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My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren is a must read book. Every woman out there would enjoy this title. It contains humor, entertainment, and an emotional rollercoaster ride to enjoy. The plot explores the boundaries of friendships. Friends with benefits turns into this side that many don't see. I loved how light hearted the whole journey was. The characters were at this point where their attraction came out and then were not sure where to go from there. New territory with new consequences. The whole best friends to lovers journey was filled with sweet, funny, and bits of sad moments. As the pair worked their way through their emotions and attraction, I found myself loving them. Quirky, clever, and realistic-that's the type characters I met. They blended together well. 

In My Favorite Half-Night Stand, it started out with a group of friends making a pact. To try an online dating app. But at first their profiles suck and their only lady friend of the group rewrites their bios. It showed major improvements. Only when it came to hers, did they not feel too shy about saying it sucked. Feeling determined, Millie created a new profile. She didn't send the new profile to her friends. However, this time, she gets matched to her best guy friend. The good looking, funny, and always there for her guy friend. Millie thinking it was funny, added him to her app profile and she sends him a message that will tell him it's her. Reid gets a message from a mysterious woman who reminds him so much of Millie. Millie is the ideal woman for him. But she closes herself off when it comes to emotions. Reid wants her to be able to share and tell him things...only that's a hard step forward for Millie. She's not used to opening up. This leads to them both doing things neither thought they would. Actions lead to consequences and maybe, a happy ending. If it works out...but both have to be willing to risk their hearts.

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"Sometimes, the thing we want is right in front of us and we’re the last ones to see it."

The writing duo notorious for their unique and fun approach is back with yet another zany twist on the dating scene. This time, through the voices of emotional mutant Millie and her best guy friend Reid, Christina Lauren explores the woes of dating in its most modern form—apps. Having zero experience myself with the pitfalls involved with online dating, My Favorite Night Stand gave this wifey—of almost thirteen years—a tiny peek at what color the grass really is on the other side of a long-term, committed relationship.

With an overarching rom-com feel to the pages, an enviable friend group—one this reader hopes will extend from standalone to full-blown series (pretty please, C&L?!)—and the friends to lovers scenario, it’s a wonder this lasted on my nightstand longer than a half-night. Believe me, it was only because there was actual adulting I had to get done that this wasn’t a true binge session. The best descriptor for this collection of words—adjective, thirteen letters, 5 syllables: un·put·down·a·ble.

Millie, lucky enough to win her ex’s friends in their breakup, rounds out the quintet perfectly. Like her four platonic guy friends and university colleagues—Reid, Ed, Chris and Alex—Millie is a workaholic, driven by her passion. It would probably be more accurate to call her interest in female serial killers an obsession and something best kept to herself on a first date. Although, her curiosities have landed her a criminology professorship and a book deal, so there’s that.

The infamous keynote speaker booked for the upcoming Dean’s banquet prompts the friends, who usually go stag, to find dates. The best course of action they figure, creating profiles on a dating app. Initially, sort of shallow and a tad silly, Millie takes each of their write-ups and transforms them into something deep and honest. Surprising, considering her own profile is much less forthcoming. An emotional mutant in all aspects of life, Millie doesn’t do feelings or really share much of herself at all, even with her closest friends. Interestingly enough, and in defiance of most stereotypes, Reid is the complete opposite—ready and willing to share his truth.

The reality check from the guys regarding her self-constructed walls, provokes Millie to create a second profile—different name and an artsy profile pic, accompanied by a much more honest write-up. And wouldn’t you know, the app matches her secondary profile with the perfect specimen of a man, otherwise known as her bestie, Reid. At this point, they’ve shared a few incredibly mind-blowing and unexpected trysts between the sheets—ahem, earning favorite half-night stand status—but still pursued dating other people. All in good fun, Millie throws out some subtle hints via direct message with her new match, figuring Reid will be tipped off. Nope—cue the catfishing scenario, which is equal parts you want Millie to fess up and Reid better figure things out already. You would think that three letter typo would have spelled over for the scenario, but in hindsight, what fun would that be?

