The Punk Rock of Business

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Oct 2018

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Now, before your eyes glaze over by seeing terms such as ‘business’ and ‘nonfiction’, let me assure you this particular title is anything but boring!

I saw that cover and title and thought… Punk rock? That excites me straight away. You don’t really expect to see the combination of punk rock and business together in the same sentence. How ironic…. But also how wonderful, because The Punk Rock of Business kept me fully engaged throughout.

Based on the 8 elements of punk rock, Jeremy Dale shares his professional experiences from his time with companies like Motorola and Microsoft among others. Working on big, multi-million dollar campaigns like bringing Pokemon to UK! I mean- if you’re looking for credibility, you got it!

Jeremy has structured the book into a logical flow- naturlich! It reads like a well put-together .ppt – hahaha… I kid! There’s the introduction, the 8 elements of punk rock and how they can be translated into business with examples from his experiences and finally how you can implement the punk rock into business. Each chapter ends with a little paragraph to summarize the Key Lessons from that chapter.

Honesty, speed to success through confident decision making, taking risks, being ‘outrageous’ and ‘standout’, being authentic, innovative and a team player who shuns negativity. Hells, it sounds like something every brand, every business strives for, right? Jeremy said it right at the start of the book- learn from his experience. Each chapter, each story that he shares is like a little case study! There is so much to take away…

The Punk Rock of Business was full of thought-provoking and inspirational moments. I have to be honest, as I was reading the book I was mentally keeping track of how my workplace compares up. Not bad at all… I might have to talk to the boss-man about cutting down the time on them meetings though! 🙂 But, joking aside, the examples and stories Jeremy shares can be taken, transferred to any context and implemented not only in business but in personal life with personal goals, too.

I found it inspirational and refreshing. Never thought I’d say that about a nonfictional book about business! ^^ I am seeing tight deadlines and ‘nonnegotiables’ in a whole new light! Newbie as I am in the corporate world, fumbling around in the dark, learning as I go, yeah, change the angle and voila- instead of negativity, there will be an opportunity!

So, would I recommend the book? I absolutely would.. whether you work for someone, whether you have your own business- makes no difference. There are nuggets of wisdom to take away from this book. Take them nuggets and make them work for you! And do it with a punk rock attitude! 🙂
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I am a small business owner (of four businesses) and a punk rock fan. So, I thought I'd really like this book. However, it was just ok. It's wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible, either. There were a few parts where I could feel myself losing interest. Really, the book was more like a book of anecdotes than a book of business help. I would have liked to see a lot more advice, rather than just a bunch of stories. But hey, that's just my opinion.
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