Irresistible Faith

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It's good to see an increase in books like this one - books that are challenging the way we followers of God are presently living, speaking and behaving. I'm continually surprised by how many non-believers and/or non-church goers are sharing how uninspiring and unloving the average person claiming to be a Christian is. It breaks my heart as I realise I am no better.

Sauls asks, “What would it look like for Christians, en masse, to start loving and following the whole Jesus and the whole Scripture, the whole time, into the whole world?” It's exciting to contemplate a different world one in which the followers of Jesus truly are a shining light and salty in flavour drawing others to the love of Jesus. Sauls does an excellent job in this well written book to highlight what a vibrant church of Jesus followers would look like and some of the causes for the current malaise.

I really liked how he set the book out in 3 sections, 3 chapters in each:

1. Abiding in the Irresistible Christ - it all starts with Jesus. How does one become like Jesus if we're not continually hanging out with Him?

2. Belonging to an Irresistible Community - God is communal in His nature (3-in-one) and being made in His image we must be too. Accordingly, we can only thrive as believers if we commune together.

3. Becoming an Irresistible Christian - this was perhaps my favourite section as it challenged me the most. 3 chapters dealing with practical love for the poor, embracing work as a mission and being motivated to leave the earth a better place.

This is a challenging and convicting read and I'd encourage every Christian to read it. I also hope Sauls produces a companion study guide that challenges the reader to execute upon some of the great content in the book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Nelson Books via NetGalley without any expectation of a positive review.
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Scott Sauls writes with a candor that makes the reader feel as though he is talking directly to them.  His experience with people as a pastor and his insight into the human heart are clearly evident.  This book is another great example of taking the complicated aspects of the Christian faith and making them understandable and applicable to the everyday believer in order for them to draw closer to Christ.  This is an excellent book for every person of faith.
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Jesus and resurrection faith in plain English. Great stories mixed in with Scripture.Very easy and enjoyable to read, lots of highlights and notes. A fantastic refresher on faith.
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Great read. Very thought provoking and makes you really exam what you think are Christian actions and attitudes. How Christlike is our faith? Is it irresistible?  Scott Sauls is a honest writer and challenges the reader to open their heart and mind to examine our walk in light of The Word.
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My review of “Inexpressible” by Michael Card, focusing on God’s hesed love for his people.

Goals of the Book:
Do you, off the top of your head, know what the Hebrew word hesed means? You might not, considering that English Bibles translate the word in a multitude of different ways. But what might we think about God, and how he feels about us, when we capture what his hesed looks like for us?
Of course, we’ll never be able to capture the depth of that kind of love God has for us. But thanks to Michael Card, we might start to see it more consistently in the Bible and start to appreciate it on a new level. Hesed, generally translated “covenant love” or “consistent love”, is a deep and powerful concept, one well-deserving of it’s own book. Thankfully, Card walks us through the process of translating the term and applying it to our own lives.

Why Should We Care?:
We always wonder if the Lord loves us when X is true. X could be, “I’m a sinner” or “I committed this specific sin” or “I don’t go to church as often as I should”, etc. But how would your relationship with the Lord change if you started to think, primarily, in terms of the Lord’s love for us? How would it change if God’s love became the primary lens through which we view our relationship? Studying the word hesed is a wonderful way to understand the Lord’s love for us throughout Scripture, seeing concrete examples of this kind of love and the Scripture’s consistent witness to his love for us.

“Hesed: When the person from whom I have a right to expect nothing gives me everything.”

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book:
As I alluded to above, I appreciated Card’s careful attention to both biblical theology and the breadth of the biblical narrative. Sometimes, we hear that God “loves” us, but these abstract statements may not mean much for us. But studying Ruth, and seeing examples of hesed love? Now, that’ll change your life.

I also appreciated a really early discussion on the laments in the Psalter and how hesed plays into biblical lamentations. I wish I could quote it in full, but I’d rather point you to the book that I recommend you purchase 🙂 Essentially, Card looks at the book of Lamentations/Jeremiah, and Psalms 13 and 89 to show us how God’s covenant love for us is the turning point that changes our grief into celebration and love.

I also appreciated Card’s honesty in translating hesed. He notes that it is not an easy 1:1 translation from Hebrew to English, and the translation comes with some of its own issues. Etymologies are not always helpful in translation, nor are simple word studies. Card can lay this out for us without bogging us down with too many technical details that would bore his popular level readership. (This gets major brownie points from me!)

Like I said above, I highly recommend this book. If you’re struggling with God’s love for you, are interested in a word study with touches of biblical theology, or want to explore new dimensions to who God is and how he relates to us, this is the book for you. You can read more about the book here on IVP’s website, or you can order it on Amazon here.
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There are many books about living the Christian life that are good and this is one of them. He has some fresh perspective and I enjoyed that.
I received this book free from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.
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Irresistible Faith is a book I will be recommending to many. Instead of telling the reader that they aren't doing enough, he encourages them to start with where they are in life and use that place as a way to reach others.
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Who are we as the Church? Scott Sauls paints a picture of God's church as it should be: an inviting, supportive community, just as the one referenced in Scripture. We are so far from what it should be, and Sauls' book illustrates that. This is a call for back to the Bible community, a longing for what has long been lost or forgotten and the will to make a change for the good. How does faith become irresistible again?

This book would be welcome reading for any church or ministry that finds themselves asking," Is this all there is?" This is an invitation to live out our own faith in a way that leads others to the church, not seeking perfection, but seeking change and growth in their lives. Scott Sauls has a great way of including the reader in this process, all while encouraging us to be the change. No history or struggle can be erased, but over time, the renewal process can begin. This hope-filled book is a great place to start.

I was an early reader thanks to #NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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What does Biblical Christianity look like? What if followers of Christ lived the type of faith that would attract the world, rather than repelling it? Scott Sauls has written a very practical book about faith that is lived in daily life.
He begins with faith as a personal matter. We must "be okay with not being okay." Faith in Christ requires an understanding that we don't have it all together, but trust in Christ to make it "okay" in the end.
The second section involves life in the community of faith. in the chapter entitled "Performing Soul Surgery on One Another" Sauls reminds us why we must confront each other in love. Isn't that hypocrisy? Sauls notes that what qualifies you or me to steer anyone from a path of sin to a path of wholeness is not that we have our acts together. If that were so, we would all be disqualified. Rather, it is in treating others as fellow sinners who are on a journey beside us that we have a duty to help our fellow traveler deal with the speck in his eye.
Finally, Sauls puts Irresistible Faith into perspective in how we live daily. We must treasure and help the poor, rather than blaming and ignoring them. We should see our work as a mission, rather than a job that has no relationship to our faith. Finally, our task is to leave the world a little bit better by the way we live.
Thanks to the publisher for providing an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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