For those readers having experienced Christina Lauren’s storytelling, this is everything you’ve come to expect—a vibrant dynamic, loveable characters (main and secondary, per usual) and plenty of comedic relief. The writing duo adds yet another couple with undeniable chemistry to the plethora they’ve already gifted to the contemporary romance genre. For new readers, good luck picking a favorite. *wink*

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Smart, snarky, and sexy, this friends to lovers story just furthers my love affair with Christina Lauren. When awkward, nerdy friends become more than just friends, it becomes just that, awkward.

Reid and Millie were so lovable that it was hard not to become fully invested in their relationship. Dating is hard enough but throw in other people’s opinions, dating app drama, and you are destined for disaster. This quick read had a predictable yet solid storyline, great flow, lovable characters and a relatable premise that makes My Favorite One Night Stand a winner. Christina Lauren writes smart romance in-tune with today’s world. They have proven to be here for the long run and as long as they write, I will buy.

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I thought this book/premise sounded cute as you know I am a sucker for online dating stories. The online component was great and contained some epistolaryness (is that a word? Who knows, but you should know that the heroine and hero have some back and forth via emails.)
The Millie and Reid were great and I wanted them to work their shit out. I text Smexy Angela my excitement when I knew the black moment was around the corner because I wanted to see how they would work it out. I was heavily invested in Millie and Reid as well as their friend group and their side love stories.
One downside, and this is a big one, the sex scenes are mostly off page or fairly tame. I think CLo have left their roots of having super sexy times behind. But other than that, I really enjoyed this book.

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This was adorable. If you are a long time Christina Lauren fan you won’t be disappointed. It is what you expect from them; loveable characters and sexy romance. If you are looking for a fun, light, rom-com you should pick this up.

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Millie won the rights to the friends she shared with her ex-boyfriend, who is also a professor at UCSB, and she’s always been happy being one of the guys. When the whole department is required to attend a formal event with dates, the whole group decides to start online dating. Shortly thereafter, Millie has an incredible one-night stand with her best friend Reid, but they decide to keep their relationship platonic. Millie writes beautiful profiles for all her friends, but isn’t comfortable putting her real self out there and ends up making a second profile under her middle name that she doesn’t share with them. She starts communicating with Reid, but will she ever be able to be honest with him – or herself – about her emotions? Women is romance novels sometimes veer towards stereotype, but Millie is a vibrant, believable woman even if she’s not emotionally open or self-aware, and Reid is a great romantic lead.

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This is a funny sexy laugh out loud tale that follows Millie and her friends on their on line dating escapade . Millie has always been one of the guys but when her place of work decides that they are having a gala she is now required a plus one. Reid and Millie share quite the half a night and decide that they should still only remain friends but the world has other ideas for them !!!
Funny sexy and so much fun to read!!
~~Michele McMullen ~~

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It’s been a while since I laughed so often - or so hard! - reading a book. And as I was in desperate need of a good, amusing story (the last several books haven’t fared well in my critique), I was so happy to be reading My Favorite Half-Night Stand.

Millie has a group of male friends: Chris, Alex, Ed and Reid. They are all professors at a university, and hang out constantly. Lunch on Monday and Wednesday, bar on Friday night, hang out at someone’s house Saturday night, coffee at random times throughout the week...that kind of constantly. They are a small, self-contained, close-knit group.

One night during a Monopoly game, the discussion turns to the formal spring dinner hosted by the dean of the college. They’d had just enough to drink to decide they should have dates for this event, instead of going by themselves - or as a group. When they realize they never meet anyone new, online dating seems like the best option for acquiring a date. After some research, they pick an online dating service and create accounts.

It never goes smoothly, but gets even more awkward when Millie, who has created an alternate account (which she hasn’t shown to the guys), gets matched with Reid.

