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Mystic by Cheryl Brooks is the second book in a spinoff sci-fi romance series from Brooks’ original Cat Star Chronicles. I have neither read the first book in this spinoff series, Cat Star Legacy, nor the original series, but I’m always down for some bonkers reading from time to time. Not being familiar with any of the book’s predecessors was probably to my detriment, but my inability to understand the world has nothing to do with my rant. Admittedly, I didn’t even have the fortitude to finish the book after hitting two (TWO!) of my big pet peeves. I don’t even want to call them pet peeves because these didn’t just annoy me. They enraged me. If anyone knows a great, replacement phrase for “rage peeves,” let me know.

Before going into this connected series, I knew that the heroes in Brooks’ Cat Star world typically have feline alien DNA and have a hyperactive sex drive. The things you retain when compiling years of books on sale posts! This installment is no different. Aidan’s (the hero) alien race is known for their prowess in the bedroom, and even after Aidan saves the heroine’s life, she remarks on his rumored bang abilities quite frequently in her inner monologues.

Aidan sometimes gets visions of people. He’s unsure if those visions are meant to be prophetic, but he does know that whoever or whatever he sees, he’s meant to assert himself in some way into his envisioned scenario. When his vision shows the heroine, Sula, in a precarious position on a cliff face, he springs into action.

Sula is searching for a cure. Her previous lover died of a disease that many people had assumed was eradicated long ago. While searching for ingredients for a cure, she lands herself in hot water and needs to be rescued. And that’s how Aidan and Sula initially meet. Sula then explains what she’s after and Aidan agrees to help her. He wants to keep her around to figure out why she was in his vision while Sula knows that Aidan has access to people and places that could help in her research.

The world building confused the everloving fuck out of me. There are fictional planets and alien races, but yet, there are Earthly pop culture references. There are Indiana Jones jokes! In the short time I spent reading, I never full grasped on how intergalactic relations worked and how Earth fit into everything. Perhaps it’s not that important in the scheme of the plot, but when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi, I want a world I can understand.

But like I said, that’s not the reason for this rant.

First, let’s get to exhibit A:

Come to think of it, he hadn’t come close to touching her breasts when he’d grabbed her from behind.

He’s either homosexual or the most gentlemanly gentleman imaginable.

Sula does couch this thought by noting his sexual orientation didn’t really matter, but a character being gay as a punchline for someone’s attraction or lack thereof to the main character is something that annoys me to no end.

She’s rationalizing the thought that he didn’t grope her because he’s either not sexually interested in her because he’s gay or he’s just uber polite. Why are those the only two options here? And maybe he is gay. Or asexual. Or he could be heterosexual and she’s simply not his type. (Or maybe he’s a functional being who knows about consent? Why is that not an option?)

Aidan just rescued her and while Elyse has talked about danger boners several times, Aidan has given no indication that he can’t control himself. Sula may be projecting a bit, given that Aidan’s alien race is known for their sexual proclivities. Did she expect to be ravaged the moment he got close to her?

She goes on to question Aidan’s attraction to her a second time:“he wasn’t interested in romance out in the middle of nowhere.”

HELLO! He was saving your ass!

Does she want to stop for a bone break before getting to safety? Her commentary was just yucky and fetishizing. This alien man is trying to do her a solid (NOT IN THAT WAY) and all she can think about (while trying to find a cure for the disease that killed the man she loved) is whether or not this dude is gonna bang her. In the language of my people, the millennials, “I cannot.”

And now to exhibit B. After I read this, I promptly closed the book and said, “I think I’m done here.”

The sudden heaviness of her eyelids made her wonder if Aidan had put a sleeping potion into the lemonade he’d given her. As she drifted off, she realized she didn’t care if he had slipped something into her drink. Sleep was as welcome as he had been when he came to her rescue.

My hero…

Um…ba-scuse me?

Are you excusing the fact that this man, who you’ve known for less than day, could have drugged your drink so you could “sleep better”?

Is this what is happening?

Are we for real?

And need I remind anyone that this book is being released in the year of our lord 2019.

I don’t know about you, but after being saved from certain death, I would have zero problems passing out from exhaustion. But, if I did have a sleeping issue, I would expect my savior to wait until I approached him for some melatonin or Tylenol PM.

What is seriously wrong with these people?

