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This short children's story starts with Jacques Plante - who helps the Habs win six Stanley Cups - first playing hockey at age 3 with a tennis ball, then a stick made from a tree root, then pads made from potato sacks. . 

Being a goalie in the early days is a testimony to the sheer physicality and just plain guts it took to stand in front of a hockey net  and stop shots flying through the air at 70-80 MPH and more. AND without a helmet or face mask!. After suffering many broken bones, Jacques fashioned a face mask out of fiberglass and finally was allowed to wear it after stopping a slap shot with his face, resulting in yet another broken nose. Being a pioneer is never easy, but soon all goalies were wearing masks.  

The illustrations are cute but not overly cartoonish and really fit the flavor of the story. The text is to the point, yet poignant at times ("Jacques knows hockey goalies often get hurt. He knows a slap shot to his eye could end his career. But he never complains. He learns to live with the fear. And the pain.") 4 stars for "That's Not Hockey!"
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That's Not Hockey! briefly tells the story of Montreal Canadian's goalie Jacques Plante. The books shows the reader how he became a goalie and how he help shaped the rule of the game. What Plante is most know for is being the first goal tender to ever wear a face mask. Which was something unheard of at the time. Everyone was so shocked that he wanted to hide behind a mask but Jacques wore it to keep himself safe and now it mandatory today for all goalies. I love how it shows that he didn't let what people though change his mind and by doing that it helped change how things are done in hockey today. 

This was a really cute book and such a great way to introduce little kids to a player who helped shape how the game of hockey is played today. The writing style reminded me a lot of Brad Meltzer's I am books for kids. Also the illustrations are really cute! Definitely a must buy for kids who love hockey : )

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A very interesting and well concocted biographical tale about Jacques Plante, a relatively unknown Canadian hockey who revolutionized the game.
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A sweet children’s book about Jacques who always played hockey a little differently and how the changes he made in the game helped him and all future players. Fantastic. 

This book was wonderfully written, and is repetitive so good for little ones to learn to read with. The illustrations are beautiful, the writing flows. I loved it. 

It shares an important life lesson though. To stand up for what you believe in. Through the bullying, even when someone you trust tells you to do things their way.  This is an important story to share.

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This is a beautiful book in every way. It is inspiring. I had a chance to meet the author. She is a delight. You almost get the sense that she identifies with the hockey player Jacques Plante’s  struggle with the 'system' to have his idea of using a hockey mask accepted and respected. This true story deserves all the acclaim it should get. We all know how hard it is to go against the conventional and remain true and convicted to our  belief that there is a 'better way'. His 'movement' revolutionized hockey for everyone and made it a mucher safer game for all players.
Every household (especially Canadian households) should have a copy.
Highly recommended.
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This book was about the life of Jacques Plante’s who changed the way that future generations played hockey. He was the first goalie to ever wear a mask and now goalies wear amazing masks. I thought this was a great positive story perfect for kids and hockey fans about overcoming the odds and not listening to people who are negative about the way that people do things.
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A very good and fun book about the life of hockey legend Jacques Plante. A fun read - not too easy, not too hard.

Nathan, age 8
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That's not hockey? Yes it is! Read the story of Jacques Plante who introduces the goalie mask to the game of hockey.  He did it his way, never backing down, as no real hockey player ever would.  This young man stayed the course and won the battle.  Hockey masks and helmets are now a standard to the game.  Jacques influence has prevented many a serious injury.  As a professional player he went on to win multiple Stanley Cups and has since had his jersey, as a Montreal Canadien, retired forever.

Excellent read for hockey enthusiasts of all ages.
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I"m intrigued by the structure here. It's a very simple exploration of this man's life and of hockey, looking at a single aspect. It explores the willingness to make do in order to play, regardless of what others think. Unique.
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Amazing little book about the history of the goalie mask in hockey and the player who started it! Great illustrations, history and hockey! What's not to like?
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Shortly after World War II, Jacques Plante made his way up the ranks to goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL. These were the early days of hockey before the mask was introduced. After suffering countless injuries to his face and head, through his own means, Jacques introduced the mask. Not accepted by the coach and fans at first, he continued playing the game without it. 

Some years later during one game, Jacques was sidelined with a serious injury. While he was getting stitched up, he told his coach that he would continue the game only by wearing a mask.  From that day forward  his efforts were instrumental in introducing masks  into the NHL Hockey League. Soon known as The Masked Marvel, he changed the landscape of the NHL hockey scene forever. With brilliant Illustrated drawings, the true life and times of this renowned hockey player came gloriously to life. 

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The illustrations are beautiful, and the story one of staying committed to yourself and your ideas despite adversity. It's also a great way of teaching kids a little bit of hockey history, about how the now famously colorful and decorated goalie masks started out! I would definitely include this book in my K-8 school library, likely displaying it either for a general sports history display or for a winter sports display. It'd also be a great one for reading aloud to the young grades when they visit the library, especially with the repetitive phrase of "That's Not Hockey!" that the kids might be able to join in on saying as we read.
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Even though I'm Canadian, I'm not a hockey fan. At all. (Does that make me a bad Canadian?) However, I do like learning about history, and that includes the history of sports. This little book is a great way to teach kids about the evolution of hockey.

