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He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump

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While I would very much like to keep politics out of this blog (and this review), that's going to be a little difficult with the reviewing of this book.

First I feel as though I need to note that I am not a fan of Donald Trump.  Not his politics, not his behavior, not his tweets.  In fact, I requested this book hoping to get a few laughs and to see him brought down to size a bit.

I say this because I didn't enjoy this book and I don't want it presumed that I'm simply a crazed fan of the POTUS and trying to enact some strange revenge. No ... I just didn't like the book.

This book, featuring mostly just the actual twitter exchange between the POTUS and a Hollywood writer, really doesn't have much meat to it at all.

I feel as though there isn't much of the Twitter war here at all, but rather just select bits of the longer Twitter battle.  If that's not the case, then this "Twitter War" has been REALLY exaggerated.

Danny Zuker, the Tweets author, explains his intentions in the tweets and how Trump is clearly stymied by Zuker's wit. And it's a good thing he explains how he manages to 'zing' Trump because honestly, I'm not sure I'd get them all. Which suggests to me that Zuker is as enamored with himself and his own wit as Trump is with his.

Let's face it ... Trump is not a smart man. He's a bully and a liar (I base this on his public behavior) he believes the truth is whatever is said the loudest and most often.

But he 'wins' this twitter war because he managed to engage someone.  And, sorry Zuker, telling someone that you are not responding to their requests is a response. It's a childish, school-child response, but it still is a response.

And that's really all this is - a school-yard brawl with abbreviated words. The more intelligent person thinks they win because they are smarter and quicker-witted and use better words. The bully thinks he wins because he has gotten attention and engaged someone to go toe to toe with him - and because he's less intelligent, he doesn't know when he's beaten. In the end, we all lose because the rest of us wasted our time watching it.

I like that the proceeds from this book go to funding programs that Trump has cut, but I really wish I could recommend this book so that it would raise more money.  Unfortunately it's just a pissing contest that isn't very exciting to watch.

Looking for a good book? He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump by Danny Zuker contains some of the public tweets he and Donald Trump exchanged over a few years. Once was bad enough ... we have to experience them again and again?

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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I definitely enjoyed this book! Very funny and interesting, it shows the whole twitter exchange between the author and Trump. Trump's tweets are just sad and its horrible that we have a president who resorts to online bullying but it does make for a funny book idea.
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If you've never dealt with a malignant narcissist count yourself lucky.
However, for those who have the unfortunate reality of having our worst nightmares come to light we know the worst thing you can do is provoke one, much less egg one on, or even attempt to think you can 'win' against one.
They are demeaning, degrading, egotistical, self centered, cold, calculating and deceitful individuals whose sole goal is to win.
They want to be viewed as special that 'spotlight' pedestal placement atmosphere in which they feel superior and near god like to the world around them.
They also have a dark side, a side of rage, temper tantrums, mood swings, and downright anger in this personality trait disorder.
Now do to constraints we cannot diagnose from afar but what I can tell you having married one is that their spouses and children are viewed as secondary.
They do not love. They do not care. They only want to have a constant source of supply to feed their insatiable ego.
So therefore, please do not feed the narcs as the best thing to do is have no contact, remove the toxicity, stay safe, and of course take the high ground.
This book for me was petty.
It was tit for tat and children behaving badly.
I would never try to corner my narcissist because I knew the end result would not be good.
However, I do know if they are caught in a lie they will eventually fold and stray giving a silent treatment which was dangerous because they use threats, intimidation, blackmail, and legal action to keep you silent.
Therefore, for me this wasn't entertaining because I've been on the receiving end having been left bankrupt, homeless, lt unemployed, without income assets, savings, credit, nor basics to survive with our 3 kids.
In fact to this day I'm walking that fine line just to raise our kids together as primary caregiver.
You see these narcs want the label of a parent but won't put in the time or energy but rather steal others work as their own.
What I did notice is the accusations and mud slinging and yes that's true what the narc accuses others of doing is exactly what they are doing.
These false accusations, the projection, the mirroring, the love bombing, the mind games, the gaslighting, the jekyll and hyde persona is just part of it.
Be prepared for empty promises, broken dreams, devalue and discard and much more.
The trail of destruction is wide, the survivors are present, the actions speak louder than the mere words yet the denial some feel towards them to not believe the truths is alarming.
The naivety that many feel surrounded by them is normal. You don't want to believe someone is inherently evil.
Yet you must face the facts head on or risk getting run over.
I personally have a connection with narcissism and NPD and for me it's no joke.
It's reality and sadly books such as this poke fun at the countless numbers of men, women, and children who are suffering from NPD and similar personality trait disorders that those close to them may have acquired.
This was not informative, this was not beneficial, this was nonsense.
Sorry but until you lived it you wouldn't understand just how destructive and damaging being involved with a narcissist is or can be and I pray you never do.
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He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump by Danny Zuker is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. This is a entertaining and sad book! Very entertaining because Zucker wipes the floor with tRump and tRump doesn't have a clue! The exchanges between them is childish, and it is meant to be from Zucker's view to bait tRump and it works every time! 
It is sad because tRump is suppose to be our leader! Really? A childish buffoon that tweets these things? Lol! 
I had some giggles, tried not to think about the leader of the USA part and just let myself enjoy! 
The sales of the book goes to three agencies that tRump is trying to destroy now... So I hope tRump sees the sales and tweets! It will just increase the sales!
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This was a quick fun read, that was hilarious. I love that the proceeds from this book go to charity. Not only was it great to read but even better that it goes for a good cause. Enjoyable and recommended.
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He Started It! by Danny Zuker is a short and quick read that basically amounts to a horror story and a comedy all rolled into one. The unfortunate piece Presents itself in the fact that the nightmare is real and none of us can really wake up from it while the humorous pieces sadly only serve to exacerbate the horrifying nature of it all. Zuker is a man with a hilarious, yet truly distressing account of the current trash that is warming up a seat in the Oval Office. His book, He Started It! depressingly reveals a number of key facets to the personality of the man currently attempting (and failing miserably) to run the country of the United States via a variety of tweets between him and the author.

