Miracle Creek

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A beautifully written book, testing a a group of people’s struggle with the truth, values, ethics and doing what’s right. 

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FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG: https://bookishr.wordpress.com/2019/04/09/miracle-creek-review/ 🌼

This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. It has SO MANY awesome elements. From the courtroom scenes to the shifting tensions, I couldn't put down this book. I want it to do so well, so bad! You can read the full review on my blog, but here are the main reasons why I gave Miracle Creek a 5-star rating (and why it's on my top 3 books of 2019 so far):

1. The courtroom scenes are spectacular. I'm the kind of person to binge watch Law & Order for all the courtroom scenes, so this book definitely satisfied that craving. The lawyers on both sides are so sleek and can really convince you of the wildest theories. I'm still not over how elegant all these scenes are.

2. The shifting POVs add so much more mystery and suspense to the story. You are always left wondering what is going on, so Miracle Creek is by no means a boring novel. There are so many characters with skin in the game, which makes you not trust anyone. Plus, as the POV shifts, you find out a crucial detail that tears down all the suspicions you had up to that point.

3. The characters are very interesting. Complex doesn't even describe it. They all have different, plausible motivations and fears, which makes the plot so fun to read. I love it when there are morally gray characters, and oh boy does Miracle Creek have a BUNCH of them!

Seriously, if you haven't picked this book up yet, do yourself a favor and do so NOW! It's such a brilliant novel and I can't wait for Angie Kim to write more books.
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It's been a long time since I have read a novel that is so highly readable.  What do I mean by this?  The writing is so completely fluid, the characters so believable and relatable, the story so original.  As a mother the feelings expressed are unbearably honest. I highly recommend this novel.
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Korean immigrants Pak and Young Yoo are living in the small town of Miracle Creek, Virginia, with their teenage daughter Mary.
They run a business with a hyperbaric oxygen therapy tank or "submarine" used in the treatment of autism and male infertility.
When a fire and explosion kills two, and paralyzes and maims two others, the mother of the autistic boy who was killed, is charged with murder. 
The story follows the different points of view of the characters, and the courtroom drama of the trial.
I don't want to give too much of the plot away, it is better to go into the book knowing less.
This is a dark and powerful tale of mystery, drama and heartbreak.
It covers the loneliness of feeling like an outsider, and the struggles and rewards of having a child with autism. Emotional and intense, full of pain and beauty. With characters that touch you and frustrate you! 
A beautiful and soulful debut novel, not to be missed!
I loved that this is so different than anything else out right now.
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I had a hard time rating this because I couldn't decide exactly how I felt. Usually the sign of a great book club pick! Miracle Creek has some pretty challenging content (child death etc.) that makes it hard to ENJOY but I also could not put it down. The pacing is excellent and the court room scenes felt very real. A compelling story that covers a lot of debates I've seen play out in parenting circles.
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This book completely gutted me. It was heartbreaking and horrifying and mesmerizing at once. I didn't want to stop reading but I had to take breaks to let my mind rest and process everything that was happening. The characters were so real. Uncomfortably real. I loved it and I hated it at the same time. The writing was beautiful, the characters expertly created and drawn, and the plot was solid. But the heartbreaking reality of it just floored me. I hated how mad and sad and horrified and uncomfortable it made me feel but at the same time, I loved it. Excellent story. 

*Thank you to Netgalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.*
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Miracle Creek takes place in a small Virginia town of the same name. Young and Pak Yoo are the owners of an experimental treatment called the Miracle Submarine, which is a pressurized oxygen chamber. Its dives are believed to be therapeutic for autism among other disabilities or conditions. 

The Miracle Submarine mysteriously exploded, and two people are killed. This small town is transformed forever. 

At first, it’s unclear who the suspect or suspects are. Could it be the mother of one of the patients? Or the Yoos? Both may have probable motives. 

The courtroom drama plays out with BIG intrigue and lots of emotion. This aspect of this story was extraordinary and authentic. 

The author is a Korean immigrant and former trial lawyer, so that certainly adds to the authenticity of her characterization and subsequent unraveling of the courtroom plot. She is also the mother of a “submarine” patient, so the genuine emotion is firmly there. 

Ok, friends, don’t miss this one. If you enjoy emotional reads, this book is for you. If courtroom dramas are your bag, definitely don’t miss this. And everyone else? Well, this one is for you all, too. It’s just too good to pass up! It’s a twisty, dynamite page-turner with smooth writing and a compelling plot. Miracle Creek is an all-around fresh and refreshing read. 

