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This was a truly difficult read.
The cruelty shown to the author by her ex was shocking. He waited until she sold her house - her fallback and kind of safety blanket I felt - before just casually destroying her life and psyche.
His reason for leaving the marriage echo in my mind, the reasons for the ending of his first marriage.
But the bravery she shows in trying to heal herself is amazing. The willingness to expose herself to therapy to heal is brave.
I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. So uplifting and appropriate for each chapter.
Her connection with Lucy was a conduit, bringing her back to a new state of normal - touching. How strong the healing powers of a loving pet? And how Lucy gently eased her back into society was heartwarming. Although some of her attempts to train Lucy could be seen as failures, they helped her make new connections to the outside world and took her out of her comfort zone. I think her daughter had all this in mind when selecting her mom to be Lucy's adoptive home.
Her ex sounds like someone with serious issues. I'd suggest the author keep a copy of her book on hand to send to wife number 3 when he eventually decides that she too is mean, selfish and unable to be loved.
This was by no means an easy read, but the author found her calm space and her rightful place in the light.
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Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book. I say that because after reading the synopsis I was a little gun shy about reading a memoir revolving around a divorce. It was a little to close for home. Maybe that made it too relatable?
 I was completely absorbed in this book. Totally. Kathryn was honest and open and her strength is admirable. i cought myself nodding along with her a few time...even though I've never been divorced. It's about marriage - in this case, the end of one - but ultimately about marriage.
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Oh wow. Put some time away for this book. It has all the ingredients for a terrific psychological thriller.

No spoilers from me.  Book is great with lots of lies, deception, tragedy, and twists. Also, loved the unpredictable ending.  Can't say enough great about this. Read it today!!

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this fabulous book.
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Can a book be both sad and uplifting, can you feel sad and content at the same time.  Yes you can.  This memoir is all that and more.  I am so glad netgalley gifted me with the arc of this story.  The opinion in this review is my own and I am happy to recommend this book.
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Wow!  Thank you to the author for sharing her story!  She wrote about being blindsided in her marriage and the strength that it took to rebuild her life to what it is today.  I admire her spirit and ability to pick up the pieces of a broken life.  Not many of us have the strength that she does.  This was a great read!
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Two Minus One is a memoir about a woman who had to rebuild her life twice, at 40 and at 60. Her second husband blindsided her By announcing he was done with the marriage. The book focuses mostly on her recovery and her ability to establish a life based on her needs and wants and no one else's. She was fortunate to have supportive friends, family, and therapists. It's a good  motivational read for anyone facing difficult challenges. The one aspect that puzzled me and the author never addressed was her own pension or lack of one. According to her she worked for over thirty years as a teacher, yet she claims she was without income without her husband's support.
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Thriving Solo After Divorce
Through the concise telling of her story, those of us who belong to the Sisterhood of Abandoned Wives can begin to heal ourselves. 'Gray Divorce' of older women presents many different issues than those faced by younger women. By realizing our needs we can help ourselves out of the hell hole of pain, loneliness and guilt. The author takes us along on her journey and we learn as she learns, what to take and what to leave behind. This is an emotional book for any divorced woman to read, but it can be cathartic to healing. I received this book for free and this is my honest review.
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A true story about being blindsided by marriage and promises. Great memoir, will draw you in and wont let go. Very sad and uplifting at the same time.
Thank you NetGalley for the free advance copy!
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While reading Two Minus One only one word comes to mind - MEN CAN BE JERKS! And I say that with an attitude!!! This was a fast read and I read it in just a couple of hours. This book is about a woman who’s husband decides out of the blue he doesn’t want to be married anymore and it’s her raw words of how she dealt with it all and started over. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this book for my honest opinion.
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This book is simply amazing. The characters are well developed and Taylor does an excellent job of breaking and healing our hearts. This reads like a true story.
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TWO MINUS ONE: A MEMOIR by Kathryn Taylor is a heartbreakingly honest recounting of a heartless dumping by a gutless husband and the slow road back to recovery. The author is unsparing in her emotions, which makes this such a supportive book for anyone going through an unexpected, unwanted divorce. TWO MINUS ONE is another engaging example of the fine works written in the female voice published by She Writes Press. Highly recommended! 

Pub Date 06 Nov 2018

Thanks to She Writes Press and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are fully mine.

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I found this memoir about being blindsided in a marriage and then subsequent divorce informative. It was an intriguing and fascinating read. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a digital ARC for me to read and review.
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Firstly I need to say Kathryn I wish you every happiness and hope life is kinder to you. My Mum went through a very similar situation and I wish she had found your strength. This book cannot fail to make you think how you would feel in the authors shoes. Honestly written,  it’s unfortunately a devastating part of so many women’s life. Although it’s not meant as a self help book I can see that it would give support and inspiration to ladies Going through divorce or separation.
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Apologetically, while the premise of this book interested me, the writing style and content of the novel did not. From the chapters I read (and I really tried to give it a try), the novel wasn't clicking for me. It was all telling, there was little dialogue between the characters. The story seemed to just be blurted out.
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Its rare I don't make it through a book but this just wasn't for me. 
Whilst well written, it felt pessimistic and like the author was placing a lot of blame at the door of others that was not necessarily deserved.
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What a surprising book this was.  I was thoroughly engrossed in Kathryn's story and how she was just so honest and frank.  
Kathryn and her husband started their relationship as neighbours, then friends and then lovers and marriage.  After blending their families together and moving for husbands job, Kathryn thought things were going well.  She had no knowledge how things would turn.
On a weekend away to visit Husband's dying brother, in the car he say's " I'm done with the marriage and don’t want to talk about it,”.
What a shock she had.
Kathryn relied on her closet friend in her time of grief and after many tries found a therapist.  
Time heals all wonds - not so.  But with the devastation of her husband leaving in such a shocking way, it took her time to sort through her feelings and move on.
She has put her life out in ways that many wouldn't and it actually gave me hope that if this were to happen to myself or anyone I know, then I could draw from Kathryn's book and her strength that she possessed to get her through this period in her life.
A must read, for anyone.  Whether your in a relationship- solid or not.
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It would seem that this book was written at the direction of a therapist to review her life and marriage through rose colored glasses and then to attempt to justify her reaction to her husband’s wanting a divorce.  I understand that that can be very helpful to those undergoing therapy for various problems.  I can not understand wanting to air one’s dirty linen in public.  And of course, she didn’t think she did.  She was careful to present herself as the perfect woman, the perfect wife, the perfect friend.  One does not have to be trained in psychology to see through her presentation of herself – it was all too obvious to me, and doubtless to others.

There was nothing, at all, enjoyable or redeemable about this book.  Helpful to others going through the same thing?  Really?  I would suggest that anyone experiencing any of life’s traumas should be a bit more realistic and be willing to take responsibility for one’s own failings.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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The author has had a very turbulent time after her second husband suddenly left her.  She details her journey and the confusion, stress and upset she felt and how she ultimately regained her strength and found contentment.  One can't help to feel sorry for her and admire her perseverance.

However, I found the style of writing very formal and the details of the minutiae of her life unnecessary.
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This book was mediocre, at best. I didn’t care for the storyline and I didn’t like the characters, at all. In order to like a book I need to believe in the characters and actually care what happens to them. I honestly had to force myself to finish the book, just in case something happened that I didn’t want to miss. 

Disclaimer: I was given a free advance copy from NetGalley in return for my honest review.
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Interesting book about being blindsided in your marriage, and the subsequent divorce.  What a mess author had to deal with.  Dealing with divorce is never a picnic, having gone through it myself.  Very informative.

Thanks to author, publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.
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