Healer's Need

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I wasn't sure what to expect, but I enjoyed reading this. An interesting story with fun characters. Well written.
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I didn't read the first book in the series, but I was able to follow along for the most part. Elise, the main character, and Tate, the love interest, worked so well together. What I liked most about this book was how Tate gave Elise time and how he took the time to explain why he it seemed like he was holding back at times to Elise. It allowed Elise to keep getting acclimated to their world and give her time to see that Tate was really interested in her.
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This is the second book in the series and while I really enjoyed the first book I absolutely loved this one I am a huge shifter fan and this has definitely made it into my top ten favorites. I loved both Elise and Tate they were great characters and I was pleased that he knew she needed time and took it slow with her. This had a wonderful storyline and while it could be read as a standalone it is so much better if you have read Guardian's Bond first.
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I’ve not read the first book (Guardian’s Bond)  and as it’s a story that continues in this book, I felt a few details were missing. 

Tate is a coyote shifter, he’s known Elise is his mate for a while now, but he's unsure how proceed, he knows she is running from something, her past has shaped her into the scared and nervous female. 

Until a couple of months ago, Elise was unaware of the shifting community, she hadn’t believed her mother when she was told about her heritage (her mother had given up her magic and a chance of combining with an animal spirit) but now, (after something that happened in a previous book) Elise is in a community that not only does magic, but a breed of people who commune and change into animals. 

Elise has to do a spirit quest to find out if she will receive an animal sprit, but more importantly, where she will fit into this new world. 

The darkness that is chasing Elise is already known to the group of shifters, Priest (their leader) is in fact fighting the darkness, and watched as he lost family and members of his clan. 

It’s a different twist on the usual shifter story. 
It’s well written, well thought out. The characters are really likeable. And I will definitely be reading the first one, and the last one when it comes out (as far as the authors website says, it’s a trilogy) I was hoping for a few more characters to get a story. 

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This book was very intense and interesting, even if it’s the second book and I’ve not managed to read the first one. It was a little difficult to understand the world and the backstory, but my rating is not affected by this aspect. In the end, it is my fault I’m reviewing book 2 first.

Now that we have this small disclaimer out of the way, let me share a little about the couple. We have Elise and Tate, a couple so intense it literary burns you. They have that perfect chemistry that needs no words or touches. Tate needs to put himself on second place and focus his attention on Elise, on her development and her needs. He protects her, he is always there, waiting for her to be ready and reclaim her destiny. I loved them and I loved their relationship. The author did an amazing job creating them, both separately and as a couple.

I am so sorry I did not manage to read the first book, or else I would have understood better the story, but still, there is enough to have an idea. I wish we had more action and I wish we had more breathtaking moments, when it comes to confronting the enemy. That would be my only complaint.

All in all, I am giving “Healer’s Need” 4.5 stars and I am happy to have found this series and this author. If you decide to start the series, better you do it with book 1 :) Enjoy!
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This story grips you from the first page and brings you into their world. Tate is appealing in more ways than one and his protective and possessive nature is shown with his alpha male tendencies. The chemistry building is epic!
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I voluntarily read this title in exchange for a review.

This has an intriguing story, that sucks you in from the first word.

It certainly has a thrilling pace, with well thought out characters
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This was on of the best PNR books i have read in a while. It is has a boy meets girl theme that goes far beyond that. This book was well written and has strong characters that you call into. It is the second in the series. I have not read the first one but now i want to!
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My first read by this author and it was quite good! I started it in the morning and had it finished by the afternoon! I would recommend it!
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I liked this shifter romance. Tate was so sexy. I loved his protective alpha vibes. Although this book can be read as a standalone I recommend readers read the first to fully enjoy this duet. Can't wait to read more by this author.
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Healer’s Need is a fascinating and wonderfully unique shifter romance full of bold, convincing characters that seize readers by their imaginations and refuse to let go. The characters are bold but Elise may not end up being some readers’ favorite because of her shyness and insecurity which stems from childhood issues but Tate and Elise has some rocking chemistry that sets senses aflame as Elise works through those emotional obstacles and takes her place among the clan and building a relationship with Tate which has quite a bit of heated passion and lots of sweetness as Tate courts his mate.

The plot has a steady build up with a magnetic pull that keeps readers glued to the pages with lots of thrilling suspense and excitement with an adrenaline pumping climax. There are twists and turns throughout and while some of the suspense takes place in the relationship between Tate and Elise, the story also builds intrigue regarding their enemy and the steps the clan is taking to find him. The author has created a fascinating world with some creative and unique elements that make for an ideal change regarding shifter romances. Readers love how the characters receive their beasts through a “Soul Quest” and how the author integrated the tattoos as part of their magic and culture.  This book can be read as a standalone, but to receive maximum enjoyment and understanding, they should be read in sequential order.
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My ARC Book Review ( Net Galley) : Not a stand a lone book. Because this book take off right after book  #1 . This is book is Tate ( who works in the shop ) and Elise. Who came with her Mom to rejoin the clan for protection. But Elise  Mom gave up her gift but her daughter may be the healer the clan need for there battle against evil. But danger is all around them as they work out there relationship and Elise accepts herself and the Goddess gift. But Tate will be at her side to protect and love her every step of the way -because that what mates do.
Great book and cant wait for the Seer to find her place as the clan rebuilds to fight evil .
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I completely didn’t realize this book was the second in a series of books, but I don’t think it hurt my enjoyment of this awesome read.  I absolutely could not put this book down!

