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Overall, I found this book delightful. There were a few stories that I just connected to the characters, and fell in love with their stories.If you like stories of Texas Rangers, historical romance and God's grace, you will like this book. I believe there are a few stories that will appeal to everyone. 
Thank you NetGalley for complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This book was very interesting.   I would recommend for all to read.  I have always loved christian fiction.   They are fast reads.
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to friends and family.
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Mini review: This was an interesting Historical collection! There were some good stories in it! And I haven't read a lot of historical fiction set in Texas before, so it was neat to get to read these stories because of that. If you think this book sounds interesting, I recommend trying it! :)
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The Texas Brides Collection from the Barbour Brides series features 9 couples in the old wild west with its share of lawfulness, lawlessness while trying their share of loneliness. In this collection three Texas Rangers turn from chasing outlaws to courting women who are determined to remain independent. Six outlaws discover that turning into respectable citizens and seek to settle down with a spouse to love is not a rodeo.

As usual, it is difficult to pick a single favourite story. However, I have to say that my favourite scene was in Tamela Murray's  Gamble on Love. I loved the "coffee date"  between Benjamin and Pearl. I loved their sweet and honest couple's conversation.

At the heart of these stories is the theme of grace was quite apparent as most of the characters were struggling with a past downfall or dark secret. I was also entertained with the Texan slang and could at times, read the dialogues with the drawl at the back of my mind.  The Texas Brides Collection is great as a pick-me-up.
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Take a trip to mid 1880's Texas where Texas Rangers are facing danger and intrigue while finding the love of their lives at unexpected time in these 9 stories. With God helping them find a safe result to their mission and to the women who must tame them. Follow these couples who are reunited from childhood, or teenage sweethearts, or strangers meeting for the first time. Will God bring them all to a safe place and give them the love they didn't know they wanted?

Serena's Strength  DiAnn Mills  San Antonio, Texas 1841
Serena the daughter of a Texas Ranger who's been in love with a Ranger under her father's command. When she over hears him thinking of her as a little girl she makes him see his mistake. Realization makes Chet really start to have feeling for her. They become close over the short time they're together. Her father's feeling on the whole thing become known that results in a show down between father and Chet. Serena and Chet are upset when he's sent on a mission. On her 18th birthday he shows up for her. He brings news that some one has been following her father. A confrontation between outlaws and the Rangers along with Serena ends with her father injured. Leaving Serena and Chet to defend them. Her father's blessing is given. A proposal is accepted. 

The Reluctant Fugitive  Darlene Mindrup  West Texas 1859
April receives a visit from her twin brother. She agrees to help him take a necklace to the bank, only to become inadvertently involved in a bank robbery. She's taken along to the temporary hideout. As April sleeps the Texas Ranger on their trial shows up to find her alone in the cave. Wolf wants to believe that she had nothing to do with the robbery. An ice & snow storm keeps them in the cave. They both feel the underlying tension between them. They learn more about each other and then head back to town. April is put in jail and a trail held where she's found not guilty. Wolf has been out looking for the robbers. April heads home to a surprise visitor. Wolf arrests her brother. Where his secret come out and helps to apprehend the gang. They come back to April and Wolf stays and her brother leaves. Their future is discussed and a proposal made. 

Saving Grace  Kathleen Y'Barbo  Santa Fe, Brazos River  October 1854
Jed was a Texas Ranger captain until he found God. He's heading to his friends house. Grace is facing a life without her husband and trying to run a business and also raise her children and the one on the way. Jed is injured on his way to Grace's house and she takes him in. Her prayers are answered when he shows up. Jed starts helping her with the business. When men come to try and take control it's up to Jed even though he's injured to stop them. Grace has a health scare and must stay in bed or loose the baby. Grace and Jed start to fall in love when he comes to visit her while she's bed ridden. Visitors arrive and a decision is made. Keeping their feelings hidden. Jed leaves only to come back to stay.  There is a proposal and visitors arrive. 

An Inconvenient Gamble  Michelle Ule  August 1867
Charles comes to Jenny's house talking about being a surveyor for a local man. Charles's boss comes up with a plan to help. Charles provides a deer for the family. Jenny can never do anything right in her mother-in-law's eyes. Jenny finds out the reason she's been sick. Jenny learns how her husband payed for things on the farm. Charles tells Jenny about his involvement with her husband. Charles is teaching at the local school and is suspended because of a personal item he carries. Charles and Jenny's brother take horses to the Army to sell. After coming home he keeps his distance but a storm makes him realize his feelings for her. A proposal is made and visitors arrive and a wedding takes place.

