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Bloody good book, bloody hard work to be reading it. Seriously.

Good thing I can see when I downloaded this book from Netgalley, because that was in November of last year. And now, it being first half of July, I finally finished it. Pffff. I had put it down several times, it was only after the first 23 percent that the story gained speed and somehow lured me into reading more than a few pages - not wanting to quit like I had before because the story was so hard, real heavy on my heart. 

Beautifully written, poetical and lovely lines to remember. I've highlighted and bookmarked loads of this book.
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I don’t usuay read memoirs, but I’m glad I read this one. It is a beautiful, moving story. The author takes you through her life in such a marvelous way, you can almost experience it yourself. A great book, definitely worth it to pick it up.
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This is an extraordinary memoir describing the events that make up the life experience for the author up until now. She has had a unique experience, different from many of us that is interesting to hear. Her strength is evident within the lines of her own story and so important with the ongoing inequality between people in society.

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A memoir about someone's life. Her struggles and accomplishments that led up to the writing of her book.
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This is a beautiful memoir, I was hooked from the beginning by the writing. The author is raw and cynical at times, but she tells her story beautifully. While she comes from a fairly privileged life, she has a message that resonates with everyone. I enjoyed this memoir and will recommend it. 

I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy free of charge. This is my honest and unbiased opinion of it.
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This memoir makes the voice of the Zaman full of twists and turns of life. It's quite difficult to read until it's finished because I found a lot of things that aren't fair here. But in the end I was able to read it to completion.
Illusions, friends who are dreamed of and all problems are described sternly. This is typical of a writer who is full of bitter but honest. The truth and lies are portrayed quite thinly and that disturbs the reader. The inspiration in this memoir is quite piercing and surprising. It is an honor to read the Zaman’s story. This is writing is full of narration and identity.
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Thank you, NetGalley, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I fought car sickness to read this for several hours on a road trip (both ways) and ignored classwork in my hotel room later so I could stay up, lose sleep and read it some more.  This memoir is poetry. Reema's writing is poetry. The poem in the beginning, not so much (that was kind of cringe-worthy, to be honest), but the story itself, absolutely. Everyone keeps using the word "lyrical" to describe this, because it is.

Obviously, a writer can't address it ALL. Reema comes from a high place of privilege in many ways: easy and plentiful international travel, private school liberal arts education (full-time annual cost for Skidmore, at this point, is now up to almost 70k/YEAR),  a connected social circle and the light skin of the upper class of her culture - BUT STILL... she makes her personal understood quite clearly, and there's plenty to speak to a lot of women here. 

I'm not entirely sold on it being a "voice" for everyone, however, for these same reasons, and like others I was initially a little put off by how focused she was on being "beautiful" - though this is typical for women who feel forced to subscribe to stereotypical social standards of beauty and that, too, is part of this story, and of many women's stories. Finding self-love IS, In THIS particular way, so many of our stories - and by encouraging others to address and speak of the unique challenges of being who we are, by hearing each other, we can find some common ground.
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I thought this was a really wonderful story.  Zaman shares her story with us.  It has that smash the patriarchy feel.  What women do to conform to societal norms. I found her writing beautiful.  And i recommend this book!
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I read this book and while I feel there were some good things to be found in this book, this was not the book that speaks to my soul that the author had been searching for.  

The author has has an interesting life and I enjoy her trying to show and give love to everyone.  I at times found her arrogant and unlikable. I also felt her hurt at times especially when she was with her ex-husband.  
I am giving this book 3 stars because I feel there are people out there who will love this book.  I thought it was just okay.  

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
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What an sincere, courageous story. A must read for women who will not backdown to patriarchy. The author speaks with such passion and it’s as if she is setting in your living room pouring her life out to you. Couldn’t put this book down.
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Came across this book accidentally when i was browsing through netgalley and having never tried out the genre of "Memoir", I decided to give it a chance.
"I AM YOURS: A SHARED MEMOIR", the title of book might at first seems cheesy but when you finally start reading it will be revealed to you the greatest suspense in this title and you just keep on reading, growing with it. The book being not an ordinary memoir but a shared one for that matter holds collective memory of lot of people and is the sweetest love letter that anyone can write for everyone who wants to experience abundance. 
The book is divided into four Acts just like a screenplay with each divided again keeping in mind the emotion of the author in each chapter. We connect with each character deeply and emotionally as if we are living with them whole of our life. 
Starting with ACT I Reema takes us three decade back in her life and begins at the beginning, seeing, speaking, standing, moving, serving, fighting till she reach at the age of 25. This is the phase she realizes her need for being the voice others. As the reader we grow along with Reema as years pass by and experience what she goes through with each years.
In ACT II Reema takes us along chapters of love, merge, change, learn, accept and finally roar. This part of her life goes slow and changing with changing season at the end of which she says "I entered my first marriage a girl. I leave a woman".
My favourite part being ACT III in which there is chapter called 'PAUSE' where is self-introspect through 17 to 29 and comes to a conclusion.
Finally in ACT IV she rebirths and begins again her journey of loving evermore. 

