Ghost Busting Mystery

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Ruby Jane and Veenie are senior sleuths working in a detective agency.  When the Sheriff gets reports of ghosts in the apple trees of an abandoned house, he gives the case to them.  The man reporting it is not all there and the Sheriff is not into ghost busting.  He'll get involved before it's all over, though.

Hot Pants Press and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

This story is half silly and half serious.  It's a light read with crime going around RJ and Veenie and it takes some effort to sort out what the ghosts are, who is scamming whom, and where the treasure might be hidden.

You see, the house has been vacant for almost a hundred years and it's rumored the man who built it hid the bank's gold there when he left town.  What they find is a dead body.  And the Sheriff has no choice but to join the investigation.

This is a light read but it sure was a bunch of fun.  If you like a laugh with your mystery, you'll like this book.
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This book is hilarious...I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. The shenanigans these two ladies go through to bust a "ghost" is over the top.  Book two is definitely on my to read list.
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I really enjoyed this book.  It was a fun and funny book.  I don't llike paranormal books but it wasn't paranormal.  It was a great book.
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While this was an entertaining story it didn't really have the ear markings of a true cozy. The deceased had been dead for many, many years and no one else died. There isn't a romance angle and no one was really in dire straights. The two main characters are a cute cross between a couple of Golden Girls and Thelma & Louise. A quick easy read but not what I would consider a cozy mystery.
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I moved to Indiana for my son, I stayed for the humor. Seriously. Midwesterners, Hoosiers particularly, are some of the funniest people I ever have met! It is that side-splitting, tongue-in-cheek humor that you will discover in the Ghost Busting Mystery: Book 1 of the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency series by Daisy Pettles, aka Vicky Phillips. 

A fellow blogger suggested that I read Ghost Busting Mystery  since I'm always on the hunt for good Midwestern books and authors. I was dubious based on the title and, okay, the description itself. Boy, was I ever glad that I read the book anyway! This is one of my Top Ten Books of 2018 and one of the funniest books I ever have read! As in, EVER! 
Ruby Jane, known as RJ to all who know her, and her best friend for life, Veenie, are natural born snoops. They work part-time at the Shades Detective Agency in an extremely small town in Southern Indiana called Knobby Waters.  What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in colorful characters who reside there. RJ and Veenie are on the far side of "elderly," although that's not even a word that I ever would use to describe them. They like to snoop for Shades in order to get "twinkie money" that they use for, yes twinkies, emergency pie runs and "mystery meat" sandwiches at the local bar. They have agreed to take the case of the glowing bottomed ghosts hanging out in their neighbor's orchard. 

The author creates a cast of characters, including a drunk wiener dog, and a depiction of rural Indiana, chicken houses resembling the Senate building, so brilliantly and perfectly that I swear I have been there and met these folks. They will have you laughing out loud before you've finished the first chapter. Yes, there is a very fine plot/mystery but it is the humor, wit and sarcasm that will keep you glued to the pages of this comedy. It's like Garrison Keillor meets Mel Brooks: folksy, irreverent, hilarity with a whole lot of Midwestern charm.

If you don't read one other book before this year ends, you have to read Ghost Busting Mystery. I promise that RJ and Veenie will make glad that you did. If you need me I will be down in southern Indiana looking for the Pie Hut for emergency pie runs! 

Loads of thanks to #Netgalley, @DaisyPettles, and #HotPantsPress,LLC for my copy of this comedic tale!
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What a cute mystery.  Loved the plot and the feisty and quirky characters.  I look forward to reading more books in this series.  I recommend to fans of mysteries.  Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my digital arc this is my unbiased review.
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When Dode comes around complaining to the sheriff that he sees ghosts across from his place, the sheriff quickly dumps it onto Ruby, who happens to be in the office. Ruby and her best friend Vennie, are senior citizens who are P.I.s in training. This is the first book in the series, and it is quite fun. A lot of quirky characters and a lot of circumstances that definitely give a person pause. Set in Indiana, but I kept feeling like it was more in the south. Small town, so everyone knows everyone and their business. That would get old . Overall, I enjoyed the story and the characters and look forward to the next in the series.
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A fun book.  Two old trainee PI women investigate ghosts at a 'mansion' close to a small town, where everyone knows everyone's business.  Lots of happenings along the way and the book introduces some amazing elderly people.  I laughed aloud at some of the happenings.

Looking forward to more please.
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Ghost Busting Mystery by Daisy Pettles is the first book in the cozy Shady Hoosier Detective Agency mystery series. This one is for the fans of the over the top humorous cozies that keep a reader laughing from start to finish.

