Cover Image: IMPROBABLES: a satire about very large numbers

IMPROBABLES: a satire about very large numbers

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laughed, I scratched my head, then laughed some more.

Here's a great science fiction novel from an excellent writer. He kept the suspense building throughout the book; made the settings and activities complex, but familiar; and made the central characters likable and funny. The technology and social structures were futuristic, but entirely believable. 

I loved it. Get it and read it, at once!

Warning: a bit of a spoiler ahead.

Have you ever known anyone who always has incredibly good luck? They may be an Improbable. Of course, without doing the math, you could never know for sure. But, the fact that their toast, when dropped,  always falls butter side up, means that they could be a valuable tool for winning an intergalactic war.
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I loved the amalgamation of science fiction with mathematics. I could not connect to the characters somehow and hence I am giving this book a rating of 3. Mathematics, space, funny looking people (the nose!!!) and quirky humor - this book has it all! An interesting read for all those who are a fan of science fiction.
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Interesting Plot; Astonishing and Amusing
This is an awesome book with derisive science fiction and amusing well rounded characters. This story goes miles beyond anything we can envision or fantasize Wonderful book, a good read. Totally enjoyable. I will recommend it to my friends.
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A blend of "Hitchhikers Guide" mated with "Morons from Outerspace" and "Tripping the Rift."  Humorous, satirical, chaotic, and a bit nonsensical.  A fun day read without much literary substance.
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