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Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy of No Mercy by Joanna Schaffhausen. This is the second book in this wonderful new series. 

Police Officer Ellery Hathaway is on involuntary leave from the police force after shooting a murderer. To get her job back, she has to go to group therapy for victims of violent crime. While at a meeting, she soon finds herself helping two other victims in the group get closure by helping them solve the crimes committed against them.
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Before reading this one, I went back to read the first book in the series, and I'm glad I did.  I loved this series!  Very suspenseful and the characters are complex.  Of the books in the series that I've read so far, this one has probably been the most predictable, but it was still a very enjoying read.  Highly recommend!
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Loved the first one, The Vanishing Season, and was not disappointed by this follow up! Ellery is just a really great character to read.
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A terrific procedural with a strong female protagonist.  This is book number two in a series starring police officer Ellery Hathaway.  Hathaway was the victim of a horrific crime herself so she has devoted her life to helping other women in need.  In No Mercy, Hathaway is on a mandated leave of absence after she was involved in a shooting, but through therapy groups, she meets not just one woman in need, but two.  One is a rape victim who is not able to move forward in life because her rapist was never caught, and the other is a woman who lost her son and her family business in a fire.  The arsonist in that fire is about to be released on parole.

The plotline is tight, and the characters are well developed.  This is a series I will stay with.
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I love this series! I was so happy to be able to step into the world of these characters again. It was gritty and just the right amount of police procedure to keep the story moving. Brilliant.
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Wow! Can you say goosebumps? This was a delightful read and I was sad when I finished it. More from the author please
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No Mercy did not meet my expectations. There were two arcs in play in this book, but both just seemed to be quickly resolved without the drama and excitement you would expect from a suspense novel.  Much of this book fell flat for me.
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Author Joanna Schaffhausen ( published the novel “No Mercy: A Mystery” in 2019. Ms. Schaffhausen has published four novels, all in her "Ellery Hathaway" series. This is the second novel in that series. 

I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Language. The story picks up a short time after the first novel "The Vanishing Season" ends. The primary characters remain FBI agent Reed Markham and Police officer, Ellery Hathaway. 

Hathaway is suspended pending the review of her shooting at the end of the first novel. Markham is back working at the FBI and is a candidate for promotion. Hathaway gets involved with a rape victim. She meets her through the therapy group she is reluctantly attending. 

Hathaway also meets a woman at the group sessions who survived a fire that took her young son. She begins digging into both cases and calls Markham for help. Markham has been warned that his work with Hathaway will endanger his career, but he goes anyway. 

Hathaway knows the poking around will not endear the authorities to her return to duty. She feels like she needs to help both women. As they get deeper into their investigations, there are those that want to stop them. 

I enjoyed the 7.5 hours I spent reading this 321-page mystery. I liked these two characters in the first novel. I still find them interesting in this volume. Both are a bit broken but have a tenacity for finding the truth. The cover art is OK, but I think something better could have been chosen. I've enjoyed the first two novels in the series and look forward to more. I give this novel a 4.4 (rounded down to a 4) out of 5.

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The storyline about Ellery is mostly in the past, with ties to the plots of Wendy, a rape victim, and Myra, a victim of a warehouse fire who is wheelchair bound and who lost her young son in the fire.   Reed is the FBI agent who found and rescued Ellery, so they have a past relationship.  That is now brought into the present when Ellery asks for his help with the two cases with Wendy and Myra.  

I thought the writing was very good, flowing along and holding my interest, as did the co-mingling plots.  We are left with a cliffhanger regarding Reed and Ellery, so guessing there may be another book down the road!

This was a Netgalley offering and I'm thankful to the author and publisher as well for the opportunity to read this novel.  4 Stars!  Not high-suspense but a great read.
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Ellery Hathaway is a police officer who in her mind was unjustly forced to take a leave of absence and attend a group for victims of violence all because she shot and killed a killer and does not feel as though she should apologize. WHAT? I am sure that there is still left over trauma from being abducted as a child. However, that is what really drew my attention to this book and as I read more I realized that Ellery was going face more in this group. A woman who was raped and the perpetrator is still at large and a victim of a house fire set on purpose killing a child and leaving the victim in a wheelchair. Something strange is going on here and Ellery needs to find out just what it is. She calls in a friends help that works for the FBI however, he was Instructed not to have anything to do with Ellery. Will she be able to convince her friend to help her figure out what is going on and to find those responsible? Why is there so many victims with no outcomes? This is well written with characters who are reliable and work off of the others in a way that helps this book achieve the twists and turns really well. You do not see some of them coming and so it is best not to try and figure out what is actually going on. Just read it all the way through. You will be happy you did.