Our two main characters of Ghost Busting Mystery are a couple of “elderly” ladies, Ruby Jane Waskom and Veenie Goens. Best friends all their lives the pair lean on each other with neither being rich and still needing to work to support themselves they have taken on working at the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency, what better job to put to use their nosy natures.

Things have been a bit slow at the agency and the ladies know they need to take on any case that comes their way. So from anything like searching for a blind missing wiener dog, mysterious break ins at the local shop or an abandoned mansion that is haunted by ghosts with big butts Ruby Jane and Veenie will be off to the rescue.

Being from Indiana myself I just had to give this little cozy a try and I’m certainly glad I did. Sure, it could use a little polishing up a large publisher would bring but it’s still in excellent shape for a small one and the story is one that is non-stop laughs. Having spent plenty of time in southern Indiana I can honestly say there can be some pretty colorful characters in these areas and while Knobby Waters is fictional many of the other towns mentioned aren’t and I’ve been to a few. I could easily picture all of the antics and think those that enjoy a huge helping of quirkiness will love this book.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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law-enforcement, laugh-out-loud, cozy-mystery, crooks, verbal-humor, situational-humor, seniors 

There's a perfectly good plot here, but the best thing is the absolutely hilarious humor! And the characters, of course. The two seniors have perfectly fine minds, but one is pretty much blind as a bat and the other is more stubborn than a mule. Together they investigate some mighty odd goings on in their small township, keep running afoul of their friend who is the local law, and even get mixed up with a Fed who used to live there. Stay away from beverages while reading this great book! It's just what I needed when I would come home from working second shift in the ER!
I requested and received a free ebook copy from Hot Pants Press, LLC via NetGalley.
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What a HOOT! I am out of words to describe this story. Hilarious? Yes. Wacky? Yes. Quirky? Yes. Rib-tickling humor? Yes. Unique? Yes, Yes, Yes!


I have never read a book that includes ghosts (with green lights on their bums… I just can’t stop saying that!), grannies with chattering dentures, bank robbery, seances, fraud, a dog that farts and belches at the same time, and many more! Of all the cozy mysteries that I have read far, I must say that this is the wackiest and funniest one that I have ever read.


It is not easy to write rib-tickling humor and it is even more difficult to write something that is funny and quirky. Hats off to the author Daisy Pettles for combining both in this hilarious, mind-numbingly funny story – Ghost Busting Mystery.


The story takes a 180 degree turn when Jedidah Wyatt’s fraud charges come into picture. The skeleton found in the Wyatt mansion is most likely to be of his wife – Alta Iona Wyatt. Then another twist during the séance. The concluding chapters are definitely the best part of the story. The cozy mysteries that I have read so far have a good ending (no doubt about it), but this book had a unique ending. The detective grannies are really good, mind you.


Each character in the story plays an important and quirky role. There’s Queet Hudsucker, the town librarian. Then there is the psychic Kandy Huggins who speaks Pig Latin during her seances. Ma and Peepaw Hortons – yes, you read it right. The wife is called Ma and the husband Peepaw. They own a chicken farm called chickenlandia – the rooster there is the big shot hero who likes to flex his muscles and show his biceps to the hens out there. Then there is the local newspaper called Hoosier Squealer and it is owned by a guy named Squeal Daddy.  When RJ and Veenie find the skeleton, the Hoosier Squealer reports this news as “Ghosts Hosting Late Night Orgies at Wyatt Mansion.” And not to forget Harry Shades, who runs the Harry Shades Private Detective Agency and Boots Gibson, the Pawpaw County’s Sheriff. Veenie and RJ’s friendship is portrayed really well. I liked the bond that they have between them.


The names of the shops in Knobby Waters (Pawpaw County) are hilarious – Lube It Up is the mechanics. Go Go Gas is..yes, the gas station. Pokey’s Tavern is where one goes for a mystery-meat sandwich and greasy, fat onion rings. And of course, Ma and Peepaw Horton’s pie place – the best pies in the world!

Ghost Busting Mystery is a wackalicious cozy mystery. If you love to have a good laugh (who doesn’t?), then Ghost Busting Mystery is THE book for you.
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Fans of Jana DeLeon should give this one a try. These characters are zany and fun, full of personality. The mystery was fun and not quite what you expect. This was my first read by this author and I will definitely be going back for more.
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Great start to a new series! This is a new author to me, I was drawn to the book by the excerpt. Ruby Jane Waskom and Vennie Goens are a pair of elderly sleuths working for Harry Shades Private Detective Agency in Knobby waters, Indiana.