Jacques Plante was a goalie who was tired of getting injured. So he started wearing a mask. This was at a time when none of the players were even wearing helmets. The reaction at first was pretty negative; hockey fans didn't like change, and they expected players to risk injury for their entertainment. You can definitely see parallels between this fight for masks and the current fight for better recognition of concussions (although that's not discussed in this particular book).

The illustrations are okay, but nothing special. I did appreciate, however, that they weren't too gory... and they definitely could've been, given the subject matter!

Overall, this is a nice non-fiction picture book that teaches readers about the advent of face protection in hockey. Hockey fans (and non-fans) will find this one interesting.

Quotable moment:

    A fan asks him:
    "Are you scared to play without a mask?"
    The goalie replies:
    "If you jumped out of a plane without a parachute, would that make you brave?"
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This is the true story of Jacques Plante, one of the most famous Canadian hockey player, who revolutionized this sport by introducing a safety helmet for players. I've never heard of him before, and I know close to nothing about hockey, but still, his biography is very didactic and entertaining. The text is very well written and the illustrations are charming. I would recommend it to any kid interested in sports or inventions.

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This book made me cry. In a good way! 

Now, I read this book entirely because *I* wanted to. Yes, I would have shared it with my son were he feeling like this wasn't a kids book (he's 11 - "too old for kids books," he says). So, I read it myself. 

This reminded me of the famous French Canadian story, "The Hockey Sweater". That book details the French Canadian boy who dreamt of a Canadians hockey sweater, but instead gets a dreaded Maple Leafs jersey instead.

Instead, "That's Not Hockey!" explains the history behind why hockey goalies wear masks. With a huge nod to Jaques Plante (and a mention of Guy Lafleur), true hockey lovers of all ages will adore this great tale of standing up to bullies and staying true to what you know is right. 

If I had a complaint, it would be that I didn't get to read this in French. As a bilingual Canadian, I suspect this story reads even better in French. 

Un gros merci to NetGalley and the amazing publisher Annick Press for early reader access to this soon-to-be-Canadian hockey classic.
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Young hockey fans will love this story about hockey great, Jacques Plante. His lifelong love of hockey translated into a stellar career as a NFL goalie where he was the first player to don a full face mask. The text is cute with the repetitive phrase "That's not hockey!" featured prominently. Felix Girard's artwork is captivating with wonderfully animated character faces. Kids will be captivated by this tale of a Canadian superstar. Most appropriate for students in grades PreK - 2.
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A charming tale that brings the story of legendary ice hockey goalie Jacques Plante to wonderful life for little readers. Plante is a Hall of Famer who revolutionised the game in many ways - he literally changed 'the face' of hockey goalkeeping forever. This is a delightful picture book with vivid illustrations and a nice wee story with some underlying lessons about hard work and standing up for yourself. Very re-readable, and a good tale for little readers whether they're sports fans or not.
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What a wonderful tribute to Jacques Plante who invented the hockey goal mask. It is a story of a young boy who never gave up on his love for the sport of hockey. His drive took him to help win 6 Stanley Cups. Though as a child he wore potato sacks for pads and used a rooted tree as a stick he still played his beloved game. But when he had enough of broken bones and stitches he started wearing a mask. When a young fan asked why and was he scared he told him would you be scared if you jumped out of a plane without a parachute. Jacques was taunted until finally the fans grew tired of it and they won the first Stanley Cup. Though this book was written in Canada it is for anyone anywhere with a love for hockey. 
I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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'That's Not Hockey!' by Andree Poulin with illustrations by Felix Girard tells the story of young Jacques Plante and how he changed the game of hockey.

Young Jacques wants to play hockey so badly, but he doesn't have the right equipment.  We see him play with a tennis ball instead of a puck, shin pads made out of potato sacks, and throughout it all, we realize "That's not hockey!"  

When Jacques is drafted as a goalie by the Montreal Canadiens, he plays different.  He also takes a lot of hits to his face, so he decides to wear a protective mask.  He is ridiculed for doing so, but this doesn't stop him from taking care of himself, and today goalies all wear a protective helmet thanks to Jacques.

I loved the illustrations in this picture book. I also really liked the lesson of determination and standing up to folks who think you are different.  It's a good lesson for all kids, not just ones who are hockey fans.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Annick Press Ltd. and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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Canadians are known generally for their love of hockey so I'm pretty sure this will be a popular book in libraries and homes in this country. I did a quick survey around our house asking people if they knew who first wore hockey masks and they all replied, "Jacques Plante." This in spite of the fact that in our house people seem crazier about football. 
This book tells the story of this famous goalie. He was obsessed with hockey from the time he was barely able to talk and was a talented goalie from his early years. When he was a professional player, Jacques Plante came up with a special mask to protect his face from the hockey pucks that were always flying at him and causing serious damage. At first he faced a lot of resistance, but he was such a valuable player that he ended up getting his way in the end. Nowadays all goalies wear face protection because of him.
Felix Girard's illustrations make this nonfiction picture book an absolute delight to read.
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