We are in the midst of the #MeToo movement, where sexual abusers are getting their asses called out every which way. There is still more to do, especially when it comes to the sexual abuse of men and minority communities, but the scene above is not the sort of behavior I want to see in my romances. I don’t want any excuses being made for drinks being drugged, even if the heroine assumes the hero was only doing it in her best interest.

I also don’t want any heroes to think it’s cool to give anyone anything without their permission. And yeah, I get that Aidan saved Sula’s life and now the however-many-suns-their-planet has all shine out of his ass, but there are many people currently, right now, reading this sentence who are conditioned AND RIGHT [italics] to be wary of men who seem nice.

When it comes to things like darker romances, I know what I’m getting into. I know there could be dubious consent or people who do terrible things. But to me, that is vastly different than going into a romance where these sorts of elements are commonplace and are viewed as noble or casual or just “how things are”. It’s a shock to the system.

All I wanted was a crazysauce space adventure with a sexy cat alien man (shout out to all my Mass Effect Garrus lovers!). Instead, I caught a severe case of agita.
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Sulaksha Enduran is still reeling from the death of her lover. He died of a mysterious plague—and it’s out of control. Sula is determined to find answers on her own, until an impossibly sexy Zetithian saves her life and joins her quest. Despite the prescient abilities and power over the wind that enable Zetithian mystic Aidan Banadänsk to rescue Sula from certain death, he couldn’t have predicted her unique effect on him. It shrouds her future in mystery…and fills him with unparalleled desire. But Sula’s investigation has put her in the crosshairs of a deadly conspiracy. With an entire planet’s population at stake, Sula and Aidan must risk it all to save the planet, the galaxy…and each other.
 I’m not much into syfy books as I don’t want to spend too much time trying to get an image of what the author is trying to relay but I decided to give this one a try. It was ok. It did take me a bit to figure the worlds this author was creating but that was ok. There was definitely a lot of fun in the story and a lot of hotness. Didn’t really get a lot lot of feel on Sula though. Still a quick and decent read. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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In Cheryl Brooks's Mystic, the 2nd installment in the Cat Star Legacy paranormal romance, this series is so out-of-this-world, it would send you out-of-orbit and a mesmerizing thrill ride. For Sula, she's an Indian human from earth who mourned her lover's death on the planet Ecos. While she was looking for answers in a cave, she ended up caught in the snare of a condor's nest. That's when she met Aidan Banadånsk, a blonde alien male who came to her rescue in his starship. From there, he took her away and tended her to her medical needs in his home planet. She had met other alien friends like Abuti and Qinta, who became her friend, and her latest ally. But the attraction between them were extraordinary when they made love for the first time, and Aidan became weirded out from it. Besides his good looks, he could fly, have feline eyes and a pair of fangs, and can predict the future, though his wordly heritage was questionable. With the help of her new alien friends, they discover who ran to kill her and scourge her home planet from a fatal disease. The truth might be closer than she ever thought and had hit home, when they come up a plan to save the galaxy before they can explore their outerwordly love for each other in a shocking climax.
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MYSTIC is the second book in the Cat Star Legacy series by Cheryl Brooks. There is an exotic quality about Zetithian hottie Aidan Banadänsk, with his magical abilities inherited from his mother, and his catlike appearance from his father, but he is the quintessential "good guy." Although Sula Enduran is a resilient and capable woman, she is a tough spot when Aidan finds her and she's happy for the rescue. Like so many other books set in this Cat Star world created by Cheryl Brooks, MYSTIC is loads of laughs, with a fascinating adventure, memorable characters, and plenty of sexy times. Along the way, Aidan and Sula pick up some helpers in their mission to expose and put a stop to evildoers responsible for planetary genocides.

Aidan is my favorite type of hero. Even though he is the kind of guy who is typically very sought after because of his good looks, wealth, and the reputation Zetithians have for being phenomenal lovers, he is a self-deprecating sweetheart of a guy who volunteers at an orphanage. Sula is literally Aidan's dream woman. He found her after having a vision. These two people are a perfect match because they're both brave and sweet- natured. The romance that develops between Aidan and Sula seems very organic and, although the relationship develops at hyper speed, a friendship forms first before any physical intimacy. Cheryl Brooks tells MYSTIC from alternating perspectives to give the reader a better understanding of how Aidan and Sula really feel about each other. As Aidan nurses Sula while she has an injury to her leg, there is plenty of flirting and cute quips, but it's Aidan's thoughtfulness and the kindness he shows to those around him that really have Sula falling for him. Aidan becomes the person Sula can rely on and support her, and Sula is good for his self-esteem.