Had this despicable narcissist not been elected as President, I imagine this book would have been a lot more amusing and a lot less terrifying. I always thought Donald Trump was a joke, continued to think it as he announced his candidacy, and was horrified by it when my idiot father suddenly told me that he supported him. There is truly no greater feeling of dejection than realizing that the racist, sexist, homophobic narcissist was actually being taken seriously.

This book is mainly just a collection of tweets between Danny Zuker and Donald Trump in which Zuker regularly calls out to Trump’s low self-esteem and incessant need for complimentary approval. It reveals truths about the President even as his every day tweets continue to reveal them now. With commentaries from Zuker throughout, you get a real sense of what was important to Donald Trump, the fact that his lying certainly didn’t start with his run for President, and a deep look into his deeply unstable mental state.

But the best part about He Started It! is the fact that Zuker is donating all proceeds from this book to wonderful and exceedingly important organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and World Wildlife Fund all that have been hurt by Trump and his administration in their goals to destroy the country (and quite possibly the world). And that alone is a reason to buy this book. We’ve got to resist Trump as much as we can and I truly could not thank Zuker more for his efforts.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is hilarious!! A laugh out loud, actual account of Twitter exchanges......from who would eventually become President of the USA! Totally amazing.....(actually might be kind of scary, if one thinks about it....) If you're not laughing as you're reading this, you're probably shaking your head in wonder/amazement that this person actually typed those words for public viewing..... I was alternately shaking my head & laughing out loud thru out this book! Every part of this book is worth the read, from the dedication & preface to the epilogue & the acknowledgments..... & all proceeds from the sale of the book goes to great causes....... Yep......5 stars!
I received this e-book from NetGalley & Griffith Moon Publishing, in return for reading it & offering my own honest review.
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*deep inhale* OK, ladies and gents. Here we go. I will admit that I LOVE seeing any example, instance, etc. of Trump getting taken down a notch and there have been so many wonderful, poignant comebacks that have been fired at the President since he's taken office. So I was thrilled to see this work on the NetGalley request list and immediately put myself down for a copy. I thought the book was going to be filled with zingers and "OH DAMN!"s but let me tell you folks, it was not to be. One of the things that really got under my skin and made me frustrated at this work is that Zuker continuously claims that his tweets are more informed, more educated, that taking down Trump is only "too easy", and that Trump defaults to petty insults when he's caught in a lie. And while Trump can be seen floundering and  throwing around school-age insults, Zuker is NO better. His "zingers" are basically along the same lines as, "Yeah, but you're stupid and you have no friends." He cites his many followers compared to Trump and rarely makes a comeback that I would deem "mature and well-informed." Frequently throughout this work I felt that Zuker was at the same playing level as Trump and that it was two rather immature men trying to one-up another. For example, Zuker brings up "the deal" that Trump offers him. He states in the work that he knew the best way to piss Trump off would be to ignore "the deal" and never refer to it. Guess what he immediately does? Talks about "the deal". And brings it up just as many times as Trump does. *sigh* 

