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Confessions of a Christian Mystic

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I just don't have the words to express how unimpressed I was with this book.

I received this book from Netgalley to review. I have had several others from the same publisher. I have learned that this is a publisher I should put on my list to avoid, no matter how alluring the title and description are to me.
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This book is also titled Confessions of an American Mystic. I suppose this was to help the author River Jordan reach a wider audience. The book is a memoir of the narrator’s life. She reviews significant events in her childhood. She has memories of what happened to her and what affected others. The book covers a wide scope of the author’s life but not really in any particular order. The book was in the format of a natural conversation between friends getting to know each other better.

The book was good but slow-going. The author is talented with her words; I suppose however, that not all of her narrations kept me as engaged as a very intense and suspenseful mystery. Her confessions are nothing like that of a mystery. In fact, she unveils wisdom through her many stories. I felt like I was reading her version of parables from her life. She told a story and although she didn’t outright give you a summarizing lesson after, she gave enough musings of her own so the reader can glean what her point of the story was. I didn’t read the story in one, two, or three sittings. No, I took my time reading a chapter or two here or there but I wasn’t in a great hurry to finish the book. It’s the one thing I like about memoirs, you don’t put as much stake into it as you do with others (I tend to do it with historical fiction books of all things) but the various stories I remember from her periodically cross my mind in a casual way.

This book is a slow read as I said in the beginning and although it didn’t hold wildly great interest, the book gave me a time of relaxing solitude where I only had to ponder on the thoughts of one person. I rate the book a 4 out of 5.
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I have been studying Christian mystics so I was excited to read a first-hand account like this.  This is a wonderful collection of essays and I enjoyed reading this book & getting a glimpse into the author's life.
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I didn't realize before I started reading this that it's a collection of essays rather than a more coherent book. It felt disjointed to me but that's why. 

I also had not heard of this author or read her other books, so I suspect someone who is more familiar with her would appreciate this one more than I did. And there is no denying that River Jordan is a very good writer and story teller. 

If you enjoy spiritual memoirs you might like this one.
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In Confessions of a Christian Mystic, River Jodan bears herself and her spirtuality for her reades. This frank and honest look at her lsmspiring for anyone who didn't fit in teh Envangelical cubby hole.
This may not be everyone's cup of tea and I love it all eth mroe for it. Jordan lets her thoughts roam and this is more like a book of essasies than a true memoir. She includes letters and other formats to tell the stories that affected her life breaking out of the typical manuscript set up. Some people will not enjoy that, so I warn them away from that now.
Who I don't warn away are Christians who are uncomfortable with a view outside their own.  By reading Jordan's work you can experience the same ideals just seen and lived differently. Christianity as a whole needs to stop looking through a denominational leans and open up themselves to the ways God speaks to all his children.
Confessions of a Christian Mystic is beautiful and emotional. I am touched to had the change to read it.
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In short essays, River Jordan shares autobiographical stories and nuggets of truth that point readers to God. 
For the most part, I enjoyed her writing style. Some chapters did move slowly, but others, particularly the beginning of chapter 33 , were funny and engaging. 
I recommend “Confessions of a Christian Mystic” to readers who are interested in God, spirituality, faith, and hope.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes. 

What is a mystic? “Someone who desires to live and breathe and move in the presence of the divine.” 

“To thine own self be true.” Which does not mean step all over people. It simply means find your truth and follow it.

I wonder what it would be like if everything was put into perspective. If the words “Seek first the kingdom of God” shook out in my life, what would that look like? 

Even if someone doesn’t like me or irritates me in some small way, I imagine if there were a sudden catastrophe what good they’d be. How I’d survive with them. Coming up to bat in full swing. I see them bringing what they have to the table for our survival, and it’s always something that benefits the rest of us. Helps me see them in the light of their potential, no matter what they think of me or about anything else. 

Chatter is okay in a kind of balanced moderation. But when our days and nights are consumed with mindless consumption and regurgitation, we might get a little sidetracked from what’s truly important. 

The great obstacle is not the hate that is from a coworker or on Facebook or a neighbor. It is the obstacle that hate and intolerance grow inside of us. 

I have been here and I have been where you are and I have survived. So will you. As painful as these days are, there are better days ahead. Go on now, and do what you must do. Be strong. This is not the end of things but a new beginning.
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A pleasure to read. Not taxing in description, no try hard antics of wording, just straight expression. And not lacking of depth.
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Confessions of an American Mystic by River Jordan

River Jordan describes herself as a mystic as “someone who desires to live and breathe and move in the presence of the divine.”  She shares a series of short essays on a variety of topics from her life experiences ranging from death, to steering wheel prayers and living with her aging mother.  Her style is very conversational and casual.  It felt as though I were chatting with a friend over coffee.  Her style is reminiscent of Anne Lamott, and I am sure the two of them would have quite an interesting conversation that I would consider myself fortunate to overhear.

