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I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Imagine finding out dragons exist. And that you are someone who could be a mate to one of them – you would become a dragon yourself and extend your lifespan! But if you choose wrong you die. An agonizing, horrible, painful death. Not to mention what happens to the dragon you mistakenly chose as well your true mate, the dragon you should have chosen. But hey, no pressure!

We briefly met Finn in the prequel as he is Fallon’s brother and boss. They work as firefighters in the human world where they watch for fires set by dragons, which they must put out without humans discovering that dragons exist. As enforcers, they are also responsible for finding and disciplining the dragons who set the fires. Finn has a sad history as he attempted to mate the woman he loved and instead watched her die, consumed by his dragon fire. After that he refused to contemplate a relationship with anyone other than the members of his team and closed himself off to the rest of the world.

Finn meets Delaney when the team rescues her from a dragon-caused fire. She is horrified to discover that her move across the country to escape these fires didn’t work. Finn knows that Delaney is being endangered by a dragon and insists that he, and his team, will protect her until they are able to find the cause of these fires and ensure her complete safety. What he doesn’t understand is why he cares, why he is so drawn to her and even though they just met, she somehow matters to him.

This book continues the excitement, plot, drama and pure enjoyment that Abigail Owen started in the prequel. We learn more details about the events that took place around Fallon’s mating to Maddie as well as the history behind them. We also get to meet more of the enforcers team and the others in and around their lives. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had to read the next one.
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It was a good read, there was dragon fights and fire and alpha males just taking control. So many things were happening overall in this one.I just felt like some more of the background should have been explained and this is why it wasn't a 5 stars read!
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"The Boss" is a uniquely crafted story of a team of Dragon Enforcers in the guise of hot shot firefighters. Their objective is to keep the territory they've been assigned to protect against rogue dragons and other supernaturals  from harming those in the Dragon and human world. When they rush to help in a vineyard fire they discover a Dragon was the cause and a young woman, Delaney Hamilton, is in danger. Finn, the leader of the Enforcers, decides the only way to keep her safe is to bring her back to headquarters. As Delaney and Finn get to know one another and share the tragedies life has dealt them, their feelings for one another only deepen. But will the stealthy rogue Dragon succeed in stealing Delaney away? Is she Finn's true mate? Although I was approved a copy of this book by Netgalley and Amara Publishing, I decided to purchase it so I would own the series. The Mate is the prequel and is free and The Rookie is the next title in the series.
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

I read the Rookie first and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to read Finn and Delaney's story.  Wow, it is hard to believe that a woman would want to take the chance to be a mate when if you are wrong - you die!  Finn was traumatized when his attempt at mating Phoebe resulted in her death so you can understand why he does'n't want to take a chance with Delaney.

There is a lot of action along with the romance as Delaney has another dragon who wants to mate her but has not taken the hint that she is NOT interested!  You can see a bit of build up for the next book with Sera and Aiden, also.

This is such an interesting series and I am looking forward to the rest of the guys finding their mates!
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4.5 stars 

I enjoyed this story! The introduction to the variety of colorful and super sexy dragon shifters, the interesting aspects of mating politics, and a great romance held my attention from start to finish. Finn and Delaney’s attraction could burn the house down and I got a kick out of seeing Finn try to fight what his gut instincts were screaming from the start-that Delaney would be his! And the ending? I wasn’t expecting that twist at all!

Book one in the Fire Edge series, The Boss has everything I love about paranormal romance-colorful characters, interesting politics, and a sizzling romance! The Mate, which is about Finn’s younger brother, Fallon, is a prequel to this story-if you want to start there. Now to see what’s happening between Aiden and Sera...

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Book Review- The Boss by Abigail Owen

I like stories about dragon shifters and this intrigued me.  Boss, the main character, is the leader of a team of enforcers.  This team is made up of a dragon from each of the clans.  One of their own has turned against them and gone rogue.  So, the betrayal is heavy among the team.
Boss is also dealing with the guilt of killing a potential mate because he mistakenly thought she was his, since the council said she was.  Mates and the council are the reason Rune left.  So, Boss claims he will never have a mate.  He could not bare to be wrong again.  Of course, he uses his time training with his team and being a firefighter.
Things definitely change when Delaney enters the picture.  She is a mysterious but great character.  Strange fires are starting around her, and she can’t remember anything about it.  I like how the author makes you think she could be at fault.  There is an instant attraction between Boss and Delaney.  Delaney is scared to trust anyone, and her reason is a stalker, so she thinks.  Her story wraps around Boss and his team.
The chase is on to find the stalker and keep Delaney safe.  Boss fights the attraction he feels for her as long as he can.  I love the battle he wages with himself.  I liked this story from the beginning to the end, learning all the characters and seeing how they come together.  There is also a rogue in the group, but you aren’t sure who it is.  It keeps you guessing.  I give this book a 4 out of 5.
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I was not expecting much when I started this book. I don't know why I set my expectations so low before starting this. But it waaay completely surpassed what I was expecting from this story.

This is the story of Finn who is a team leader of dragon shifters. His team keeps dragons secret from humans and works in California to keep fires contained. Mostly fires that are dragon made.

