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This book is adorable, sparkly, delightful and giggly all rolled into one. As a girl who has always been one of the guys... I related a lot with Millie. I legitimately want to be in this group of friends! The wit, love, loyalty and all around fun they have is heartwarming.

Listen, clearly we know how this book is going to end. There's no doubt about it. I've never had romance bloom from a friendship but it seems logical that the best ones come from these. You should be able to be you fully with the one that you love.. and the one you love should also be your best friend! I do know what it's like to be the only girl is a group of guy friends and it's easy, fun and completely different than what you get with a group of girls.

The dynamic in this group is a pure thing to witness. Each one brings their own unique personalities to the group and there are some seriously hilarious scenes. Told in various formats such as group chats and direct messages, this is a perfect one to pick up when you need something light that gives you that nice cozy, warm feeling inside.

Christina Lauren is a definite go to for contemporary romance. I will be looking for more buy this duo as I enjoyed this and Josh & Hazel's Guide to Not Dating immensely.

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This has been a good year for Christina Lauren. I am grateful to have received advanced copies of every Christina Lauren this year. I have really enjoyed all of them… but this one I have to say didn’t fall into my favorite.
When two friends decide to take their friendship to the next level after a night of drinking, feelings that they have been baring for a long time comes to the surface. But then when they decide to join a dating website, knowing what happened to them can’t happen again, they make dating profiles and start talking to new people. But when one of them aren’t completely telling the truth, all shit goes down. One thing I really wish we got to see is the big work party. That is kind of completely forgotten... given that is the reason they decide to sign up for the online dating, to find a date to this big deal work party. I was a little disappointed.

It was enjoyable, I really liked the main male character. But the female, Millie, she was a wishy washy character. She lied and when she had time after time to bring the truth to the light, she didn’t. I feel like I had liked her at times, but when she continued to lie, I got a bit annoyed. Millie is nothing like Hazel from Josh and Hazel’s Guide to not Dating, the last release from Christina Lauren.

Side note, I am not a fan of the synopsis for this book because I feel it gives way too much away, hence why I don't ever read the synopsis, I love the element of surprise, going into a book blind and being completely shocked and surprised. Sometimes I go by the author, if I have read something by that author and have liked their work in the past, then I just assume I will like it.

I really enjoyed the ending, I liked how everything wrapped up. There was drama, as always. But because of how I didn’t love Millie, I had to knock off a star. It was a strong, at times funny story and I look forward to see what Christina Lauren has to come in the new year. When you need something funny, fast but has that kick of drama to spice it up, then a Christina Lauren book is for you.

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My Favorite Half-Night Stand is the story between two best friends who navigate the world of dating while also fighting their attraction for each other. Clearly, based off of the title they fail at that last bit and things get a bit complicated between them. To make matters worse, Millie makes another profile on the dating app, gets paired with Reid (her best friend) and proceeds to catfish him. So, to say that this story is a hot mess would be an understatement.

I liked the idea of a close-knit group of friends all deciding to download a dating app to find a date for an upcoming event. While the guys get a couple of prospects, Millie has found herself in the realm of dick-pics and lewd propositions. So, she decides to make a new profile and instead of being generic in her bio, she lays it all out there. The last thing she expects is for her best friend to be a match. Instead of just telling him that it’s her, she proceeds to write him emails dropping hints that it’s her, which he clearly doesn’t get. So, yeah, the whole thing just sort of spirals out of control and goes into uncomfortable territory. While I liked the idea of the friends coming together to do this dating app, I wasn’t a huge fan of Millie’s character and how she deceived her best friend.

There’s a lot of back and forth with this story as well. Since Millie and Reid are best friends, best friends who slept together, they have this push and pull relationship. They hook up, but then Millie quickly tries to jam Reid back into the friend zone. Meanwhile, she’s pining away for him while she denies any feelings for him. Reid would like to make something with Millie but her stance is clear which leaves him so confused. Especially when she’s the one always initiating something. Their constant back and forth was a bit tiresome. Especially since sometimes they acted like the adult professionals that they were, and other times they could have been in their early twenties.

I’m a big Christina Lauren fan but this one just didn’t do it for me. I felt like there was something lacking. Not to mention that I wasn’t on board with Millie’s character and how she continued to lie and catfish her best friend for so long. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of their other books, it still held my interest.

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This book! I was pulled right in and had no interest in anything but Millie and Reid from the first moment.