Even though I am not sure that River and I would agree on much theologically, we would be able to agree that life is often messy, challenging and beautiful, and it takes Jesus to get us through, which I think is the point of her book. We can agree to disagree and still converse.  There are so many ways that we as people are alike, despite our many differences.

I enjoyed this book like a conversation with a good friend.  I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.
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While not a terrible book or anything, it just didn't capture me. The author had some good stories, but I didn't connect with this book.
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"Confessions of a Christian Mystic" features a series of short essays about mystical experiences of the author. The book is part memoir and part thoughtful meanderings. Taken in short doses, this book is probably appealing to some readers who like to read about strangely mystical experiences. 

The short, incomplete sentences really bothered me, but that seems to be a style adopted by some contemporary writers. I had a difficult time getting past this writing technique, since I am from the "old school' of writing in which complete sentences were a mark of good writing style. I regret that this book did not live up to my expectations. It was not what I expected.

I received this book from the publisher and from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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Confessions of a Christian Mystic is a collection of fifty essays, stories and personal letters in which the author tells of her search for God and spirituality

River Jordan is an excellent write, drawing me into the book so much so that I can feel like I'm there.  A few of her stories have stuck with me, repeating over and over in my mind as I contemplate my own search for God and spirituality.  Highly recommended if you want to look at faith and spirituality from a different perspective.

**I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review**
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This book has a strong start and I enjoyed the first few chapters quickly. 

Around chapter 6 it started to get slightly confusing.  I nearly DNF'd the book at this point but I powered through. 

At chapter 11ish it picked back up. And it kept a decent pace until the end. 

I think I thought it would be more like a devotional than a memoir...although rereading its description I am not sure where I got that idea from. 

Overall, I did enjoy this book, but it wasn't my favorite book ever. 

Thank you NetGalley for the review copy.
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This felt like a storybook - and I couldn't get into the Southern belle culture or story. Sorry. Found it interesting but not compelling.
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A lovely read. If you've ever had an experience you don't talk about much but could swear it was from God, read this. If you so long for one of those experiences and haven't had one, read this. Ms. Jordan is so like the rest of us, trying to live our lives and still remain in tune with the sweeping passion of the experience which brought us to a knowledge of God. Not an easy task, it is filled with sidetracks and rabbit trails. It helps to read about another's life journey.
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I'm halfway through, or more, the book and I am getting all her history.  It's not uninteresting, but I guess I am expecting more.... Will update when done, but at this time it's only getting three stars.
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Courage, humor, heart-wrenching sorrow, and ecstatic joy accompany the reader through River Jordan's quest for our divine creator. Jordan's vulnerability, her honesty in sharing this journey of discovery, of belonging, of understanding allows readers to re-examine their own paths, doubts, revelations and connections. Confessions of a Christian Mystic is a validation of the flawed, complicated nature of the human soul. At the same time, it is a quiet, intimate assurance of the very presence of God in our lives, his longing to have a personal relationship with us, in spite of and because of those same imperfect souls.  Jordan may not have all the answers, but is willing to share those she has gleaned from her own journey. Her eloquence and honesty make this book a delight and a comfort to read. It nurtures. It reassures. It encourages and inspires. It leaves you filled with great hope and gratitude.
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I first saw River Jordan several years ago when she had released Prayers for Strangers.  I absolutely loved that book.  Now with Confessions of a Christian Mystic, again River Jordan uses her words to create beautiful pictures as she tears down walls and welcomes you into her soul.  Thank you for allowing me an advance read!
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I loved River Jordan's reflective, incisive style of writing. My only confusion is the title. In my electronic  ARC copy it is called Confessions of an American Mystic, but the NetGalley title is Confessions of a Christian Mystic. That confusion notwithstanding, I absolutely enjoyed the thought provoking chapters. So many times I found myself thinking, " My Gosh! How does she know my people?" Because they're her people: the mothers and grandmothers with the gift of foreknowledge; the fire and brimstone preachers; the people who would disciple the Jesus out of a new believer if not for the grace of God; they're all in her life story. I loved the perception of her surroundings as a child then filtered through the understanding of years. I also appreciated the love of Jesus and his people without judgment while choosing to serve him in an authentic way. 

What a beautiful way to challenge our perception of Christ followers.
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This book just didn't grab me.  The author writes nice prose, but the book did not have a theme or central message to give it structure and a reason to read it.
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I had a hard time getting into this book. I thought I would enjoy reading about another mystic christian. I thought the dialogue of the book was long and in some part tedious.
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