Tate is a shifter, a tattoo artist, and a warrior.  He has also newly identified his fated mate.  Too bad for him, the mate chosen for him is newly introduced to this world and is still adjusting to the craziness of people transforming into animals and magic being real.  Elise, Tate’s fated mate, is completely unaware of this fact.  He may have started avoiding her to not put pressure on her, but instead it seems to be telling her that he isn’t interested.

Tate has his inner animal driving him to claim his mate all the time, especially with some bad guys still up to no good.  With Elise’s soon to be discovered magic, everyone assumes she will be in an elevated position of power, so there is added pressure on Tate to protect her.  Throw all of this in the pressure cooker, and you’ve got the breaking point for Tate’s patience.  It was great to watch it break!  These two sizzle together and it made me just want to go back and see where this whole world started.  As a new series (for me) it is a definitely interesting twist on your typical paranormal read.
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I’ll admit, I picked up this book because I love Rhenna Morgan and not because I was in the mood for a paranormal shifter romance.  But I have already reread the Haven series and I needed something new ;)  I’ll also admit that I read book 2 first *gasp* and then I had to quickly buy book 1.  It was that good.  I was ready to be a shifter by the time I finished these two books.

Healer's Need picks up right where Guardian's Bond ended. A lot of the world building happens in the first book and you feel like you're missing vital information if you read it backwards like I did.

At the end of the Guardian’s Bond we were left with Priest's evil brother escaping the clan's effort to neutralize him and Tate meeting his mate. The chemistry was off the charts with Elise and Tate, and the fact that Tate knew he had to be careful with Elise was such a turn on.  *fans self*  Elise seemed so innocent and as the story progressed her inner strength really became a focal point of the plot. I loved it! Morgan did not disappoint with the usual protective and possessive behavior we expect from her alpha men.  Yummy.

I love the characters, the setting  and all the descriptive details that make this such an engaging story.  Rhenna is a master at writing some of the best sex scenes.  If you have not read any of her books, you need to! You may even find yourself re-reading them. *not making eye contact with anyone*.
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Tate has wanted nothing but Elise from the moment he laid eyes on her. He didn't expect to find his mate so young. All he wants to do is protect her, be near to her, care for her, and love her. It takes everything in him to tamper down his needful urges when it comes to Elise. Tate is willing to muster up all the patience he has just so he can take his time for her. He must treat her as though she is fragile, but he refuses to let her break. He will do right be her. He will lover her. He will be her mate.

Elise grew up in a world believing her mother's musings of magic and shifters was just a story. It was just a story, until they moved to Eureka Springs and Elise came face to face with the magic herself. Her new world is overwhelming and at times feels suffocating. Everyone excepts so much from her, they are eagerly waiting for the healer she was born to be to rise. They focus so much on what she was born to be, what they need her to be, that they sometimes overlook how fragile she has become. All of them do ... except one ... except Tate. Her protecter. Her friend. Her mate. She may struggle with finding her place, but she never has to doubt her place with Tate.

Healer's Need is an interesting twist of slow burn meets instant love. The minute a male recognizes his mate the attraction and love is almost all consuming in that instant. This is not the case when it comes to the women. The men have to gain the love and trust of their mates before the mate bond can be formed. Tate could have been aggressive when he approached Elise, but he fought against every primal urge he had to do so that way he could earn Elise's trust completely. He is so patient with her and takes his time getting to know her. Each gentle caress is done with purpose and makes the slow agonizingly yet painfully good burn sizzle it's way into your heart.

I wouldn't recommend reading this book as a standalone. A majority of the world building and plot setting takes place in Guardian's Bond. This book picks up right where the first one left off, so it could be a little jarring trying to find your bearings if you don't read the first book beforehand. Also don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Elise's character, but ... there were a few times where I felt she was too fragile. It occasionally felt like she was being coddled a little too much, and I would feel like reaching into the book to shake her and scream, "Get yourself together and woman up!"

Tate and Elise fit together seamlessly. She's soft where he's callous. She's demure where  he's bold. She's a lover where he's a fighter. They counterbalance each other. She's everything he never knew he wanted in a woman. He's everything she never thought she'd have in a man.
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Book 2 of the Ancient Ink series brings the Coyote shifter, Tate Allen, to a new light for me. I had this distinct personal feeling from Guardian's Bond Book 1, that he had too much attitude. Though after reading the first few pages of this book it became clear that he was just protective of those he loved and cared for. This personality trait comes in handy for his dealings with his newly discovered mate, Elise Ralston. It was quite admirable how he was able to understand that going slow and being patient was how Elise needed to be handled due to her young adult life.

