Stroke of Luck

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B.J. Daniels has presented a new romantic suspense to enjoy. Stroke of Luck is exactly that. Both Will and Poppy are lucky. Will needed a new cook asap due to his cook having broken his foot.  Poppy is lucky because she too, will get a second chance. Poppy has loved Will since she was twelve. However, fours days spread out and there is more than just sparks and tension on the horizon. The characters had a connection that hooked me from the beginning. I wanted to know more about them and what would happen next. 

Danger, suspense, and romance tangled into one entertaining read. Every page had me deep into the book. I liked how B.J. Daniels pushed more mystery and danger in this book than her previous ways of writing. It was a bold yet good move. Made it a lot more different than her other romance novels. Overall, I recommend this to all readers.
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Never read the synopsis. Saw that it had a cowboy on the cover and knew I wanted to read it. Shallow, I know. But I’m not disappointed one little bit. 

This was an enjoyable suspenseful book with a smidgen of romance sprinkled on top. Did I wish it had more than a sprinkle? You bet. But with the amount of action and intrigue happening, I probably would’ve rolled my eyes if there was. This story had no time for romance. 

I am glad I read it and I look forward to reading to the next one in the series.
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While this book was a little more suspense than romance, I really did enjoy it. This looks like the first in a new series so I'm very excited for the rest of them. This author never disappoints. Definitely recommended!
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Montana in March. Brrrr! Of course, our main characters do heat it up. An immediate need for a cook sets the stage for an heretofore unrequited love encounter. It has been twenty years since the love bug bit these two. Will they still have an attraction to one another? The guests are reason for them being together, but cause many problems. A snow storm adds to the issues. The murder mystery gets convoluted and has many surprises. A definite page turner. I skipped the intimate scenes, but enjoyed the story.
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I’ve read quite a few B.J. Daniels books and enjoyed everyone of them. This one did not disappoint either! Will is desperate for a chef to help with a ranch full of retreat guests and calls on Poppy Carmichael, an old childhood friend. Multiple murders during the retreat, a Montana blizzard and a lot of suspense while Poppy and Will find the killer before the killer finds them. 

This review is based on an ARC from NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. I highly recommend it to everyone.
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This author never fails to entice and enchant with her writing, & this novel is no exception!  There are no words to describe it, you'll simply have to read it.
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I thought this was a mystery/suspense love story but all I read was the suspense part and that is not my thing. I like romances and I need to see the chemistry & character development/bond they form with one another - while they are out chasing the bad guys. That did not happen here in this book. And what ruined it or me is the Hero "debating" to save the horses. That was just so wrong in so many ways that it ruined it or me.
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I was not a fan of Wrangler's Rescue, but I enjoyed this one much more. Sometimes the mixture of two different types of storylines doesn't work, but, for this one it did.
You had a compelling 'mystery' mixed with a possible love story. All set up at a place with no technological access to the outside world. I'm not so sure I'd want to be stuck like that.
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Having read a couple of cowboy romance books from this author before I was excited to start a new series of the same ilk. Except what I got was a lot more than just romance. This was a crime drama and mystery moreso than a romance. The story engaged me and the characters were all well-rounded.

The author writes from the third person with a multitude of characters. It's hard to determine who the main characters are in the story throughout the middle because the romance is a bit lost by all the action happening.

