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This book is too awesome to handle! To be honest, I’ve been eyeing the series for awhile now because hello, just look how awesome the covers are. They’ve been sitting on my Kindle for some time and I’m so happy to finally have the chance to read them! I swear it gets better with every book!

Inimical is the third book in the series. It follows with how Dethroned finished. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to read every prequel novella first before the next one because tbh, you’ll feel lost. I felt this when I started Inimical right after Ouroboros and ended up going one step back. Still, you’d be able to understand the third book without the 2.5 novella but you’ll know something is missing.

The transition between the books is amazing. Derailed started with introducing the two, then Moribund is when they finally get close to each other. Followed by being together in Ouroboros and giving a sneak peek of the Fae Kingdom in Dethroned. Inimical gives us more of the fantasy part and I’m lovin’ it! 

Reading the series in marathon is like watching Rouen and Syl grow up and be more awesome. They became more confident in using their powers, especially Syl. And their bond keeps on getting stronger. Also, they’re too cute together!! And this book brings more girl-to-girl action, if you know what I mean. *wink wink (No dude, they just kissed and maybe made out)

Unique world building by GIE. The whole conflict between the Fair and Dark Fae is too interesting, my curious self is looking for more. The pacing of each book is also fast and it really appeals to a YA audience since the author’s writing uses relatable scenes and such.  I think her writing also seems to mature in every book indicating the characters’ development since they became less whiny.

The books are told in two POVs: Syl and Rouen, which gives way to better understanding of the both sides. I couldn’t ask for more. Well, except for the next book which would be released by March next year.

Action-packed fantasy novel. The series did not disappoint and I’m craving for more! What’s also great is Inimical doesn’t treat Syl and Rouen’s relationship as “different” because of their gender. The conflict in the book is caused by Syl belonging to the Fair and Rouen to the Dark. I also think it’s awesome that they balance each other. It’s really sweet in Rouen’s part.

I’m so looking forward to more of Fae! Overall, I rate Inimical by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, 4.5 out of 5 stars!
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This series just gets better and better! The only thing that doesn't change is Syl and Rouen's love for each other. 

Inimical was beautiful and heart breaking; hopeful and heart warming, all at the same time. 

It was full of angst and witty one-liners. Rouen's songs were cute, kinda amateur, but they managed to explain exactly how Rouen felt, even when she couldn't say it herself. (And that is a very very relatable thing for me.)

I can't wait for the next book, because I know it'll be just as amazing, maybe even more so!

I definitely recommend you to read this beautiful series. I promise you, you'll be hooked before you turn the first page!
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Inimical by Genevieve Iseuit Eldridge  is an amazing book.  With all it's twists and turns I had a hard time putting it down to do other things and I especially loved the ending.  I'm sad the trilogy is done.
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Another cute installment in this series. As I've said in the past, this series is probably a little bit young for me, but there wasn't a series with lesbian faeries when I was a teenager so I have to read it now as an adult. This would probably easily be a 4 star read for me if I was in the proper age range because it does have a lot of YA tropes that I don't really care for, but it's still a cute series. I like that we spent more time in faerie and less time in high school in this installment [a change the author said she made based on reader feedback]. 

I'm not wild about the ending just because I felt like this would have been a good end to the series [with maybe an epilogue novella after] but instead there's one of my least favorite plot twists so I guess I'll see how that goes in the next one. Also, and I know this is nitpicky but it's apparently my pet peeve with this series, but some version of the phrase 'my girl' is used by both of our narrators over 109 times in this 300 page novel and that's just excessive no matter what the phrase is.
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I think I'm absolutely hooked on this series. I didn't expect it, and it kinda snuck up on me, but a re-read is in my future.
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Syl and Rouen are back again in Inimical book three of the Circuit Fae Series with plenty of battles to keep the excitement rolling and the love flowing. 

Syl is a light princess of the light fae summer court. It is time for Syl to marry the light prince and take the throne as his queen but there is one problem with this Syl is in love with Rouen the dark princess of the winter court. 

The people of the summer court are in danger and the only way to save her people is for her to overtake the throne from her father and become the next queen and the only way to do that is to kill the one she loves. But Syl can’t do that. So their just has to be another way. 

Rouen is in the same predicament in the winter court as Syl. It is also time for Rouen to marry a dark prince and become queen of the dark fae. But Rouen is in love with Syl. Rouen like Sly will have to kill Syl to save her people and her world. How are Rouen and Syl going to save their people and become queen of their own court and hang on to each other at the same time?  

I have loved this series from the beginning. In each and every book Syl and Rouen has taken us on a magical journey in both the human realm and the fae realm. Syl and Rouen light up the world with their love for each other and on the battle field with the magic they have inside of them. 

Each and every book just gets better and better as does Syl and Rouen’s world of magic. Usually you only have one heroine in a story but not in the Circuit Fae series, no here we have two heroines who know how to kick butt but I believe that this derives from the love that these two people have for each other as well as for others. I can’t wait to check out the next book in the series.

