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Apologies for the late notice, but I have decided not to review this title.  While I am certain it's obvious by now, I wanted to also clear this off NetGalley, so it's not showing as open for either of us.

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Christina Lauren is an auto-buy for me and My Favorite Half-Night Stand did not disappoint. I love a strong FMC who is smart and can take care of herself and can be friends with men. The reality of online dating was spot-on here where it's easier to be vulnerable to a stranger than someone you consider a close friend, especially behind the cloak of a fake persona. I always enjoy Christian Lauren's slow burns from friends to lovers or enemies to lovers and the spice level was perfect.
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I love Christina Lauren books! I don’t think I’ve read one yet that I’ve disliked. This Romantic Comedy was no different. 
I enjoyed the development of Millie’s character. I’m a sucker for the friends to lovers tropes: 
I love that they have all the best friends thing going on, but reading Reid and Millie’s dynamic change from friends to lovers was great! I loved their chemistry and was waiting for them to finally happen! I’m looking forward to more and can see this on my shelf and read for a re-read another day. I read it rather fast, but life got in the way so I’m just finally able to review. Great writing from these two authors. They are able to blend the characters so well that I didn’t even realize it was two authors writing. I know, I live under a rock, but I honestly just read the blurb and see the covers and that’s all I need to know. Great story!
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Holy crap it’s a 5 Star romance read for Kelly. We’re talking RUN – DO NOT WALK if you haven’t already snagged this one from your local library or bookstore. The premise here is pretty simple . . .

I basically catfished my best friend.

You see Millie, Reid, Chris, Ed and Alex all work together in their various respective fields as UCSB and are besties for the resties. Although Millie and Reid did have a “half night stand” – it was simply because they both had an itch that needed to be scratched and they have agreed it won’t happen again. The annual Dean’s Banquet is coming up, however, and they all need dates so it is decided they’ll make online profiles. While Millie helps the fellas with theirs, hers is determined to be super “meh” so she makes another – using her middle name and an unrecognizable profile picture . . . . and then she matches with Reid.

I’m telling you, I looooooooved this. First, the friend group and their banter was so much fun. Millie and Reid were both smart and grown-up and didn’t act like idiots. There wasn’t an official third act break-up to peeve me off – it was simply delightful. This author duo doesn't always work for me, but I'm giving the highest of recommendations here if you like a good romcom.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!
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Christina Lauren's (both of them) books are very popular at my library.  We always look forward to adding them to our collection.
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Christina Lauren is an author I always suggest for readers of contemporary romance, and I love when I find someone that hasn't read them yet, since there is quite a back list to work through. This book is another wonderfully fun read from the author duo. This novel felt extra fast - not in a bad way, but as a "one sitting read," it left me feeling satisfied and eager for another one by this team. As a CL book, and as a friends-to-lovers trope romance, it hits all the sweet spots. My library definitely purchased this title, and Christina Lauren remains on our auto-buy list since their books always circulate.
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I love Christian Lauren and want to read all of their books!  This one was a little different in that it featured some older characters, which I appreciated, and all of the characters were professors.  It was an interesting to watch the friend group and how they developed.  This is one I will likely reread.
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I love a friends to lovers, and while I was very nervous for the catfishing plot, I was pleasantly (un)surprised that Christina Lauren were able to pull it together for me.
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Thank you so much to the publisher for approving me. This was a DNF for me, I suppose since I never got back into it and I’m just updating this to move this off my shelf.
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I absolutely love Christina Lauren and have enjoyed their books for many years! My Favorite Half Night Stand is an adorable friends to more romance! Cute and fun is how I would describe this one! I loved the online dating aspect, this group of friends were total #squad goals and I am always up for friends to more! Admittedly I did get frustrated with Millie, the MC a few times throughout the book. But overall this one was enjoyable!
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Loving more and more of these romances the more I read by Christina Lauren. This was probably my second favorite so far!
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I LOVED Millie and Reid, yet somehow missed reviewing this book! It's super awesome, and I highly recommend it, because friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and this one is just done right!
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MY FAVORITE HALF-NIGHT STAND is a fun book about 2 best friends secretly hooking.

