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the structure, pacing and many details of this book put me off a lot while i was reading

like, i think it's a little harmful this idea of "i just met you but we're both sure we're SO into each other that we will do almost anything for each other" and we rush into the relationship even after having been hurt by each other's actions... i don't know, i feel like everything was a little messy and hurried
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What a cute story on every girls fantasy!! Fun fast flirty story that is perfect for a mental getaway
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I seriously think I've binge read all of Alex Dunn's books in the past couple of weeks. They are soooo good! The main character are absolutely fantastic. It was very prince and pauper-esque. Another plus to this amazing book is it's set in London. I loved it!
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Dating Down by Alex Dunn is a young adult love story with real issues.  Tammy comes from a rich family, and has told her fellow students about her boyfriend who's description she got out of a book.  Gary's has a rough life, which he compensates by getting drunk or wasted every time he can.  I enjoy   watching the characters grow, if your looking for a sweet romance with no complications, this isn't the book for you.  I found this book to be a quick read, and recommend. 

I was given a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.
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cute, fluffy contemporary. A story where the main character lies to make it seem like what all of us wish was true, her book boyfriend is real. About to be busted in the lie she must find someone to pretend to be him. I enjoyed it a lot. A quick easy fluffy smut read
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I wasn't a fan of the writing. I tried to read it a few times and didn't get very far. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review Dating Down but it wasn't meant to be.
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It's a very typical rich girl meets guy scenario. It's cute but fits into a mold. It's an okay read.
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I couldn't stop reading when I started. Eager to look good in front of the popular girls at school, Tammy brags about her new boyfriend who'll be taking her to her school dance. The only problem is he doesn't really exist, except in the pages of her favorite novels. Like romeo and juliet she finds him from a different group.
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Abandoned early on. I just found it to be really cliché (and not in a good way), and the main character seemed kinda forced
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This was a tough one.

I was genuinely interested in this book - I am usually the type that likes the underdog stories, or rather, stories that are contrived from the views of something different than the "unbelievably beautiful but doesn't know it - girl with 5 different guys all vying for her attention" trope. Especially in YA novels. But this was just too much. As well aware as I am that teens make dumb decisions ruled by their emotions, this was over the top - which is saying something. It is rare that I want so badly for a main character to just be smacked back to their senses. This was one of those unfortunate times. 

I wish I could have given this a better rating, but it was just far too far fetched for me to be pleasant about it.
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This was a really difficult book to get through. 
I would become so frustrated by the characters that I would just have to walk away, read another book (or two) and then come back, due, I think to how utterly unbelievable and over-the-top things are.
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I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for a honest and fair review.

I struggled to read this book I felt like even conversations between Tammy and Gary were awkward at best. They were both some immature that it all felt just unbelievable. I wish there had been some thing for me to grasp a hold of in the story something that made it felt at all possible. There just wasn't.
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A defeated girl meets a defeated boy but together they can change their worlds is how I think of Dating Down. The emotional take downs of both Gary and Tammy are painful and hurtful and describes in a manner that makes you feel the deep cuts to their hearts and psyches. Somehow, when the odds are against them, it all works out but not before a tale of teen drama and misunderstandings play out.
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Dating Down
by Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn

General Fiction (Adult) , Teens & YA
Pub Date 03 Aug 2016

I am reviewing a copy of Dating Down through Alex Dunn and Netgalley:
Tammy has wealth, designer clothes, Credit Cards with unlimited credit even Ralph Forrester a very handsome law student she will be going to take to the end of term dance.

The only problem is Ralph Forrester isn't real, he only exists in the page of Trudy Kensington novels, unable to face being humiliated in front of the girls she desires to be like she runs away and runs head first into trouble.

Gary’s life is spinning out of control after Grace dies, .  He's on a mission to be nothing like his abusive Father he agrees to be Tammy’s Ralph for one night.

The lie that brought them together also ends up putting Gary’s life at risk when she tries to keep up with the charade.

I give Dating Down five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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This book was provided to me by NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review.

