The Nectar of Pain

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This is definitely not a book for me. I’m glad that there are people for whom it works and serves a purpose, and I respect the right to an opposing opinion, but to me it’s weak poetry that speculates on emotions. You know how you have so many muscles in your body that in order to be fit you have to exercise all of them? Well, the same applies to poetry. You can’t just repeat cliches like “love” and “pain” for a couple hundred pages and call it poetry. It makes a poet into Popeye who’s only taking arm days. And I’m a little sad, because I was really looking forward to discovering a Lebanese-Canadian young female poet, who’s all the rage. Oh well.
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I found this book difficult to read for a few reasons. While the poetry was well-written, I found it brought up a lot of painful memories from my past. Additionally, the themes were repetitive.
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A beautiful collection of poetry focusing on heartbreak, and how we heal from it. I love the part at the beginning that states 'some spend a lifetime healing, and some spend a lifetime wanting to heal'. It's pointed out not everyone heals the same, and there will be setbacks in any healing, and that's okay. Recommended for any who love poetry.
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I liked this book. There was definitely potential in the prose, but most often than not, something felt missing. There were all these random images the author kept portraying that I had hoped would all slowly tie up but it rarely ever did, and for that alone I am quite disappointed.
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I did enjoy some of the poems in the book, or certain verses. 

"You will tell me that you missed
 The look of love in my eyes.
 and I will ask you if you missed 
 the tears that my eyes cried." 

I love this part of the poem in 'I do not want you t stay.' Both verses uses the same composition but with contrasting words. love and tears. And then, there are poem like 'Homes Stay', that are overly divided, and it doesn't add to the poem; It doesn't amplify the "mood". 

I dropped this book after reaching page 43. It is not my cup of tea.
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I used to read poetry books with an insatiable and less critical eye. But as with all literary trends, the imstagram poet flooded the market. I'm not sure if the poetry is good. I don't read poems for the literary quality. I read to feel. And I did not resonate with any of these.
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I follow Najwa on Instagram so I was really grateful to get a copy of her book. I absolutely loved it. This young lady has such a way with words and her poetry is so lifting. Thanks for an arc copy!
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This is the first book by Najwa Zebian that I read and I must admit, I was flabbergasted by the time I was done. A beautiful collection of prose and poetry, The Nectar of Pain left me wanting to read more and more of her work. The words, the feel, the emotions—everything was so marvelous. The collection is about a relationship gone wrong. It is about heartbreak and love, about loss and recovery, about discovering one's own self and loving that person.

What bummed me a little was how, although the poems were great, the idea wasn't that original. Some of them, yes, they were mind-blowing. The others, not so much. At the same time, what also bothered me was how her work ended lines in the middle of sentences. That is not something that I like. I mean, you don't break the sentence anywhere and then call it poetry. It has to has a certain rhythm, right? So yeah, these details pretty much upset me a lot. And the ideas, like previously told, seemed pretty repetitive.

At the same time, however, I liked how the emotions really touched my heart. It felt like the writer really knew what she was writing about, so that was good. :)
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I have followed Najwa on social media for a while and I have previously read her book Mind Platter so I was excited to read The Nectar of Pain. It is a beautiful collection of poetry, I highly recommend it.
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Amazing work ! I wonder how she does it every to led a broken heart to victory and peace. Amazingly written. Loved it.
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Author Najwa Zebian transports us to different times and experiences.
Each Poem is compelling. We have no choice but to respond. We will feel different emotions as we keep reading. I love it.
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The book was good overall but,its not exactly what I expected after reading mind platter.still some of the pieces can touch your heart fully, and ofcourse everyone of us hold different percpective so just read it.
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The Nectar of Pain by Najwa Zebian is a poetry collection that follows Najwa as she cleanses herself of heartbreak. The road, while unstable and often unforgiving, is painful but also rewarding in the end. The poetry she provides are bleed with her pain and her strength to heal and grow beyond the heart ache. 
While the formatting of the poems felt confusing and a bit odd, it did give a unique experience to the collection. Sometimes, it was difficult to get through the collection because of all the pain that was in the collection, but it was a rewarding experience that made me grateful that I stuck with her words. Several of her pieces struck chords with me that made tears spring to my eyes, or made me smile and nod. Of her poems, there was this one section that I'd fallen completely in love with. It went like this:
The sun is closer to you
than I will ever be.
So burn, 
if you wish.
You will not
see the shadow of me
even if you become
the sun
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You see, in love you don't ge what you want

You get what you think you get'.

