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This is the first book in the Paranormal Investigation Bureau series. The story starts in Sydney, where Lily, a photographer, lives. It is her 24th birthday when an English woman knocks on her door with some news. Firstly, her brother in England has been kidnapped. Secondly, not only is Lily a witch, but so are her missing brother and her sister-in-law, Thirdly, her parents were witches also. It is a lot to take in. Lily heads to England to solve her bother's kidnapping, try to keep herself safe, and learn more about her witchy-ness. The rest I will let for you to discover as you read this fun and fast paced book. I am giving this mystery a solid 4 star review. Great characters, setting, and story! Thank you to NG, the author, and the publisher for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.
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Entertaining little book even if the plot is more straightforward than expected.

I enjoyed this book - it was light, fun - perfect beach read. It starts with photographer Lily discovering she’s a witch (with a unique talent with her camera) and traveling to England to help find her missing brother. Of course it’s not that simple: she’s arrested, accused in helping kidnap her brother. There’s also a possibly romantic relationship brewing along the side.

My two complaints about this novel: one, I would have liked to see more of Sydney!  Two, I was expecting more plot twists.  The story reaches a point where it appears the villain is unmasked, and I kept expecting a twist where a different culprit is revealed which never happened. Still, it was fun, and I look forward to other books in the series.
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I am always here for a paranormal cozy mystery!  There's just something about small towns and quaint characters with a little magic and intrigue that I enjoy reading.  This book was no exception!  From start to finish I had a great time getting to hang out with our protagonist, Lily.   This is a light and quite quick read and any cozy mystery fan will not be disappointed.  The English setting was a nice extra touch that helps differentiate this from others I have read in the past - it was like travelling somewhere brand new while never having to leave my house!  3.5 stars!
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I lost interest to read this book. I read the first couple of chapters and saw potential. but I am not interested to finish this anytime soon.
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A fun first in series with a cozy paranormal element. Although I guessed whodunnit early on in the book, I enjoyed the setting and characters. I would love to read more books by this author.
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Delightful Paranormal Mystery!
Lily is a snarky 24 year old Australian who just found out she's a witch from a family of witches. She travels to Westerham England to help find her missing brother and discovers he works for the Paranormal Investigation Bureau. A wonderful combination of suspense, magic, family drama, good versus evil, twists and turns set in a lovely English countryside. I loved the believable characters especially Lily with her penchant for getting into trouble, her coffee addiction and reactions regarding the paranormal world. A great start to the series and I look forward to reading more. Enjoy!  

I received a copy as a gift and am happy to leave my honest review.
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Cute, fun and a light read.  
What do you do when you learn you're a witch and is your brother and you have to save him.?
This is a great introduction to The Paranormal Investigation Bureau series. 
Would I keep reading?  Yeah, this is a wonderful break when I'm in the mood for some light reading.
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It’s a nice cozy mystery. Lily  discovers she’s a witch and goes to England where he brother has gone missing.  She has to learn to handle her power faster to help him. 

Interesting characters and the setting is cost indeed. A nice start to a promising series.

Thanks to the author for the review copy.
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This is a great first book for a series. It introduces the world without too much exposition so it is interesting and not boring. I loved Lily right from the beginning and appreciated that she reacted to everything going on like a normal person would - freaking out a little, but keeping it together to get the job done. Her interactions with William were a little juvenile at times, but because I like her so much I'm willing to overlook it. The mystery is interesting and I enjoyed watching the investigation unfold. I was pretty sure I knew who the bad guy was, but since this is the first book in the series and I was learning about this world it left me just the right level of unsure to keep me invested. I'm definitely going to be adding the rest of the series to my reading list!
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This is a delightful paranormal mystery with great character building, lots of humour and a witchnapping to be solved!

Lily Bianchi is an Australian photographer whose twenty-fourth birthday proves to be a turning point in her life in ways she'd never anticipated. What she had expected was to have a phone call from her older brother to wish her "Happy Birthday", but it never comes. Instead a stranger arrives to tell her that her brother has been kidnapped and that he, the stranger and Lily are all witches! Needless to say, Lily is appropriately sceptical, however she is soon convinced and agrees to fly with her to Westerham, England and so the search for her brother and Lily's introduction to witchcraft begins!