Angel In Disguise  Darlene Franklin   San Antonio, Texas  1875
Rosie is a reformed thief who has become a new Christian. Owen is an injured Texas Ranger come home to recuperate. They meet at a bible reading and he's intrigued by her from the beginning. He learns about her past and decided she wouldn't make a good evangelists wife. With her maid job Rosie uses her pay to help the people in her apartment building anonymously. Owen and Rosie help with an Easter Egg Hunt. Owen is brought in to solve several robberies. He sets a trap to capture the culprit and finds Rosie. They make a deal. Rosie confesses her past to the congregation and asks forgiveness. The church deacons have an idea and ask her help. Owen and Rosie discuss their future and asks to court her.

Reuben's Atonement  Lynette Sowell  Raider's Crossing, Wyoming Territory   1880
Reuben has returned to his home town to bury his mother and buy the family ranch. He's looking for his 3 missing brothers. They got into trouble 13 years ago and he's trying to make amends. Charlie's family ranch is where he starts working. She's seeing a man everyone likes but has no feelings for. Seeing each other everyday leads to a close relationship between Charlie and Reuben. An over heard warning to Charlie brings  Reuben to the box social where he out bids the beau. People begin to wonder where Reuben got the money. Charlie asks a question that puts an early end to their meal. He finds some money that doesn't belong to him. A lead about a brother has him leaving and Charlie wondering that he'll come back.  Returning Reuben is met by the sheriff and released when the truth is revealed. An invitation to supper has feelings being revealed. A plan is discussed for the marriage and getting his family ranch back.

The Peacemaker  DiAnn Mills  Texas  1880
Colt has just gotten out of prison and is out for revenge against Anne's husband. Arriving in town he receives a surprise. He's surprised when he says yes to a job. Colt is told not to waste his time trying to break a horse. As his stay lengthens and his feelings get stronger and he gets attached to everyone. Anne's feelings grow for Colt. They track some missing cattle and find dead rustler. They realize that someone else is involved. Colt and the foreman are injured. A watch is started and supplies bought in town. On the way home Anne and Colt are caught in a thunder storm. The girls and housekeeper are taken hostage and they help to capture the bad guy. Feelings are revealed and family is made with him being called Papa Colt.

Outlaw Sheriff  Kathleen Y'Barbo  Dime Box, Arizona   May 1881
Caleb is fighting the urge to have people think he's gone back to his old ways. He thinks he's going to jail. A misunderstanding leads to Caleb becoming the town sheriff. Lydia is sent to town because of trouble at her most recent boarding school.  She's to marry a man she's never met. Lydia and Caleb have met at the boarding house. They don't get along too well in the beginning ending in an accident. A surprising revelation comes to light. They don't want to go ahead with the arrangements made for them so a long engagement is settled. As they get to know each other and fall in love. The town residents pasts are revealed. He confesses about his past and so does Lydia. A stranger comes to town and makes an explanation. Lydia receives a visit from her parents. A new job and feelings are revealed. 

A Gamble On Love  Tamela Hancock Murray  Denmark, Texas   Summer 1882
Benjamin makes his living by gambling and cheats with Pearl's help. She thought life as a saloon girl would be different. Pearl tells Benjamin she's heading home to take care of her sick mother. He's got feelings for her and follows her home. They reveal that their lives are changing even though he doesn't think they will. She convinces him to turn to God instead. As time goes by Ben realizes that he likes his life better with God in it. A temptation is set into his way and he passes. Ben gets along with Pear's mother and calls her Ma. He wants to find his brothers. When it comes time for Ben to be baptized there are some special guests. They've all changed and found God just like him. A proposal is made and accepted and they know God will guide them. Visits are planned for the Wilson families. 

