Charter Storm

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 18 Oct 2018

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Yes, nothing new here. I have worked with both the public, private, parochial, and charter schools, unschooled and homeschooled, and even online schools through work. I'm not particularly a fan of any. As a product of public school, I always knew the day would come when their attitudes doomed them. But I've watched the charter schools come and go and teachers and students ripped off by those in charge.  Private and parochial schools seem to work the best, but they can be very expensive. Homeschooled and unschooled work well when parents are truly engaged with their children and actively work with them (I haven't seen many good examples, sadly...). I was disappointed with this book. it could have been much better. Sorry.
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There have been many concerns raised about education, on quality, structure, funding and the battle between private and public education. I wanted to read this book because I was interested in learning about charter schools and the status of education reforms in America.
This book gives an insight into various communities and the challenges they face. See, unlike my country-Kenya, America has different laws for each state and what's key about all the states is that under the constitution, education is a right and as such there's a lot to be said on public education.
Anyone interested in charter schools, public education and whether the reforms are disrupting the current public education system in America would enjoy this book! Thank you NetGalley for the eARC, a well researched work right here!
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