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.
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Angie Kim's debut is a layered courtroom drama yet an emotionally deep story. Miracle Submarine is an experimental medical treatment center set up and run by the Yoos, a Korean immigrant family; husband, wife and daughter. The device used in the treatment is a pressurized oxygen chamber which patients are encased in for "dives" which hope to heal disorders such as autism. One night, suddenly the device explodes facility catches fire and two people are killed and therein begins a trial which changes the life of the Yoo family and their patients forever.
Written in a crisp and thoroughly intriguing manner, Miracle Creek explores the lives of differently abled children and their parents. This is a story of how a huge catastrophy brings out secrets, mysterious meetings, hidden notes, uncertainties and insecurities out in the open. Promised as a story for fans of Liane Moriarty and Celeste Ng, it absolutely delivers.

The first half of the book kept me guessing about who the suspects were, was the fire started intentionally, who would want to endanger lives of childrens and their parents. Slowly but steadily, the story exposes the true nature and motives of everyone involved. The ending shook me. 
This was also an emotionally heavy read for me as it has elements of child abuse, guilt and other vices, which are criminal in nature. It is an inclusive read coming from a writer who sensitively puts an immigrant family of color at its core.
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Angie Kim has done the impossible. In one book, she offers something for EVERYONE. If you love to read literary fiction, mystery, women's issues, immigrant stories, or courtroom dramas--please, do yourself a favor and read MIRACLE CREEK. I will be thinking about this one for a long time. 

There are so many themes in this sparkling novel, I don't know where to begin. If you've read Big Little Lies or Everything I Never Told You---then you know what I'm talking about! The family relationships, the secrets and betrayals...mothers and children, guilt, love and sense of duty..all these things are explored in MIRACLE CREEK.

I love the compelling and clever way in which the story is told: from an unfolding trial. BRILLIANT. I wonder why more mysteries aren't told in this manner? The constant thought running in my head: my gosh, this will make a terrific movie! 

I also listened to the audio book as I read along with my Kindle. My favorite, lazy way to read anything! The narrator is absolutely amazing--I highly recommend the audio if you are looking for a juicy one to sink in your ears . 

Thanks as always to Netgalley and the author for allowing me to read and review the advanced galley. All opinions are strictly mine.
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Miracle Creek is a family drama, a courtroom drama, a mystery, a whodunit, and a compelling look at the struggles faced by immigrant families - all at once. It’s not confusing or too much - instead, it’s done perfectly. 

Young, one of our narrators, is a Korean woman who came to the USA five years previously with her young daughter Mary in tow. Finally, her husband Park was able to join his family, and the trio has moved from Baltimore to the rural DC area town of Miracle Creek. It is here that Park sets up “Miracle Submarine,” his name for a therapeutic compression chamber that happens to look a bit like a submarine. Patients go in and receive pure oxygen that is supposed to help “cure” various things, including autism. 

A terrible accident at Miracle Submarine thrusts Young’s family into a court case. The book opens during the proceedings, and through multiple viewpoints and flashbacks we are able to learn about the year of events that led up to this point. 

Each voice in the book is distinct and I had no trouble with the point of view changing by chapter. The story is woven together amazingly well and I found it really enjoyable to read. 

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for a chance to read this book! It is available for sale now and is also a Book of The Month Club selection for the month of April.
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This book was worth all of the hype! Everyone is loving this book for a reason. It was so excellent. This book is a difficult read, so one should know that going into it. It deals with very difficult issues, but it is done in a way that is not manipulative to the reader - it feels very natural. Highly recommend all around!
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a hybrid noir which exploits the classic plot of a legal thriller to make some clever points  on acceptance and  on what it means to be immigrants, with an interesting parallel between immigrants and children in need of a special care. The plot is too long and somewhat weakish (with little effort you can guess the villain halfway), but the subtext is very smart and deep.
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I can easily say from the get go, I've never read a book quite like Miracle Creek! I wasn't sure I would like that the book was set during the trial in the courthouse and with the multiple different point of views each chapter, but I can honestly say I love it in this book! I couldn't imagine it not being in this format with this plot. It's definitely a book that needs a lot of concentrating and processing, just because of how heavy the themes and the book overall is.

Miracle Creek absolutely ripped my heart out, in more than one way. Just when I thought I had figured it out who committed the murder, new evidence was found and then I was back to being at square one with thinking about who lit the fire. The court case was absolutely thrilling and a roller coaster of emotions, evidence, and confessions. However, although majority of the book is set in the court, the book is so much more than just the court case. It honestly had everything. 

I can easily say there was not one character I loved or hated more than others. However, all the characters are wonderfully written and completely different in their own way. They all had their own views and opinions on what happened that night, but they were also carrying their own secrets about that night a year ago. 