Both Millie and Reid are professors at UCSB, and are part of a group of perpetually singles on campus. But when a big event is coming up at the school, the gang decides they need dates for the occasion. When Reid initially "calls" Millie for his date at the event, she begins to look at him in a new light. Maybe not a "never realized he was attractive" like, but new, none the less. But after a wild night together, they decide to leave their friendship as it is and focus on finding dates for the entire group of five...through online dating sites.

While Reid is chatting up two women on the dating site, one that is physically beautiful, and one that just so happens to be his favorite gal pal...using her middle name. While Millie is waiting for Reid to put it together that she's the gal he's chatting up online, they are both dancing around the attraction they feel for one another. But, by the time Reid figures out he's been chatting with Millie all along, will her lies of omission spun too far out of control for her to save her friendship?

My Favorite Half Night Stand is a funny romance, with so much tenderness between this group of friends that neither of them dare to do anything to jeopardize the balance between them all. Millie will go to any length to insure she can keep her friendship with Reid - even if it means hiding her identity from him.

And the gang of friends. They are so fun, funny, supportive. All trying to help everyone else out in their own unique way - I wanted to hang out and play Monopoly with the gang. And I HATE Monopoly! ;) One click this puppy To-Day.

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4.5 stars for this friends to lovers from Christina Lauren. There was something that I really connected with about Millie and Reid. Maybe it was the fact they were the best of friends and had the most easy going chemistry. Maybe it was the use of the dating app and the way that they were able to connect emotionally behind the veil of someone else, well at least for Millie. I so got Millie’s emotional struggles to open up, both to herself and her friends. Reid and Millie together were so good, and I was rooting for them to find their way. I too loved all the guys, because they were just a super circle that everyone hopes to have.

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Of the books I've read in the last couple of weeks, this one has risen to the top with a couple of others.  I've been knee deep in reading, so for me to say it has risen up with a couple of others to the top that is impressive.  I think I'm on book 10 in the last 2 weeks.  So, this story is a cute romantic comedy with just enough angst to keep you reading and to feel reel.

The group of friends are quite crazy, but low key at the same time.  They all love each other unconditionally and even when they act stupid they are quickly forgiven, except in this one case.  The case of Reid and Mills' romance.  They all bungle this one.  I know you want to know how all of the friends could bungle a romance between two people, I did too.  Christina Lauren flawlessly write a romance for two with pieces of all five friends involved in it.  Some of them give bad advice, while some just project their own dating insecurities on the couple.  And Millie really does screw up because she lets her pride get in the way of the best thing to happen to her.  Forgiveness for everyone takes a while to happen, but Reid really is a good guy.  So, in the end there is a HEA and maybe foreshadowing for the next friend's romance.

I'm pretty sure we will see more from this group of friends as they each navigate their own dating stories.  Each friend is so unique it will be fun to watch them grow and see the ladies Christina Lauren bring into the mix.  So until next time this one is definitely a winner.  I'll be back later this week with another review, keep me in your prayers as I try to get through this mountain of books I have left before New Years!!!

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Well that was disappointing. I had such high hopes and expectations after reading Josh & Hazels guide to not dating that reading My Favorite Half-Night Stand was a let down.

Our main character, Millie, was probably the most emotionally stunted character I have ever read. She didn't know how to open at all even when she had numerous chances. I felt awful for out hero, Reid, he was such a sweet man and loving and I felt that Millie just too advantage of that.

It felt like the conflict was drawn out because Christina Lauren were trying to write a story with texting and emails. It made the story feel both forced and flat at times. I was happy to finally see some growth of Millie at the end of My Favorite Half-Night Stand, but I feel like this story could have been tweaked a bit.

My favorite part of the entire My Favorite Half-Night Stand were their group of friends, like a sexy version of Big Bang Theory, and Reid's family. If it wasn't for how much I loved and enjoyed the relationships I couldn't have finished the story.

If you are looking for a funny book with texting and emails as the main way of communicating I would suggest Teagan Hunter's texting series, but if you decide to read My Favorite Half-Night Stand I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

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This was my first book that I have read by Christina Lauren and I loved it! This would not normally be a book that I would pick up, hence why I have not read her books before. My Traveling Sisters were going on and on about how excited they were to read this as a group read, so I let Brenda talk me into it...well I did love it. Such a witty and fun read! It may have been a bit predictable but who cares, it was fun!

