Blood Relations

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 18 Jul 2019

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I will read anything this author writes, and I am never disappointed. I just bought copies for my fiction collection and will look forward to recommending this one to my Noir fans. Thanks for the opportunity to read it early! I have promoted it on Twitter a number of times already. Hope @JonMooreFiction continues to write books.. He also has a great surname. :D
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Blood Relations by Jonathan Moore is really more of a 3.75 book, but Goodreads and this site don't offer that. I liked the writing style of Moore- it felt like an old school crime/detective novel. Kind of moody and dark. The story kept me guessing for a long time- why does she have the marks on her? How is there someone out there with the same marks who looks just like her? As with many thriller type novels, the ending was a bit implausible. But still, the concepts put forth in the book were different from other books in this genre- the quest for eternal youth, our youth obsessed society, etc. I would definitely read other books by this author!
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  
From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it.
A new thriller from a writer who’s been compared to Michael Crichton, Alfred Hitchcock, Raymond Chandler, Blake Crouch, and David Cronenberg takes us to the most menacing core of California’s upper crust, a class of billionaires with more money than they could spend in eternity.

Who is Claire Gravesend? 
So wonders PI Lee Crowe when he finds her dead, in a fine cocktail dress, on top of a Rolls Royce, in the most dangerous neighbourhood in San Francisco. Claire’s mother, Olivia, is one of the richest people in California. She doesn’t believe the coroner: her daughter did not kill herself. Olivia hires Crowe, who—having just foiled a federal case against a cartel kingpin—is eager for distraction. But the questions about the Gravesend family pile up fast.
First, the autopsy reveals round scars running down Claire’s spine, old marks Olivia won’t explain. Then, Crowe visits Claire’s Boston townhouse and has to fend off an armed intruder. Is it the Feds out for revenge? Or is this connected to the Gravesends? He leaves Boston afraid but finds his way to Claire’s secret San Francisco pied-à-terre. It’s there that his questions come to a head. Sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, he finds Claire—her face, her hair, her scars—and as far as he can tell, she’s alive. And Crowe’s back at the start:
Who is Claire Gravesend?
This is what the Brits would call a “cracking great yarn” – it’s a perfect mystery for fans of the genre. One never knows where the story is going to go next: be prepared for a roller coaster ride of a thriller/mystery. Claire Gravesend is one of those characters that will stick in your head for ages: she is such a twisty, naughty little minx. 😊  Why do/did I love her? Because the book is so well crafted, thought out and written: you never knew where you were going next. 

Family secrets are always fun to read about and this book will get you wondering about members of YOUR family and what secrets they have hidden from you. I can see my book club(s) devouring this book as we love thrillers and mysteries: it’s a perfect read in this genre! 
📚 📚📚📚📚
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Lee Crowe runs Leland Crowe Agency, Private Investigations, after being struck off from the California Bar Association.   Lee now works undercover for attorney Jim Gardner and Lee is known for getting the job done whatever it takes. 

Claire Gravesend, a beautiful blonde wearing a black cocktail dress, falls onto a half million dollar car.  Last place Lee wants to be when the police arrive especially working undercover but he thinks a couple of quick photographs could provide a good investment.

Jim asks me to assist his client Olivia Gravesend understand what happened to her daughter, Claire.

What starts out as a conservative investigation into a potential suicide starts to unravel into a suspense thriller with gripping twists to the end.
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