Delaney is a human woman who has a weird stalker following her around. There is constantly fires being set around her. She never remembers why but she always wakes up dead center of these fires. She's run across the nation to escape but it follows her to California where she works at a winery with a new friend of hers.

When the barn of the winery she works at is set on fire, Finn's team is the one called in because it's a dragon set fire. This leads on to the story of Finn and Delaney's romance. Which is absolutely adorable. Insufferable at times. But totally adorable.

And I must say that I'm super excited for the rest of the series. Especially if it surrounds the remaining guys on Finn's team. :D
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The boss

   Thanks for an ARC to read and give my honest opinion.

   This was a hard read for me. I liked the storyline but it really failed to hold my attention. Delaney had a rogue dragon following her and starting fires. The book would have been better had we seen where this all started rather than hindsight. The rogue dragon was barely in the book, and it might have been a more interesting story rather than Finn who was against trying to find a mate because he killed a girl he thought was his mate but was wrong. It was a stifling read with basically his stunted growth toward her and trying to protect her against his fighting need for her.

   What did I like? The idea was a great concept but I just feel like the author failed to deliver. The story at times felt like she changed directions, and the whole idea of a council delivering mates seemed wrong. 

   Would I buy this book? No. I like dragon shifter books but the concept in this one just dragged out. I was completely bored with the idea. Fated mates who could choose wrong? Not my cup of tea.

   Thoughts for the author? This review is my subtle opinion, and while I was happy to be awarded an ARC it does not change my opinion that I disliked the book. I'm sure there will be others who like the book, it just did not work out for me. I know a lot of time and effort goes into writing these things but my review is just an opinion.
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Oh brother! As soon as I finished The Mate, I was ever so curious about Fallon's older brother. We get a little peek into his backstory and it is absolutely breathtaking. Losing the person he thought was his mate devastated him to point of completely shutting his heart down and never wanting to find his true mate again. He's the boss for a reason.

Delaney was such a delight to read about and I love all the dialogue between her and Finn. Finn was such a broody dragon and it was comical to see him become nearly undone around Delaney. I liked that we all knew what was going on before he could figure out. And it all started from the day he rescued her from the burning building. The restraint on this guy is crazy, he kept fight whatever it was between them, but Delaney wanted nothing more but to just give in. And boy was she persistent.

The development of this world just continues to grow and more is revealed about the various clans and we hear more about the insane mating process they have. I really want to know more about the Council and how much power they actually old overall dragon shifters. I definitely can't wait to see more about this world in the books to come.

This turned out to be a little bit of a steamy read that got me fanning myself. If you read this book, you know exactly what I'm talking about. HOT!

This read was thoroughly engaging and I managed to read it in one sitting, which is my type of books. I'm becoming quite the fan of this series and can't wait for book 2.

Major thanks to Entangled Publishing & Netgalley for the advance reader’s copy!
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Finn Conleth and his team of enforcer Dragon Shifters monitor fire activity for rogue dragons and assist with extinguishing fires as they come up. During one such incident he meets Delaney Hamilton. For some reason, Finn wants to help this human out, an urge he doesn’t typically have. Delaney can’t believe the fires are following her again. When she meets the mysterious firefighter, she has the sudden urge to share her burdon with him.
This was a good story. I read it rather quickly. I liked the some of the side characters and their POVs on one of the main plot-points. My one complaint is at the end where I thought the book might go a different way than it went (can’t really explain without giving away a spoiler). Regardless, it was a good story and I recommend it.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Outstanding start to a new series! Can't wait for the next one! 

Honestly, a reader couldn't ask for more...incorporating dragon shifters, sexy alpha males, sassy female counterparts, and plenty of suspense and heat...smooooookin'!!!

Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
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The Boss by Abigail Owens is the first story in her dragon shifter series, Fire's Edge. It's a smart and sexy story about Finn Conleth, a blue dragon shifter. He heads up a mixed clan of dragon shifters who use the cover of being smoke jumpers/wildfire firefighters to both practice their fire making skills in the immense California forests while also being responsible enough to put out the fires they start, and any wildfires that threaten the population. Finn encounters a young woman, Delaney Hamilton who is on the run from a stalker but also from a frightening experience that keeps happening to her – she finds herself blacking out and waking up in the middle of a fire. She's managed to escape every time, but the more it happens, the more she wonders if she is somehow causing the fire. Lucky for her, Finn might be the one man who can find out the answers.

I really enjoyed this unique story and thought the plot device of having dragon shifters be firefighters in their human form was an excellent way to explain their presence. There's some good worldbuilding, explaining the dragon shifter origins and how the clans work, as well as the mating rules. In this story, female mates are humans who have dragon shifter abilities though they don't come out until they are exposed to a dragon shifter male. If a mistake is made and the wrong mate is chosen, the human female will be incinerated so there is no room for error. Finn already lost one woman that way, so he's very leery of getting involved with another woman, even though he is drawn to Delaney. Delaney has nothing to lose by confiding her crazy experiences to Finn and she soon finds out about his real identity. It turns out that the stalker after her has a specific agenda and there are some suspenseful, action filled scenes as the story plays out. 