Millie was just one of the guys until, well she slept with her BFF Reid. Millie and Reid decided to keep it a secret and remain "just friends" but is is really possible to sleep with your BFF and pretend it didn't happen? I am going to go with no, yes that is right my answer would be nope that is not going to work. Except Millie and Reid went with yes. Okay well I will let you all read this and see how that worked out for them.

The whole gang signed up for online dating and that was a whole other adventure. I loved the chapters that were focused around the group texting back and forth to each other. Such a creative and unique idea for this book.

As you can tell, I did love this one! I can't wait to read Josh & Hazel!! Hint, hint Traveling Sisters!

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Fans of "She's the Man" will LOVE this book! When 5 best friends agree to sign up on a dating site in order to procure a plus one for a special event at the University they all work at, hilarity, deception and hijinks ensue.

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Louisa's 4 Blush Review
Another great and fun friends to lovers story!  Christina Lauren really can do no wrong in my opinion.

Five best friends who embark on the dating app world and it's getting a bit dicey!  They are all a bit quirky, and unique in their own way and have a friendship that many rival. Four guys and Millie.  Reid and Millie have always been close, but one night that all changes.  But it's just a one-time thing right??

I love a romantic comedy and Christina Lauren and the duo to beat right now!  They keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning, under your desk at work and at a stop light (I know it's wrong but damn this book had me hooked).  Sneaking some giggles without others at work seeing me was quite the feat! These two characters are so great together as friends and when they are together it's fantastic!  Two nerdy people but intelligent people navigating the dating scene is just perfection.

I loved that Reid was the one looking for the romance that Millie was unsure.  She was a bit hesitant and Reid takes the reigns in their friendship and relationship.  An absolute must-read for the romance and rom-com reader!

Christina's 4 Blush Review
Adorably witty, entertaining and laugh out loud funny, Christina Lauren's My Favorite Half Night Stand slapped a stupid smile on my face and kept me up reading past my bedtime. Not only did I love Millie and Reid, but the entire cast of supporting characters coupled with the romantic elements just knocked it out of the park for me. The banter and dialogue is so fresh, the storyline is captivating and most of all, the GEEK that exists in one shape or form throughout the entire cast is just so endearing. I have a total weak spot for nerdy heroes and Reid is it for ME. He's a super intelligent college professor (YES please) who is smokin hot and a hopeless romantic. For me, it just doesn't get any better. Millie (how adorable is that name) is equally as intelligent and successful and her quirkiness is a perfect match to Reid's inner nerd. I loved their friendship and watching them become more than friends was completely heartwarming.

If you're looking for a sweet, laugh out loud funny and adorably nerdy tale of the woes of internet dating and are a sucker for a little bit of friends to lovers, then this is the book for you!

Sandy's 4 Blush Review
Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes!
In the era of Tinder and Plenty of Fish, why wouldn't five friends use an app to get a date? Or to find love?

Each needing a date for the department gala, that's exactly what these five friends decide to do. All very educated, highly intelligent, college professors who have no idea about current dating practices because they work all the time.

Reid and Millie have always been the closest to each other. One night the lines are crossed and things get hot and heavy.  What's a little one night or half night stand among friends - no biggie right?

Reid would like to explore something more but Millie wants to go back to being friends. It's difficult to go back to being friends when you each know how the other taste. When you know exactly how deep she likes it? When you know just where to lick him? These two are kidding themselves!

IRL (In Real Life) becomes a means to an end. Once the profiles are set up, with a big assist from Millie, they sit back and wait to see who gets the first hit.

AND that's when things start going awry.  Millie feels the need to let loose on her profile after being teased by the guys. She creates a second profile as Cat and Reid responds.  So now Millie is jealous of herself but Reid doesn't know Millie is actually Cat.

There are plenty of laugh out loud moments here. The group text chats are very funny. There are also heartfelt moments too.

I'm My Favorite Half Night Stand Christina Lauren has given us a delightful rom-com with plenty of heart.

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I keep hoping that a C-Lo book will click with me. It’s been so long since I loved a book by them. But sadly this one was just okay to me. I found myself skimming quite a bit till the last 30% or so. I think I’m done for a while.

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What a fun book this is! Lauren delivers a sassy, sarcastic and sweet journey of Millie and Reid that will have you both laughing aloud and tearing up at times. The chemistry between these friends, and I mean all of them, is such fun banter that I didn’t want it to end. Definitely one for your to-read list, and an author that I will seek out again.