This is a cosy read packed with intrigue, witchcraft and surprises. There are a fantastic array of characters - some to love and others to be extremely wary of. There are some you'll change your mind about as more is revealed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and definitely look forward to reading more in the series in future.
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a book that is funny and exciting and has suspense. A woman gets to know she is a witch. But that is not all,her borther gets kidnapped and she has to face a lot before she can solve who kidnapped him and rescue him.
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Sorry, but this was not for me. A fun premise, but so badly written. How did an editor miss this clunker, for example: "The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and English-accented chatter filled the Costa Cafe"? Honestly, this read like a first-year college student's creative writing effort rather than something by a polished, professional author.
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Lily is an ordinary wedding photographer on the day before her 24th birthday. The day of her birthday,  things get weird. And then weirder. Her phone fritzes out. Then her coffee maker. And there's a strange woman on her doorstep that seems to be reading her mind. But worst if all, it seems her brother has been kidnapped so she immediately has to jump on a plane to England. On the way, she learns that she is part of a long line of witches, that's why her technology went south and why people have been seeming to go translucent.
She meets so many people in the witching community, how will she know who to trust?
A fast, fun, and fluffy read, there's a lot of world building that has to happen so the story is a bit thin and plot points are sometimes hit, sometimes not. The character building is quick sketches rather than anything in depth. I'm still probably going to look for the next book in the series.

Three and a half stars
This book came out July 29th, 2018
ARC kindly provided by Dionne Lister and NetGalley
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Witchnapped in Westerham is the first book in the Paranormal Investigation Bureau series (currently up to book 9) by Dionne Lister. Released 16th July 2018, it's 218 pages and available in paperback and ebook formats.

This is a cute, undemanding, paranormal cozy. Main character Lily is a photographer and *surprise* a witch. She finds out more about her own and other's powers when a strange Englishwoman appears on her doorstep and drags her off to England to help find her kidnapped brother who, it turns out, is a colleague of the aforementioned woman, exploring crimes with a paranormal angle.

The plotting is simple, undemanding, and the plot twists are unlikely to surprise many readers. The dialogue is often silly and/or snarky. There's also a hunky antagonistic detective who provides the necessary slow burn romantic element. I liked reading about the magical elements and the limits of the various characters' talents (they vary). The denouement was a little surprising; the 'whodunnit' aspect won't come as a shock for many (any?) readers.

One quibble from me... It made my eye twitch on page 163 to see the author use "infer" when she clearly meant "imply". The book is self published and likely self-edited, but it did make me wince.

This is a nice easy entertaining paranormal cozy. I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Three and a half stars.
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Wonderful read. Fast paced. Quirky, interesting, strong, and lovable characters. Definitely worth the read.
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Witchnapped in Westerham by Dionne Lister is book one in her Paranormal Investigation Bureau and tells Lily Bianchi ' s story.
Lily is a photographer with a special talent. She can see pnr things. But then her brother, her only family member vanishes and she has to go and look about his wereabouts.
Lily goes on a journey and we go with her.
Witchnapped in Westerham is a witty and fun read, well written and I can't wait to read the next book. 4,5 Stars.
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I really enjoyed this cosy mystery. Lily lives in Sydney and on her birthday a snooty English woman turns up at her doorstep and announces that (a) Lily’s brother in England has been kidnapped, and (b) Lily is a witch! as are her brother and sister-in-law and as we’re her parents.

Lily goes to England, discovers her special magic power, avoids being witchnapped herself, avoids being killed, and helps the Paranormal Investigations Bureau look into the mystery of her snatched brother.  

I will certainly be looking at the rest of the series to see what Lily gets up to next.
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I thought this was a decent start to a cozy mystery series. It was about a young lady who finds out she is a witch and that her brother who is also a witch has been kidnapped and they are hoping she can help. She finds out one of her witchy abilities is being able to see things that has happened or going to happen when she looks through the lens of her camera. I thought that was pretty cool idea. 

I liked Lilly and I think given some time I would come to enjoy her more throughout the rest of the series. I liked the detectives at the paranormal bureau where pretty cool. Overall I think others would find this a cute series.
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I really enjoyed this book. It has set up a world of magic that is completely compatible with real life, so it is very believable. The characters are people you would like to know. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series.
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This book was so much fun.  English setting, paranormal/witchy activity, AND a cozy mystery?!?!?!?! SCORE!!  I enjoyed the setting and plot.  The characters, for so many, were well developed and relatable.  I enjoyed the mystery, mainly, because it was a mystery to solve but not a murder.  Sometimes I wonder why someone always has to be murdered in cozies, why can't they just go missing?  It was a little predictable and a slightly cheesy, but isn't that what we love about this genre?!?!
This was new to me author and series and I will definitely continue reading.  I would recommend this series to anyone that enjoys cozy or paranormal mysteries.
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