Elise has internal scars from her high school days and as they became more apparent I formed a closer bond with her character. As many people in the world, my childhood was traumatic and caused me insecurities about myself as well. I will have to say that the most amazing thing Author Rhenna Morgan did in this book that stays with me is how she laid out the spiritual mind process that Elise went through to change her internal stories that caused her such pain in her present life.

For me this book combines a mystical and spiritual feeling that is outstanding for this type of genre.

I give it 5 STARS and I recommend everybody to read it.
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When the hunter is your mate, being prey is anything but terrifying

Coyote shifter Tate Allen has been watching. Learning his mate every possible way before he moves in. Protecting her through the night, always from afar.

He’ll be the one to teach her about her gifts. He’ll be there when she changes for the first time.

With him, she’ll fulfill her destiny.

Elise Ralston loves Tate for the patience he’s shown. The faith he’s demonstrated—denying himself what he needs sexually, even as he teaches her about pleasure.

For Tate, Elise is willing to try. To revel in touch, to give him control…and to embrace her healer’s need.

But someone unknown is still stalking the clan, threatening more than Tate and Elise’s bond. And Elise is a prime target—precious for the magic she hasn’t even learned yet.


It was exciting and tension filled from the start. I loved Elise and Tate are an superb couple. Even though Tate knows right away what Elise is to him it takes, but she is new to this world and does not understand mating and what it means to be one. I loved the build up of their relationship, as Elise is very innocent and Tate knows that they need time to get to know one another before taking their relationship further.  Also, Tate is a little afraid his sexual tastes will scare Elise away.  They end up making a united and formidable couple. The tension and mystery around Draven seeking to gain all the power was well-done also and adds excellent drama to the story and plot point.

I am loving this series! and I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.  

*I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
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You know when you pick up a second book in a series and everything from the first one comes rushing back to you? When the anticipation and curiosity of the unknown is so powerful, you're willing to ignore your day-to-day responsibilities, including your kids. Yep. This is that book/series for me right now....please do not tell me it's over...

Tate is a warrior within the clan. He also happens to be a coyote tattooing alpha who's been tip toeing around the one woman destined to be his mate. Seems odd, right? I would normally agree, except he's tip toeing because this woman is new to the clan. Heck, she's new to everything! So how does he stake his claim without completely messing things up? 

Elise feels like she's living in la la land. It wasn't until recently her mother's stories about magical beings and power became her reality. Learning about her heritage, the magic and everyone's names are becoming easier each day. What's difficult is keeping her heart under control when ever she's around Tate. There's just something about him that keeps her calm. 

I loved how the majority of this book revolved around Elise and Tate's relationship. Building on an inevitable foundation, learning about each other and trusting those moments. The lessons in this story go beyond the typical message in a book. This one almost hits too close to home for me. I think every woman can/will relate to this one. 

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of nail biting moments as well. Draven is still a presence that needs to be dealt with. So buckle up for some amazing magic, alpha dominance and most importantly, self love.

reviewed by Chris
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Healer's need is the second book in the Ancient Ink series by Rhenna Morgan. Each book in the series features a different couple and I could say that it can be read as stand-alone. This is Tate and Elise's story. Elise is new to the paranormal world and Tate is trying to leave her room to breathe and come to terms with her new life, even though he knows she is his mate. So don't expect anything rushed when it came to them acting on their attraction. Yes, there is some insta-lust, but I have come to expect that when it comes to books where we are talking about mates. Elise's journey is a long one and she has to not only learn how to navigate into a brand new world for her, but find out if she has a quest meant for her and if she is going to become the healer the people in her family were. Her to-do list is a long one and it's about to become longer.

I liked this world that we see in this book and I hope for more books to come. It doesn't have only one kind of shifters and it painted a beautiful picture in mind where you can have different animals in the same place without knowing that they have to kill each other for survival. Alek could be the hero of the next novel, maybe with a certain lady who is introduced to us during this story and I can't say much about her. I bet that pairing will be fun.  I just hope Vanessa won't get a book because I didn't like her and I don't see how she can be redeemed.
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This is my first book from the series and although can be read as a standalone there are some pieces that I felt missing. Tate is a shifter who meets his mate. Problem is because Elise is new to his world, shy, a girl with baggage from past. So we see a slow pace of Tates devouring and courting, sexually exploring each other and finding Elise's place in the clan. I liked the book, the characters they were well developed. We see how Elise blooms toward the end of the book gains on confidence and strength. Tate is also likable very caring toward his mate. Toward the end is an intense moment in which the all-important members of the clan cooperate. Great paranormal read.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
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