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A Village Affair

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A beautifully written story about a village. A village full,of lovable, independent, amazing people. All the characters are developed quite well, from the main character, down to the school janitor. I feel in love with each and every one, except Mark & Serpentina! LOL

The adults, along with the teens & young school children all had a part of the story, and the way it’s written you can’t help but love them and care about the outcome.

Disclaimer: I was given a free advance copy from NetGalley in return for my honest review.

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Looking for a light, cozy read to enjoy? You've found it!

What a fun story! A lovely village, wonderful friends and family, and plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested. You're in for a treat with A Village Affair.

Julie Houston is a new author for me, but after reading this gem I can't wait to read more of her books!

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I have never heard of this author before but the cover and description sounded really good and I'm so pleased I chose to read it as it's simply brilliant. I didn't want the book to end at all the characters were brilliant along with the countryside and the plot for the story was brilliant. Just couldn't put the book down and would so love to see a follow on as amazingly well written and can see more from them all. The book is so heartwarming and full of heartbreak, starting again, fighting for what is right and romance and can you be with who you want to be with or not. Highly recommend this book to anyone and worth far more than five stars for sure simply brilliant and about families to.
Cassie is just about to start a new job as a deputy head at the village school and just before she is due to start she is out at an auction and one of her best friends husbands announces that Cassie's husband Mark and his wife Tina are having an affair and have done for two years. This turns poor cassie's life upside down she kicks her husband out and has to think about telling her two children Freya's and tom. She gets a phone call from the school and she thinks they don't want her as they have heard about her husbands affair but in fact they want her to act as head as sadly the head has passed away. She throws herself into work and soon learns that mr Edward Bramforth who owns a lot of farming land in the village wants to sell up and build houses and a new school and a ski slope but she doesn't agree. Paula cassie's mother suggests she goes away in the October half term so she can find herself again and while away she meets handsome Xavier and she falls for him but then she learns his father is Edward so what can she do. Once home she again throws herself in to work and when she hears from Xavier she can't resist seeing him but when her mum comes home and sees them together she can't help but drop a bombshell on them. How do they cope and what is the outcome of this secret will more follow and can they be happy together or not and will the land be built on or not. Will everyone be happy in the end or with there be more heartbreak.
A simply brilliant book and must be read.

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I was hooked from the description on the back, lovely read and a fantastic ending with some surprising twists along the way. I was slightly worried that the book wouldn't be as good as the description made it out to be however I was wrong to worry. Couldn't put it down and will read it again in the future. Will definitely be on the look out for more from this author!

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