Not to be outdone by the rest of the story, the romance between Finn and Delaney is hot! There's an element of mutual exhibitionism kink that steams things up as they fall for each other. Finn can have sex with a woman without mating her, but the more he finds out about Delaney and she about him, the more difficult he finds it to keep her (figuratively if not literally) at arm's length. There's an exciting conclusion and while this couple gets their happy ending, there's a hint of more trouble to come and I can't wait to read the next in the series!

Review has now been posted at All About Romance (link attached).
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The boss was certainly a unique story. The first I've read by Ms. Owen. the story progressed quite well.
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I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Boss was a great starter to the Fire's Edge series. In it, you will meet Delaney and Finn. Delaney has moved a couple of times trying to get away from her past.. yet it somehow always catches up to her. Then there's Finn who is a dragon shifter and the boss of a group of dragons. If you knew them, you'd think they are apart of a firefighter's department..but if you really knew them, you'd know they are dragons.

When Finn and Delaney meet, it's because of random fire. Now Delaney has black out moments where she doesn't know how she got some where but there always seems to be fire around. Enter Finn who yells at her for standing in the middle of a barn that's on fire.. 

From that first moment, I loved them together. However, both had a past that they had to overcome. They could only lean on each other to make their future better. Their chemistry and sexual tension was so freaking good as well. When they started to act on their feelings - damn, was it good.

The villain in this book was good because he was crazy and obsessive. I liked the little fight scene that I got as well - however, the ending was the best part. I need to know who the new villain is and why they are going after Delaney's coworker/boss Sera. I need the next book ASAP!
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Wow this is. Hot one!

I voluntarily read this book in exchange for a review 

A sizzling fiery start to a new series, a must read
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I really enjoyed this book! 
It does feel like you start the book in the middle of the story, with not a huge amount of back story about the Dragon shifters and their origins, but there is enough information throughout the book, that you don't end up lost and confused!
I really liked the 2 main characters, and the side characters show a lot of potential for the rest of the series.
I also read the novella that takes place in the same timeframe but with characters that we don't properly meet in this book, and  it really helped to round out the story with a little more Dragon background information.
I will definitely be looking out for the next book!
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This book had an interesting storyline, but  i did have to double check to make sure i had the first one in the series. I felt like there was a lot that was already supposed to know about the backstory. . All in all it was a good book and Finn and his team are a great bunch of characters. the double trouble twins are great for relief.
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Loved this story and will definitely be looking for more from this author, poor Finn what he experienced had to be an extremely traumatizing experience to over come but Delaney was so strong and confident you couldn’t help but love her.
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I received this e-book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.

Finn and his team are dragon enforcers and of course shapeshifters. A human would see them as firefighters, the kind that keep our forests and parks safe. Although every dragon seeks it's mate but the process of that mating is not always good. If that woman is not their fated mate, they won't survive. This is what happened to Finn, the woman he thought was his mate did not survive so he has closed his heart to having a mate.

Delaney has moved before, to escape the fires and the stalker that pursue her. Just as she begins to feel she may be able to have a life, a fire happens again. Delaney is about to lose her mind...not only has a fire started but her friend and friend's son could have been harmed. Finn's team comes to help.

Finn knows the fire is dragon-fire and he knows Delaney is more than just a human. Delaney decides to risk all and confides the Finn. Delaney doesn't show the signs of being a dragon mate but he can't figure out if she is starting the fires or her stalker.

Then there is the attraction between them. They fight it at first but then give into it, claiming it is basically a fling. 

Can they deny their feelings? Can they discover who the stalker is and what he wants? Will they survive?

I loved this story! It hooked me right away and kept my attention throughout the story. Finn and his team were quite the cast of characters. I loved the relationship between them. They had the utmost respect for Finn as "the boss" but don't hesitate to harass him otherwise, especially when Finn claims he and Delaney are temporary. 

Delaney is pretty plainspoken when she doesn't feel like she is losing her mind. Finn, being an Alpha male, is surprised at some of the comments that come from her lips.

I would recommend this book to all who like dragons and/or shifters. I look forward to reading about more of Finn's team!

The writing is really good and I really didn't know what to believe, Delaney starting the fires? She does have a stalker though and he seems to know things about her that she nor the others do.
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The Boss is the first book in Abigail Owen's Fire's Edge series. I'm always on the lookout for new paranormal authors, and if you're in the mood for dragons, give this one a read!

Finn is the leader of a group of dragons. When mysterious fires start popping up in his territory and surrounding a woman who may just be a dragon mate? His life just got a lot more complicated.

I love found families, and this read is chalk full of them. I adored Finn and his group of dragons. Watching them work together and snark at each other was everything. I also loved Delaney. She has no idea what's happening to her, and with a stalker on her hands, she's got a lot of trouble surrounding her. But she has no problem taking to task the hottie firefighting dragon that is Finn. The tension is delicious!

Overall, I really enjoyed this one! I'm looking forward to more from this author.

*I voluntarily reviewed an arc via the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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