Honest truth. A love letter for every soul. A book that will satisfy everyone. A book to be re read in every mood of life.  
****** For Review copy from netgalley*******
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I LOVED this book!! One of the best memoirs of the year.  Reema's style of writing had me hooked from the first chapter.  The ending is absolutely beautiful!!  Her story will keep you turning pages!!
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A strong woman writing a strong book and giving a voice to all the women of the world. Religion, sexual abuse, marriage, family... No subject is left unspoken. Who are we? What do we really want? Freedom, happiness? And the most important question: what do we deserve? It is for us to decide.
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Some girls are just larger than life and Reema Zaman is certainly one of those. She grew up in Bangladesh where her looks did not draw attention. But once she until left, she stood out no matter where she lived. World traveler, New York model, speaker, and essayist, she writes from her earliest memories—wonderfully, in a  child's voice—and on through her young career, her challenging love affairs,  anorexia, and her desire to change the world. She bares it all. Beautiful prose/ poetry in this one.  A wonderful memoir in the vein of Elizabeth Gilbert.
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Some books are just beautiful.

I wish I could leave that as my review. 
Some books have thrilling plot twists, some have fantastical worlds, and some are beautiful.
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I Am Yours is haunting, maddening, sad, and heartwarming in one. Really, the memoir begins before Reema Zaman is even born. Her mother is in college when she enters an arranged marriage. Reema is her firstborn. As she grows up, she questions the role of women in this world. She sees her mother trapped in an unhappy marriage. Her own dabbles in relationships lead to a range of outcomes. It ends up being a powerful look at relationships between men and women, families, and humans in general. It's not always pretty, but it's painfully honest.

I've seen some of the meanness that exists. I housed a Muslim college student for a month. The comments made when people thought we couldn't hear - maybe they just didn't care - stunned me. I watched a mother tell her young daughter that "men with brown skin" are dangerous. I watched three older men follow us around the store while saying he must be up to no good. This was essentially how a grown Muslim man was treated.

I cannot begin to imagine what it's like when you're actually the one in those shoes. The things Reema experiences run from being a strong player in the #metoo movement to emotional and verbal abuse from a family member. It's sad that people judge, bully, and harass and think it's okay. As I read each chapter, I became eager to read to the end.

Is I Am Yours an easy read? Not a chance. I had to adjust to her writing style to start with. Once I did, I was heartbroken at times and it made for tough reading. It's so worthwhile though. If you like memoirs, it's a must.
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Transcendent memoir told through the voices of author Reema Zaman at different points of her life, embracing every step and misstep as a lesson and a worthy path. Her narrative is like a kaleidoscope, twisting perspective to allow her elaborately reflective prose to find peace and meaning in harsh and disappointing circumstancTranscendent memoir told through the voices of author Reema Zaman at different points of her life, embracing every step and misstep as a lesson and a worthy path. Her narrative is like a kaleidoscope, twisting perspective to allow her elaborately reflective prose to find peace and meaning in harsh and disappointing circumstances. A brilliant debut.es. A brilliant debut.
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This book is such a lyrical, touching memoir. While it took a few pages to get into the rhythm of the writing but as soon as i did i was hooked.

Reema's story is sad and uplifting at the same time as we work our way through her life and root for her along the way. I am glad that the author chose to write her story down and that I got to read it.
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In the beginning I found it 'difficult' reading - meaning I didn't get into it immediately.  But,, then I became comfortable with her style of writing and I found I couldn't put the book down.   Reema's journey and the journey of her family from dysfunctional to functional and loving and happy was sometimes painful but also very joyful.  Quite a book.
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I admit, I struggled with the writing style of this book. The author writes to her imaginary friend/ other self. She reminisces, tells her story sometimes talking to this other self. Throughout the book I wondered, is this an imaginary friend she hasnt6grown out of, does she have another personality i.e. a dissociative personality  disorder,  or schizophrenia? It distracts from the narrative. She also writes in metaphors. I love a good metaphor but sentence after sentence of them just overwhelms this reader. 

That said, the subject of the memoir is compelling. It's a story of a girl whose voice is ignored and diminished because she is a girl. How much of that reflects her culture and how much the family dynamics is unclear although probably bits of both. She is an intelligent girl who is told that boys don't like smart girls. She experiences predatory sexual behavior and told boys will be boys. Like many girls, particularly first born, she uses her voice to take care of and nurture those she loves. She finds control in anorexia and in her beauty.  This her story of taking her voice back and using it help others. Her acts of generosity and loving compassion are heartfelt and moving. I just wish it were told in a way that didn't distance the reader.
Overall this is a 3.5 star read rounded up to 4 stars.

Thanks to Netaglley and the publisher for letting me review this book. It in no way influenced my review.
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