God's love and the love of a good woman can change these men's lives. They'll find peace and purpose when these women come into their lives whether its from keeping a promise to an old friend, trying to find a lost sibling, a bosses daughter. These men will come to discover an different live and give into the love of these Texas Brides and the peace that God gives them by renewing or strengthening their faith.
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A good historical romance mix
DiAnn Mills, an award-winning and best-selling author presents "Serena's Strength" as the first novella in "The Texas Brides Collection". Her novella takes place in San Antonio in 1841. Serena Talbot falls in love with the partner of her father, ranger Chet Wilkinson, but a miracle is needed to convince her father to let them get married.
In "The Reluctant Fugitive" by Darlene Mindrup, April Hansen, a dressmaker in Western Texas gets caught in a bank robbery in 1859. Ranger Yellow Wolf Jackson takes her prisoner because he is convinced that she is part of the band of gangsters that includes her brother Ted. Will things clear up when a mystery is solved?
Kathleen Y'Barbo is the author of "Saving Grace", taking place in 1854 when Grace Delaney, the widow of a ranger and pregnant with her third child, has problems to keep the business that her husband started at the Brazos River alive because the river captains do not want to do business with her. Ranger Jedadiah (Jed) Harte, a friend of her husband, is looking for a place to stay during his travels but discovers that God has another plan for him than what he thought.
"An Inconvenient Gamble" by New York Times and ECPA best-selling author, Michelle Ule, takes place in August 1867 when surveyor Charles Moss rides onto the horse-farm that the young widow, Jenny, tries to keep functioning for her mother-in-law and her two brothers. Will Charles discover what he is looking for or is there something else to be found?
"Angel in disguise" is a novella by Darlene Franklin that plays in 1875 and talks about Rosie Carson who grew up in poverty add spent time in prison for theft. Now as a Christina Rosie takes from the rich in order to help the poor. But the society women in San Antonio don't trust her. Ranger Oven Cooper, on sick leave, is asked to find an odd thief. But he had not planned to fin more than only a thief.
"Reuben's Atonement" by award-winning author Lynette Sowell presents former bank robber Reuben Wilson who wants to atone those he hurt in 1880. It includes Charlotte Jeffers who lives in Raider's Crossing in the Wyoming Territory. Can he accept God's grace as he seeks forgiveness? Can Charlotte accept the changes in Reuben?
"The Peacemaker" by DiAnn Mills takes place in Texas in 1880. Colt Wilson wants to take revenge after having spent time in prison, but he does not find Will Langley, only his widow, Anne Langley, and her daughters. Instead of taking revenge he is helping her to protect her daughters from a murderer.
Best-selling and award-winning author (more than 80 novels) Kathleen Y'Barbo wrote the novella "Outlaw Sheriff" where Lydia Betrand is sent to Dime Box, Arizona, with he maid as a mail-order bride for misbehaving. Caleb Wilson, having a criminal record and being mistaken for Calvin Wilson becomes sheriff there. Their twisted paths cross, but how will they continue?
More than 20 fiction and non-fiction books have been written by award-winning, best-selling author Tamela Hancock Murray. In "A Gamble of Love" the young boy, Benjamin Wilson, was left with a saloon girl by his desperate brothers, Reuben, Colt, and Caleb. Together with pearl Hubert they swindle gamblers until Pearl leaves to take care of her mother. Benjamin follows her to her mother's place, but the question is if they will have a future together.
Although this collection of novellas was already published once in 2013 I highly recommend it as a good relaxing read, sometimes the stories are a little short, but they are as unique as their authors. They are inspiring as they show God's love and grace.
The complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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We went on a long car trip to Washington D.C. this past weekend and the trip didn't even seem long because I had this along with me to read! I love the Collection books by Barbour Publishing. This is one that is being rereleased original publish date 2013. The first half is about Texas Rangers and the second is about outlaws that come to the right side of the law. It is filled with sweet romances that have the lawless coming around to the right side of the law. I love how faith is intertwined in the stories. The ending was sweet as the book comes together with the much needed family reunion.
It's always a pleasure reading Barbour Collections!
Pub Date 01 Nov 2018 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley. Thank you
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Enjoy multiple story set in Texas. From rangers to outlaws, these novellas will keep you entertained.
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This is a great collection of “Texas Brides” novellas from a powerhouse group of authors.  Every story is enjoyable and the characters are varied and interesting.  Even though these are shorter stories, they each have a good pace and the endings aren’t rushed.  These are just the right length of story to read at times when you want something shorter and lighter to read.  I loved reading these novellas from some of my favorite authors.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! This collection of romance books is super romantic and kept giving me butterflies story after story. My ultimate fave was from Lynette Sowell she made me melt into pieces.
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Previously published in 2013. 9 couples find love underneath a Texas sky.

Serena's Strength--Serena is the daughter of a Texas Ranger, and he taught her how to take care of herself. When Chet another Ranger comes to stay with them, Serena is determined to show him that she isn't a little girl anymore. I liked Serena's determination and Chet's strong faith and character. 

The Reluctant Fugitive--Surprises turn April's life upside down, starting when her twin brother shows up, and she ends up riding off with a bunch of outlaws. Wolf is a Ranger who always gets his man, but what is he to do with the woman he finds left behind in a cave. April is open and honest, full of faith, and is a good listener.

