Hanger Volume 2

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4.5/5 Stars

Wow! Okay. I knew I was going to enjoy this going into it but I didn't expect to end up loving it as much as I did. While I enjoyed the first volume in this series, I'm happy to say that this one was so much better. It took me a bit to figure out why but when I did everything made sense.

 The difference between these first two volumes basically boils down to the fact that almost everything I had issues with in the first volume were nonexistent in this one. The repeated beating of the definition of Hanger was gone and things got definitely more fast-paced! I've decided that the first book was kind of sacrificed to introduce the world because, in comparison to this volume, nothing really happened. 

Don't get me wrong. That setup is what made this one so much more enjoyable. It feels like the mangaka really got their feet underneath them and this beauty was the result. The plotting was significantly tighter and we got to see the relationship between Zeroichi and Hajime move forward. And thank god! Hajime learned to stick up for himself. But what I think made that all possible was the introduction of a main villain and his scheming. It seriously made all of the difference even though it was a bit creepy how dedicated and brainwashed his followers were.

I'm still loving the interactions between all of the main characters and I'm really intrigued by the ones that were introduced in this volume. I really want to see more of Yuki and Gaido. If I had one complaint, it would be that there wasn't as much Hashima and Hibiki in this volume but I really love how their relationship has progressed.

I just really need volume three to come out soon and be in my hands. I need to know what happens next and because that was a mean place for the mangaka to end that volume. I'll definitely be getting the next volume as soon as it's out.
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I liked this volume of Hanger better than the first in the series.

This time around, there’s a little more substance to the plot. A serious antagonist is revealed—a terrorist called Nine Tails. Another Keeper/Hanger duo is introduced; Yuki, the keeper, has a chronic illness and is very self-sacrificing, both of which are taken advantage of by his scary Hanger, Gaido. (Although there may be hidden depths there.) The mystery surrounding the resistance of Hajime’s blood to nanomachines and the relationship between Hajime and Zeroichi are advanced slightly, too.

I still wanted more from the story. A lot of time was spent on the pursuit of Nine Tails, who would be a more interesting character if the reader had some sense of his motivations. Right now, he seems a rather generic evil villain. I’m still waiting for the author to dig deeper into Zeroichi’s past, too.

The author’s got me hooked enough that I’ll stick around for volume 3, though.

A copy of this book was provided through NetGalley for review; all opinions expressed are my own.
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Vol 2 was my first foray into Kisaragi’s Hanger series. Hangers are high-drug users who have agreed to work with authorities to apprehend other users. The high-drugs grant the user enhanced physical and mental abilities. They are potent and addictive. This volume follows Hajime, a new Keeper recruit, who has been partnered with the Hanger Zeroichi. After a kerfuffle at the beginning, where Hajime puts himself in danger and gets chewed out by Zeroichi, he decides to shadow another Hanger/Keeper pair to learn more about how the partnership should ideally work. He tags along with Byakuran and Zemu. Things don't quite go as Hajime expects. A bloody fight reveals some fascinating facets to both Hajime- who's not as defenceless against druggers as Zeroichi believes- and Byakuran, whose nano-infused blood can either heal or kill as they wish. As the story goes on, Squad 4 prepares to tackle the terrorist group Nine-tails. Can the anti-social Hangers learn to cooperate to bring Nine-tails down without killing each other?

The first few pages of the manga give a little bit of background about Hangers and Keepers, and a few of the major players from the previous volume, kinda like a refresher. I had an egalley of the first volume but the file was bad and I wasn't able to read it, so I found that definitely useful! I really want to read the first one! I'll have to order a paperback. I found the concept rather interesting, and I loved the artwork. OMC! The (literally) gender-fluid Byakuran is priceless! I love their flirty personality. And Hajime is absolutely precious and adorable, especially with how awkward he is around his Hanger. Learning about the relationships between the various Keeper/Hanger pairs, and learning their individual personalities was fun. They are each so very different and it's well-written. If you love manga , be sure to check out the Hanger series!

***Many thanks to Netgalley and Diamond Book Distributors/Tokyopop for providing an egalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Interesting story concept - somewhat sci fi and futuristic and characters were interesting as well. This was a first manga read for me and i really enjoyed it!!
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Actual rate: 3.5 stars

Hajime continues his job as Keeper to his Hanger Zeroichi, and he continues to search for the perfect partnership between Keeper and Hanger by meeting other Keepers and their Hangers. 

The plot continues onto this volume as Hajime and Zeroichi continue tracking down users of super-drugs who wreck havoc in public. We are introduced to other Keepers and Hangers in the Federal Task Force to see how big their division is. Usually such unique task forces are composed of a small unit to showcase how “different” they are from other divisions. As for the relationship between Hajime and Zeroichi, there is some development but I enjoy how slow and steady their relationship grows since they first have to gain each other’s trust as partners (on the work field) first.

The antagonist of the story is introduced in this volume allowing a clear direction of where the story will be headed, but not a clear idea on what their real agenda is. The antagonist is definitely dangerous and I can’t help but wonder who the Federal Task Force will overcome their adversaries. More information is gained about the potential of Hajime’s blood, and more information is also gleamed from Zeroichi’s past. 