Crime fiction isn't usually my go-to sub genre and I was expecting something a bit different but I found the suspense exciting and enjoyed this story. The setting was great and I loved the story of the Sterling ranch and all it's unique parts. The history provided for the main characters with a budding romance was great too. B.J. Daniels' writing gives you so much while reading it's hard not to fall into the pages.
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This was a good suspenseful story about a group of employees on a guest ranch and murders start to happen. It keeps you guessing who the killer is. I enjoy her books.
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This was a really slow read for me, but I needed to know what was going to happen. There’s a killer, delicious food, and a second-chance romance. While Poppy’s revenge seemed a little silly to me—she was only 12 when she got her heart broken—I really liked Poppy and Will’s conversation at the end. I also really enjoyed Dorothea as a character, she adds some great comic relief. Overall, if you’re looking for a murder mystery and second-chance romance you’ve come to the right place.
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One of the best books I have read this year! Stroke of Luck is phenomenal with characters you love. Emotional and romantic,  and sexy cowboys this is a book for everyone.  Page after page I was hooked.
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This is a light romantic suspense from B J Daniels.   Good story and I liked the characters.  She is an author I can always recommend to my customers and know they will enjoy her books
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Some people never believe in luck or fate and others kind of construct their lives around the belief that there is some driving force – perhaps even divine – that navigates our future path. In STROKE OF LUCK we meet a mix of people that are trying to figure out if it is luck or fate that has decided their lot in life or love. There is definitely something in the air at the Sterling Montana Guest Ranch and I guess it’s our task to figure it all out. B.J. Daniels keeps leaving crumbs but it is going to take some determination to gather them all and piece together this puzzle. 
The Sterling brothers are now running the family guest ranch with oldest brother Will at the helm. It is definitely a seasonal endeavor and so the other two brothers are busy running the ranch and helping out when needed. This year Will gets a request for a four day stay at the guest ranch from one of his father’s old friends. Big Jack Hanson is coming with his group in a pre-season outing. There are some complications and uncertainties with folks coming at this time of year. Will is counting on the weather holding up but as it turns out that is the least of his concerns. 
First his cook gets hurt and as the temporary replacement Will seeks out Poppy Carmichael to step in. As a young girl Poppy had lived on the Sterling ranch with her father. They moved away when she was about twelve. Poppy was devastated as only a teenager could be at leaving Will who had captured her eye and heart. Ah young puppy love. 
Now back in town Poppy sees Wills request as a chance to even the score. She is going to make him fall for her – perhaps through his stomach – and then turn her back just as he had done. Poppy always longed to be part of the group Will hung around with albeit his guests both boys and girls. But she was sidelined by her age and the fact that Will’s father had strictly cautioned his involvement with this very young impressionable girl. 
Poppy has definitely caught Will’s attention with more than just her very fine culinary skills. But now there is something else coming between them. There seems to be something amuck with this group visiting the guest ranch. They don’t seem to get along very well. Lots of strange looks and feelings between the men and women who work for Big Jack and his son Lamar. Big Jack keeps dropping little tidbits to Lamar which has finally caught his attention.
So Lamar is trying to figure out why Big Jack thinks he has been stealing from the company. And since Lamar knows he isn’t – well then who is and why. And while we are at it just what is all that angst that is the present undercurrent between these particular employees that Big Jack invited on this outing. None of them seem to be enjoying themselves and quite a few are working diligently to make themselves as scarce as possible. 
Welcome to the world of B.J. Daniels the master of plot and intrigue disguised as good family fun. STROKE OF LUCK starts out with a simple premise – a group outing at a ranch. Riding, comradery and good food. But what happens when it appears as if this group is having some bad luck, accidents. That’s the fun part of reading anything by this entertaining imaginative author. Hang on. It’s bound to get a lot rougher.
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I thoroughly enjoyed Stroke of Luck.  A great romantic suspense.  The plot kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put the book down.  Romance fans will enjoy this fabulous book.  Thanks to Netgalley for my digital ARC.  This is an unbiased review.
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When you open this one make sure you have the time to sit and read. You wont want to put it down.
I thought I was going to have an easy time figuring out where this one was going. I was surprisingly wrong.
The author keeps you wondering at each turn of the page.
Its a great read and one I will definitely read a few more times.
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The book wasn't what I was expecting. I thought I was getting a western contemporary cowboy romance, but the book turned out to be more crime drama than romance. There is a little romance at the beginning of the book, and there is a little romance at the end of the book. 

The middle of the book was occupied with murders that happen at the ranch while they are all snowed in together. Reminds me of an old Agatha Christie novel. Anyhow, there ends up being three people murdered in total; and there turns out to be three people who are in on the murders. And there's not that many guests who came up there. 

To say that I was disappointed in the book is putting it mildly. The violence and the murder aspect just did not appeal to me at all. A lot of the book was focused on who did it, who is involved, stuff like that. It was not the book I expected.

One part of the book that I particularly remember, that I did not like, that I thought was very stupid writing, was one point where the guy and the girl were up in his apartment alone and were starting to get sexually involved. Then there's an explosion outside and he looks out the window and his barn is on fire. Now this is a ranch, and he keeps horses in his barn, and barns are important on a ranch. Yet, he stands there with her in his arms, debating on whether he wants to go outside and check on his burning barn or whether he wants to continue to pursue having sex with her. Now that was about the stupidest piece of writing I've ever read in a book, and it sort of ruins the rest of the book for me. I mean, what kind of cowboy, rancher, is he if he debates about going out to check on the burning barn!

I'm giving the book 3 stars, and I feel like I'm being generous there in giving it three stars. This is a book that had great potential but did not live up to it, and that is the writer's fault. She failed to bring out of the book all the story that was there to get.
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Part mystery, part romance. The mystery and suspense is first rate, with twists and turns that’ll literally keep you off center and guessing. The ending to the mystery is completely a surprise and not who one would have thought guilty. 

The romance between Will and Poppy left me with questionable age twelve Poppy had her heart broken by a then fifteen year old Will. Twenty years later she’s still harboring such strong and ill feelings towards him, enough to want revenge (through her cooking) to destroy his heart like he did hers. How does anyone at age twelve love so deeply and be so angry about unrequited love and hold a grudge for twenty years. The young age for such a broken heart was not plausible and believable to me. 

There some pretty amazing recipes of Poppy’s at the end of the story. 

This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the Publisher and NetGalley. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
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