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*I received this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*
Written by Dr Sarah Myhill & Mr. Craig Robinson, this medical treatise puts into light the one often overlooked contributory cause to disease: primary infections. Divided into 5 parts, each one is dedicated to unveiling the history of infections including their effect in modern times, methods to improve our natural immune army or defense system, methods to attack and treat a variety of acute infections that managed to invade before they become chronic, and even if they do become chronic, key clinical diagnosis and treatments we can use to help combat the unwanted invasion of our bodies. Definitely recommend this book as it is similar to a mini medical dictionary and can help the average person develop a stronger defense system.
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fascinating book was really an eye opener on the causes of disease for me I had no idea infection was still such a killer
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Book is well written in an engaging style which allows you to access the information easily. Unfortunately the layout with charts did not translate onto my kindle so I gave up after Chapter Three. However I will be buying it in paper copy so I can keep going.
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