The writing is so freaking wonderful and beautiful, and SO descriptive! Kim hit the nail on the head throughout the book and I spent majority of the book being in awe of the writing, with this being Angie Kim's debut book!

I can't wait to get my hands on Angie Kim's future work, because she's got me hooked for her next book after this wonderful masterpiece!

Thank you very much to Farrar, Straus & Giroux for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Recommended if you like court room drama or crime fiction. The author does a good job of creating a web of possibilities to keep you wondering how it will all turn out. Well crafted and a bit of a slow burn.
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This well-written book was fascinating with believable characters and a complex story.  There were so many topics covered from child abuse to sexual assault to immigrants to autism.  It seems so many topics would make the story confusing but they really didn't.  The pace of the story was good as we heard from different viewpoints.

Above all among the topics was the mystery of exactly what happened the day of the fire.  Who was responsible? The author teased us time and time again with clues only to disprove them just when it seemed the mystery was solved.  

The ending comes nicely together and is believable - not tied up with a pretty bow, but something that seems feasible.

I found the book to be compelling and relevant.
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This was a very enjoyable read! Great story and very engrossing. Everything came together very nicely at the end. Looking forward to reading more by this author!
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"Miracle Creek" is beyond expectations, this book is a fabulous debut!

At first, when I read the synopsis, I had no idea that this novel would be so good! The hype is completely real!

This courtroom drama is so complex - taking place in a small town of Miracle Creek (Virginia), it follows the trial of Elizabeth, whose son was killed inexplicably after the Miracle Submarine (a pressurized oxygen chamber that treat patients with issues like autism or infertility) mysteriously explodes. The plot is full of drama - there are layers of lies, secrets and events that you want to unpeel which make this book unputdownable.  In addition, the multiple points of view give you different perspectives of the puzzle and allow you to get the whole picture in the ending. I praise the author for creating this authentic plot with lots of twists and turns through an amazing writing.

The characters are fully developed - I loved that the author introduced the Korean immigrants in this novel. While I didn't particularly prefer one to another, each character was crucial to the story.
With a balance of moments that will make you get invested and also move you heart, "Miracle Creek" is an incredible debut that you don't want to pass up!
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This novel is centered around a trial about a fire at a hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment facility used in large part for treatment of children with autism and other issues, operated by a Korean immigrant family, describing both what happens at the trial, and, from the perspectives of a number of characters, what else is going on in their lives both during the trial and in flashbacks to before the incident. So, it's part courtroom drama/mystery, part literary character novel. Kind of like Jodi Picoult at her best, so definitely recommended to fans of her work, among others. All the characters have secrets of their own, so there is a lot of suspense, and there are many different thought-provoking aspects to the book as well - it would make a great book club book.
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Miracle Creek is the debut novel by Angie Kim that is a literary courtroom drama about a Korean immigrant family and a young, single mother who is accused of murdering her autistic son.  This book is first a courtroom drama and second a murder mystery that also examines topics such as immigration, parenthood, grief, disability, and caregiving.  It’s really hard to describe this story without giving too much detail, but I will say I enjoyed the courtroom drama and trying to figure out who actually murdered the two characters that died in a horrific “accident”.  

This book was a lot to process.  There are some very serious subject matters discussed including child abuse, immigration, and sexual assault.  It definitely is a book that makes you think and doesn’t give anything away until the end.  

I liked how it was told from multiple perspectives of the victims and other people involved.  The author developed the characters well and made you want the best for all of them.  I did not see the ending coming, but once I read it, it made perfect sense to me.  I had a hard time rating this though because everyone loved it in the reviews I read, but I found it a bit dry and draining at times.  Maybe that was how it was supposed to make you feel though.  I would recommend this if you like courtroom dramas and mysteries.  

Thank you NetGalley and Farrar, Straus and Giroux for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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4.5 stars for me. Once you pick this book up, you will be sucked in so don't expect to put it down easily!  This was a page turner and it starts before Chapter 1 with the introduction.  I may have literally exclaimed, "WOW" with eyes wide open. And so the journey begins and doesn't end until the very end.  It is a mystery, a courtroom drama and unraveling of secrets, all in one!  I don't always love courtroom scenes but this one captivated me.  The fact that this is a debut novel is so impressive and exciting because I can't wait to read more by Angie Kim!! I love how she wrote about things she has personal knowledge about (she's a lawyer and has experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy).  That intimate knowledge definitely shows in her storytelling.  I went into this story knowing only the cover blurb and I think that's the best way to delve in. HIGHLY recommend!!
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