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Very Inspirational and well written book. Crys Howard did a fantastic job. Kept you interested in her story of being a grandparent and I loved it. 
"We still feel the need to be significant members of society." Her generation dubbed the silent generation. Kept right on working past when they could have retired. Because they want to! 
"Apparently we're the first generation to use the word retirement to mean "get going" instead of "slow down." 
She was very involved with each of her grandchildren. And it was wonderful! 
"Grandparents are the glue that will hold this world together." 
Stating that "our grandchildren face challenges that we didn't even know could exist." 
This is one of those books I could mark up and underline everything. 

Thank you publisher and NetGalley for the eARC
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3 Stars *** 3/5 
This book is well-written and inspirational, but it was not what I was expecting.  I thought there would be fun and interesting activities to do with our grandchildren, but it seemed more of a "tell-all" book to old age.   It tells how to budget, how to write a will, etc These are all good things but I didn't think the author was qualified to write in detail about them.    It did mention the Robertson family of "Duck Dynasty" many times and I am one of their biggest fans, so I enjoyed those parts.  The author is mother-in-law to Willie Robertson and grandmother to Willie and Korie's children.   
I would recommend this book if that is what you're looking for in a grandparenting book.  
I received a free digital copy of this book from netgalley and Waterbrook Press in exchange for my honest review.   I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.
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As my 19-year-old son reminded me recently, it won't be too long before he graduates from college, then he might get married, and, shortly, he and his presumed future wife will make my wife and me grandparents!  Slow that bus down, brother!  But he's right; time marches on.  Fortunately for him and for my wife and me, he has terrific grandparents.  We only need to look to them for examples.  But it doesn't hurt to hear from others who have been there before.  That's where Chrys Howard comes in.  In Rockstar Grandparent: How You Can Lead the Way, Light the Road, and Launch a Legacy, she tells great stories and offers guidance for grandparents (and future grandparents, like me).

In case you don't recognize her name, Mrs. Howard is part of the extended Duck Dynasty family.  She is Korie Robertson's mother, Sadie Roberton's grandmother.  I have never actually seen the show (I know, I know) but apparently she appears on the show regularly.  She certainly has the good humor and deep faith for which the family has become famous.  In Rockstar Grandparent, she names each chapter after a popular rock song of her youth, cleverly using the lyrics as a springboard into grandparenting wisdom and anecdotes.

This reminder captures her attitude toward being a grandparent: "I'm sharing all this to say, again, to all you grandparents out there, you have the greatest job ever!  You are the link to the past that your grandchildren need in their lives.  The past is what gives our present and future a sense of security and purpose."  Much of her activity as a grandmother is designed to build memories and a legacy with her grandchildren. 

Mrs. Howard is very honest about some of the hard parts of her life as 2 Mama.  (There's a cute story behind that name, of course!)  Her kids have not been perfect spouses and parents (whose have?) but she has been able to be a consistent, positive force in their lives.  Part of the ongoing success of their family has to be their shared faith in Christ, and their shared lives.  Most of the extended family lives close by, and many attend church together every week.  That shared faith and community, along with Howard's commitment to building a legacy in her family, is worth emulating for any grandparent (and future grandparent).

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I am sure many a grandparent will enjoy this book, it just wasn't my cup of tea. While there are numerous valuable pearls of wisdom contained within, it involves reading through a lot of folksy verbiage to get to them. The author seems to be addressing a very specific demographic, upper-middle-class grandparents. 

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I’m not a Grandma yet and probably won’t be for a few years according to my first born. I long to have babies and little ones crawling/toddling around again... that’s why I decided to pick up this book. I really enjoyed the stories and it definitely made me start to think about the name I want to be called and what I want to be remembered for. I enjoyed this book!
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DEEE-LIGHT-FUL from the first page!  Love the way Chrys used old familiar song lyrics as chapter themes.  Thoroughly en;joyed all of the personal stories she shared; she truly is a rockstar grandparent.  I got some new ideas and lots of simple motivation to keep doing all the little things that matter instead of thinking they aren't enough.  I enjoyed her thoughts about the differences between our generation of grandparents and previous generations, and after finishing the book I am convinced we are Super-heroes!  Couldn't recommend this book highly enough - grab it for every grandma, grandpa (or whatever creative name they prefer) you know!
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Ah, this is a fun and interesting book for the baby boomer generation.  Lots of  ideas, thoughts and ways to communicate and be involved in the life of your grands.  I totally enjoyed it and it was also quite entertaining to me.

Our roles have changed but it is still really important to be a part of their lives and  help and even mediate as needed.  Great book, great advice and fun to read.

I received an ebook copy from NetGalley.  All thoughts are my own.
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