Nonetheless, I appreciate Zuker challenging Trump and throwing his lies back in his face. I think it's a good work to see Trump's Twitter account in the early years and to show that he's just as immature as he's always been. I also think it's a wonderful idea that all the proceeds from this book will be going to charities that support causes that Trump has tried to undermine since he's been president. It's for that reason that I will definitely purchase a copy for our Library but the true zingers that I was hoping for were just not there.
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Thank you NetGalley and Griffith Moon Publishing for this early copy.

This was equal parts funny and terrifying.
I adore the fact that he made this in order to donate all profits to charities that got screwed by Trump.
That is truly winning.
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Very quick read about the tweets between the author and Donald Trump. Basically, it is what we have come to expect from Trump, insults, bullying, etc. Some of the author's tweets were funny, some from Trump were sad. Just their Twitter exchange in one place. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book. Although I received the book in this manner, it did not effect my opinion of this book nor my review.
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This is a fast read. It documents the Donald Trump, Danny Zuker "twitter war"
Essentially this is exactly what you can find online but bundled up nicely in an easy to read format.
Usually I would chalk this kind of book up to a cash grab, but 100% of the proceeds from this book, are going to charity.
This book is good for a few laughs.
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“He started it!” is the very thing we tell children not to say when they deflect from accepting responsibility for their poor choices. People in life will always start things with you, but true character is not responding to every provocation that exists, real or imagined. I think the author dost protest too much, as he is laughing all the way to the bank while lavishing in the attention that attacking the president affords people nowadays.
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Having missed Danny Zuker's Twitter war with Trump - and, apparently, being a glutton for punishment - I thought I'd give this a go. It's very short, light, and ultimately unsatisfying - mostly because Trump constantly reveals himself to be an idiot, was still somehow elected, and continues to remain in office despite having the temperament of a petulant child. 

It's a quick, fun little read - but also depressing.
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3.5 rounded up to 4 stars (mostly because I admire that all profits will go to charity) for He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump. This is a quick read that is part funny and part very sad. In 2013, Danny Zuker found himself caught up in a twitter war with the then reality tv star, Mr. Trump. 

The book opens with a brief introduction about how the twitter war came to be, and then moves along to display the actual tweets that made up the twitter war along with brief bits of amusing commentary -- I definitely laughed out loud a few times.  On the other hand, I was left feeling terribly sad that this is what our public discourse has become. 

Overall, this is a VERY short book but will appeal to those who find such things amusing. The price tag would normally seem very high to me, but since all profits are going to charities that need assistance, I might just end up scooping up a couple of these as Christmas gifts.

PROFITS GO TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD, RAICES (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) and the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND.

Thank you to NetGalley and Griffith Moon Publishing for providing me with a DRC of this book.
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This book is based on the tweets between Danny Zuker and Donald Trump years 2013-2014. Funny I didn’t realize he had a Twitter page back then, but he was just a television personality. Did not like him or his show so these tweets would have meant nothing to me at that time. But reading them now you can see that trump has learnt nothing. His tweets today as the US President are still the name calling, bragging about how “bigly” his brain is...( his word, not my mistake) and mean spirited. This book is funny as Zuker just eggs him on. Even after he was blocked by trump, the donald still managed to read his tweets and responded. Sad, sad, but funny! 3⭐️
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