Hilarity ensues. Then hurt feelings...

The strength of this book was the banter between the friends. In this case, all the guys act like frat boys. But mature frat boys, thankfully. It’s hilarious. Reid, as the hero, was also pretty great. There was a bit of a role-reversal here, with the man being the one who is open and willing to share his feelings. I really liked Reid!

But the weakness of this book...was the heroine. I never did quite feel the sympathy needed to accept (or even understand) the heroine’s behavior. Millie is emotionally closed off. Despite the frequent encouragement of her friends, she still doesn’t share anything about her past, her family, her feelings, choosing instead to hide behind her quick and frequently acerbic wit. By the time we get some understanding of why she is the way she is, it was a case of too little explanation, too late. And when you screw up so colossally, you need a grand gesture. For my two cents, Millie’s gesture wasn’t big enough. If your flaw is that you don’t talk, then you can’t fix things by still not talking.

As far as a friends-to-lovers trope goes (which I rarely enjoy), My Favorite Half-Night Stand was the least annoying one I’ve read in a long time. That aspect of the storyline wasn’t actually annoying at all. Instead of focusing on whether or not the other person feels the same as they do, the issue of how Millie is going to tell Reid who he’s been corresponding with through the dating app is front and center. And again, the story was freakin’ hilarious. But also, when things fell apart, I didn't feel all that upset for the couple...

I’m not sure how it happens, but some authors manage to be effortlessly hilarious. They create banter between characters that is witty and charming. The internal monologues of the hero and heroine is funny. I was in love with this book by the end of chapter one! That I was having issues with the romance part of the story didn’t even bother me. Well, not until I got to the very end and was left feeling a little unsatisfied. But I still highly recommend this book. Just go in knowing the romance part may leave you a little underwhelmed. The comedy part, though, is GOLD!

* thank you to NetGalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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As a rom-com junkie AND a huge fan of Christina Lauren, I was psyched to learn that my favorite author duo would be following Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating with another romantic comedy. From the blurb alone, I was already half in love with their newest release, My Favorite Half-Night Stand, so I was particularly eager to dive in. With a friends-to-lovers romance, a fast-paced narrative following a group of friends as they navigate the shark-infested waters of online dating, and an ill-advised plot involving secrecy and mistaken identity, My Favorite Half-Night Stand is best explained as Friends meets You’ve Got Mail meets Cyrano de Bergerac, but with a modern twist.

As a criminology professor in her late twenties with four male best friends, the dating prospects for Millie Morris are practically non-existent. While her love life, or lack thereof, hasn’t been a major cause for concern, an upcoming work event and a pledge between her friends to find suitable dates leads Millie and co. to signing up for an online dating service. Meanwhile a drunken hookup with her “strictly platonic” friend, Reid Campbell, paired with Millie’s impulsive decision to assume an online alter ego and strike up a conversation with Reid, complicates their easygoing friendship. Having been close friends for two years, Millie and Reid know the ins and outs of each other, although their shift from friends to lovers sends their once-effortless connection into a tailspin of attraction, desire, and confused feelings.

There are friends-to-lovers romances and then there’s Millie and Reid’s maybe, possibly, would-be romance. To say their situation is messy and problematical would be an understatement; it’s more like a train-wreck you know is imminent, yet you can’t tear your eyes away for a single second because: drama. These are flawed, multi-dimensional characters whose intricacies take time and effort to unravel, and, even though there are times you want to smack them upside the head, you also can’t help but root for them. It was initially jarring, but ultimately refreshing to read a story that was so thought-provoking and more morally ambiguous than other romance novels.

Between the flirty email exchanges, group chats between Millie and her friends, and a narrative that’s both stimulating and engaging, My Favorite Half-Night Stand is completely captivating from start to finish. I loved the humorous interactions between the tight-knit group of friends, which were always candid, sometimes profound, and often ridiculous, giving the story a fun, lighthearted feel. With plenty of humor, enough steam to set your cheeks ablaze, and just enough angst to tug on your heartstrings, My Favorite Half-Night Stand is a must-read rom-com from Christina Lauren.