Thank you to netgalley as well as the author/publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a great series, full of twists and turns.  Can't wait for the next one in the series.  Recommended.
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When I finished the first book in this series, I knew I wanted to continue with the series. The second book was even better than the first - not particularly surprising since the first book in a series is always a bit of a set-up, plus in this case the first was the author's debut novel. But in this case the author has created two intriguing protagonists, who each have some compelling issues that make their relationship both interesting and frustrating for the reader. In this book they're working together again to solve two crimes. The setting has moved to Boston, where Ellery is undergoing counseling that's required for her to have her badge reinstated. In the course of that counseling, which includes group therapy sessions for victims, she learns of two crimes that she wants to solve. She turns again to Reed Markham, an FBI agent who saved her from a serial killer when she was a young girl. There's a lot of psychology involved for both of them - they work well together yet their past keeps them from making the most of their unofficial partnership, both professionally and personally. But frustrating as it can be for the reader at times, it's what keeps things interesting and keeps me reading to see - can they or can't they? Both crimes came to surprising conclusions, and the end was a perfect set-up for book 3 in the series. I look forward to reading that one.
My thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for a copy for an unbiased review.
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Police officer Ellery Hathaway has been placed on forced leave , made to attend group therapy for victims of violence - her sin , shooting a killer dead and showing no remorse . Once there her Police training kicks in , at least two of the group have secrets ........ one is the victim of rape , the perpetrator still at large , the other a survivor of arson that left a child dead ........ just what is it that has her antenna twitching ?
Ellery tries to enlist the aid of her old saviour , FBI Behavioural Profiler Reed Markham - but there is a problem , he is up for promotion and has been advised to have nothing to do with Ellory .
Can she convince him to help her - will their tentative relationship decelope further ?
The book is fast faced , with many twists and turns and a shocking reveal that will surprise many - a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to readers of this genre .

I was given an arc of the book by NetGalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review .
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A wonderful series great follow up to the first series.A book and series that kept me turning the pages late into the night.Great characters and storyline looking forward to next in series.#netgalley#st.martinspress
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The Vanishing Season set tthe bar very high, but Joanna Schaffhausen doesn't disappoint. Her characters are as strong and the plot is as good, if not better!
The novel starts with Ellery being on a forced leave due to her using lethal force and shooting a murderer. There is no doubt, her childhood trauma of being abducted and tortured by a serial killer is a factor in how she aproaches everything in her life and work. Ellery is sent to group therapy in order to help her come to terms with what happened all these years ago, but once she is there her police officer's training kicks in and she knows there is a case or two to solve. There is a victim of a brutal rape whose perpetrator is still at large and there is also a survivor of an arson that killed a young child and left her in the wheelchair. Ellery knows what it's like to feel nobody is going to care enough to help you, however brutal the violence against was.
FBI Behavioural profiler Reed Markham and Ellery will always have a special connection. He saved her from Francis Cobin, although not before a considerable psychological trauma had been incurred. He will always feel he needs to continue rescuing the scared half-alive teenager girl as long as he lives. Ellery knowing that many victims live on a borrowed time (perhaps she even includes herself in this category) means she takes many risks and Reed willingly or unwillingly has to share them. Their relationship becomes deeper in this book and it will be great to see how it develops in the next part of the series.
There are twists and shocking reveals that will keep you turning the pages, but above all, this is a character-driven procedural that leaves you craving the next book. Highly recommended.

Thank you to NetGalley and Minotaur Books for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.
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What more can I say about this author than I love everything she writes! This series just keeps getting better and better. It takes me on an emotional roller coaster, always trying to figure out what is coming next!
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Well written story. Kept me engaged the entire time. A page turner for sure! Looking forward to reading more books by this author!
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Thru Netgalley, I received an ARC edition of No Mercy by Joanna Schaffausen, and wow,what a ride. No Mercy starts off as a book of a young lady who can no longer feels safe in her apartment.  She is attacked and raped, but has no true closure. She feels somewhat responsible, despite the fact it is not her fault. Then as the situation goes along, what if the man who did the crime, really did not do the crime. How do you handle it? But what do you do when noone is willing to help,let alone hear you? They say leave it alone,the case is solved, but why not check out other suspects? Could there be too much at stake, to already have a suspect in custody, so the other victims will feel safe? More goes, and I do not want to go on anymore, I can promise you there are twists and turns and I feel for her.
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No Mercy is the 2nd book in the Ellery Hathaway series. I definitely recommend reading the first book prior to reading this one (I unfortunately did not).

Ellery Hathaway is on involuntary leave from her police job because she shot a murderer. She is forced to see a psychiatrist to see if she is capable to return back to work. Her doctor ordered her to go to group meetings for survivors of violent crime. There, she meets Wendy, a rape survivor, and Myra, who survived a burning building but lost young son. It's been 25 years since Myra's ordeal and the person responsible the fire is up for parole. Ellery and FBI profiler Reed Markham join forces once again to catch Wendy's raper and to find out who really started the fire.

I found Ellery to be a bit annoying and unlikable.  I also know without a doubt I would have enjoyed book #2 better if I had read #1 first!  Overall the book was just OK for me.

Thank you to Joanna Schaffhausen, St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the ARC.
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Ellery Hathaway is on leave after a shooting and her job required therapist has suggested she attend meetings with other victims. She meets two women that she gets involved in their cases with the aid of the FBI’s Reed Markham. Truck fire, beating with a pipe are signs that she is getting too close to finding the real suspects.
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