Math in Nature

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Oct 2018

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Math in Nature by Nancy Dickmann is a nonfiction book for children. It can help them learn about number patterns in a sunflower, the reason behind the shape of a honeycomb, and all about the Fibonacci sequence. High impact photographs will interest and engage readers as they learn about mathematical concepts they can find outside their own front door. 

Math in Nature is a book for older readers than I expected from the cover and initial description. I thought I was about to open an easy reader, but the text and concepts are for elementary school and middle grade readers, which made it much more engaging book for me. Some of the concepts were easy to understand, like symmetry, fractals, and spirals in nature, while others were a little more challenging, like the Fibonacci sequence. I think the images and explanations are paired together well, and it makes the reading as entertaining as educational. I liked the activities to further engage readers and that there is a full glossary, answers to the activities, and more math facts included at the end of the book.

I think this book would be a great addition to school and classroom libraries, as well as personal libraries for those that homeschool of have interested readers at home.
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I loved the way this book integrated math and science.  I am always looking for new titles to recommend to my students (future elementary teachers) that blend these areas together.  This one hit the nail on the head in terms of interest level and nice integration of content areas.
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In general, the book is not too bad. I wished to see a more detailed source of reference like a bibliography by example.
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