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This story is why I always grab a. Serena Bell book when I see it. Fun, flirty, hot and with heart. It should be on everyone’s to read list. .
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When you lose the love of your life you can't imagine having to start over, but this didn't stop Sawyer. He found not only a new love, but also someone to love his child too. This was a great read.
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This is a wonderful story about starting over.  When a one night stand turns out to be your new neighbor and the father of your son's new best friend, you try to make the best of it.  You remain polite and cheerful and put your best foot forward, right?  When you're the single dad who never dips in the same pool twice and is forced to come face to face with a woman he can't forget but rather hoped he could, feelings take root and grow stronger and stronger.  

This believable story about moving on after divorce and loss is not to be missed.  I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I received a free e arc of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review, my opinions are all my own.
I LOVED this book. The fact that the author can take two awful situations(divorce, and death of a spouse) and tell a believable story about loss and grief and love, is inspiring. I empathized with the characters and their struggles and I cheered them on in finding their way to love. And  the love scenes were hot and sexy and left me wanting more! I will definitely be reading more of this author.
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Single dad, who lost his wife and never wants to go through the pain of that again.... he is a one and done when he can make the time. He moves and his son finds a best friend right next door.... his friends moms looks familiar..... Oh no... he has a past with her, it might have only been one night, but it was a night he could not forget... what happens when their boys bring them together on a regular basis? what happens when Chase meets her ex. Feelings that were never to happen again start to come to the surface. 

Elle, dumped for a high school sweetheart with trust issues finds herself falling for Chase, but knows he is not interested in anything more than a good time. What happens when her feelings tell her she is in too deep.

Fun read full of heartache, but a chance for love again.
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I give this book 5 stars. The storyline between Sawyer and Elle was well written and a good read. They are neighbors that send a night together after Elle's husband left her. I recommend this book. I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Readers Copy of this book.
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This was a fun and feel good read.  Elle and Sawyer were relatable and fun characters to read. Overall a good single parent, seocnd chance romance read.
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The story was written as a narrative with dual first person point of view. It changes between Elle Dunning and Sawyer Paulson. The story uses direct characterization methods as each character describes the other. The conflict is main internal as each character battles themselves and their beliefs on relationships. This story does encompass a few popular themes including death, love and survival but in a way that allows you to wonder what it truly means to overcome darkness when it comes to love and family.

Elle Dunning is a newly divorced single mom, who is excited when her son finds a new friend. She is both a protagonist and antagonist depending on which point of view you are reading, she is also a round and dynamic as she grows and develops through the changes of her and Sawyer’s interactions and watching her son himself grow. Sawyer Paulson is a closed off widowed who is more concentrated on his son instead of finding companionship. He is also both a protagonist and antagonist depending on who’s point of view you are reading and also comes off as round and dynamic. The exposition allows for us to meet Sawyer as he has just moved and trying to figure out how to help his son Jonah. When Jonah meets Madden the story turns into rising action as Elle and Sawyer have met before and ended up tangled in the sheets. The climax hits when both Sawyer and Elle come to realize that maybe this whole neighbour hooking up thing isn’t all it seems, plus Sawyer’s in-laws come to town for Jonah’s birthday party. The falling action concludes of Sawyer wondering if Lucy (his deceased wife) would really want him to move on, plus he did tell Elle that he would be her date to her ex’s wedding. The resolution show how far both characters and their sons have come.

The author shows tremendous writing skills as you are able to follow the ideas through the organization and planning that went into the layout and switching point of views. The voice and word choice are comforts as you dive into their world and can actually really see this story coming to life, in a movie or in real life. Yes I would recommend this book, to anyone who is looking for a fluffy yet different neighbour hookup romance, single parents attempting to make it work, single sexy dads or all around good love story. Not to those who believe you should hook up with your kid’s friend’s parent, cheating, death, or no attachment hook ups that never stay that way.
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This is the second book I’ve read by Serena Bell, and I continue to be impressed by how great her writing is.
The story centers around two single parents, Elle and Sawyer, and their undeniable attraction. Both of them have obstacles to overcome. Sawyer lost his wife two years ago, while Elle’s husband left her for his first love. They are still picking up the pieces and trying to figure out their lives when fate makes the next-door neighbors. Months earlier they had met at a bar and had an anonymous hook-up, one that had remained in both their memories. And now, living side by side, they have to decide whether pursuing their attraction is worth the risk, not only to themselves, but to their two small boys.
I thought this book was just wonderful. It kept me hooked from beginning to end and I loved how real the characters felt. Speaking of characters, I really hope that Ms. Bell will be writing more books featuring the friends of both Sawyer and Elle. I highly recommend this one!
Note: I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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This was a great story with great characters. It flowed nicely without rushing the story. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author! Read it and you won't regret the time spent.
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This was a really good read! The writing flowed well, and I really liked the characters. Sawyer lost his wife 2 years ago, and is raising his son. Elle is recently divorced and raising her son. They have great chemistry, and I think they made a great couple . Their relationship is not rushed, and I felt like that was exactly what these characters needed. Trevor was a complete jerk, and I understood why Elle had the trust issues she did. Elle's friends were awesome, and I loved the friendship they had. I kind of felt like Sawyer's in laws were trying to sabotage what was happening between Sawyer and Elle. Tattling to Elle's parents was a little much in my opinion. I loved how they made up. It was very sweet. Although this was a first for me from this author, it won't be my last!
I voluntarliy reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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I loved this sweet, funny love story. Sawyer is a widower and a single father who just move into the neighborhood. Elle is a divorced single mom who went to welcome her neighbor and received a blast from their shared past. Insecurities and grief play a big part in their relationship and they both had to make decisions that would affect both their futures. There is some laugh out moments in this book. Engaging read from beginning to end. Could not put it down. Recommended read.
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Serena Bell delivers every time. This novel had adorable kids, hot man next door, and sweet neighbor. Sawyer and Elle were well-matched and a good fit. I always enjoy her spicy novels with a sweet HEA.
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My thoughts on this title will appear on my blog on Dec. 20/18.