Cheryl Brooks does a fantastic job of balancing the humor and romance with the adventure and sense of danger from some unknown assassins. The assorted allies that Aidan and Sula pick up to aid them on their mission are Qinta and Abuti (two orphan girls who help Sula while she's injured), Val (an enigmatic Avian clone who I'm seriously hoping Cheryl Brooks will write more about in the future), Curly Tshevnoe (the devilishly handsome Hans Solo in this group), and the enthusiastic healer Giklor. All of these supporting characters are entertaining and add to the story greatly in some way. Sula and Aidan have great chemistry and work well as a team. All of the good guys in this story are not quite superheroes, but ordinary yet brave good people trying to do the right thing while getting a few thrills while playing the role of "hero."

MYSTIC provides comic book thrills with unique characters and scintillating supergalactic romance. A strong heroine plus a sweet hero equals one amazing romance. Super excited to read the next installment of this Cat Star Legacy series.
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This is definitely leaning more towards sci-fi erotica than romance, but there’s actually a really interesting plot going on with the xeno-anthropologist heroine (who’s from India, another pleasant surprise to find a PoC heroine in a sci-fi romance) and her quest to save primitive civilizations a shadowy group of ‘bad guys’ want to wipe out so they can provide pristinely ‘uninhabited’ worlds for colonization.

One note for the author, though; using the word ‘exotic’ is considered fetishizing when used to describe women of colour. It’s maybe less unacceptable here than in most situations because it’s being said from an alien viewpoint, but as a general rule, I’d stay well away from using the word in descriptions.

I would actually have liked a lot more of this plot, especially in unmasking the villains, and rather less of what I can only call really, really trippy alien sex. Sula, the heroine, is a ‘normal human’ woman from Earth, and Aidan, the hero, is Zetithian, a feline-humanoid-like male with genes from other species which have given him some psychic powers. Zetithian biology wins out, though, and, well… if you’re into really unusual male genitalia including secretion of more than one mind-altering substance, plus inevitable triplet pregnancies, then you might enjoy the several erotic scenes included in this novel.

Personally, I found it more hilariously campy than titillating. Each to their own, though. I ended up just skimming the sex scenes because the weird anatomy was tripping me out and the mood-altering nature of Aidan’s secretions (and the hilarious alien names for them) was just too much. I’ll give it three stars because I did like Sula and the plot premise had promise, but if trippy alien sex is your thing, you’ll probably enjoy this a lot.
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I loved this book. There was humor lots of heat, suspense, and action. It made it a quick read because you really wanted the characters to make it both romantically and physically. I have not read the other books but its fine as a standalone.
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“Mystic” is the second title in the ‘Cat Star Legacy’ series, which is a spin-off of the ‘Cat Star Chronicles’ series.

While “Mystic” has an intriguing plot, bouts of chuckle-worthy moments and an interesting group of characters – I think this is where the ‘Cat Star Legacy’ and I part ways. I’m not liking these characters enough to care what happens to them… that’s on me, not the author. Not every book is going to be a match with every reader. I know there is an audience that loves this series, unfortunately, I am not among them. I’ve given this series two tries, and my opinion isn’t changing all that much so it’s time to move away.

Having said that – this is just one reader’s opinion, you should make up your own mind on this story. It is interesting, it’s just not for me.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Sci-Fi Romantic Suspense with a touch of humor and hot sex. What's not to love in this story? Again we have a fun romp in the Cat Star world with a mysterious plague and an assassin out to kill the heroine. 

"Sula"ksha Enduran is working on a PhD in Anthropology when she digs up evidence that empty planets are being settled that once had thriving populations. She suspects someone or something is killing off the natives with a deadly plague, that her lover died of, so their planets can be used to settle new inhabitants. She is rescued by Aidan Banadansk, a Zethithian who has Terran and Mordrial-witch parentage. He can control the wind, enabling him to fly by attaching wings, and see into the future-fortune telling. His parents are Leo & Tisana, from #2 Warrior of Cat Star Series, and littermate to Althea in the previous book Maverick. I adore series like this when you get to have other characters come into the story and interact. We get to see more of Curly, Jack & Cat's son, Giklor the healer, Val the avian clone, Onca & Kim from Cat Star #10 Rebel, the ones who run the orphanage. 

