Stolen: A Kieran Yeats Mystery

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 13 Nov 2018

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I loved this book.  As a fan of both suspense themes and kitties, how could I not?  Interesting plot, and easy to empathize with the characters, both human and feline.  I'd not read Ms. Wright's works before, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for her next books.  A real pleasure to read!
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Meet Kieran Yeats.  After working within the law she decided that she would rather intervene in behalf of a living animal than to argue in court for justice of a dead one.  She is now an animals crime investigator.. an advocate, if you will.

Multiple animals have gone missing lately from one neighborhood .... 26 dogs and cats.  In one case, 11 Bengal cats were stolen from a locked room.  The alarm had not gone off.  The cat-sitter had headphones on and didn't hear a sound. So who is taking the animals?  Why?

A neighborhood group reveals many other cats and dogs that have mysteriously disappeared and Kieran agrees to search for them.

What she doesn't tell them is why she thinks they were all stolen.  There are unscrupulous research labs that prefer stealing the animals.

With the help of a friend in law enforcement, she sets out to find the animals and return them to their heartbroken owners.

The author has handled this very disturbing issue about as well as anyone could.  It helps that she, herself, is an animal rights advocate involved in animal welfare for many years. She founded a rescue organization in 1990 ... the Cat People. Of particular note... she was part of the team that rescued Keiki the Orca (better known as the real Free Willy).

There are areas in the book that are particularly unsettling, especially if you are an animal lover.  Most of what you read are in general terms as far as injuries and treatment go.  As I said, she did a good job of handling this disquieting issue.

Many thanks to the author / Cats Paw Books / Netgalley.  Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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