This book was everything that I have come to expect from Serena Bell. It was an interesting contemporary romance with likeable characters and enough steam to iron my shirts.

In Sleepover we were introduced to a widowed father and a recently divorced mother who have boys the same age. It just so happens that they had a one night stand when they were both hurting and then months later find themselves as next door neighbours with boys who become instant BFF's. 

My favourite aspect of any contemporary romance isn't the sexy time but the chemistry and the anticipation. Bell does a great job in this book as Elle and Sawyer resist their attraction and then eagerly anticipate the wedding date and their little agreement. I was in their corner and hoping that they could heal enough to allow themselves to be happy together.

I have read numerous books by Serena Bell and plan to read many more. She always seems to satisfy my contemporary romance itch.
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I have a new favorite author.  Serena Bell has created a story full of heart and soul.  Sleepover gave me all the feels.  I found myself rooting for these guys, wanting them to overcome all the obstacles that come their way.
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I want to start out by saying that I love Serena Bell and I've read and enjoyed several of her romances. Unfortunately this one fell completely flat for me. It was too predictable and kind of boring. I read if maybe two weeks ago and I had to go back and read the summary, because I couldn't remember what it was about. Sorry. I'm sure it'll do well anyway.
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This was a fun quick read with characters I loved. 

Elle never saw it coming when her husband decided to leave her for another woman. Once the divorce is finalized she isn’t ready for anything but a one night stand. That was until the hot guy ends up being her neighbor.

Sawyer is ready to make a fresh start in a new home two years after losing his wife. He is not ready for a relationship just a one night stand. 

These characters had a chemistry they tied to fight. If you are looking for a second chance feel good love story this is for you. I really enjoyed Sleepover.
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An enjoyable read. I found the characters to ring true and really enjoyed both protagonists as well as supporting characters. I hope that we will get to see more stories from supporting characters!
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This was a cute and quick read. The characters were fun, funny, quirky and had great chemistry. Both are struggling with starting over. One having lost his wife, the other having been divorced. 

Elle is starting over after her husband decides to leave her for his high school sweetheart. He betrays her by staying in contact with her throughout their marriage, which made it hard for her to trust anyone. Sawyer lost his wife, and vows to never love again, who needs to feel that loss again. However their kids have formed a bond that is unshakable.
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What a great book! I loved the pace of it, the easy of the characters and the boys just stole the whole show!

Elle is newly divorced and just trying to make it through, surviving her ex-husband who is already getting married again  - to his college sweetheart... obviously, she was the one that got away and Elle was just the fill in. Her confidence is low and now she's been invited to attend the wedding. Something her friends think she should pass on, but she feels she needs to be the better person and show up strong.... if only. The only thing going for her is that her son has found a friend in the new neighbor's son. So at least she has that going for her... Until

Sawyer is trying to start over. It's been 2 years since his wife passed away and its time to turn over a new leaf. He's moving to be closer to family and at least his son found a great new friend with the next door neighbor's son. So he goes over to introduce himself... except he already knows her... Elle... the woman he hasn't been able to stop thinking about - the one-night stand from a few months ago, a couple of towns over.

Let the awkwardness begin! Or does it have to? Elle is determined, she can just be friends with the gorgeous man she has been having fantasies about for months. Besides their sons are becoming inseparable... 

As the two become acquaintances and then friends. Try as they might, they can't deny the pull is still there between the two of them and not only are the boys having sleepovers but the two start to have sleepovers of their own.

This was such a fun book and I really enjoyed it. Sawyer was hot and Elle even though broken was a strong female heroine. Can't wait to read more from this author!
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