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The Psychology of Time Travel

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Although this was very promising, I've enjoyed past time travelling stories that I've read. I had a very hard time connecting with this story.
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Thank you Netgalley for letting me read and review this book. I enjoyed this book overall. I liked the time travel stories and the characters. The story was a bit predictable, but I still had a fun time. It was a quick read though, so maybe the author could have written more and made it a longer book. If you enjoy sci-fi you should give it a read!
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I have tried this book a couple of times, and it just doesn't seem to be working for me. However, I have went through and read some reviews, and I'm so glad it worked for other people. I think I might just be time traveled out right now.
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I apologize. I will not be giving a review of this book at this time. I did not read before it was archived. I appreciate the opportunity that was given. I hope this will not dissuade from offering me ARCs in the future.
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This book was not my "cup of tea." It bounced around too much to keep up with and was too confusing. Unfortunately, it touched some rather uncomfortable subjects that just took away from the storyline. It will most definitely not be recommended.
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Couldn't get into the the science fiction aspect and multiple story lines. A slow beginning that I couldn't get past.
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Mascarenhas’ novel is deeply rooted in the idea of Time travel. We are presented with a list of terminologies with their meanings. We are given light to what could possibly happen to a time traveler’s mental state, and the steps or tests to be desensitized to death and/or the idea of it. Also, in this novel, time travel is widely known. It’s something normal. The Conclave is a whole different “company” which has their own set of laws, and is outside the jurisdiction of the government. Family members of those who work at the Conclave are aware they would eventually be interacting with the future versions of them.

I was having a good time trying to figure out who the deceased was. I had notes even if there wasn’t much to go on. I am aware that with mystery novels there is always the big reveal. It can range from who did it, who died, the reason why they died. Here’s the thing: how the person died was pretty cool. However, finding out who the dead person was was a bit anticlimactic.

The Psychology of Time Travel also allowed us to be time travellers ourselves by giving us chapters bouncing between the past and present. There is an issue within the story relating to the mental state of time travellers after they’ve travelled through different time periods. It is believed that at some point too much time travel can mess with a person’s mind that they would mix up which fact belongs in the correct year. Having to get a glimpse of that by reading through this is a nice touch.
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It has been years since I requested this book and I don’t think I am interested in reading this book anymore.
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I really enjoyed reading The Psychology of Time Travel, I loved that the major of the characters were female and the men in it were almost supporting roles in the outskirts of the story. 
I did find it a little challenging to keep up with who was who and “when was who” - especially when silver and green selfs were muddling up in different time periods. 

I like the idea of the psychological effects of time travel as well as how it affects the mental health of the characters. I regularly watch shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which all deal with time travel in their own way but nearly all have the idea that if you cross your own timeline you can cause a paradox - whereas Mascarenhas has “silver” and “green” selfs mixing together causing no issues along the way - or maybe that added to the mind-boggling experience too. 

Although the story starts with a group of women building a time machine in the 1960s it bounces through various different time zones, with a multitude of perspectives along the way. A large part of the story is the mysterious dead body found in 2017. How do you catch a killer that could be from anywhere or anytime? It’s not easily, that’s for sure, especially when the victim can’t be identified either. Like an Agatha Christie novel, the killer could be anyone, your future self may know that you did it but your present self wouldn’t have a clue - or maybe your future self went back to do something in the past that had consequences in the future. (Yes you might need a lie down after some reading sessions! At one point I sat down and drew a chart of who was related to who and how because I was a bit muddled - it was like a family tree of sorts!) 

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see if Kate Mascarenhas publishes any more books. 

Also, I think if I had seen the cover on the shelf in a bookshop I think the embroidery would have caught my eye.
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This was an incredibly unique and interesting story about four women who pioneered the invention of time travel in 1967 and the repercussions of that choice and ability. This book was 100% #LADYPOWER and I absolutely loved that. However what I didn't like is how absolutely confusing the book got and  a little convoluted. Honestly it is a bit of a miracle I finished the book.
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This is such an inventive read!  I feel I need to disclaim that I am so drawn to books about time travel, but this one was something special.  I love the way that the characters were interwoven between each other and time and how it all seemed to effortlessly blend together.

I also need to give extra kudos to the fact that this was very female forward.  Loved all the female main characters.  