The sheriff, Boots Gibson, dismisses a claim about ghosts, and points the client towards Ruby and Vennie. Dode Schneider, pays the agency a retainer of two jars full of coins. Vennie dons on her ghost busting attire to get down to business, because they aren't afraid of no ghosts. When Ruby and Vennie enter the old abandoned mansion, they find a skeleton tied to a 100 year old mystery. Aside of chasing ghosts, there's a drunken blind dog, and other issues to contend with.

Vinnie is a hoot! She doesn't let much stop her from doing what she wants to do! 

This was a delightful read, with many laugh out loud moments throughout the book. If you are looking for a fun, entertaining read, this is the book to read!

I would like to thank NetGalley via Hot Pants Press, LLC for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book.  The characters and the story were fantastic.  Enjoyed all the twists and turns.  Would highly recommend this book.  Thank you Daisy Pettles...
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This book makes you laugh and scratch your head. It has two older women from the South who add wit and bravery to the mix. RJ and Vennie are a laugh a minute. All I could picture while reading the book was Heddie from NCIS LA. RJ and Vennie work as interns at Harry's Private Eye Agency. Well they have bills to pay and Harry is out of funds but it seems like they always have to find the cases and solve the crimes. Dode hires them to solve a case of lighted bottom ghosts he keeps seeing in the orchard next to his house. RJ and Vennie go on the case with their smoking Impala and try to solve the case. It has other cases in it while solving this one. Who is stealing the mystery meat from Porky's? Who stole Junior's motorcycle?  The addition of their roommate Sassy was an added plus.  This is a heart warming and funny split your sides mystery and the author is very authentic. I highly recommend this book to any mystery reader. 
I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This is a great book; this is the first book in the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency series written by Daisy Pettles. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. This book will keep you reading long into the night. If you are looking for a great book, then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author.
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Wacky does not even begin to describe this story. Beginning with ghost sightings by a man who was at some point hit by a snowplow, and ending with a sneak peek of the next in the series, this is one crazy read.  I enjoyed the mystery itself; ghosts in orchards, generational family intrigue, and missing Confederate gold all made for a detailed plot.  The characters from the leads, RJ and Vennie, to secondary characters were all unique.  Some, like Vennie, were “true” characters…as in “wow, the author has a vivid imagination, but she kind of reminds me of my crazy aunt.”  I think if I had anything negative to say, it would be that the whole thing was almost too much.  The wackiness never really let up, and at times that got a little bit tiring to read.  It’s almost like watching a bunch of Monty Python sketches in a row with no breaks.  In that regard, it’s possible that this book would be best read in small doses to really let all of the characters and events sink in.  It’s a 3.5 star rating from me.  Thank you to NetGalley, Hot Pants Press LLC, and the author for a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Ghost Busting Mystery by Daisy Pettles

This is a quirky and funny mystery about two sleuth detectives named Ruby Jane Waskom and Venice Goens with the Shady Hoosier Detective agency. The sheriff gets a call from a farmer named Dode Schneider saying that the Wyatt mansion is haunted. Not by just any ghosts but by ghosts with bid butts that dance in the orchard. This is one that will keep you laughing out loud while trying to solve a mystery with two elderly women who are just trying to make a little extra money for some mystery meat. I cannot wait until we meet these two again. 

Thank you to netgalley as well as the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

5++ stars ⭐️ out of 5
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Book Review
You know that you are reading a fantastic book when you carry it with you everywhere you go and whip it out when you have any time at all to read, Ghost Busting Mystery is one of  those books. I read it during my lunch break, I read it in the grocery store line, I read it while waiting for a food order- I look for any opportunity to pick it up. The characters are funny, lively and relatable (and I never lived I Indiana). The story line brings you in, I want to know who these ghosts are! Daisy Pettles is a smart writer with a sense of humor. I’m so glad this is the first in a series because I am sorry that this one is over. I want to read number two! You will not regret reading this book, I promise!
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If you're looking or a fast paced humorous mystery involving senior sleuths then this book is for you. Lots of laugh out loud moments along with a well planned mystery. Do  not read this book in public because you might make a spectacle out of yourself when reacting to this engaging and funny book. I really enjoyed the story and characters and the author portrayed the setting in a such a detailed manner that you'll think you've been transplanted right in the middle of an apple orchard in Knobby Waters, Indiana!
I thought this was a great first in series and I'm eager to read more books by this author.
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