Will they get the evidence they need to stop the plagues and have those responsible pay? You'll have to read to find out! Thank you Cheryl and Sourcebooks for the opportunity to review this story for you.
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I enjoyed Sula and Aidan's book. The exciting storyline keeps you entertained with a well crafted blend of humor, heat, suspense, drama, emotions, action, intrigue, adventure and romance. The chemistry between these two is so steamy and I loved how their relationship evolved over time. A very good read.
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A psychic and elemental-gifted cat alien, a desperate human anthropologist, and a motley crew of aliens work to discover what they can about a deadly plague and the conspiracy behind it. Oh yeah, this was my kind of light sci-fi -(though whew, doggies, it was spicy) - romance. A new to me author gave me a a fun alien space adventure.

Mystic was the second entry in the Cat Star Legacy series which is a next generation to the original Cat Star Chronicles series. The children from the earlier books are all grown up and getting their own romances in the stars. This was my first encounter with the author, series, and Cat Star world, but I had no problem jumping in at this point since there were good explanations of what went before and how things got the way they are now even while starting a standalone action plot.

Aidan has a vision that leads him to the unsettled side of the planet in time to rescue a woman who he sees in a vision falling from the cliff. This rescue begins a new adventure in his heretofore rather isolated life because one touch has him seeing a person's whole future and being around new people can give him distracting visions about them that he knows he needs to keep to himself so they will live the life they were meant to live. This means he tends to keep to himself and avoid touching people. He's a good guy who volunteers at an orphanage and helps his friends, but he sees himself as less accomplished than his cousins who have all gone out in the galaxy to make names for themselves. Now, he encounters a woman whose future is closed to him, but he can tell she's in bad trouble and needs help. His time to step up and live his destiny has come.

Sula watched her lover die of a horrible plague while they were out studying primitive primates on a newly discovered planet and is the only person who knows the truth of how that disease was spread. She's looking for the reason for what was done on a distant world while trying to stay one step ahead of those who would shut her up for good as the only remaining witness. She realizes that she can't do it all alone and must trust Aidan and his friends to help when trouble catches up and nearly kills her. It doesn't hurt that she finds Aidan attractive and that her grief over losing Raj doesn't mean that she can't love again.

One of my favorite sci-fi scenarios is when there's a conspiracy and it takes a quirky crew of underdogs to come through. Aidan and his friends all have different alien gifts and Sula might be human, but she's very smart and knows what evidence to seek. Aidan was so good and sweet. He is generous and caring, but the poor guy thinks his being a mystic will have him permanently alone since he can't imagine sharing a life with someone and always seeing their future. But, Sula is different. Her future is closed to him and she is respectful of all his gifts and sees why he needs to keep them to himself. She sees the good man he is and wants that.

Now, they are aliens and yep, we have some interesting sexual features. I wasn't that enamored with the physiology discussions about alien sex parts and the alien sex or that they went at it like mad once they got started and it took up the focus of the third quarter of the book, but, not like it doesn't come with the territory.

The conspiracy wasn't that hard to work out or who was behind it and why, but it was a good one for driving the story forward and heightening the danger and suspense. I love a good space battle or unexpected attacks or the need to take down a tough opponent throughout the story.

One side character stood out for me, Aidan's altered clone genius hacker friend, and I am really hoping that he'll be getting his story next.

All in all, I had a good time with Mystic. It stays pretty light, but has some good action and some spicy quickly developed romance along with a fun and quirky group of alien friends. Those who enjoy lighter sci-fi romance should definitely give this book/series a look or even start with the earlier series if you prefer to go all the way back to the beginning.
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Hot hot, hot, hot!!! Loved this story and it's characters and loved the continuation of a favorite storyline and seeing great former characters!
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When I received the ARC for “Mystic,” it was hard to put it on its chronological order with the other books based on its release, which also dictated the time when I will read the book and write its review. Having enjoyed “Maverick,” the first book in the Zetithian Legacy series, it took a lot of will power on my part to be true to my schedule.

Still, all good things come to those who wait, and “Mystic” did not disappoint. It was a good read from beginning to end, my only regret was when I reached the final page and there was no announcement when the next book will come out!