I could so easily see this becoming a series.
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An interesting and entertaining read which isn't confined by traditional time travel tropes.
The Psychology of Time Travel focusses on four women who have invented a time machine, and how their lives and their world change once it's out in the world.
I loved that this book didn't hold itself to the traditional 'rules' of time travel, and instead encouraged its characters to seek out their past (and future) selves, and even live most of their lives in times other than their own. You need to take the science with a pinch of salt, and let yourself live in this world rather than bringing pre-conceived time travel notions into it, but as long as you can do that it's a highly enjoyable story.
Add to it a murder mystery focussed on a room that's locked from the inside, and you've got a fun, intriguing read, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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The premise of this sounded absolutely amazing, but the multiple narrators and the jumpy style of the narration made it difficult for me to stay engaged with the story.
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WOW, what a story! There are so many books out there about time travel, but this one takes the cake. It was so well developed and unique, and I really enjoyed reading about the four women. Thank you netgalley!
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As a science fiction meets murder mystery, this book settles in between two interesting genres. However, for some readers it features too much academia to be hard science fiction, but too much science fiction to be considered a mystery. In this way it straddles a few genres that kept me turning pages until the very end. 

At first there are a litany of interesting women characters that it was a bit difficult to discern between them, but as their role in the overarching mystery becomes clearer, they, too, grow more complex and flawed and soon become their own driving forces of the story. 

Expect that book about time travel will jump back and forth between time and characters slowly building tension as a mystery unravels. For some, this may be off-putting because just when the story begins to build it changes channels. 

Overall, I commend the risks this book and the journey of learning more about the fresh characters in this genre-bending mystery.
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Four women invent a time machine and successfully test it on a rabbit. But then.... a human test subject comes back a little coo coo—kinda wants to hop around, twitch her nose, and nibble some fresh timothy. That’s a very weird side effect, and what a cool angle to explore. Did the rabbit and the woman leave some sort of residue in the time machine? What made the woman go coo coo for carrots? After all, this is called the Psychology of Time Travel, right? 

But no, the book then turns into a whodunit and refers to psychology in general and not a psychological study of time travelers. 

After the end of the novel, there are bonus materials:
- A Cosmo magazine style test you can take to see if you have the right stuff to become a time traveler 
- A glossary of time travel terminology. E. G. “Legacy fuck: time traveling to have sex with yourself” 
- A set of questions to help you and your book club figure out what questions are important for you so you don’t have to think up any questions yourself 


I was uncomfortable with the book having so many female characters, the way they were depicted, and the lack of an interesting time travel plot. It left me feeling felt like there was an undercurrent of “fascinating womanhood.” I’d have to reread it to put my finger on it, but I’m just not that interested.
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Don't let the whiplash of chapters and timelines deter you.  The Psychology of Time Travel is a feat.  The inclusivity, the honor to cultural constructs, the commitment to science - this is an unforgettable world build of literally colorful characters I will not soon forget.  I hope to read many more within its bounds.
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Sometimes before I tell you about a book, I like to tell you where I sit before I tell you where I stand. You should probably know I’ve got a thing for time travel. Time travel and vampires. I love books about time travel. Time travel makes me think. Sometimes time travel can give me a headache.

I know time travel isn’t for everyone. I have a feeling that with this particular read, people will love it or hate it. I loved it. I love thinking about the ins and outs and complexity of time travel and just all the possibilities.

In 1967, four female scientists work together to invent a time-traveling machine. The invention is a success, the Conclave is created, and time-traveling becomes a profession. For three of the four women; the fourth (Barbara) has a nervous breakdown and is forced to leave the project. Flash forward 50 years to 2017. Barbara receives a mysterious clipping from the future: in five months, an unidentified woman will be murdered. Is Barbara the victim? The murderer? Barbara’s granddaughter Ruby is determined to find out more.

To tell the story, Ms. Mascarenhas jumps around through time. While the timeline is out of order, the information is presented in a way that makes sense for the reader to learn more about the Conclave, the characters, and the mystery of the dead woman. The story is actually pretty complex, and it can get a little confusing as the time travelers themselves do not live their life on a linear timeline. I really enjoyed little “aha!” moments and small threads that connected throughout the story as I read.

Like I said, I know time travel isn’t for everyone. This book is full of strong female characters and mystery. And time travel. And it was a great pick for me to start the year with.
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This is a riveting science-fiction meets murder mystery. Best of all, women takes the center stage - women who are as multi-dimensional as they are flawed.
I love the pacing of the novel. It took me in slowly, but never making me feel bored. The novel can be a bit morbid, with the skewed view on death, that is to be expected as time travellers have to deal with much of this issue.
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This was a book that was not for me. I've had other readers rhapsodize about the lyrical quality of the writing and the enjoyable story. But for was a miss.
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