Inimical is for all fans of the magical world of the fae and the magic between two people.
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This is, by far, the smoothest book of the series. It was also the best written. The plot was tight and rarely slowed down. When it did, it was more for the characters to breathe and collect themselves before the next even hit them. 

Almost right off the bat, Rouen and Syl are pulled out of the mortal realm and into their respective sides of fairy because their blood is requiring them to claim their thrones. Unfortunately, their kingdoms are demanding a price from them that they aren't willing to pay. Along the way, Rouen must deal with her father who has inexplicably decided to use an evolved form of the Muribund (the circuit magic that basically turns fae into machines) to try to consolidate his power. 

The stakes are super high here in this volume, with both Rouen and Syl really feeling the strain of their respective roles. The relationship is growing here, too. Both are wanting to take the relationship into more intimate territories, but both are a little wary of doing so for very different reasons. I loved that dynamic, and just gave the romance more weight.

If there is any complaint, its that it does rely a little too much on the reader having read the events of <i>Dethroned</i> a novella  that takes place between this book and <i>Ouroboros</i>. I felt like there was a ton of info dumping near the beginning of the book to sum up <i>Dethroned</i>. There were also a ton more references back to that book that got confusing at times. 

I love a good urban fantasy series, and this is one of the few really good series that focus around LGBT main characters. I thought this was the most complete book of the series, and can't wait for the next step.
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Both Dark and Fair Fairie are dying so Syl & Roue have a plan to use their combined powers and heal the hearthstones. Of course their nightmares are telling them something different, urging them to hurt each other. The pull from their respective realms trying to tear them apart.

Syl with Roue are as adorable as ever. I love how their feelings for each other are expressed through their POVs.

I like that the author is focusing on the Fairie realms, the differences between them and the differences between the protagonists. No matter how good a story is, it needs to evolve, and Eldredge realizes this before the series loses steam.

Using words like bananapants and expressions like Super Mario Bros on steroids, the author continues to captivate with her own witty, maybe a little cynical, relatable way of writing. It does get confusing at times (a lot of Fairie details are thrown at us at once), but I do enjoy the details. The author's imagination runs wild with a sense of immediate danger. And the action is nerve-stomping.

A whirlwind of excitement and emotion, this is another great installment in the series and promises us another good one on the way. With so much having changed, you don't know what to expect and that's a good thing.
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The third full length novel in the Circuit Fae series, Inimical begins with Syl and Rouen preparing to go back into their respective faerie realms, to heal the hearthstones with their combined magic, and fight the kings if it comes down to it. Once the hearthstones are healed, both the lands and the kings will be healed too, and hopefully everything will go back to normal. Only, of course that isn't what happens. The chapters rotate between Syl and Rouen, like they always do, and it's nice to see clearly both sides of the story.

The story is set in the usual setting, Syl's home and the faerie realms. It's just as it's always been, except for the fact that the faerie realms have begun to merge, and that's not a good thing for either side. Rouen's dad is more evil than ever, and he needs to be stopped before he destroys the fair fae all together. Syl is in summer school because of the events that transpired in the last book, and it's not that she can't do the work, it's that she hasn't been sleeping. Every night the girls have nightmares about killing each other, and every night it begins to feel more and more real. Will they be able to get past this?

After a particularly bad nightmare, both girls are pulled into their respective realms. Syl finds her hearth stone getting weaker and weaker, her king and queen on their death bed and drained of life. She's then able to stone step into her hearth stone to see all of the history of the fair fae realm, and meet someone who's been missing for too long. Rouen, however, is sucked right into the middle of a fight when she enters the dark fae realm. She finds her father with a new kind of circuitry to control people with, Inimical. It's from legends, and the hardest thing about it is that it's all the others put together. It's legendary and they're not sure that they're going to beat it this time.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I did kind of expect part of the ending, like, who else is going to show up? But I still liked it. The difference between this story and the others in the series so far is that the characters have come a long way from the beginning, and they're not stopping yet. I was glad to see that this wasn't centered around them being in school, like the others. I'm not sure who my favourite character is, but they seem kind of like one character at this point. I'm excited to see what happens in the next installment.

Overall I think that this book was more about being a girl trying to get headway in a mans world. Everyone is so against there being only Queens rather than Kings of the faerie realms, even though the sleeper princess is one of the most powerful beings in the land. Not only do they battle this, but they want to be together, as a couple, and that's just not allowed. Because of their fae differences and their sexuality, I guess, seeing as the last couple books were centered around Syl getting a prince to soul bond with. I'm glad that they're fighting it, they deserve to be happy with the people they love.

I'll definitely be checking out the next book, and I can't wait to see what happens. These books just keep getting better, in my opinion, as we get to learn about both the setting and the other characters around these two girls more.

Thanks for reading!
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