*complimentary copy provided by publisher for an honest review

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I mean, has there been a book by Christina Lauren that is no good? Millie and the guys were such a great group of friends. I really want to hang out with them, first of all. Secondly, the pretend catfishing scenario was fun to read. Third, why haven't you gone out and gotten a copy of this yet?

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My Favorite Half-Night Stand is a perfectly charming, witty, hilarious, quirky, heart-felt, emotional, feel-good, sexy rom-com that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Well done! I can just picture it on screen; hey, Netflix ;)

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Shel: Anytime I lucky enough to get an ARC of a Christina Lauren novel, I die. Then, when I resurrect myself I make sure I find the perfect reading spot in my schedule so that I can savor the reading experience I know I'm going to have. Court: What she said. This duo is always give us a very fun reading experience...and their writing is just too good to pass up!

Shel: My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren was what I can count on Christina Lauren to give me--lots of laughing and swoony romance. I went into this particular novel blind and was surprised at how women's lit-y it felt, not in a bad way at all. These writers tackled some issues that I feel like many older young adults are experiencing and really made me think about how different the dating world probably is for those way younger than me. I also appreciated the familial issues that came with these characters--it added even more depth (and, at times, humor) to Millie and Reid. And kudos to this writing duo for making me crack up laughing in the midst of breaking and mending my heart. Court: Right? I fell in love with this group of friends...and went from thinking this is a light-hearted a very deep and meaningful friends to lovers to what is next romance. I loved their online chats, their texts, their getting together. These people mean a lot to each other, and then I became even more scared of what would happen if things did not work out like I hoped. I felt a lot of angst and scared but I will tell you that I could not put this book down! Modern dating does sound like a scary place...and it gives an insightful look at deep and meaningful emotional relationships and really how good it feels to have people who have your back.

Shel: I so enjoy reading their novels and am looking forward to what they release next. Court: I don't think we will...but it would be nice to get an Alex book from these characters!

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There’s just some authors you can always count on to deliver the goods, you know? These are the authors you 1-click without even reading the blurb, because you just KNOW it’s going to be worth every penny. For me, Christina Lauren is such an author. (Or, authors, since it’s really 2...but I digress…)

First of all, I ADORE a good friends-to-lovers romance, and Reid and Millie are the best of friends when the book starts. As I was reading, I really believed that these two people would do anything for each other. The unconditional friend love was there right from the start, and the sexy stuff that happened later on didn’t seem too far-fetched, either. Their romance was totally believable.
Second of all, this book is FUNNY. Y’all know how much I hate it when a book promises to be funny and isn’t. This one DELIVERS. Some of the conversations (especially the text conversations) between Millie and her group of guy friends made me snort laugh.

The overall portrayal of modern dating was pretty hilarious, too. Made me pretty thankful that I’m an old married lady who isn’t trying to date right now. (Pretty sure I’d just chose to remain single if I wasn’t already married)

Now, did I get irritated with Reid for not realizing he was talking to Millie earlier in the story? Sure I did. But in his defense, up until that point, his relationship with Millie wasn’t the soul-baring kind, so I let go of my irritation and just sat back to enjoy the story. Did I get irritated with Millie for not admitting what she was up to earlier in the story? Sure I did. But, again, opening up wasn’t exactly Millie’s strong suit, so I let go of my irritation and just sat back to enjoy the story.

So, long-story-short, I suggest everyone download this one and start reading right away. Just sit back and enjoy the story, folks (it’s a theme...get it?). I can guarantee you’ll laugh until you snort.

