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This is an original series that I really enjoyed.  Aiden with his psychic abilities is a quirky character with heart.  Sula showing up in his visions is the start of a grand adventure and love story.  Had a chuckle with the whole "attack of the warm fuzzies." Abuti and her habit of popping her suction fingertips would be annoying in reality.  A very good and well written book.
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I loved the cat star chronicles which featured the parents, Now we are learning about the children and what have become of them in the cat star legacy series. This is the second book which is about Aidan and Sula. 

At first it took me a minute to get into the story, but after a few chapters  I was reading until I finished it in one sitting. You kinda just get thrown into the story, the characters are not really introduced at first. As you read , you meet some new characters and hear about some familiar characters from previous stories. 

Aidan and Sula must work together with their friends in order to stop a deadly plaque from spreading. You meet one of the other brothers in this story and I really look forward to knowing his story... Hopefully it's next! 

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Loved it, a great read, it started a little slow but once you met most of the characters it pops.  Could not put it down, had to know what was going to happen!  I was given this book to red.
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This was an interesting take on the shifter, space romance. Sula is a anthropologist looking to stop a deadly disease from breaking out and Aidan is an alien shifter determined to save her from a fall he saw in a vision. Both are destined to find one another. I liked both characters well enough I just found the language to be too modern for the alien genre it represents. I wasn't blown away by the story but it was a decent read.

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I have been enjoying this series by Cheryl Brooks and this newest one didn't disappoint.  Characters were interesting, and I'm looking forward to more.
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I liked the story and the characters were interesting. However, the story just starts. I found it really hard to work out what was going on. The characters weren't introduced, I had no idea where they were in the scheme of the universe. I don't know if it would have helped if I read the first book in the series first. I kinda started to pick up and make connections as the book went along. But it was hard to keep reading and get to these connections.
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