A poetry obsessive exploration of painful hearthbreak, The Nectar of Pain is a journey through the lows and highs of relationships with no future. Most of us been there at least once and going through the diversity of feelings ignited by such encounters is what a writer can offer as an alternative to being stuck in desperation. 

'Homes stay

But you walked away'

After all, a heartbreak may be just the acknowledging of the fact that nothing stays the same and saying - or being said - 'good bye' is all for the good. It's what saved your self from being completely obligerated, changed, transfigured, desfigurated, destroyed by someone else's intrusion.

Feelings are often projections of our own wishes and expectations, hopes and dreams. Feelings are delicate butterflies and we suffer, but understanding what are we going through and how to use this experience as a way to know ourselves and the human world in general is what poetry can do. There are many poems in this book which simply helps you better see and understand a full range of feelings that heartbreak tends to obliterate. At first, there is only suffering and that feeling that your heart really broke. But hearts are strong muscles though that can overcome bigger life shocks. Hence, the name of the book The Nectar of Pain, as it has to do with that secret pleasant feeling at the end of a heartbreak where you are far beyond the suffering, a new person, ready for more, better, different. 

Besides being a trustworthy companion through hearthbreaks, The Nectar of Pain reveals hidden meanings and different, unique interpretations and a hopeful, yet realistic approach on dramatic life events. Maybe after you go through half of the book you may think it is a bit too much and there are only different variants of the same thing, but you don't have to read this book in one sitting. Take your time, one heartbreak to heal at a time.
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The thing with this collection was that a lot of the poems didn't make me feel anything, which was really disappointing. This particular poetry collection explored loss and heartbreak and trauma and I assumed that this would mean a collection filled with emotional and powerful poems but I was left wanting so much more.
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The Nectar of Pain

by Najwa Zebian

Andrews McMeel Publishing


Pub Date 02 Oct 2018

I am reviewing The Nectar Of Pain through Andrews McMeel Publishing and Netgalley:

Celebrated Lebanese Canadian Poet Najwa Zebian’s Second Collection Of poetry is a powerful and beautifully written collection!

In this collection of poetry we are taken through the poets painful heartbreak as well as the path to healing. Zebian writes with power and warmth, as well as compassion, taking us on an often painful and yet healing journey.

I give The Nectar Of Pain five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I just finished reading this book. Over all the book is pretty wonderful. Sometimes when I turned the pages from one to another, I feel like the book was written for me. I found lots of things or sentences which was so relatable with me and my life. All I can say is the book is literally for me
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Thank you Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

After enjoying Najwa Zebian's Mind Platter, I am excited to read her first work The Nectar of Pain. This collection is about heartbreak, loss and recovery. The poems here are pretty standard and it didn't move me. I guess the repetition affected my mood because it's tiresome and I'm looking for variety. I'm kinda bummed because I like her writing.
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I know the tile of this collection involves the word Pain, but I had hoped for some sort of arc. Some redemption or growth and not just poem after poem of heartbreak. I got to the point where I no longer felt sympathetic towards the poet. I felt as if I had been on this ride with them and empathised and related and then I had moved on from this experience of heartache and was waiting them to catch up. We get it. 
As I said, yes, the collection is titled The Nectar of *Pain* but we needed a little more than JUST that as eventually it just became a pain itself to read

I did enjoy the writing style and I would definitely read more from the author. I just prefer to read my poetry collections all at once the first time I read them, cover to cover, and this one really begged to be taking in smaller chunks due to the nature of them pretty much all being negative
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Beautiful composition. Every page filled with something valuable reminder. I would recommend this book to anyone out there who feel suffocating and trapped inside their small world, who feel tired of fighting for themselves.
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