But I digress. We are talking about “Mystic,” the story of Aidan Banadänsk, son of Leo and Tisana from “Warrior” book 2 of Cat Star Chronicles, the original Zetithian series. Half Zetithian and half human with the added Mordrial witch ancestry in his genes making Aidan very special.

Aidan is so different from the other Zetithian that he met his future mate on top of the mountain while he was flying, not on a spaceship but using wings!

Now, don’t think for one minute that Aidan is a shape shifter. His wings are manufactured. Think of Leonardo Da Vinci trying to fly. Like Da Vinci, Aidan was using a contraption. But, unlike the Da Vinci who has depend on muscle power to flap his wings, Aidan can manipulate the wind so that he can glide/fly successfully. 

Enter… (or should I say climb!) Sulaksha Enduran, Terran woman from Earth’s India (yes, as in the subcontinent of India in Asia), an archeological PhD student working on her dissertation. How and why she decided to go to Rhylos, the planet of sin (think of Las Vegas being planetwide) is still a mystery. 

To Aidan, that mystery had to be put into a backburner. All he could think of was how good Sula smelled and the need to bring her to safety after her injury.

But, could he really keep Sula safe? It seems that whoever was after her was always one step ahead of them. It was time to get reinforcements. Aidan collected a motley crew from several races who seemed inadequately trained to go against the very powerful and centuries old conspiracy at first but proved to be formidable allies when the going got tough.

If you are new to the series, you will find the adventure part the most interesting. For fans of Cheryl Brooks and those familiar with the Zetithian, don’t worry, steamy scenes still abound!

Mystic is Rated M for Mature due to sexual content.
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I give this book a 3 Star Rating
I Received this book Via NetGalley for Honest Review:
Heat: 3ish out of 5
Drama: 3 - so so
Romance-y?: 3/5

This was a quick read for me, read it in one day. I’m very familiar with this author, and was happy hear about this new series, and jumped at the chance to read this.
At first I was very confused as to what was going on, literally had no idea lol 
Then at the 50%, I got a good idea at that point what was going on, it would’ve been a lot better to enjoy if there was a page at the beginning for little inside detail of what this world is like.
This book was enjoyably hilarious, lots of funny scenes, but in actuality might’ve did some damage in my opinion because in someway it seemed to take away from character growth and romance.
Would I read more from this series? I’ll have to see
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Sula Enduran, an anthropology graduate student, comes to the planet Rylos after having lost her colleague and lover, Raj, to a virulent plaque while on assignment on another planet. It seems they were sent on a deadly mission with a purpose to unknowingly wipe out the indigenous population. Aidan Banadansk is a Zetithian mystic who has several talents including seeing the future, controlling the wind, and a legendary sexual process for which his nearly extinct species is universally known. Aidan has a vision of Sula so is able to save her life after an injury on her self-styled mission to discover what might have happened on the other planet and why.

Aidan never expected to fall for this intelligent, resolute Terran woman, but he is determined not only to win Sula for his mate, but help uncover the deadly conspiracy by powers that seek to control the universe purely for economic gain. He is a type of cat hybrid of more than one race while Sula’s family is from the Terran(Earth) subcontinent of India. They have several cohorts who are a variety of fascinating and varied races that work well as a team to expose the truth. Each alien race has a myriad of interesting traits and abilities that add color and often humor to the story.

MYSTIC is book two of the Cat Star Legacy series which is a spinoff of the Cat Star Chronicles. As a sci-fi space romance, this tale is a good mix of action and adventure with a strong underpinning of the main couples intimate relationship. I enjoyed Sula and Aidan’s story and was very drawn into the world Ms. Brooks has created. I look forward to the next in the series. This book can be read as a standalone; however, more is to be gained by starting with the first in the series, MAVERICK as well as the original series.
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Yay. I am so excited. I used to read the books from the Cat Star Chronicles. In fact, I could not read them fast enough. The sex appeal that would ooze from the pages of the books were very appealing. So when this new series was introduced, I through now was a good time to pick up a book from Cheryl Brooks again. Which I have to say that I was not such a fan of the first book in this new series. Yet, I thought that I would try this book with the intention that I would not like it either. I was proven wrong. 