The artwork is very beautiful and I felt each panel helped to progress the story along. All the male characters are either really manly or very pretty which is very pleasing to my eyes.
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**I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an Honest Review**
**And since this is an ARC my feedback will likely be different by the time of publication**
**This is 3.5 stars**

Thank you Netgalley, Diamond Book Distributors, and Tokyopop for letting me read and review this book!! ^_^

Before Thoughts: 
So the last volume had this terrible formatting in the Adobe Digital editions, so I'm hoping that this time the format will be a little more cleaned up. 

Also I said this is an ARC but that's only in the fact that the English translation of the paperback edition of this book will be released soon in September so I will hopefully only need to help give feedback on any translation mistakes/grammar issues. 

But I'll also give my feedback based on overall enjoyment of the book. (Like if its story improves from the previous volume or good development on characters and story)

So fingers-crossed that this volume is a bit of a step up from volume 1. 
I mean look at how much nicer the cover for this volume looks which maybe gives hope that this volume will only improve the previous content. 

Read On: 08/05/18
To be Published on: 09/04/18

So the plot is still the same with stopping the super drugs being distributed throughout the city of Neo Tokyo. And the Federal Task Force is still working alongside the Hangers to stop the super drugs. 

And from the previous volume we learn a small truth about the Hangers that makes sense for why they have such long sentences to clear up, about why some of them feel frustrated about life, why some of them have memory loss, and why they are considered criminals in the first place. 

Now the additions to the plot are:
Zeroichi wants to trust Hajime as his Keeper, but because of Hajime's special condition he would require healing from the older technology and he could die any day from an injury due to the special condition. Whereas Zeroichi is pretty much immortal due to the powers of the super drugs. Not to mention the loss of his previous keeper prevents him from wanting to bond with Hajime. 

And Hajime wants to prove that he can be reliable to Zeroichi as a keeper and his partner because of Zeroichi's lack of trust/faith in him. And of course Hajime could also easily kill the hangers with his blood. (That's more of a major development to the plot) 

And a few ghosts of the past come in to haunt some of our characters. With that there's some action taken to stop those ghosts of the past. 

Hajime: He's an investigator/Keeper of the Federal Task Force. He is partnered to Zeroichi. His body has special properties to his body that can cancel out nano machines found in the super drugs. And in the previous volume we learned that he is in debt because of his deceased mother dying in the hospital.

Zeroichi: Hanger who is partnered with Hajime and he also has a case of amnesia. His sentence in prison is 500 years. He doesn't really remember his real name. He is cold and distant with Hajime due to the loss of his previous keeper. 

Other Hangers and Keepers:
Hashima: He's a hanger that was previously a high drug dealer. His sentence is at 300 years. His symptom of his addictions to the Super Drugs is Lust. His Partner/Keeper is Hibiki.

Hibiki: He's a keeper that is known for being hard working and serious. He's good with technology such as the information warfare. His main concern is helping Hashima lower all of his sentence. 

Byakuran: She's/He's a hanger, her/his partner/keeper is Zemu. Her/his symptoms after her/his addiction to super drugs was she/he can change her/his appearance, she/he can restore nano machines, and she/he can multiply nano machines and use them to heal wounds. This hanger also has the ability to manipulate their nano machines when they have an open wound. 
(This hanger was originally a male and now since the super drugs he's been able to transform. Preferably into a female.)

Zemu: Byakuran's Partner/keeper.

Final Thoughts:
The book is a little backwards again having you go from pg 218 of the Adobe Digital Editions to Pg 1. 
But at least the formatting is clean and actually able to be read which should definitely look good once it reaches publication into its paperback format. 

Because of this volume I see just a little more potential for this manga to receive a proper anime adaptation or OVA in the future. Because the plot is actually attempting to go somewhere in this volume. Also I liked how there were a few new characters introduced and new development given to current characters.  It really was quite a step up from the previous volume. 

And there wasn't any translation errors or any problems with grammar as far as I could see. 

Recommends to: 
If you like Fullmetal Alchemist you may like this simply for the similarities the Hanger's have to the homunculi  from Fullmetal Alchemist. 

It also has many similarities to Switch, Vol. 1 which focuses on Narcotics police unit.

It also can be compared to Psycho-Pass. 

Hope you enjoyed my review!! Thanks for Reading!! ^_^
And go catch that good book!! ^_^

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Yup, I couldn't help myself. When I saw this one pop up on Netgalley I immediately snagged it and dived in. I was happy to see that they had even fixed the formatting! So, I was able to see the artwork, which I think is pretty good, even if my favorite style. 

The story is starting to pick up-- I think we see the main villain in this story. There are a few more pairing introduced and our main couple is making some progress-- even if what they do together makes little sense haha. I feel like I'm much more lax on this point with manga, because I'm used to it?? Anyhow, I look forward to volume 3!!
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The second installment in the Hanger series, this is an action-packed issue that revolves around a Hanger, a jailed convict that works with the police, and his Keeper, who also ends up as his lover. An interesting concept and an easy-to-read story.
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