And feel free to check out the Romance Rehab blog for more rants, raves, and other fun romance-y stuff:

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On-line dating has been around for almost two decades people! Remember that charming movie where the hero and heroine got excited every time they got mail? It has inspired countless movies and romance novels and Christina Lauren puts an amusing and fresh twist on the trope with My Favorite Half-Night Stand making it absolutely unputdownable.

Millie Morris and her four best buds, who all just happen to be guys, are in a bind. They need dates for a black tie event hosted by the university they all work at. Collectively they decide to join an online dating service, but after a not so drunken night Millie and Reid – her bestest friend in the bunch – find out that their connection goes beyond simple friendship and into sexyville. Why mess with the friendship though?

So while the guys are all getting multiple matches Millie is left with the creepers. Deciding to create an alternate profile as “Catherine” she matches with Reid, only he doesn’t know and the secrecy is allowing her to open up to him in a way she hadn’t been able to in real life. But sooner or later she’ll have to deal with the consequences of lying to her best friend.

Lauren creates a hooking love story that vibrates with hilarity, sexiness and intimacy surrounded by a close-knit group of friends who help and support each other as much as they tease one another. The banter between them was spot on. I loved every single one and wished I could be part of their group.

The chemistry between Millie and Reid is heart melting, full of warmth and heightened by the double life Millie created for herself.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand is a full length contemporary romance by Christina Lauren. It is a charming and entertaining friends to lovers standalone rom-com, told from both points of view with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger.

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BOOM!Christina Lauren did it again!!!

I’ve read three books from this writing duo this year, and all three got a huge five stars from me! Christina Lauren has a way of creating the most wonderful and lovable characters that you just cannot get enough of... layer that with humor and exceptional dialogue/banter and then top it off with romance, and how can anyone resist? Seriously, I see most of my thriller loving I don’t read romance friends giving this book 5 stars! I think Christina Lauren is going to turn everyone into a romance reader... they really have a gift for creating a story that almost everyone can relate to, a story that makes you feel good and puts a big smile on your face!

This is a delightful friends to lovers romance, my favorite trope! Millie is the only girl in a close group of friends, all professors at UCSB.... they all work hard, play hard, and party hard, but none of them have been terribly successful in the relationship department.... with an impending event where they need to take a date the group decides to signed up for an online dating site.... millie is close to all the guys but she is closest of all to Reid... so what’s going to happen after they have one night of friends with benefits, one half night stand? To top that off after their indiscretion “Catherine” Millie’s alter ego on the dating site is a 98% match with Reid.... so can best friends become lovers?Or maybe the better question is can Milly open herself up enough to be loved?

Love Milly I loved her sass and her sarcasm and her quiet strength... but in a rare turn of events I related to Reid more than Millie... he was emotional an open and really wanted someone to share themselves completely with him, I could see why Millie would drive him a bit crazy, because she would drive me crazy too! The rest of the gang Kris, Ed, and Alex were all fantastic characters and I am hoping that this is not the last time we see these characters, I would love a HEA in each of their futures! And my review would not be complete if I did not give a shout out to Reid’s fantastic parents! Wow there were just so many amazing characters in this book and so much going on, I just absolutely loved it! Please do yourself a favor and read this!

Absolutely recommend to anyone with a heartbeat!💗

*** many thanks to Gallery for my copy of this most amazing book ***

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I do not usually read anything in the Romance genre but a friend recommended this and I am so glad she did because I loved it! I immediately connected with the characters and was drawn into the close knit group of friends. I cringed (in that something embarrassing is happening but I can’t look away kind of way) at some of the situations and laughed at others. I was frustrated with Millie at points but she felt like such a real person to me that it didn’t detract from the story at all. There were also a whole lot of laughs and a couple of tears. If you are looking for a light fun read with some quirky characters then this might be a great read for you!

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4.25-4.5 STARS

What a fun, sexy, friends-to-lovers story, explored through the lens of internet dating! Once again, the combined writing team that is Christina Lauren demonstrates the authors' ability to inject a new and exciting element to a tried and true theme.