I am going to start off by saying that writing what happens in a teenage girls head is extremely difficult. I am sure it is the same with a young guy's but I can't say I am an expert in that. This book was extremely difficult to get through. I basically had to force myself to keep going back because everything was just so over-the-top. Obviously everyone feels differently, but I felt that it was almost insulting to teenage girls the way this girl was fawning all over this guy. Yes when I was younger, of course I liked the bad boys and wanted to "fix" them. What happened to me and all of my friends that felt like this is that eventually we matured and grew up and out of it. We realized that it was not possible or not worth our time. However, this girl would just continue to take a situation and make the stupidest decision associated with it. Hmmm I am missing the necklace, oh he must have it but I won't tell anyone because I don't want to get him in trouble. Even when they were at the POLICE STATION she still felt like she was going to get him in trouble over some stupid little misunderstanding. AND HE WAS THE EXACT SAME! He didn't want to hurt her, even if it meant ruining his whole life. It was just too much unbelievable-ness. The only part that I actually thought was well written was when he was on the ground dying after being stabbed. It felt real. Everything before and after that moment was just completely unbelievable and over-exaggerated.
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I really wanted to like this book very much, because I always root for the ugly duckling who gets her Prince Charming - with or without turning into a swan before.
But there were just various discrepancies, so that in the end I can give (only) 3 stars for a normal romance between teenagers (who most of the time feel like twenty-somethings by the way).

Attention: SPOILERS!
The way the author depicted Greg in the first few chapters (frequent drinker with a bad boy attitude), it is absolutely not comprehensible why he suddenly suggests himself to accompany Tammy to her very posh prom! For me it came absolutely out of the blue. I also didn't get it how and why he falls for her so fast. There should have been another way to get him to be her partner for the night...
But I generously overlooked that, said to myself it's supposed to be a fairy tale after all and got on with reading. 
But soon after came the next thing I absolutely didn't understand. Why is Tammy not telling the truth about the thugs at the police station? What would be the difference for her? None! Why is she so afraid to identify them?? There was no reasonable excuse.
And when she sees Greg again at the station, she behaves as if they have been a couple for some time or at least promised each other undying love. Not as if they had just met and were both quite unsure about a possible future together.
All of this quite annoyed me in the first third of the book. It gets a bit better afterwards concerning the illogical things. Except for the thing that Tammy does not act like a 16 year old but rather seems to be a twenty-something. Despite her being to insecure about herself in the beginning, she is suddenly very self-confident and mature.

So all in all I found the book lacking a bit in terms of plausibility and the characters were somewhat incongruous. If you can overlook that, you can also enjoy this Teenager-"First Love"-Romance.
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I really tried to like this book, I really did. I just couldn't.
I liked the way this started, with Tammy inventing a boyfriend from one of her books and all that, but it quickly became clear to me that Tammy is a selfish, spoiled, lying bitch the entire time and Gary and equally selfish, lying jerk. There was pretty much no character development and their insta-love was just ridiculous. They hardly talk or communicate about anything, so basically they both fell for eachother because of their looks. They say 'I love you' only a few hours after actually meeting! This is supposed to be a Young Adult book, but to me, they behaved like little children throwing tantrums.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the author's writing style itself, but the characters and the storyline just didn't do it for me. They weren't realistic at all, but I guess that was the point. I have to say that the last few chapters had me on the edge of my seat for a while, which is why this still gets two stars for me.

Maybe I became too old for these types of stories, I don't know. I'm sure lots of people will enjoy this quick read anyway!

Anyway, thanks to the author and Netgalley for providing this book to me!
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This was a reasonably good “fluff” book. Story was enjoyable and easy to read but nothing spectacular.
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Tammy is a girl in love....with a guy in a book. That is until she meets devil-may-care Gary.

In this story of growing up and hard lessons, characters Tammy and Gary discover some tried and true lessons about loss, life, and popularity. Tammy is a student at the local uni and trying so hard to live up to the expectations of her socialite mother and super popular new friends. All while sporting the latest Valentino dress. Gary is a down on his luck artist trying to self medicate into a life that means anything at all. 

While this story kept me reading, there were parts I wanted to skip over. I feel like in some parts, the author drags on explaining the plot points over and over when they are the parts where readers feel most mirror every day life and don't need the minute details. In other parts, especially about Tammy's rich and famous lifestyle, I believe she puts enough details to give us a good picture of the superficial world around the characters. I wish the story had more development around Tammy's mom and dad and their impact into her life but the story stands fine on its own without it.
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I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks NetGalley for sending this through! 

I'm going to go against all the stellar ratings I've seen for Dating Down and say quite bluntly, I did not enjoy this book. 

This is a YA book that does not translate well into other genres. Maybe I've felt too comfortable with YA based on our recent experiences with books like The Hunger Games etc that have universal appeal. This one was written in such a manner that I really found it hard to appreciate, the tone being far too young for me to enjoy.

Tammy is a teenager and runs into some trouble when she makes up a boyfriend. She sulks off and finds herself in even deeper trouble when some thugs try to rob her. The down on his luck ne'er do well Gary swoops in and saves her, and she's immediately in love with him. The feeling is mutual. 

In an emulation of Romeo and Juliet, Tammy and Gary must traverse the complexities of their disparate backgrounds to meet in the middle and give their love a chance. I just wasn't buying it.
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