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normally read a book start to finish. That being said I read half of this, then set it aside. I've realized that one of the things that will make me put a book aside is prolonged deception, where it would seriously hurt someone. Reid doesn't deserve it at all. But I kept thinking about it and had to finish it. Plus, it was an ARC.

It was really well done. It took some serious time and effort to move on and I love that she showed it that way.

The friendship with the guys was a great aspect of the story. I'd love to read their individual stories.

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4 adorable stars
Did you ever have a song flip through your mind as you are reading a book...a song that fit so well to what you were reading, what instances you were reading of, and what lives were being led? Well...that was me reading this adorable light hearted but somewhat sad My Favorite Half-Night Stand.

It's hard these days establishing a relationship. Sure you can have best friends, and sure they can share most things with you. However, what about those times when you need someone to be something special for you, when you need someone's love and affection, when you hunger for tenderness, for understanding, for love?

In the adorable tale, we meet the indomitable Millie Morris, a professor who specializes in the research and teaching about female serial killers. You could say she is different especially given her educational specialty, but Millie does posses wit, intelligence and four best friends all of them male. They all like one another, they get the fact that they are nerds, and yet they find good company in each other's presence. All seems well until a black tie social event is to take place and they all decide to find a date. So, knowing what the social scene is these days, the five of them sign onto a dating site and the hilarity starts. Things turn to the not so funny side when Millie realizes that she is and has fallen for one of her besties, Reid Campbell. Life becomes difficult for Millie as their platonic relationship turns sexual. Reid also recognizes his feelings for Millie and what turns out to be a dating dilemma becomes a backdrop for how difficult it seems for some to relate to another even if that person is one you love.

There is lots to love about this book as the author deftly takes us into the world of online dating and the obstacles that one faces in today's world in finding a soul mate. Will Millie and Reid come to understand that "love"just might conquer all, or are they both destined to give a pass to what could make them ever so happy?

Thank you to Christina Lauren, Gallery Books and NetGalley for making this delightful available to me.
Oh and the song........
"Escape (The Piña Colada Song)"

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This was my first read from the author duo that goes by the pen name Christina Lauren and I had a blast reading it. It was the perfect mix of fun and romance. It was exactly what I needed to read as a refresher in between the other books I had been reading.

The writing style of these two authors flows perfectly and you can’t tell that it is not written by one person. The relationships in this story were down to earth and sweet and not over the top cliche. I will definitely pick up another book by them when I need to read a good contemporary.

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Millie has the best group of friends she could ever hope to find and a job that she truly loves. As her friend group decides that they want to be able to bring plus ones to a work function, they all agree to sign up for an online dating site. After receiving far too many inappropriate hits, Millie signs up under a false name and within a day she matches with...her very best friend Reid.

This was a fun and highly enjoyable read. I loved the voice and tone and found myself chuckling at the humor. The friend group was great and I think it sets a good example for the kind of friends that push you to be a better person and bring out the best in you.

The only thing I can see people disliking is the catfish scenario, but I have to say it’s done pretty well. It’s never glamorized and it’s unpacked and proven to be a horrible decision by Millie which I believe is the authors way of not only entertaining the reader, but also trying to teach a lesson.

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I had a blast with Millie, Reid, Alex, Chris and Ed. Even though they are professors, highly respected in their disciplines, but decidedly dorky. I love their banters and quirkiness. At the onset I love the idea of Reid and Millie together., so I am not thrilled at the shenanigans which followed.. It was juvenile at best. I don’t blame Reid for being mad when he discovered the ‘you know what’ . That is why we have the book anyways, otherwise there won’t be any story. I love the way Christine Lauren made this theme work. Good reading.

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I’ve heard great things about Christina Lauren books so I couldn’t wait to dive into this one. This is a cute, predictable rom com but it has some depth to it. The characters are extremely likeable and fun, I want to be friends with them in real life! This is a great beach read for rom com fans.

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Christina Lauren has this way of creating situations and then bringing a fresh new look to them. Have we read about online dating, sure. Have we read about friends who are afraid to connect after a slip from the friend zone into the sexy zone, definitely. What I love is the ability to take it down a different lane and making it fresh, sassy and fun.

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Who doesn't love Christina Lauren! This is another one of her many great books. This one was funny, witty and overall a great book!

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