Aidan is definitely a sex god. All it takes is just a look to melt any woman. Thus, I don't blame Sula for falling for Aidan. Yet, what also did it for me with this book is the humor. That is what I enjoyed the most about the prior novels. Additionally, this storyline was one that I could get into. It helps that I was really feeling both Aidan and Sula. I will be checking out the next book in this series.
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I loved the Cat Star series and was glad to see that Cheryl has taken us back to that world. This time it is the children of the original character who take center stage. I like the first book in the series but think this one is much better. I liked the danger that the characters find themselves in. Their reaction sets the stage for some very dangerous actions. For a change Sulaksha Enduran does not react to Aidan Banadänsk when they first meet. This time the romance builds as the story progresses. Sula and Aidan do a great job carrying the story and they are aided with some very interesting side characters. Great story with plenty of leads to future Cat Star books.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.
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4 Stars 
Review by Sasha
Late Night Reviewer 
Up All Night w/ Books Blog 

Cheryl Brooks is back with another addition to the Cat Star Legacy series. The mystical and magical world of the Zetithian people. This time the love story focuses on Althea's parents and how their love story started. I thought the family connection was a fascinating aspect to incorporate with the story. This way the readers can discover the similarities, like how both couples would go through hell to protect their true love, and the differences that both couples went through. Additionally, it’s nice to understand the actions behind the characters choices because their parents were major parts of their lives and upbringing.

Sula is stuck in a pit of sadness after the death of her true love. When a plague hit her people and he suddenly got infected, Sula committed herself to do everything she could to find a cure and stop it from spreading further across their world and destroying other planets. While she may have dedicated her life to science and academia, Sula isn’t one to shy away from an adventure. When she met Aiden she didn’t know the secrets that he hid and the way he would cause her world to change. 

Aiden isn’t a typical Zeithian man. Unlike many of his people, Aiden has the ability to glimpse into the future. This ability might be a gift but it has also brought him grief and confusion. His visions are filled with the plight of his people. Abandoned by his parents, he distanced himself from others in an attempt to keep himself protected. Aiden didn’t expect to connect with Sula. They both realize that they not only want each other in their lives but need each other.

Mystic has the meticulously written sex scenes that Brooks has come to be known for (and trust me they do not disappoint). The espionage aspect of the novel was the highlight for me. There’s nothing sexier than a couple of beautiful people who are in love with each other sneaking around in dark, hidden places in order to save the world. While this is the second novel in the series, a new reader is easily able to pick it up and not be confused about the characters or storyline. 

**ARC provided for an honest review**
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No lie, I like these Zetithian men and the weirdness that comes along with them getting involved in things. Plus, you know, the way they're so totally focused on giving their special someone the time of their life. In bed. Because they're SUPER good there.

Anywho. Aidan and Sula. She's on the run, trying desperately to keep those she comes into contact with safe and he's...drifting. Not literally (most of the time), but he hasn't quite found where he fits into the world and his gift makes interacting with others hard. He's a mainstay at the orphanage and he loves his family, but he keeps himself apart for all his easygoing manner.

Which, you know, is understandable what with the way he can see futures and all that.

Sula is just the push he needs to find himself. Because helping her helps him and it doesn't hurt that she's his special someone who he WANTS to help. Wait. I think I said that wrong. Aidan (and all the Zetithians) are the type who'd offer to help anyone who needed it. So he wouldn't NOT want to even if she wasn't his special. Does that make sense? He (and all the others) are genuinely good people. Which I like. A lot.

I'm digging getting to meet the children of the original Zetithians and their mates. I'm enjoying the crazy worlds and sometimes dangerous situations they end up in. All in all, I'm having a good time with these cats.
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Sula lost her beloved to a plague and is now looking to try and stop it spreading.  But meeting the handsome and enigmatic Aidan may lead to her wounded heart healing a little.

Sula may be an anthropologist but she is also a little bit of an adventurer, even if she doesn't think so.  Aidan is a rare type of shifter, one with wings and a legendary reputation among females!  But he and his merry band of friends are Sula's last hope of curbing this disease.

Cruel experiments, unsympathetic corporations and unlikely heroes.  Great romp through space, even though for its futuristic setting it was mired a bit in modern idiom.  Just a little bit disappointing.
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This is an original series that I really enjoyed.  Aiden with his psychic abilities is a quirky character with heart.  Sula showing up in his visions is the start of a grand adventure and love story.  Had a chuckle with the whole "attack of the warm fuzzies." Abuti and her habit of popping her suction fingertips would be annoying in reality.  A very good and well written book.
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