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I’m not the typical romance reader, but I have to say, some of the trademarks of the genre are present in this book in spades and made for the most rewarding reading experience.

Millie is a young professor at UC Santa Barbara, and her group of friends are all male professors. They have a wonderful social life together, but each is single and looking for a date to an upcoming event at the university, so they decide to try their hands at online dating. They create accounts with the same dating app and keep each other updated on their matches and the foibles of online dating.

Things are going as planned; however, Millie and Reid, one of the guy friends, spend the night together, and not only plan to keep it a secret from the rest of the group, they also promise to keep their friendship strictly platonic from then on.

There’s much more to the story, but just know Millie, under a pseudonym, and Reid end up matching on the app and practically fall for each other through their messages. Will the pair end up together, will they stay friends, or will their friendship fall apart?

Christina Lauren is a dynamic writing duo. They write silly banter amongst the friends that made me laugh and smile, and their characters are charmers. I loved each of them for different reasons, and as one of my good friends said, I’d love to see a follow-up for this friend group. There’s more story to tell here!

Millie is guarded, and it is understandable due to a tremendous loss in her life. Will she ever be able to let herself go and open up? Reid has a sensitive side that I found really alluring, and with that comes some hurt when he feels manipulated by the group. Will he be able to forgive? So many great dynamics, so much true friendship, so much love. If you are like me, and not the typical romance reader, don’t be thrown by the genre or the title. My Favorite Half-Night Stand is a stunning, witty story about friendship and letting yourself go to fall in love.

Thanks to Gallery Books for the complimentary ARC. All opinions are my own.

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My Favorite Half-Night Stand blends modern dating with effortless humor to create a wonderfully sweet and enjoyable love story. Christina Lauren’s penchant for writing real and inviting characters shines ever-so-brightly with this riotous group of best friends. The woes of online dating and their wonderfully woven friendships with one another brought out a realness to the hilarity that went directly to humanizing each of them and their respective situations. Not only were the main characters beautifully fleshed out and indicative of the everyday person, but each secondary character was just as whole and three-dimensional—so much so I would gladly enjoy getting to see each of their stories told.

As a character who is sort of a closed book, Millie’s personality was wonderfully depicted. Her portrayal spoke to her distance and barriers without detracting from her personality or the connection she shared with all of the other characters. She beautifully contrasted with Reid, a kindhearted and open person that felt so strongly, and that gave her a unique kind of depth. Lauren’s skill at relationship creation gave theirs a quiet and understated beauty. And their slow-building romance had just enough oomph and heart to have you empathizing and connecting alongside them.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand is a feel-good romance with friendship at its base. The in-depth characterizations of every person who came on the page only heightened the sheer brilliance of this book. It was easy to love them all and find a place of familiarity among the special nature of their bonds, and to fall head over heals with the passionate undertones of Millie and Reid’s love story. It was wonderful in every way, and a must-read.

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3.5 Stars!

My Favorite Half-Night Stand is the latest book from authors Christina Lauren. The story primarily takes place at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the academia setting is a tad nerdy with professors, researchers, and/or authors. The plot is about five good friends who believe they will always be single. Millie Morris, the only woman in the group, is a criminology professor that specializes in female serial killers. Her colleague and best friend Reid Campbell, spend an amazing half-night together. Although they agree to keep their relationship platonic, they cannot help thinking about each other.

The group, with Millie as the leader, decide to join an online dating service in order to ensure dates for an important upcoming academic gala. Unknowingly, Reid gets matched with Millie, which ends up causing them both emotional pain and happiness.

This is a complicated love story with a modern plot and well-defined characters. I found Millie and Reid to be interesting and genuine, and I enjoyed the way the authors developed them both as individuals and as a couple. Their time together was replete with discovery and lustful attraction. The secondary characters were quite fascinating, which brought another aspect to the storytelling. Overall, a solid read.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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