Saving Grace--Ranger Jed Harte has a change of heart, and is now living his life for the Lord. Grace is a Ranger's widow with two small children. When Jed shows up at her place shot, she nurses him back to health while he helps out around the house. Could Jed be the answer to her prayers?

The Inconvenient Gamble--Jenny is a strong capable woman, she understands horses better than men. Now her husband is gone and she's pregnant, and she needs help to keep the horse farm. Charles is a former soldier, he is great with the horses and Jenny's brothers. 

Angel in Disguise--Josie is a new believer and she wants to share her new faith with all of her neighbors, she asks the church ladies for help, but they don't share her eagerness. She catches the eye of Texas Ranger Owen, and he helps her. Can the find love in their shared passion and faith?

Reuben's Atonement--Reuben returns to his hometown a new Christian. He is determined to show the girl he left behind, Charlotte that he really has turned a new leaf.

The Peacemaker--Ann had to step up and run the Double L Ranch when her husband died. When Colt Wilson rides up she offer him a job. They work side by side to make the ranch a success, while Colt tries to convince himself that he isn't interested in Ann or her faith. 

The Outlaw Sheriff--Caleb has come to faith and is following the Lord. He ends up in a small town where they mistake him for the new sheriff, and things get even more complicated when Lydia arrives as the new sheriff's mail-order bride. One of the funniest stories, I really enjoyed it. 

A Gamble on Love--Benjamin is a gambler, Pearl helps him win, and invites him to come home to the ranch. As they work together, Pearl returns to her faith and shares her journey with Ben. 

A fun collection of stories, for fans of western romance novellas.

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The Texas Brides Collection by seven different authors is a set of nine independent stories of brides who never thought they would be brides. Each story is unique and can be read in any order. All are based on Biblical principles and each couple, though many have serious doubts, ends up trusting God completely by the end of their story.
I enjoyed this collection. At the end of some I was left wanting more but I think that happens with short stories. I really get involved in the story line and with the characters and before I know it we have completed our journey. To me that is a plus; a sign of a great author. I give this book 5of 5 stars and believe it will appeal to a wide audience. It will also make a nice gift for the reader in your life.
I received an advance copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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A great collection of short stories about early Texas living, loving and Texas Rangers. Nine different stories by seven different authors that are interesting and sweet! I really enjoyed the stories and was very happy to see some of my favorite authors contributing to the book. A great addition to the Christian romance genre.

A Texas Brides Collection by Darlene Franklin will be available November 1, 2018 from Barbour Books, an imprint of Barbour Publishing. An egalley of this book was made available by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.
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If you enjoy romance novels, you'll probably enjoy these short stories. I discovered about 1/2 way through I just don't care for the predictability of these kinds of reads anymore.  Although written by several authors, the first five of the nine stories were quite similar . . . too similar for my taste. I found myself a bit bored. The final four did redeem the series for me as they offered a bit more variety even with their predictable romantic slant. 

Each story is pretty short. I could read one an evening. So these would make great reads for a plane ride or waiting room. They were well written. Just not really my cup of tea.
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The Texas Brides Collection
Various Authors
This is a collection of 9 novellas. These historical romances are very short and sweet. Texas Rangers filled the pages of these romance stories and made them exciting. These tough men need sweet gals and, in each story, they met their match. 
Because there are 9 different stories it is hard for me to rate this as I liked some of the stories but not all. Overall the collection was still worth a read.
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The Texas Brides Collection contains a number of Texas Ranger stories, but is not limited to the Rangers. All but the last four stories are independent novellas. The last four are centered around four brothers, each one the main character in one of the stories. 
If you enjoy the 1800's in Texas, I think you will enjoy these wholesome, happy ending stories 

I received an advanced copy of this book through Net Galley from Barbour Publishing.
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A wonderful collection of good clean christian books. I enjoyed every one of the. Thank you Barbour Publishing via NetGalley for the free copy. This is my honest opinion.
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A Texas Brides Collection is a collection of nine stories. These stories include:
Serena’s Strength by DiAnn Mills
The Reluctant Fugitive by Darlene Mindrup
Saving Grace by Kathleen Y’Barbo
An Inconvenient Gamble by Michelle Ule
Angel in Disguise by Darlene Franklin
Reuben’s Atonement by Lynette Sowell
The Peacemaker by DiAnn Mills
Outlaw Sheriff by Kathleen Y’Barbo
A Gamble on Love by Tamela Hancock Murray
I enjoyed this collection was introduced to a few new authors. My favorite stories would be Kathleen Y'Barbo's Outlaw Sheriff and Saving Grace.
Great collection 4-1/2 stars.
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These were great short stories. All from different authors. Some of them were better than others but all great.
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