Millie is a fan of female serial killers and she has 4 best friends that are guys. She adopted this guy group because she was originally dating a guy who was friends with these 4 guys. When they broke up the guy group kept Millie as part of the break-up collateral.

Reid is one of the 4 guys in the group. His connection with Millie has always felt a little more. More attraction, more interest, more tension, etc.

When these two start hooking up on the sly they do it so as not to ruin their friendship since this thing between them is just a casual thing.

An event comes up where they need a date and they decide they should try online dating. This is where stuff starts to go haywire. Millie decides to make a fake account and she matches with Reid....but she doesn't tell him it's her. That leads to a total hot mess of a situation.

MY FAVORITE HALF-NIGHT STAND is a standalone. A humorous tale of two friends discovering their perfect match is each other. From sneaking around to hook up TO being each other's perfect match on the online dating site, even though one of them has made a fake account. As always, Christina Lauren delivers another FUN romance. Millie & Reid are great for giving readers a book full of fun antics.
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4-4.5 stars.

I love these authors and this story was addicting I just wanted a bit “more”. I do hope we get stories about the guys too I’m not ready to be done with these characters.
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Millie Morris is the complete opposite of an open book. In fact, she's a highly secured secret vault when it comes to allowing people to see the "real" her. Losing her mother at a young age set her on a path to being a professor of serial killers and one of the guys in her tight-knit friendship group. When a work function leaves them all looking for plus one's, they take the plunge and sign up for a dating app, leading to very unexpected consequences. 

The night after they all sign up, Millie has a half-night stand with one of the group, Reid, but since she can't let herself be emotionally vulnerable the two decide to stay only friends. The Universe has other ideas; however, and matches Millie's fictional persona with Reid on the app unbeknownst to him. Needless to say, a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings ensue.

Christina Lauren knows how to write a fun contemporary rom-com novel. The way they write witty banter solidifies them as one of my favorite writing duos because so often it is done poorly and comes across as childish or awkward. The online chatting was integrated into the writing style well, flowed and did not seem forced. I enjoyed this story as a light read but did have a hard time finding a fondness for Millie as I often found her immaturity grating at times. One of my favorite characters, Chris, was a minor character but I really connected with the small portion given and wish there would have been more. Overall, I highly recommend for fans of Christina Lauren's previous works, but also for fans of contemporary romance.
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When tomboy Millie and her best friend Reid cross the lines of friends to more, the dynamics of their friend group and their relationship with each other, blurs. The group decides to try out online dating to procure dates for a gala at the university they work for. But when Millie creates a profile with her middle name and an obscure picture, she matches with Reid with a 98% compatibility. When she thinks Reid will catch on that it’s her, but he doesn’t at all, mayhem and misunderstanding ensue.⁣
When we talk about the believability of the conflict in love stories, I’d say this one is pretty believable! Millie keeps her heart close and her reasons for not being able to open up made sense as a reader, which is what I say creates the chef’s kiss 👌🏻 of romantic tension.⁣
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This book has been on my TBR for far too long considering CLo is one of my favorite author duos. I'm sad I waited so long to read it, but boy did I enjoy it. It's messy, complicated and made me want to scream more than once, but I really enjoyed this group of friends. And Reid was just adorable. Totally fun read!
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Sexy romantic comedy about online dating, friendships and honesty.

Millie and her male colleagues at the university are good friends and all tragically very single. Looking for dates for a big banquet dinner (Obama!) they make an agreement to start dating profiles. Predictably, Millie ends up falling for her best friend Reid and chaos ensues. 

Told with alternating points of view and creatively through group chats (loved seeing their avatars), this was a fun and feel good book that I devoured in one sitting. 

It was ultimately predictable but it was exactly what I was looking for during the pandemic. During all this uncertainty and chaos, give me predictability and happy endings. 

Side note- it was also a treat to read about men and women with advanced degrees. Give me more!! Love people with big brains 🧠
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This was a decent read.  Probably not my favorite CL read, but enjoyable.  Millie and Reid are friends but never really thought about each other in the love interest way.  But they're pretty adorable together.
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A fun romance book that I highly recommend for a lighter read between heavy books. Enjoyed the characters and the storyline. I love everything that Christina Lauren writes! Thank you to Galley book and Netgally for my review copy. All opinions are my own.
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