young ladies she advises him to consider are everything eligible and attractive, it’s the woman he can’t have who he’s becoming more intrigued by every day. Things come to a head at a house party he throws to determine the characters of his potential brides, and eventually Preston comes to the realization that only Millie will do for his duchess.

The course of true love, as usual, doesn’t run entirely smoothly, but all the issues are resolved most satisfyingly and without having to take enormous leaps of logic to imagine it actually happening. I totally believed in Millie and Preston’s romance, from their chess games to the way he supported her ambitions to be more than ‘merely’ a wife and mother.

It’s not just Preston who has other potential love interests; an ‘old flame’ of Millie’s does come on the scene too, but it transpires he basically ruined her reputation back in her first season. And when I say ‘basically’, what I mean is ‘date-rape’ so you should be careful if that’s a trigger for you. There’s nothing explicitly spelled out but it’s more than clear that is what happened. Millie admits to Preston what happened and he is of course outraged on her behalf, but I loved him even more for letting Millie deal with the evil ex on her own terms.

Bearing that trigger in mind, I’d still give this five stars. It’s a great read with a really strong heroine and a charming hero, who deserve to find happiness together. Though it’s second in the series and characters from the first do make an appearance, it can certainly be read as a standalone.
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What a fantastic second book! Well written the characters had wonderful witty dialogue and plenty of chemestry. I just adored this second book in the Everton Domestic Society! Millie is a beautiful young woman who’s had more luck finding matches for her friends than for herself, so much so that she’s decided on becoming part of the Everton Society - the fact that her uncle is a quirky scientist with exploding experiences is a big factor in her becoming independent.  Her first assignment is finding a match for the Duke of Middleton, Preston Knowles a handsome but with his perfect idea of what his wife should be. And it looks like Millie falls in that perfect category!  Preston hasn’t had any luck in acquiring a wife the previous two lady’s ended up in disaster and he’s happy to be left alone, until Millicent, she’s the perfect candidate if she wasn’t so dedicated in finding him a match. Preston isn’t about to let the only woman who’s presence makes his blood electrify escape him, he’ll just have to convince her they’re perfect together......somehow. A quick fun read with plenty of humour and sizzling steam, you can never go wrong with A.S. Fenichel’s stories they absolutely rock!  Can’t wait for the third one!  I recieved a complimentary copy from the author via NetGalley, this is my honest unbiased opinion.
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A Lady's Escape by A.S. Fenichel is book Two in the Everton Domestic Society Series.  This is the story of Millicent 'Millie' Edgebrook and Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton.  I have read the previous book, but feel this can be a standalone book if you wish to do so. 
Millie didn't succeed at her coming out and actually had a disastrous time.  Now working towards being independent has joined the Everton Domestic Society.  Millie's first assignment is to find a wife for Preston which being a Duke should make things pretty easily.  Preston is being pressed to marry but he isn't ready to do so.  Although he is finding Millie to be someone he could be interested in, but with her scandalous past... not someone that should be for him.  
Really enjoyed reading their story.
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I have been waiting for Preston's story for a while and I really enjoyed it. I loved the slow building relationship between Millie and Preston. The story progressed naturally and their relationship was totally believable. I like how Preston looked deeper into Millie and knew who she was on a whole other level. This story is brimming with sexual tension and sweet, but sexy moments.
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Just let me say upfront, I loved this story and also the first book in the series "A Lady's Honor" but each can be read as a standalone.  Millicent Edgebrook is done with the marriage mart.  Every time she gets to know a gentleman she finds he is perfect for one of her friends!  Yes she seems to be a matchmaker but cannot find her own match!  She decides to step out and be independent so she applies for a job at the Everton Domestic Society and is hired on the spot.  Her first case is to find a bride for Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton who has already had some problems himself.
Millie and Preston were both such lovable characters.  As she worked with him an attraction arose which each of them tried to resist.  There are such wonderful secondary characters that also add so much to this tale.
Will these two find love together or are they fated for others?  I look forward to every book by this author and I am never disappointed. This held all the elements of humor, intrigue and of course love.  Trust me, you will love it!
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Millicent has the uncanny ability to find suitable husbands for her friends but can’t seem to secure one herself. After a horrendous debut and no eligible suitors, she’s okay with spinsterhood. She applies and is accepted as an Everton Lady. Her first assignment is finding a bride for the Duke of Middleton. Little does Millie realize, she’s the one the Duke wants as his bride.


Preston is tired of searching and wooing an eligible match, only to have his proposals rejected. When he discovers his mother has hired a matchmaker, he’s furious. But the more time he spends with Millie, the harder Preston falls in love with said matchmaker. She’s intelligent, beautiful and makes his blood heat with desire. When he hints it’s her he wants, Millie thrusts him into the arms of another. Will Preston make Millie see how well-matched they are for each other or will his heart be broken yet again?


I’ve loved Preston ever since Foolish Bride and I’m so glad he finally got a woman worthy of him. He’s got the patience of Job, I swear. Millie’s attempt to thwart his affection only makes him yearn for her. Millie’s intelligence and love of chess made me cheer. They both have gone through heartbreak and loss but are stronger for it.


In classic Fenichel’s style, the characters are well-conceived with plenty of misconceptions to overcome. The dance Preston and Millie play kept me engaged. The plot moves along nicely, and I inhaled the story in two days. I can’t wait for the next in the series.


Disclaimer: I received an ARC via Netgalley from Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press in the hopes I’d review it.


Favorite Character/Quote: Preston. I’ve always liked him as a hero and in this story, we delve into the man behind the title. He’s quite modern in his ideas which I found refreshing.


My Rating: 5+ stars
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